2008 New Orleans Zephyrs Recap

2008 New Orleans Zephyrs Recap

SP Jon Niese (Mack Prospect #3)

Niese’s end of the season stint with New Orleans was quite impressive: 5-1, 3.65, 1.22, in 6 starts. I’m confident he will be the Mets SP5 next year, and I look for him to blossom in 2010, the same amount of time it took Mike Pelfrey.

SP Bobby Parnell (Mack Prospect # 4)

Parnell had a rocky AAA stint at the end of this year (2-2, 6.05 in 4 starts), but that’s cool. He has earned a chance to make the Bigs next year… now, all the Mets have to do is figure out where to use him.

CL Eddie Kunz (Mack Prospect # 5)

Okay, so the Mets moved the kid a little too fast this year. The fact still remains that Kunz is in line to follow Billy Wagner when he retires and I expect Eddie to spend most, if not all, of next season in CitiField.

OF Jesus Feliciano

2008 AAA stats: .304/.362/.378 in 503 at bats. Your basic organizational outfielder that may lose his starting job when Caleb Stewart and Josh Peterson are promoted.

C Raul Casanova

2008 AAA stats: .296/.344/.447 in 152 at bats. The only thing working against Casanova is his age, but let’s remember this is the Mets and they love old AAA catchers. He’ll be hear until 2024.

2B Argenis Reyes

I don’t expect the Mets to keep as many old farts on this team as the past couple of years, but Reyes should stick at second base, with Jonathan Malo backing him up. He hit well in 2008: .290/.353/.333 in 300 at bats, and he’s good to have around in case of emergencies.

LF Chris Aguila

Speaking of emergency players, here’s your best outfielder in that supporting role. Aguila had a wonderful 2008: .288/.372/.541/.913 in 410 at bats, 27 HRs, 68 RBIs. My projections are that he, Jesus Feliciano, Caleb Stewart, and Josh Peterson will be the 4 outfielders on the AAA team next year, wherever the hell they play.

RP Willie Collazo

Someone has to pitch relief at the AAA level, so it might as well be Collazo. 2008 AAA stats: 4-9, 4.05, 1.25, 2 saves, 37 games, 16 starts. I consider him an emergency player at best.

SP Adam Bostick

The Mets have not given up on Bostick, who will return to the AAA rotation after spending the end of the 2008 season on the DL. His record for 2008: 2-2, 6.04/1.52 in 11 games, 10 starts. It’s hard to believe the Mets will ever get anything out of this 4-player trade, but we’ll see.

CL Carlos Muniz

2008 AAA stats: 2-4, 3.31, 1.10 in 31 appearances, 9 saves. After his failed appearances this year in Queens, Mets fans may never see him in Citifield, but he’s still young enough and valuable enough to keep around at the AAA level for an emergency closer.

RP Eddie Camacho

2008 AAA stats: 1-0, 5.19, 1.27 in 13 relief appearances. I had high hopes for Camacho, but he just may be an organizational player in the making.


End of the Year Mack's Prospect List

Mack’s Updated Prospect/”Keeper” List – September:

1. IF/OF Dan Murphy/Mets – Technically, Murphy is still a prospect (he is being assigned to winter ball in October), though I’m betting he will never play another minor league regular season game. This is the Mets future second baseman, and that is where he will play next month in Arizona.

2. OF/IF Nick Evans/Mets – We have to all give a big tip of the hat to Evans who was one of the many newbies that kept the Mets in the race the past few months. The time spent in the majors did expose his deficiencies in fielding and running, but I believe he has graduated to one of the new Mets utility players next season.

3. SP Jon Niese/New Orleans – Niese has quieted any critics he might have had after not missing a beat at the AAA level. I’d like to think that he will be “2009’s Mike Pelfrey” and it will be fun watching him compete at Tradition Filed next March at spring training. He’s easily the Mets top prospect right now, behind Murphy and Evans.

4. SP Bobby Parnell/New Orleans – Omar Minaya mentioned Parnell as a possible September call-up, and the first sign that this might become reality was his promotion to AAA-New Orleans on 8-9. The promotion pushed him to the #2 slot, just behind Niese. I’m not sure what the Mets are going to do with this guy. He still looks like huge trade bait to me.

5. CL Eddie Kunz/New Orleans - Let’s face it, Kunz did not have a good month in Queens. But let’s remember he had to sit around many a night which is not how he pitched as the closer in Binghamton. Either way, he’s be off this list by next spring and will be an intricate part of the Mets bullpen.

6. OF Fernando Martinez/B-Mets – I’ve lowered Martinez to the #6 slot because I just don’t see him developing as fast as the Mets want him to. Also, there simply isn’t the kind of power everyone said this kid was suppose to have. Yes, he has had a flurry of hits the past week, and I still believe he will be in the Mets outfield starting sometime next year, but I don’t think he’s going to be that big stick everyone was hoping he would turn out to be.

7. SS Wilmer Flores/Gnats – All of a sudden shortstop Mets prospects are all over the place, none of which are ready for AAA. Flores probably will start the spring in Savannah (by process of elimination and experience). I mean, it’s not like we have to rush a SS to Queens, right? The latest reports is that the Mets don’t project him as a future shortstop and might move him to either 3B or 1B. Wilmer Flores on 1B? Be still, my heart.

8. 3B Jefry Marte/GCL - There’s no reason to fast track Marte; Shawn Bowman will be at AAA and Zach Lutz will most probably open at Lucy. Oh yeah, and there’s a guy named Wright in Queens. That being said, this kid might be the only one that can honestly make the Mets look to re-position David. I look for Marte to begin 2009 in Savannah.

9. 2B Greg Veloz/Lucy – With Murphy graduating to the Mets, Veloz easily becomes the number one 2B prospect in the Mets chain. With only failed ex-prospects (Hector Pellot) and organizational players (Jon Malo & Luis Rivera) ahead of him, he has an outside chance of jumping to B-Town in 2009, especially after his well deserved promotion to Lucy in early August.

10. LF Mike Carp/B-Mets – First, Carp gets passed over by Nick Evans. Then, the B-Mets start toying around with Shawn Bowman at first. This guy just can’t get any respect from this organization. Look for him to hold first down at whatever the AAA team will be next year.

