HOT STOVE FLASH - Starlin Castro

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The St. Louis Cardinals have called the Cubs about Starlin Castro, according to Tom Loxas of Chicago Now. He says that a deal would have to be packaged around Carlos Martinez, Shelby Miller or Tyrell Jenkins and possibly a shortstop.




Draft 14 - A Quick Look At - 3B - Michael Chavis - Sprayberry (GA) HS

draft - michael chavisMichael Chavis


7-2-13 - 2014 Top 100 High School Prospects - 36. Michael Chavis- 3B, Sprayberry (GA) HS http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/jeff-sullivans-top-100-2014-prospects/


8-2-13 –  Jeff Sullivan ‏@JSully12  - 3B Michael Chavis can absolutely mash... Also runs a sub 6.7 60 and has a 90+ mph arm across the infield


2013 East Coast Pro Showcase Top 50 Prospects    - 4. Michael Chavis – 3B, Sprayberry (GA) HS - Chavis stood out in a big way at ECP. Ball comes off differently off his bat. Runs a sub 6.7 60 and has a cannon for an arm. Top of the class player. http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/sullys-top-50-ecp-prospects/



8-14-13 – Through The Fence – Top 50 Prospects – 37. Michael Chavis, 3B, Sprayberry HS (GA) - Yet another Georgia kid, the 5’-11” right-hander is one of the best hitters in the 2014 MLB draft. He has also shown some incredible power and won the home run derby at the PG Classic — his last a bomb that ended up in the trees over the left field wall. He runs a 6.68/60 and has the hands, arm and instincts to play shortstop. Should hear his name a lot in the next year. Committed to Clemson. http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-draft-top-50-prospects/36463#mwWwsFxSUZy7YC5V.99


9-11-13 - Sully’s 2014 Top 100 MLB HS Draft Prospects - 6.Michael Chavis – 3B, Sprayberry (GA) HS http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/sullys-2014-top-100-mlb-hs-draft-prospects/

HOT STOVE FLASH - Jason Giambi

Cleveland Indians Photo Day

Indians re-signed DH Jason Giambi to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training.

That didn't take long.  Giambi hit just .183/.282/.371 in 216 plate appearances this season, but he still has good power and the Indians love his clubhouse presence.  He'll serve as a part-time DH and pinch-hitter in 2014.


Hot Stove Report: Mets Free Agents, Contract Options, and Re-Instatements


In accordance with MLB free agency rules, the following players are now free agents and able to negotiate new contracts with other teams starting Tuesday.

RP David Aardsma
RP Tim Brydak
RP Pedro Feliciano
RP Frank Francisco
RP LaTroy Hawkins
SP Daisuke Matsuzka
SP Aaron Harang  (Had a $7MM option or a $1MM buyout however Mariners are responsible for buyout amount due to DFA and release.)

The following players have club contract options for 2014. The club must decide whether to exercise these options or pay the buyouts by 11:59PM this Saturday.

SP Johan Santana - $25.5M contract for 2014 or $5.5M buyout.

Lastly the following players have been removed from the 60 Day DL and have been reinstated onto the 40 man roster in compliance with MLB roster rules.

SP Matt Harvey
SP Jeremy Hefner
SP Jennry Mejia
RP Scott Rice
RP Bobby Parnell
RP Josh Edgin
1B Issac Davis

Assuming the club DOES NOT pick up Santana's option the 40 man roster will stand at 36 players. General Manager Sandy Alderson has repeatedly stated that Santana's buyout would count towards 2013 payroll, NOT, 2014 payroll. This leaves the club with $28MM on the books before arbitration cases and renewable contracts.

