Mack - Top 10 RHP in 2020 Draft


According to https://d1baseball.com/prospects/2020-high-school-top-100-prospects/  here are the top 10 high school right hand pitchers that will be available in next June’s draft:

1.    Mick Abel               OR              Jesuit        

PG - Mick Abel is a 2020 RHP/1B with a 6-5 185 lb. frame from Tigard, OR who attends Jesuit. Extra long and tall frame with tremendous physical projection, young in the face. Long arm action from a 3/4's arm slot, low energy release, looks like he's warming up when he's throwing 96 mph, fastball gets on hitters. Slider is an elite level pitch right now at times, tunnels it well with his fastball with a power break in the mid-80's, couple of sliders just disappeared at the plate. Change up still developing. Incredibly high ceiling as he fills out and gets more innings under his belt.

2.    Jared Kelley            TX               Refugio

PG - Jared Kelley is a 2020 RHP with a 6-2 200 lb. frame from Refugio, TX who attends Refugio. Strong and firm physical build, workhouse starting pitcher build. Has a balanced delivery with a long arm stroke in back, lands a bit closed out front and can clear his hips more consistently, very low effort release especially considering his velocity. Fastball sat very consistently in the 95-97 mph range for two innings and touched 98, mostly straight with occasional arm side run. Showed mature confidence in his change up and flashed plus with the pitch. Slurve type breaking ball shows feel and tightness and landed them well while showing the ability to mix and sequence his pitches

3.    Carson Montgomery      FL      West Orange

PG - Carson Montgomery is a 2020 RHP/OF with a 6-2 200 lb. frame from Windermere, FL who attends Windermere. Solid athletic build with good present strength. Works from a high 3/4's arm slot, very fast arm with nice extension out front that looks longer than last summer, also has better fell for repeating his delivery than in the past. Fastball topped out at 94 mph, sat 92-93 his entire outing, showed outstanding life at times, worked fastball up and down with intent. Advanced feel for his breaking ball, worked between a slider and curveball shape and power at will and messed with hitter's timing, threw lots of strikes with both his fastball and curveball. Firm change up he showed a couple of times with big fading action. Not throwing as hard as last summer but was a much better pitcher and more impressive overall

4.    Cade Horton           OK              Norman

PG - Cade Horton is a 2020 SS with a 6-2 190 lb. frame from Norman, OK who attends Norman. Outstanding athletic build, has present strength with room for more. Two-way prospect. 6.73 runner, big for a shortstop but is loose in his lower half and works through the ball well with bent knees, hands work very well at the ball, gets rid of the ball quickly with emphasis on release over raw arm strength. Right handed hitter, leg lift trigger that gets his foot down on time, line drive swing plane with present bat speed, loose and easy through the ball, very fluid swing, will occasionally get too inside at times but ball jumps when he's extended and out front, projects power in the future. Showed his true arm strength on the mound, fastball up to 95 mph from a high 3/4's arm slot, very fast arm with not much effort, flashes quality to a hard slider when he's out front with it, turned over a change up with some sink. Elite level football quarterback on the football fields, verbal commitment to Oklahoma to play both sports.

5.    Cam Brown            TX               Flower Mound

A 6-foot-3, 210-pound righthander, Brown is an athletic pitcher who showed off a terrific three-pitch mix including a fastball that touched 95-96 mph and a wipeout slider.

6.    Alex Santos             NY               Mount St. Michael Academy

PG - Alex Santos is a 2020 RHP/1B with a 6-3 187 lb. frame from Bronx, NY who attends Mount St Michael Academy. Tall and projectable build with athletic actions. Big leg lift delivery with plenty of lower half coil over the rubber, fires his hips hard coming to the plate, long and loose arm action with some whip out front, high 3/4's arm slot that creates nice angle to the plate. Lots of things happening in his delivery but he's athletic enough to keep it together and on time, will occasionally drop his arm slot. Steady low 90's fastball, topped out at 93 mph, gets steep plane on the pitch and occasional arm side run, more velocity there in the future with additional strength, best fastballs are to the arm side. Has good feel for his slider and uses it to different spots and can change the angle and velocity, flashes some two-plane snap to it. Developing change up that shows promise and that he got an out with

7.    Ben Hernandez      IL                 De La Salle

PG - Ben Hernandez is a 2020 RHP/3B with a 6-2 205 lb. frame from Chicago, IL who attends De La Salle Institute. Nice athletic build with good present strength and room for more. Uses his strong lower half well in his delivery, drives downhill to release, high 3/4's arm slot with a clean and compact arm swing, simple and repeatable mechanics, very low effort release. Steady low 90's fastball, topped out at 93 mph, stays on top of the ball well and generates consistent sinking action. Outstanding change up, throwing with arm speed and conviction with even harder sink than his fastball, definite potential plus pitch. Tends to slow his arm on his curveball but has good spin and shape to the pitch and it will improve. Strike thrower who fields his position well and works quickly.

8.    Jared Jones             CA               La Mirada

PG - Jared Jones is a 2020 RHP/OF with a 6-2 175 lb. frame from Whittier, CA who attends La Mirada. Lean athletic build with lots of room to get stronger. High level two-way prospect whose future is on the mound. Good rhythm and tempo to his delivery, not much effort in generating velocity, gets tall over the rubber with a high leg lift and works downhill from there, extremely fast arm from a 3/4's arm slot. Fastball topped out at 96 mph, has thrown harder in the past and has a history of maintaining his elite velocity through whole games, gets riding life up in the zone and sink down in the zone. Has feel for his breaking ball and will add and subtract from the pitch, best breaking balls are the harder sliders he throws with conviction and full arm speed. Has a feel for firm change up that mimics his fastball well, change up topped out at 90 mph. 6.75 runner, has elite arm strength from the outfield with on line accuracy, just fun to watch throw the ball during drills, doesn't sell out for 100 mph. Right handed hitter, gets to his front side early, has quick hands from a deep hand load, pretty simple swing approach, swings hard with some late lower half use, power projects.

9.    Alejandro Rosario    FL             MIami Christian

FB - Miami commit Alejandro Rosario's pitch arsenal is explosive with a fastball that's mid 90’s velocity with late tailing life. Will be fun to watch hitters face this righty on the bump at Wrigley. Though not as imposing a figure on the mound as some of the other All-Americans, Alejandro Rosario’s stuff rivals any of them. His fastball explodes at the plate and routinely has mid 90’s velocity with late tailing life. His inward turn during the delivery adds some deception and allows the pitch to play up. He likes to mix in his sharp breaking ball with three-quarter tilt to finish off hitters.

10.        Victor Mederos     FL             Pace

PG - Victor Mederos is a 2020 RHP/1B with a 6-3 210 lb. frame from Miami, FL who attends Monsignor Edward Pace. Big and strong physical build, mature physically. High leg lift delivery, engages his hips well and uses his strong lower half, lands on line and gets over his front side well, long and loose arm action. Mid-90's fastball, topped out at 96 mph, loses a few ticks from the stretch, gets outstanding sinking action at times on his fastball. Works between a curveball and slider on his breaking ball, will drop it in with curveball shape to a right handed hitter and show more of a slider break on the glove side. Flashed a very good change up in a strikeout count to a left handed hitter. Sinker/Slider starter type profile in the future.


Tom Brennan said...

Mack, which of these jump out at you that you as GM might draft realistically in our mid to late teens draft slot?

Mack Ade said...

Going into their senior year, I have an eye out for both Brown and Rosario

Tom Brennan said...

Brown and Rosario look interesting for sure

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