11. 3B Shawn Bowman/B-Mets – 23 years old – no one in the Mets organization could have a happier ending to a miserable story than the one being played out, first in St. Lucie, and now in Binghamton. Bowman has successfully returned to full prospect status and doesn’t seem to have any problem playing at any level, or any position. He even tried out at 1B on 4-3 and hit two doubles the same day. Yes, he did cool off in August, but he’s probably dead on his ass after the first full season in 4. Look for Bowman to start 2009 at AAA.

12. 1B Ike Davis/Clones – I expect that Davis will jump over Savannah in 2009 and begin playing in Lucy come spring. He really didn’t have a great season in Brooklyn. I kept him in the top 10 simply because everyone keeps telling me that I was wrong when I said this was a bad draft pick. We’ll see next year, probably in Lucy.

13. SP Brad Holt/Clones – There’s a shitload of starting pitchers on this list, but none that brought more excitement this year to Mets minor league groupies than Holt. Let’s face it, the Clones just didn’t have enough hitting to support their pitchers this year, but that didn’t prevent Holt from churning out great numbers anyway.

14. OF Cesar Puello/GCL - He’s 6-3, 195, is 17 year’s old, and holding his own in Florida. Puello was signed the same year as Flores and Marte, and his stats speak of just how he may offer in the future. No power yet, but again, he’s 17.There’s no reason to rush this kid. He’s very young and very raw. I expect he’ll be showcased in Brooklyn come spring.

15. SS Ruben Tejada/Lucy – Tejada hasn’t had the best season, but he does have the most experience which just about guarantees him the B-Met job come spring. He also only turned 19 on 9-1, and though his 2008 stats were so-so), he’s got a long way to go. On the surface, there is no reason to rush him, but then where do you play Reece Havens and Wilmer Flores.? My hope is they keep Tejada at Lucy and send both Havens (maybe as a catcher) and Flores (1B?) to Savannah.

16. SP Dillon Gee/Lucy – was promoted to AA ball on 8-8, after posting Lucy stats of 8-6, 3.25 in 21 starts. Gee held his own at the AA-level and is a show-in for the B-Met rotation in the spring. Right now that rotation looks to be Gee, Owen, Ruckle, Antonini, and Stoner, and it will be fun to watch who emerges as the next best pitching prospect.

17. 3B Zach Lutz/Clones – 22 years old – Lutz spent much of 2008 injured, but I still look for him to make the jump to Lucy come next spring. Frankly, the only prospect material ahead of him is Shawn Bowman, who will play at the AAA level, and no one is really going to move David Wright now, are they, so either Savannah or Lucy would be fine. He will be pushed by Marte in 2010.

18. SP Mike Antonini/B-Mets – Mike has had some difficulty adjusting to his third level this year, but most of this might be due to simply arm weariness after a long, hot summer in Savannah and Port St. Lucie. Still, this should not deter the growth of a guy that basically came out of nowhere this year to dominate at both the A and A+ level. Antonini is a shoe-in for the AA-Binghamton rotation in the spring of 2009.

19. RP Eric Beaulac/Gnats - The late season promotion of Beaulac to Savannah has had mixed reviews, but look for a solid year at A-ball next year for the very talented young pitcher.

20. SP Brant Rustich/Gnats – Brant came off the 15-day and started on August 6th, throwing 5.0 scoreless innings. I first ran into him when he injured his shoulder in ST. he was supposed to start the season at Lucy, but worked out his problems (shoulder, blister) in Savannah and finished quite strong for the season. Will definitely be a high rotational pitcher at Lucy in 2009. Sadly, Rustich finished the season on the Savannah disabled list with a stress fracture in his right arm.

21. SS Reece Havens/Clones – No one is quite sure what position Havens is going to play next year, but since he didn’t get to play in the field until mid-August. My bet is he remains a SS for at least one more year. That being said, I expect him to make the Brooklyn-to Lucy jump that so many other top draft picks have done in the past.

22. SP Robert Carson/K-Port – Boy, this kid has come out of nowhere these past two months. First, he impresses at GCL (1.57 in 5 starts), but then the 19-year old goes unconscious at K-Port.

23. SP Jake Ruckle/B-Mets – A real tough year for a kid that was shooting to the moon. Yes, injuries set back a player, especially a pitcher, but don’t be surprised if Jake doesn’t bounce right back. I assume he will either repeat as a starter at AA, or be converted to a reliever/specialist, which could send him back to Lucy.

24. OF Ezequiel Carrera/Lucy – Carrera will join teammate D.J. Wabick in the B-Mets outfield next spring. Carrera held down CF for Lucy all year and faired well, coming on stronger as the year went on. A little bit of everything (doubles, truplies, homers, stolen bases), but not enough of anything. He’s turn 22 next June, and there’s no one ahead of him, so it’s on to the B-Mets.

25. SP Dylan Owen/B-Mets – Owen came to Lucy this year expected to be the first SP to move on to the B-Mets. That never happened, but that’s not saying he had a bad season. Owen’s stats were impressive, and he got his bump up to the B-Mets for an 8-20 start (6 IP, 1 ER). He will join Gee, Stoner, and Antonini in the B-Met rotation in 2009.

26. SP Scott Moviel/Lucy – Moviel came to the Mets (2nd rd. 2007) with all the bells & whistles, and got off to a great start for GCL (0-2, 3.38, 12 starts) in 2007. Things started rugh this year in Savannah, but he settled down and has insured himself of a promotion to Lucy and maintaining his prospect status. Big kid (6-11) and lots of nastiness. Another Lucy rotation dude in April.

27. C Francesco Pena/Gnats - I’ve watched Pena first hand for 2 years and I can only categorize them as disappointing. I’m not writing the kid off, but 2009 will be the Pena-come-to-Jesus year, especially defensively. Yes, he is catching better than last year, and yes, he is consistently hitting .250 (sic), but are these the kind of 2nd year numbers the Mets expected when they gave him a 7 figure bonus?

28. SP Tobi Stoner/B-Mets – Ask any Mets pitching coach in the system who are the guys that have the best ‘stuff’, and Stoner’s name comes up quite often. That being said, his promotion to AA this year has resulted in some hot and cold performances. I expect they’ll slow him down a little and let him repeat another year with the B-Mets, where he can be SP1.

29. C/1B Josh Thole/Lucy – There’s no one currently ahead of Thole that projects out as a future major league catcher, so he wins the Binghamton job, even though his real position is 1B. He had a wonderful year at Lucy, leading the team in hitting and playing flawlessly in the field. Turns 22 this October.