Draft 14 – Braxton Davidson, Mac Marshall, David Peterson, Jakson Reetz, Alex Jackson


draft - braxton davidson10-9-13 – Early Pick for Cubs - Braxton Davidson, OF, TC Roberson HS (NC) - For all of the power the Cubs have in their system, none of them are left-handed. Davidson is a 6’-3”, 215 pound left-hander with excellent bat speed, an advanced approach at the plate and some serious raw power. He shows good pitch recognition and his strong wrists allow him to wait on any pitch. With 31 games as a junior, he hit .403 with seven doubles, eight home runs, and drew 30 walks for a .600 OBP/.831 SLG. Like Gatewood, he isn’t a speed guy but his strong arm (92 mph) should play well in a corner outfield spot but he could also end up at first base where the power potential would play well when he makes it out of the 2014 MLB draft. Even with his size, there is still a lot of projection left as his frame suggest he could add more weight as he matures. http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-draft-early-targets-chicago-cubs-fourth-overall-pick/38723

9-29-13 – XMLBScout – 21.)LHP, Mac Marshall, 2014, Parkview HS, Georgia, was up to 88 with FB only 16 years old, loose with decent delivery, fb pretty true for most part, a bit long with delivery, but worth a follow next couple of years. Added a couple more mph to his FB in 2013 and was one of most exposed lefties over the summer showcase seen. Sharp break on a downer type wipe out slider/curve and makings of solid change up. Great upside!! http://xmlbscout.angelfire.com/

9-11-13 - Sully’s 2014 Top 100 MLB HS Draft Prospects – 48.David Peterson – LHP, Regis Jesuit (CO) HS http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/sullys-2014-top-100-mlb-hs-draft-prospects/

9-30-13 – TTF Mock 2.0 - 35. Miami Marlins — Jakson Reetz, C/RHP, Norris HS (NE)  A terrific athlete and two-way player, the 6’-1”, 200-pound right-hander’s ability to stick behind the plate make him a highly touted prospect. More of a line drive hitter now, more power should come as he matures, and he has the bat speed to back it up. Can hit the low-90s on the mound so his arm plays well behind the plate and he makes for a big target. Committed to Nebraska. http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-mock-draft-2-0-draft-order-set/38280#5E3F5j1jWOgE69bJ.99

10-10-13 - Summary:  If Alex Jackson can’t stick at catcher does it drop his stock?  Yes, but not much.  He goes from a top 5 pick to a top 10 pick, if that tells you anything, it shows you how good his bat is.  When the ball comes off the bat it sounds like it’s being shot out of cannon.   It is so loud that you don’t even have to be watching to know he is taking BP, you can hear it.  It really doesn’t matter where he plays his Bat will carry him to the MLB. http://bigleaguefutures.net/1/2013/10/09/scouting-report-alex-jackson-cof3b/

MLBTR - Free Agent Tracker is Ready

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The 2014 MLB Free Agent Tracker is now available at MLB Trade Rumors!


Upcoming important dates:

  • Players with at least six years of Major League service and no contract for 2014 are eligible to become free agents as of 8am central time today, October 31st.

  • The five-day Quiet Period begins today and ends at 10:59pm central time on Monday, November 4th.  During the Quiet Period, free agents may talk to any team about either side's interest, the player's potential role, the advantages and disadvantages of playing for that team and city, and length of a potential contract, guarantee provisions, and no-trade provisions.  A free agent may not, however, negotiate terms or contract with a new team during this period.  He may negotiate terms and enter into a contract with his former team.

  • During the Quiet Period, the former team may tender a qualifying offer, which is a guaranteed one-year, $14.1MM deal for 2014.  Qualifying offer decisions by the team are due by 4pm central time on Monday, November 4th.  Check out MLBTR's qualifying offer reader poll from September for an idea of which free agents are likely to receive one.

  • Additionally, option decisions must be decided during the Quiet Period.

  • Once the Quiet Period ends Monday night, free agents can negotiate with any team.

  • A free agent has until Monday, November 11th by 4pm central time to accept a qualifying offer.  Any player who accepts is considered signed for 2014.  If a player declines a qualifying offer, his former team becomes eligible for compensation if the player signs a Major League contract with another Major League team before the 2014 draft.  The former team receives an amateur draft choice as compensation, while the signing team forfeits its highest available selection and the accompanying bonus pool money in the draft.

  • Baseball's GM Meetings are from November 11-13th in Orlando, Florida.

  • The non-tender deadline for arbitration eligible players is December 2nd.

  • Baseball's Winter Meetings are from December 9-12th, also in Orlando.


Mack Ade – Morning Report – 10-31-13 – David Ortiz, Golden Gloves, Glut, My Starting Lineup, More Stuff

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Andrew Vazzano ‏@AVSNY  - "Outside of Boston, 70% of baseball fans - maybe more - think David Ortiz is using performance enhancing drugs"  - Mike Francesa

                Mack – Those of you that know me know of my radio background, so I want to break down what Francesa said and why.

