Mets Pick #22 - SS - Jaylen Palmer - Holy Cross HS (Queens, NYC)


Mets Pick #22 - SS - Jaylen Parker – Holy Cross HS (NY)

SS Jaylen Palmer - R/R, 7/31/00 - Holy Cross HS (NY) - 6'3", 195 lbs
In the 22nd round, the Mets selected Jaylen Palmer, a shortstop out of Holy Cross High School in Queens, New York. Palmer, who played his high school ball in close proximity to Citi Field, is described by Baseball Player Report as a “tall and lean player.” He is described by Baseball Player Report as being athletic with good arm strength and lots of potential.

Prep Baseball –

           2018 SS/OF Jaylen Palmer, Holy Cross HS, NY
The most impressive physical frame at the event at 6-foot-2 190 pounds. Showed a strong arm from both the OF and SS along with a fundamental approach to the ball in both spots. Short, line drive stroke during BP. Seems to be an extra gear in there that hasn't been unlocked yet.

Baseball Player Report –

            Jaylen is a tall and lean player, very athletic. Has a very quick bat, to go along with some occasional power. Does a good job of staying back on the ball. Has plenty of power potential as he matures physically to fill out his 6’3″ frame. Palmer has good range to go along with his clean mechanics. He does a great job of staying square to his target and delivering accurate throws. Has good arm strength, which will look to improve as he gets stronger. Palmer has lots of potential, and a shift to the outfield maybe in this future. He is a player to watch.


Thomas Brennan said...

Looks like a great pick at 22

Anonymous said...

So What Is Actually Wrong With The 2018 NY Mets Team: Part One

If you have watched and weathered the past three weeks worth of NY Mets games(and may God bless your weary soul for that treat)certain things stand out clearly. I'll give you one below but feel free to add in your own thoughts too. This all can be turned around I believe. This same group of players were decisively winning at the start of this season.

What I have noticed like most of you is that the vast majority of the NY Mets batters each game are swinging and striking out on pitches clearly not in the strikezone. Pitches that are 2"-3" outside, low, or high of the strikezone. I won't name these players because it is not just one or two Mets players guilty of this. By chasing balls and swinging at them, opposing team's pitchers now have a book on just how to strike each one of these NY Mets batters out. Correction needs to be made via watching their own game video and working with a batting coach or instructor to make said corrections.

Anonymous said...

So What's Actually Wrong With The 2018 NY Mets Team: Part Two

In my last post above, I covered the strike outs and the issue of NY Mets batters chasing pitches not in the strikezone. Now I want to discuss the issue of relief pitching that is weighing this team down to basement level.

In most seasons, there is a relief pitcher or two who usually steps up from the dust to get things done. Beyond Gsellman and Lugo (and hopefully now too Swarzak since he is back healthy again and firing bullets) there has not really been any other Mets relievers stepping up on any truly consistent basis here. This has been problematic and a major culprit in this NY Mets team's recent past woes.

I might suggest here this mere proposal. Why not send a couple of these current Mets relievers (not getting it done) down to either Vegas or Binghamton for instruction and clarity, while bringing two of the more successful relievers up from the minor leagues to take their spots in the bullpen, at least until the pitchers being sent down have their wrinkles all ironed out, so to speak.

What about batters swinging with eyes wide shut?

Send them down also to the minor leagues and maybe bring MiLB players like 1B Peter Alonso and RF Kevin Kaczmarski up in their places until the Mets players going down are made whole again.

Lord only knows that we Mets fans probably won't mind seeing a few new faces up on this ball club right about now. Watching the same exact players striking out every single game on the same exact outside or low pitches is killing us. It's comparable to root canal with a cement sidewalk drill, or Freddie Krueger chasing our butts thru Elm Street all night with an ice pick in his hand, I tell ya'!

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