30. C Sean McCraw/Gnats - It’s hard to project exactly where McCraw will play next season. Both he and Francesco pena put up good enough numbers at Savannah to graduate to Lucy, but which one starts?

31. SP Angel Cuan/VSL Mets – It’s extremely hard to project players from either the DSL or VSL teams because the quality of the talent they play is quite suspect. That being said, Cuan led the league this year in strikeouts, which is the best you can ask a pitcher to do. And he did that for a team that just sucked when they had a bat in their hands.

32. SP Jeurys Familia/GCL - This easily is the most exciting pitcher on the GCL team this year. Jeurys is only 18-years old, but held his own handsomely throughout the short-season. Another of those exciting young low-level pitchers, there’s no reason to rush him anywhere. Hell, there’s no place other than Savannah to send him.

33. RP/SP Jenrry Mejia/Clones – Another raw 19-year old, people in Brooklyn say his stuff is crazy. Started the season lights out with GCL (2-0, 0.60, 0.80 in 3 starts) and was quickly sent to Brooklyn, where he held his own at a young age. I’m looking forward to seeing him pitch in Savannah in 2009 and this might be one of the highest ceilings in the organization.

34. OF Rafael Hernandez/K-Port – Sadly, the Mets are pretty lean in prospect-outfielders, so don’t be surprised that they don’t fast track Hernandez to see if he’s for real. He started out 2008 on fire, but calmed down for a decent season. I think he’ll start the season in Savannah.

35. OF D.J. Wabick/Lucy - Here’s another “non-prospect” no one ever writes about that had a great season at the A+ level. This is only the 4th outfielder ranked on this list, and 2 of the above mentioned list are kids at lower levels than Wabick. What all this means is the sky’s the limit for D.J. Look for Wabick to be one of the starting outfielders in B-Town in 2009.

36. 1B Lucas Duda/Lucy - Duda started out hot as hell, but cooled around the all-star break. Considering that Evans has moved on to the majors, and Carp will probably play AAA, that leaves Duda as the heir apparent for the B-Met job.

37. RP Junior Guerra/Lucy – Guerra pitched for Brooklyn, Kingsport, Savannah, and St. Lucie in 2009. He spent most of the year in Savannah, where he went 1-1, 1.75 in 10 outings. He also struck out 34 batters in 25.2 IP. He’s a fascinating story… was signed by Atlanta as a high international catching prospect, and played 4 years in their organization, batting .210. The Braves first converted him to a pitcher last year, but cut him loose. The Mets scooped him up and he’s off and running. Junior turns 24 in January.

38. OF Carlos Guzman/Gnats - I watched this kid mature right in front of me this year and I couldn’t be happier for Carlos. An undrafted free agent, Carlos was the most consistently hitter in Savannah this year and is a lock for the 2009 Lucy outfield. Will he blossom? Or will the A+-level eat him up as it has done to so many before him? Tune in next April.

39. SP Maikel Cleto/Lucy – This is 97 mph speed basically still out of control, and it’s been almost comical watching some of the catchers in Savannah try to harness his rising fastball. I sit with the scouts and they just loved this 19-year old raw talent. Not the best year, and he really needs to repeat at this level again, but you know the Mets. They’ll ship him to Lucy.

40. 2B Josh Satin/Clones – Satin is one of the big-time draft picks this year that started off in Brooklyn, but was sent to K-Port to work out the kinks. His combined 2008 stats were impressive and guaranteed him a bump up, though there doesn’t seem to be much room at second base lately.

41. SP Scott Shaw/Clones – Shaw has spent most of the year watching Bradley Holt get all the pitching press. He also had 2 horrible outings where he gave up 11 runs in a combined 2 innings. That being said, the rest of his stats were awesome. My guess is Savannah in April.

42. SP Christopher Schwinden/Clones – Schwinden started off as a reliever this year, but was stretched out in August and finished the year strong as a starter. Look for him in the Savannah rotation come spring.

43. RP Roy Merritt/Clones – 29th draft pick in 2007, Merritt is another of the very talented pitches in the Mets lower levels. Wemt 1-2, 2.88 in 17 relief appearances for K-Port in 2007, and followed that up with an impressive 2-0, 1.82 in 18 appearances with the Clones this year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go straight to Lucy next spring.

44. RP Michael Powers/Gnats – Powers was the closer for K-Port in 2008 and put up some very respectable numbers, especially considering that he only gave up 7 earned runs all season, 4 of which came during one outing in August. He definitely earned himself a promotion and will wind up either in Brooklyn or Savannah in the spring.

45. SP Michael Olmsted/Gnats – Olmstead was a 9th rounder in 2007 that pitched very little (for 3 teams) that year. He started this past season for GCL (0-0, 3.86 in 2 starts), but was bumped to K-Port, where he was equally successful (1-1, 1.83, 0.81 in 4 starts) but also equally underused. He was promoted to Savannah on 8-24, which is where he will probably spend 2009.

46. 2B Kyle Suire/K-Port – Suire didn’t even have a starting role until the last week of July, where he wound up winning the APPY player of the week, posting numbers of: 462 (12-26), 5 R, 2 2B, 0 3B, 3 HR, 12 RBI, 4 BB, 1 SO, 1 SB, .885 SLG… Thing did calm down from there but his year end stats earn him a bump up in 2009.

47. C Dock Doyle/Clones - They say in baseball that you can’t have enough good catchers. Right now, the Mets have a bunch of good ones, but Doyle might be the only one of them that projects out as possibly great. A small hiccup was the back injury that put him on the shelf in early August. I expect him to start 2009 in Savannah.

48. P Brandon Moore/K-Port – Moore was a 14th rounder in 2008 and pitched well, both at Brooklyn and K-Port this season. Started this season as a reliever but was converted back to being a starter in August. College boy. Look for him in A-ball in the spring.

49. SP Phillips Orta/Gnats - Orta was a 10th round draft pick a few years ago, that signed late and, thus ran into visa problems. He got off to a rocky start in Savannah last year, was converted to a reliever this year, though he was also used as a starter twice in August at K-Port.

50. OF Eric Campbell/Clones - Here’s another Clone outfielder that had a decent professional debut, but would we be ranking him if the Mets weren’t so weak in outfield prospects? I guess he’s move on to Savannah in 2009.

51. OF Gabriel Zavala/K-Port – It took 3 years for Zavala to get out of the VSL locker, and played the entire season this year for Kingsport in right field. There was a prospect buzz about him last year, after going .285/.364/.479, but he started very slowly this year, finishing with a disappointing .241/.282/.466 in 116 at bats. Zavala turns 22 next May, so he needs to pick it up next year, probably for either Brooklyn or Savannah.