                First, never think that talk radio is reality. Everything you are listening to was created by either someone else, or the ‘disc jockey’ you are listening to. Yes, all they are, are disc jockeys without music.

The Mike Francesa and Howard Eskin’s of the world are creations of Program Directors that encourage their ‘personalities’ to go out of their way in expressing their fringe opinions. I remind people of the early 70s when I was the Sales Manager of WKTU-FM. Don Imus came into town from Cleveland and became the new star on WNBC. At the same time, Howard Stern was working weekends on an FM station in Briarcliff Manor. What people didn’t realize that Stern was a genuine nice person who decided his on-air שטיק  (schtick) would be exactly the opposite. At the same time, Imus took a gentler approach on the air while, in real life, he was a genuine prick.

And Rush? A failed Midwest disc jockey that was hired and told to learn what a conservative was.

And the same went for television. I was VP of the radio ‘bad paper’ for GE Capital in 1991. I reported to Michael Eskridge, who founded and created CNBC-TV. I always remember what he said to the staff in the first department head meeting… ‘if you have someone on the air in the first fifteen minutes of the hour that tells you to buy Cisco stock, make sure you have someone in the third fifteen minute segment that recommends you to sell Cisco stock’.

Never, never, never take the Mike Francesa’s of the world serious.

 It’s just entertainment.


Ira Robbins on Lou Reed: An Appreciation – worth the read: http://observer.com/2013/10/lou-reed-an-appreciation/


Andre asked –

                Hey Mack. I can’t believe that David Wright didn’t win a Golden Glove Award and Juan Lagares wasn’t even a finalist. This is wrong.

                                Mack – Awards are nice but excellent defense is much more important.

                                Lagares was a breath of fresh air in 2013, but he only had 392 at-bats, and, remember, Wright was out for over six weeks. Only one player per position per division wins these things so I wouldn’t sweat it. The important thing is to try and figure out if Lagares is for real. A .281 OBP is not going to hack it in the majors no matter how many people he throws out at home.


Fred Wilpon

                Nor could Wilpon offer any insight into the competition at first base, though he acknowledged that "something's got to happen there with the logjam." More likely than not, the solution will come from within the organization. Wilpon said that the Mets didn't seriously pursue highly touted Cuban defector Jose Abreu, largely because the team doesn't view first base as a position of need. Abreu recently agreed to a six-year, $68 million deal with the Chicago White Sox.

                                Mack – This one is easy. If your owner says you didn’t bid on a first baseman because you have too many of them, you’re not going to bid on Boston’s Mike Napoli either.

It’s Davis or Duda, folks.


Mark my word… the Dodgers will sign P David Price.and  Masahiro Tanaka.


Just for grins, here’s my prediction for the 2014 Mets starting lineup:

1B – Ike Davis – He’ll get a last chance to prove what we all really know anyway. He has the talent to be a major league first baseman.

2B – Wilmer Flores – Daniel Murphy will depart in a deal that will give Flores the chance to add 80+ RBIs into the equation.

SS – Stephen Drew – Drew represents the perfect image for the Mets and a three year deal here would fit perfect into future Mets plans for this position.

3B – David Wright

C – Travis d’Arnaud – An injury free 2014 could add 25-HRs and 80-RBIs to this lineup.

RF – Michael Cuddyer – Acquired in the Murphy deal, he also represents the perfect backup at first base in case Davis flops again

CF – Juan Lagares – Lagares will get the opportunity to improve on his OBP because of the addition of bats in the lineup

LF – Eric Young Jr. – EYJ will hold the fort down waiting on the arrival of Cesar Puello.

Rotation – Zack Wheeler, Jon Niese, Dillon Gee, Jenrry Mejia, Daisuke Matsuzaka – Dice-K will hold the fort down awaiting either Rafael Montero or  Noah Syndergaard.

I don’t expect much more because I believe that the free agent market is sparse, and that 29 other teams will outbid us for many other players available in free agency. The general opinion in this sport is keep away from the Mets and the Wilpons, so this leaves only trading, drafting, and signing international free agents as your primary options to rebuild this team.

Cuddyer and Drew would be two great additions and this team will be defined by the kids (Flores, d’Arnaud, Puello, Syndergaard, Montero) that will become an intricate part of the 25-man squad


Adam Rubin –


                Teams are permitted to bid and sign other teams' free agents on the sixth day after the World Series. That means the Mets and other teams can start bidding on any available free agent on Tuesday. 


Tim Britton/Providence Journal


If nothing else, Xander Bogaerts' revelatory postseason has confirmed the high opinion the Red Sox front office had of the organization's top prospect. That emergence in turn can affect the way Boston approaches free agency. The Red Sox can offer Stephen Drew a qualifying offer but feel fine if and when he rejects it. They probably don't have to find a suitable veteran to compete with Bogaerts at short in spring training. Boston can enter the spring just about certain of who Bogaerts' place in the Opening Day lineup. http://www.providencejournal.com/sports/red-sox/content/20131030-xander-bogaerts-has-excelled-on-postseason-stage.ece


                Mack – Thank Boggarts if or when Drew becomes a Met. 


Gary Seagran asked me about my opinion on adding the DH to the National League. We’re going to use that as the main topic in ‘The War Room’ on Sunday (oops… just gave an advance promo on what The Mack’s Mets Report is going to do…).

All of this hype came from one reporter asking the Commissioner if there was any chance of this happening. The Commish said anything can happen, which was nothing more than a generalization. I don’t see it. Let the two leagues have this one thing that keeps them from being identical. We’ll talk more on Sunday. 


It was a great World Series... two great teams with the proper mix of veterans and talented rookies. Both teams were not afraid to showcase their recently drafted (or internationally signed) talent regardless of age or experience. It’s time to move on to one of my favorite time of the year… the Hot Stove season. This is when Christopher Soto and I drive you crazy with all our ‘FLASH’ posts every time someone of some significance is signed or traded. Hey, it’s a lot more exciting than one more of the “What if So And So…” or “Mets Prospect Profile” posts that are like liter all over the Mets blogs out there in Mets-land.  


Jason Mast –


                With Matt Harvey out and much of their young pitching potentially on the move in the offseason, the Mets need to bring in a veteran starter. Why not have it be Roy Halladay? He is not likely to command an expensive or multi-year contract, leaving Alderson room to spend on bats, and spacious Citi Field is a great environment for an intelligent pitcher like Halladay to reinvent himself in. Halladay could also serve in an unofficial player-coach capacity. A starter with his expertise and knowledge can only help in the transitioning of the Mets’ many young pitchers from the minors to the show. On a one year deal, the Mets have nothing to lose. If he struggles, it’s only for one year and he can still provide tutelage to his younger brethren. Should he succeed, then the Mets can keep him down the stretch if they’re in contention and ship him off for prospects if they are not. http://risingapple.com/2013/10/31/roy-halladay-mets/

                Mack – I know… he’s not the pitcher he used to be and his fastball doesn’t hit 92 anymore (read the whole post), but also won’t command the big money he has been getting from the Phillies all those years he kicked the hell out of our hitters.

                Let me ask it this way… Halladay for one year or Dice-K? 



And lastly… the one thing you can count one here every day… the Morning Report… may have some ‘outages’ in the future. I have some med issues to deal with that will include an operation sometime next month. I’ll do the best I can do here, but there might be some short content days (or no content at all). Don’t worry, the other writers assure me that they will step up and keep the site active, but, if you log in and find there is no ‘Mack’s Morning Report’ on a given day, that doesn’t mean there won’t be one the following day.

One thing… if someone would like to spell me during the month of November and write the morning report (1,000 words a day of cut and paste with comments plus original material), contact me at: Macksmets@gamail.com.

We’ll move on together… just a little slower.










baseball - nelson cruz


Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News is reporting that the Rangers have decided to tender a one-year, $14.1 million qualifying offer to Nelson Cruz, which he is expected to turn down in favor of a multi-year deal.