52. RP Elvin Ramirez/Lucy – Ramirez had a wonderfull season in Savannah (3-1, 3.13 in 14 appearances), but struggled getting used to the increased talent at the A+-Lucy level. I would normally assume he would repeat this level next year, but he turns 25 in November, which puts him in that “move him fast or let him go category”.

53. OF Pedro Zapata/K-Port – Zapata had a terrific year in 2007 with the DSL Mets (.325/.382/.425), which got him his trip stateside for Kingsport. The 6-4 21-year old played all year in CF, but just didn’t put up the numbers he left back home. Is he a prospect? Probably not. Does he have a great name? Definitely. Will he get a promotion? Sure, why not. Look for him either in Brooklyn or Savannah.

54. 2B Alonzo Harris/GCL - Harris was a late 2007 draft pick that signed even later, and never played for the Mets last year. He was left off the 4 full season minor league teams and was finally activated for the GCL Mets after their season started. No one has ever considered Harris a prospect, and there’s a good chance that he isn’t, but the fact still remains that when he finally did get a chance to play this year, he played well. I hope to see him in Savannah in the spring.

55. 1B Stephan Welsh/Gnats – most probably this is your Savannah 1Bman come the spring of 2009. Has run a little hot and cold from the plate but his overall stats have earned him a shot to a full season team next year. My guess: Savannah.

56. OF Kirk Nieuwenhuis/Clones - Here’s another of those minor leaguers that hasn’t projected out as a prospect, but simply has produced well enough in his first professional season to guarantee a bump up. I would think he would wind up in the Savannah outfield next year.

57. SP John Holdzkom/Gnats - Highly touted Holdzkom will probably want to forget this year ever happened, but he is still showing flashes of the nastiest he impressed the scouts with.. IMO, he has two completely delivering, one dominate Randy Johnson like sweeping bullet, and a delivery from the motion with batters on that simply isn’t competitive in organized baseball. I look for Holdzkom to convert some day to a closer, where he can come in for one inning and start off with no runners on base. For now, he’s on the list because of how high he was drafted, the hype around it, and the bonus money paid.

58. IF Ignacio Medrano/K-Port - Medrano was cruising along this year as the second baseman in K-Port (.329/.380/.443), got suspended after refusing an assignment, and who knows where this former prospect is projected for next year. I’ll keep him on the list until I hear different, but, if he comes back, he’ll have to repeat at K-Port again.

59. C Jordan Abruzzo/Clones - Abruzzo proved in 2008 that he can hit at 3 levels. His problem is there are a bunch of almost-prospects ahead of him to guarantee him only a chance to compete in Savannah against Dock Doyle, or you just might see him beyond that level as a full time DH. Not in his favor is the fact that he really didn’t stand out in his last assignment in Brooklyn.

60. SP Gonzalez German/DSL - German has easily rose to the anchor of the DSL starting rotation this year. He turns 20 this month and the only thing that could hold him back from coming stateside is the fact this was his first organized season. I’m still betting a GCL Mets assignment here.

61. SP Jhonathan Torres/VSL – One of the 3 bright pitching stars out of the VSL team this year. Was 5-2, 3.39, 1.19 in 13 starts and I would expect him to pitch for the GCL Mets come March 2009.

62. SP Orlando Tovar – Tovar was shut down a little early this year, but his numbers were quite impressive: 0-1, 1.54, 1.07 in 8 starts, 52 Ks 10 BB 41.0 IP. Should join his buddies Torres and Cuan on the GCL staff next year.

63. SP Ismael Mendez/DSL – Right behind German, comes the 18-year old Mendez. Yes, 18 years old, and he pitched 11 games in 2007 for the Mets. His stats were impossible to ignore: 5-1, 1.22, 0.92, 54K, 66.1 IP. Should easily get to Florida and I expect him to start for the GCL team in 2009.

64. OF Julio Concepcion/DSL – The Mets are a little short of outfield talent in their system, so anyone that hits close to .300 is assured of moving up. Concepcion turns 19th on 9-5 and this past season was already his 2nd in the system. Not much power here, but enough to get a visa. 2008 stats: .285/.361/.393 in 267 at bats.

65. RP Samuel Tavares/DSL – On the surface, you gotta think that the worst job you can have in Latin baseball is a reliever, but it looks like the Mets are grooming this 19-year old as a future closer. His 2008 stats were sick: 4-2, 0.96, 0.93, 36 K, 6 BB, 28.0 IP in 21 appearances, 10 saves. He’ll come stateside and could rise as high as K-Port.

66. SP Armando Rodriquez/DSL - Armando Alberto de Jesus Rodriguez is a 20-year old pitching his 2nd season for the DSL Mets. In 2007 (2-2, 3.46), he was primarily a reliever and impressed scouts with his 29Ks in 26.0 IP. In 2008, he was converted to a starter and let teammates German and Mendez get all the press. All he did was go 3-3, 3.03, 1.10 in 13 games (12 starts). He’ll be in Florida in the spring.

2008 Kingsport Mets Recap

SS Wilmer Flores (Mack Prospect #7) –

Flores was signed as an international free agent in October 2007. He went directly to K-Port , where he hit .310/.352/.490/.842 in 245 at bats. It included 8 HRs, 12 doubles, 4 triples, and 41 RBIs in 59 games. He is 4th in the league in total bases, a league by the way, he’s not even playing in anymore. And, he’s 16. In addition, there seems to be no kryptonite.

Observation: The sky looks limitless right now. I would guess it is Savannah/Lucy in 2009, Lucy/B-Mets in 2010, and Citifield before he can legally drink.

2B Kyle Suire (Mack Prospect #46) – S R 5-11 200 8-22-85 Louisiana Monroe

Suire was drafted in the 35th round of the 2008 draft by the Mets. He was signed, and immediately assigned to Kingsport, where he hit.297/.369/.569/.919 (9 HRs and 36 RBIs in 48 games)

Observation: All of a sudden the Mets seem flooded with 2B prospects. I dream of Savannah staying a Mets affiliate with Suire, Marte, and Flores in the infield.

SP Robert Carson (Mack Prospect #22) – L L 6-3 220 1-23-89 Hattiesburg H.S. (Miss.)

Carson was drafted in the 14th round of the 2007 draft. He pitched a few games for the GCL Mets in 2007 (1-0, 5.00, in 4 appearances), where he also started the 2008 season at (1-0, 1.50 in 6 games, 5 starts). He was promoted to K-Port, where he excelled in 2008: 2-3, 1.76, in 6 starts. Only down side was 18 BBs in 30.2 IP.

Observation: Looks like a hidden gem here. Carson will be tested next year, either at Brooklyn or Savannah. I can’t believe how many great young pitchers are developing at these lower levels.

RP Michael Powers (Mack Prospect #44) – R R 6-3 180 4-7-86 Univ of Michigan

Powers was drafted in the 31st round of the 2008 draft. He was assigned to Kingsport immediately after signing and went 2-1, 3.00, 1.00 in 15 relief appearances, 7 saves. He also struck out 20 batters in 21.0 IP, with only 4 walks. Powers turns 23 next April

Observation: You like big college pitchers? Well, here is one, and I would expect him to be fast tracked to Lucy to be their closer in 2009.

3b Stefan Welsh (Mack Prospect #55) – L R 6-3 175 8-12-88 Australia

Welsh played the entire 2007 season for the GCL Mets (.288/.346/.353 in 139 at bats, only 3 errors). At K-Port in 2008, he hit .281/.316/.447 in 253 at bats, which included 14 doubles, a team leading 8 triples, and 4 home runs. He ended the season with Savannah.

Observation: Great. Another young, good hitting third baseman. Boy, are the Mets going to have fun trading all these guys some day. Full A-affiliate bound.

RP Brandon Moore (Mack Prospect #48) – R R 6-3 190 1-24-86 Indiana Wesleyan

Moore was drafted in the 14th round of the 2008 draft. He pitched very well in a limited role : 2-0, 0.90, 1.00 22 Ks, 20.0 IP, 6 appearances, 2 starts.

OF Rafael Fernandez (Mack Prospect #34) – L L 6-3 185 8-3-88

Fernandez played last year for the DSL Mets and came stateside for the start of the 2008 K-Port season. He started out lightning hot, and finished the year with a respectful .259/.332/.399. He turned 20 years old last month.

2B Ignacio Medrano (Mack Prospect #58) – R R 6-0 175 7-17-86 Monte Cristi, D.R.

Medrano played 3 years for the DSL Mets before coming stateside in 2008. He had a great year going (.329/.380/.443 in 70 at bats), but was suspended for refusing to accept an assignment. We’ll have to wait until next spring to see where he lands, if anywhere.

C Jean Luc Blaquiere - R R 6-2 205 2-27-86 Quebec, Canada

Blaquiere played 2 years for the GCL Mets, but spend all of last year on the IR. He had a steady year at K-Port: .271/.406/.411 in 129 at bats, only 1 error.

DH Michael Moras - R R 6-1 200 9-11-85 University of New Haven

Moras was a 2oth round draft pick in 2008 and was the designated hitter for K-Port during the later portion of the season. He impressed: .338/.423/.426 in 68 at bats.

Ex-Prospects on the Bubble:

OF Gabriel Zavala (Mack Prospect #51) – R R 6-3 180 5-14-87 Venezuela

Tough year for the –ex-VSL Mets all-star (.250/.289/.475 in 120 at bats). The Mets expected more and we’ll see what he does next spring, probably for Brooklyn.

CF Pedro Zapata (Mack Prospect #53) – R R 6-4 190 10-3-87 Bani, D.R.

Big things were expected of Zapata, who batted .325 for the DSL Mets in 2007. This year: .221/.257/.248 in 226 at bats. Look for him to join Zavala in Brooklyn next spring.


2008 GCL Mets Recap

2008 GCL Mets Recap:

The 2008 GCL Mets finished 27-27 (3rd place in the GCL East division), 5.5 games out of 1st place.Some of their better players this year are not mentioned here and will be covered on the recap of the team they finished the season with. Examples are P Robert Carson, and IF Luis Nieves.

There were some definite pleasant surprises, including P Kyle Allen (who was signed out of Portugal), P Julio Bello, a late signing 2007 draft pick, 2B Alonzo Harris, P Chris Hilliard, P Jeurys Familia, P Mitchell Houck, and LF Mark McGonigle.

But the star was 3B Jefry Marte. This is the kid everyone would be writing about if there wasn’t someone named Wilmer Flores in the organization.

The following are a list of players that will eithermove on next season to a team higher up the chain, or return to the GCL team for another season. They have all earned it:

3B Jefry Marte – (Mack’s Prospect # 8) R R 6-1 187 6-21-91 La Romana, D.R.

Marte was signed as an international free agent in 2007. He did not play DSL ball and was sent directly to the GCL Mets squad for the 2008 season. In 2008, Marte played a full season with the GCL Mets, hitting .325/.398/.532/.930 in 154 at bats, which included 14 doubles 3 triples, 4 home runs, 24 RBIs (in 44 games), and 19 errors. He turns 19 next June.

Observation: This really looks like the real deal. He played 2 years ahead of his age and will probably be assigned to either Savannah or Brooklyn for the 2009 season.

RF Cesar Puello – (Mack’s Prospect #14) – R R 6-2 195 4-1-91 La Romana, D.R.

Puello signed as an international free agent in 2007. He did not play DSL ball and was sent directly to the GCL Mets for the 2008 season: .305/.350/.364 in 151 at bats. He turns 19 next April.

Observation: Another great 2007 International signing, Puello had no trouble skipping DSL ball. Look for him either at Brooklyn or Savannah in 2009.

2B Alonzo Harris – (Mack’s Prospect #54) – R R 5-11 170 1-16-89 McComb H.S. (Miss.)

The Mets drafted Harris in the 39th round of the 2007 draft. He signed with the Mets just before the deadline and was assigned to the Instructional camp in Florida for the remainder of the 2007 season. 2008 was a great first year for Harris. He played for the GCL Mets, hitting .308/.379/.510/.889 in 104 at bats, which included 5 HRs. Harris turns 21 in January.

Observation: No fanfare for Harris, but he played damn well. There’s a logjam at 2B right now in the system, so I see him at Kingsport in 2009.

SP Jeurys Familia – (Mack’s Prospect # 32) – R R 6-3 185 10-10-89 Santo Domingo, D.R.

“Family” signed with the Mets during the October 2007 International signing period. He played no DSL ball and was sent directly to the GCL Mets for the 2008 season. It was a good sign. 2008 stats were: 2-2, 2.79, 1.14 in 11 starts. He quickly became the dean of the staff. Familia turns 21 next October

Observation: Can’t have enough starting pitchers, right?I think they’ll love him in Brooklyn in 2009.

OF Mark McGonigle - R R 6-3 205 8-6-85 New Orleans College

McGonigle was drafted in the 43rd round of the 2008 baseball draft. He played LF for the 2008 GCL Mets and hit .297/.397/.396 in 111 at bats.

2B Jordany Valdespin – L R 5-10 150 San Pedro de Marcoris, D.R.

Valdespin played the 2007 season for the DSL Mets, batting .245/.369/.338 in 139 at bats. He graduated to the GCL Mets in 2008, hitting .284/.319/.440 in 134 at bats, including 22 RBIs in 34 games

P Kyle Allen – R R 6-3 195 2-12-90 Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal

Allen was another player that skipped DSL/VSL ball to come stateside directly to the GCL team in 2008. He went 1-1, 2.12, 1.00 in 11 games (5 starts). This included 45 Ks and only 10 BBs in 34.0 IP.

P Julio Bello L R 6-5 175 10-16-86 Santa Domingo, D.R.

Bello played for the 2006 DSL Mets, going 0-3, 5.76 in 13 games (2 starts). He returned to the DSL Mets in 2007, pitching in 12 games (6 starts) and posting a 1-2 record, with a 1.45 ERA. He also had 43 Ks in 37.1 innings. In 2008, Bello played for the GCL Mets, going 2-1, 2.50, 1.36 in 11 appearances (5 starts).

RP Johnathan White – R R 6-1 205 1-19-88 Dyersburg State C.C. (Tenn.)

The Mets signed White as an undrafted free agent in June 2008. He was immediately assigned to the GCL Mets team. Hewent 1-0, 2.55, 1.05 in 8 appearances (1 start) and struck out 25 in 24.1 IP.

RP Luis Rojas – R R 6-1 165 7-29-89 Santo Domingo, D.R.

Rojas pitched for the GLM Mets in 2007, going 1-2, 13.50, in 11 relief appearances. (This is a different ‘Luis Rojas’ who is catching for the VSL Mets). Rojas pitched for the GCL Mets in 2008: 3-2, 2.19, 1.38 in 17 relief appearances, 24 Ks, 24.1 IP.

RP Chris Hilliard – L L 6-0 175 10-26-87 Itawamba, J.C. (MS.)

The Mets drafted Hilliard in the 38th round of the 2008 draft. Hilliard pitched relief for the GCL Mets in 2008, going 1-0, 2.87, 1.28 in 10 appearances. This included 17 Ks in 15.2 IP.

RP Mitchell Houck - L L 6-1 200 5-26-87 Univ. Central Florida

Houck was drafted in the 17th round of the 2008 draft by the Mets. He pitched most of the 2008 season for GCL, going 2-2, 1.08, 0.84 in 6 appearances. He was called up to Savannah for the last week of their season.

C Kai Gronauer – R R 6-1 196 11-28-86 Germany

The Mets signed Gronauer while he was playing with the Solingen Alligators in Germany. At the time of the signing he was considered the top German baseball player. He made his debut for the GCL Mets in 2008.

1B Giovanni Ortiz – R R 6-5 230 5/11/88 San Lorenz, Puerto Rico

The Mets signed Ortiz as an undrafted free agent out of Wallace Community College (coach was ex-Met Mackey Sasser) in June 2008. He hit .350/.447/.350 in 40 at bats late in the season.

C Tyler Howe – L R 6-0 200 2-7-86 Univ. Kentucky

Howe was drafted in the 41st round of the 2008 draft. Howe got his feet wet with the 2008 GCL Mets, hitting .306/.444/.444, in 36 at bats.

Ex-Prospects On The Bubble:

SS Miquel Tejada – R R 6-1 175 11-11-90 Constanza, D.R.

The Mets signed Tejada as an international free agent in 2007. He skipped DSL ball and made his pro debut with the GCL Mets in 2008: .220/.275/.250 in 100 at bats.

P Lachlan Hodge – L L 6-2 185 2-3-89 Australia

Hodge came out of the MLB Academy on the Gold Coast in 2005, when he was 16 years old. He held out from immediately signing a big league contract, and continued to work with his coach, Barry Holland. The Mets got a slight glimpse of Hodge in April 2006, but he returned to his finishing school back in Australia to complete his schooling. Hodge did resurface in 2008 for the GCL Mets, going 0-1, 8.10 in 11 games (5 starts).


2008 DSL Mets - Recap

The 2008 DSL Mets – Seasonal Recap

The 2008 DSL Mets finished 44-27, in 2nd place in the B.C. South Division.

The following are DSL Mets players that have proven their ability and will either be invited back for another year at the DSL level, or will be issued visas to come stateside for either the 2009 GCL Mets or Kingsport.

Stand-outs, and names you should remember when spring rosters are handed out include OF Julio Concepcion, SPs Gonzalez Germen and Ismael Mendez and RP Samuel Tavares.

Yohan Almonte P R R 6-1 150 11-9-89 Sabana de la Mar, D.R.

Almonte pitched for the DSL Mets in 2008, going 3-3, 2.95, 1.34 in 14 games (9 starts).

Eudy Batista P L L 6-1 175 8-6-90 Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Batista pitched for the 2008 DSL Mets, going 0-0, 3.86, 1.97 in 11 relief appearances. He also struck out 12 batters in 11.2 innings.

Marcos Camarena P R R 6-3 202 9-8-90 Culiacan, Mexico

Camarena debuted with the DSL Mets in 2007, going 0-1, 3.68 in 7 relief appearances.

Julio Concepcion LF R R 6-4 194 9-5-89 Santo Domingo, D.R.

Concepcion debuted with the DSL Mets in 2007, batting .243/.362/.341 in 173 at bats.
He came back to the 2008 DSL Mets, going .285/.361/.393 in 267 at bats.

Observation: Concepcion probably has a good chance of coming stateside to see if he’s for real.

Jeyckol De Leon DH R R 6-2 185 7-25-90 Panama

The Mets 1st player born in 1990, De Leon played DH in 2007 for the DSL Mets, hitting .194/.263/.239 in 67 at bats, 0 homers, and 6 RBIs. De Leon also played with the DSL Mets in 2008 (.260/.342/.313) as a designated hitter.

Francisco De Los Santos SS R R 6-2 180 8-15-90 San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic

De Los Santos played only 2 games in 2008 for the DSL Mets, hitting .333/.727/.333/1.061, which included 5 walks and 4 stolen bases.

Gonzalez Germen SP R R 6-1 175 9-23-87 La Romana, Dominican Republic

German had an impressive debut in 2008 with the DSL Mets: 5-2, 1.34, 0.76 in 15 games, 14 starts.Also, 70 Ks in 74.0 IP and only 15 BB.

Observation: Since he’s already 20 years old, I expect the Mets to visa the young man and send him stateside for the 2009 season.

Luis Gonzalez P R R 6-0 181 8-9-90 Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Gonzales debuted with the 2008 DSL Mets: 2-0, 1.74, 1.06 in 4 appearances, 1 start.

Wily Hiraldo SS S R 5-11 153 8-9-88 Santiago, D.R.

Hiraldo played the 2007 season with the DSL Mets, batting .210/.322/.250 in 224 at bats. He also had 22 stolen bases and 33 walks. He returned for a 2nd year in 2008: .252/.390/.311 in 119 at bats.

Ismael Mendez P L L 6-1 184 5-23-90 Bani, Dominican Republic

Mendez pitched for the 2007 DSL Mets, going 1-1, 7.79 in 11 games (2 starts). He struck out 21 batters in 17.1 IP, but also walked 18 batters. He returned to the DSL Mets in 2008 and had a fantastic season: 6-1, 1.07, 0.89 in 15 games, 14 starts.

Observation: Mendez won’t turn 19 until May 2009, which may be a reason to keep him with the DSL team another year; however, my guess he will pitch for the GCL team come April.

Willy Pena P R R 6-2 190 10-30-90 Esperanza , Dominican Republic

Pena debuted with the DSL Mets in 2009: 4-0, 1.76, 1.21 in 11 relief appearances.

Victor Peralta P L L 5-11 178 7-2-89 Mao, Dominican Republic

Peralta debuted with the DSL Mets in 2009 and went 4-3, 3.45 in 20 relief appearances (3 saves).

Andres Perez OF R R 6-1 189 7-5-89 San Cristobal, Dominican Republic

Perez signed with the Mets in October 2007 during the International signing period.He was assigned to the DSL Mets for the 2008 season, where he went .261/.327/.340 in 241 at bats.

Armando Rodriguez P R R 6-2 185 1-28-88 San Cristobal, D.R.

Rodriquez began his pro career in 2007, by impressing at the DSL Mets (2-2, 3.46 in 11 games, 2 starts). He also had 29 Ks in 26.0 IP. He returned to the DSL Mets for the 2008 seaso, going 4-4, 2.63, 0.97 in 15 games, 13 starts

Leonel Rojas P L L 6-4 167 8-19-86 Dominican Republic

Rojas played the 2008 season for the DSL Mets, going 2-3, 3.94 in 12 games, 5 starts.

Erigson Sanchez P R R 6-1 180 11-3-90 Padre Las Casas , Dominican Republic

Sanchez debuted with the 2008 DSL Mets, going 2-1, 3.32, 1.43 in 14 appearances, 1 start, 2 saves.

Derlin Soriano P R R 6-2 184 12-6-89 Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Soriano debuted with the 2008 DSL Mets, going 5-0, 3.94, 1.48, 2 saves, in 15 relief appearances.

Samuel Tavares P R R 6-4 185 4-14-89 Santiago, D.R.

Tavares had an excellent debut pro season with the 2007 DSL Mets, going 4-1, 2.37 in 17 relief appearances. He also struck out 33 batters in 30.1 IP. He returned to the 2008 DSL Mets, going 4-2, 0.90, 0.90, 12 saves, in 23 relief appearances.

Observation: Tavares is a young one, but has been very impressive. I expect him stateside in 2009, for either the GCL Mets or Kingsport.


2008 Savannah Sand Gnats Recap

Savannah Sand Gnats – 2008 Season Wrap-up Report Card

A. Develop Talent - people who understand minor league baseball know that the win-loss record is secondary to the development of players that go on to other teams playing in higher developed levels. Usually, a team that promoted 5 or 6 players during a season has done a good job at the level Savannah plays. This year, the Gnats coaches just kept punching out pitching talent all year, promoting a bevy of beauties: Mike Antonini (4-4, 2.71), Angel Calero (2.57 ERA, 1.04 WHIP), Nicholas Waechter (2-0, 2.91), Jose Bierd (3-1, 3.20), Edgar Ramirez (3-1, 3.13), Julio Polanco (2-1, 1.30 WHIP, 60Ks in 68.2 IP), Jose Bierd (3-1, 3.20), Nick Abel (3-1, 1.16), Junior Guerra (1-1, 1.75), and Josh Stinson (3.52 ERA). That’s 10 promoted pitchers, who were joined in mid-August by 3B Greg Veloz (.286, 28 SB). Trust me, any A-level team that promoted this many players in one season gets many gold feathers in their caps Grade: A+

B. Coaching – The team of Donavan Mitchell, George Greer, Jonathan Hurst, Matt Thayer, and Nick Wright have all done a remarkable job, being there every step and never asking one player for more than they do themselves. Grade: A+

C. Player of The Year – Close race here, with a bunch of pitchers and OF Carlos Guzman coming in a close 2nd, but the steadiest player all year was OF Casey Craig. The Mets have chronically under-sent bats to this team, but the minute Casey arrived, the Gnats had a hitter they could build their lineup around. Season stats at print: .283/.343/.387/.729 in 357 at bats, 16 doubles, 5 home runs, 47 walks, 24 stolen bases, and only 2 errors in the field.

D. Defense - Poor defense was one of the negatives last year, but it did improve greatly with this year’s returnees and newbies. Only 4 players (1B/IF Joaquin Rodriquez, Veloz, IF Juan Legares, and SS Matt Bouchard) had double digit errors this season, and catcher Francisco Pena continued to struggle with past balls, but there were also players that played an entire season (OF Craig: 2, C Sean McCraw: 2, OF Darren Clark: 3) at Golden-Glove caliber. Grade: B+

E. Offense – For some reason the Mets have not sent enough adequate hitters to this level team. There seems to be an un-written rule that all ‘sticks’ that get drafted, go directly to Short-season Brooklyn, to be showcased in their home city, and then jump directly to A+-St. Lucie the following year. The initial team sent to Savannah in April was pitifully anemic offensively, their best hitter (OF Raul Reyes) had a horrific broken leg, and it looked like another long, hot summer. But Mets brass/coaches started putting some pieces together. First, it was 2 journeyman minor leaguers (Craig and Michael Hernandez) which gave them a spark, followed by a steady year from Veloz and awesome numbers from reserve catcher Jordan Abruzzo. Lastly, OF Guzman, and C/1B Jeffries Tatford turned it on at the end of the season. All this resulted in a competitive ‘500 range’ season, which far surpassed last year’s record setting dismal W-L record. Grade: C+

F. Prospect Development – The 2008 Sand Gnats came to camp with some heavy duty prospect names on the pitching staff. The funny part is that 10 pitches were promoted to the next level during the season, and all of the original prospects (Scott Moviel, John Holdzkom, and Brant Rustich) remained with the team through the last weeks of the season. That being said, a lot of pitching talent went through this team this year and some of next year’s crop (Michael Olmstead, Mark Cohoon, Eric Beaulac) have already put on the Gnats uniform this past month. Grade: A

G. Support From Queens – What support? Sure, the normal array of ‘roving coaches’ came through the town, but GM Omar Minaya didn’t visit this team once in the two years that Savannah was a Mets affiliate. Come on now, it’s a 2 hour direct flight from LaGuardia. I don’t expect the Mets to be back in Savannah next year and my guess the team will affiliate with the Rays. The Mets have used this town as a dumping zone. Most of the hitting prospects go to Brooklyn, which is a partial season A-level team, though the Mets tend to feel they are more important than their full affiliate in the Coastal Empire. Being a lifelong Mets fan, I have mixed feelings if they leave. I’ll be sad as a fan but much better off as a baseball reporter. A different team would give Savannah the opportunity to operate like a real 4th ranked minor league team in a system, not the 5th like the Mets use them. Grade: F

The 2008 VSL Mets - Recap

2008 VSL Mets - Recap

The VSL Mets completed their 2008 season, going 26-42, and finishing in next-to-last (7th) position in the league. Te team actually started the season 10-2, but finished with a miserable 16-40 run.

The following players should be remembered. They will either come stateside in 2009 and play for either the GCL Mets or Kingsport, or they will most likely return to the DSL roster for another season. They have earned an invite back:

Jose Bellorin SS R R 6-0 160 12-14-90 Anzoategui, Venezuela

Bellorin started the 2008 season with the VSL Mets. His year end stats were: .262/.347/.320 in 172 at bats.

Jose Brito P R R 5-11 170 4-28-91 Anzoategui, Venezuela

Brito started the 2008 season with the VSL Mets. His year end stats were: 1-1, 3.67, 1.42 in 11 appearances (6 starts).

Rafael Castro RP R R 6-2 200 8-8-91 Columbia

Castro pitched for the VSL Mets in 2008, going 0-2, 3.96, 1.24 in 9 appearances (2 starts). He had 26 Ks in 25.0 IP.

Yoel Contreras P R L 6-3 180 1-1-86 Caracus, Venezuela

Contreras pitched for the 2008 VSL Mets, going 0-0, 2.45, 1.91 in 2 appearances.

Angel Cuan SP L L 5-11 150 5-29-89 Panama City, Venezuela

Cuan was a 2007 International free agent signing. In 2008, he pitched for the VSL Mets, where he led the league in strikeouts (74). He was also 10th in the league with the lowest WHIP (1.14), while going only 1-8.

Observation: Cuan was the top prospect out of the VSL team in 2008. I’m sure the Mets will send him stateside next spring.

Quinton De Cuba C R R 6’3” 180 9-9-87 Curacao, Venezuela

De Cuba started the 2008 season with the VSL Mets. His year end stats were .263/.329/.467/.796 in 137 at bats He also led the team with 7 home runs.

Ruben Delgado P R R 6-4 182 8-18-89 Acarigua, Venezuela

Delgado pitched for the VSL Mets in 2008, going 1-0, 2.84, 0.95 in 3 appearances.

Jose Diaz RF S R 6-0 172 7-26-89 Herrera, Panama

Diaz played for the 2008 VSL team, hitting .265/.339/.367/.706 in 166 at bats.

Luis Duarte P R R 6-1 180 8-7-87 Managas, Venezuela

Duarte pitched for the VSL Mets in 2008, going 1-2, 2.55, 1.36 in 4 appearances (2 starts).

Dennis Gutierrez P R R 6-2 180 12-22-88 Acarigua, Portugal

Gutierrez began the 2008 season with the VSL Mets. He started 4 games, going 1-1, 3.60, 1.53.

Ramiro Peralta P R R 6-3 180 9-8-89 Panama City, Panama

Peralta pitched for the 2008 VSL Mets, going 4-2, 2.74, 1.24 in 13 appearances (4 starts).

Adrian Pirela OF R R 6-0 205 12-23-88 MaraziboZulia, Venezuela

Pirela played for the VSL Mets in 2007, hitting .051/.288/.051 in 39 at bats. He returned to the VSL Mets for the 2008 season, where he led the team in hitting (.282/.387/.432/.819).

Observation: Pirela was the one shining light offensively for the 2008 VSL team. I’m sure, especially since the Mets system is light on prospect outfielders, that he will go stateside in the spring of 2009.

Luis Rojas P R R 5-11 176 1-24-89 Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela

Romas started the 2008 season for the VSL Mets, going 0-0, 4.38 in 12 relief appearances.

Jhonathan Torres P L L 5-11 170 3-20-90 Caracus, Venezuela

Torres started the 2008 season with the VSL Mets. He pitched great, going 5-2, 3.39, 1.19 in 13 starts.

Orlando Tovar P L L 6-3 213 3-26-88 Caracas, Venezuela

Tovar played the 2006 season for the VSL Mets, going 1-0, 2.20 in 6 appearances.

He returned to the VSL Mets in 2008 for a 2nd season, pitching well (0-1, 1.54, 1.07 in 8 starts). He also struck out 52 batters in 41.1 IP.

Ray Van Gurp SS R R 5-11 165 1-2-89 Willemstad, Curacao

Van Gurp played for the 2007 VSL Mets, batting .077/.077/.077 in 133 at bats.

Ray returned to the VSL Mets for the 2008 season, and had a half-way decent season, coming on strong at the end. Stats: .275/.343/.351 in 222 at bats, 29 SB.

Observation: There’s no rush on pushing young shortstops, but I would expect Van Gurp to start for the GCL team in 2009.


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