Why The Mets Need An Angel In Their Outfield

avatar - angelThe Hot Stove season in baseball is when the craziest trade ideas are bandied about by fans, media, and the teams as well. No other sport has this kind of offseason. It’s like everyone is taking their baseball card collection and swapping cards with other kids in the neighborhood. This is the time of year when to creative baseball minds anything is possible-the Mets actually could acquire Dustin Pedroia AND Clay Buchholz for Dillion Gee, Wilmer Flores, and prospects like Rafael Montero and Cesar Puello. Remote as a possibility a trade like this is, during the Hot Stove season it makes perfect sense! Hope springs eternal for baseball fans as the last of the leaves fall and we return to colder days and longer nights.

So in the spirit of the season I’m going to entertain my own baseball trade fantasy right now. A trade where the Mets a) solve their OF power outage, acquire a veteran lefty hurler to lead the staff and bring a 2B to more than make up for the one traded away. Yes, in the scenario, Daniel Murphy would wear a Halo on his hat in 2014. Also joining him as Angels would be Dillion Gee, Rafael Montero, Wilmer Flores, and one or two prospect bullpen arms du jour.

Who would the Mets acquire in this scenario? Well, this is what the Mets 2014 opening day line-up would look like:

1b-Ike Davis
2b-Howie Kendrick
SS-Stephen Drew or Ruben Tejada
3b-David Wright
C-Travis d’Araund
LF-Josh Hamilton
CF-Juan Lagares
RF-Marlon Byrd
P-C.J. Wilson

The Mets would acquire Kendrick and Wilson in addition to Hamilton. The most logical reason the Angels would make this trade would be two words-Mike Trout. The Angels would like to lock up Trout long-term and avoid the luxury tax penalty. Also, it’s an aging team saddled with the albatross contracts of Pujols, Hamilton, Vernon Wells, and to the lesser degree Wilson. The Mets wouldn’t have to pay full-price on Hamilton because the Angels would just be glad to shed even ½ or 2/3 of his contract. They could also take on only part of the Kendrick and Wilson contracts as well.

The Angels, looking for starting pitching, bullpen arms and an upgrade at 3b, add two starters to replace Wilson, bring in Murphy as a cheaper option to Kendrick, and even an unproven 22 year old Flores would be a huge offensive improvement over the Green-Jiminez-Nelson trio at 3B. The Angels bullpen was a horror show last season so the couple of young relief arms the Mets include help to shore up the Angel ‘pen for 2014 and beyond.

This trade makes the Mets older with Hamilton (33 in May), Kendrick (31 in July), and Wilson (33) but with that age also comes the wisdom of post-season experience. The Mets are a young team, with top position prospects like Smith, NImmo and Herrera still at least three years away, so adding three thirtysomething players makes them competitive to till the prospects develop in the way the Mets hope.

Hamilton is streaky, and his numbers declined sharply playing in a larger park last season, though he bounced back with a strong August and September. But slotted between Wright and Davis, even the threat of what he can do would affect how teams pitch to both of them. The sad fact is that even the pedestrian .250-21-79-.739 OPS with a 1.5 WAR numbers Hamilton posted in 2013 would’ve paced the Mets team which closed out 2013. Still, you’re talking about adding an elite-level player who in 2012 posted a slash line .285-43-128, so even a mediocre season falling somewhere between his 2012-2013 performance is a huge shot in the arm for the Mets anemic offense.

His acquisition would also increase attendance. When he’s at his best, Hamilton is the type of player people pay to see. His monstrous HR’s could become a staple of the Citi Field Jumbotron in the coming years…or he could be another Jason Bay. At this point, the Mets, Alderson especially, can’t afford not to roll the dice, on a proven power bat, regardless of injury or performance issues.

For this deal to work out, the Angels would have to eat a fair amount of Hamilton’s contract and a portion of Wilson and Kendricks as well. The question is-how far would the Angels go in that direction?

But this trade would be about more than Hamilton. The other two players who complete the deal both add important elements to make the Mets contenders in 2014. Kendrick and Wilson would bolster infield defense and already strong rotation, respectively. With two lefties in tow, the Mets rotation would line-up something like this:

SP1-Wilson L
SP2-Wheeler R
SP3-Niese L
SP4-SP 5-some combination of Harang, Dice K, Meijia and any other arms they acquire until Thor starts throwing his hammer at Citi-Field mid-summer of 2014.

Even with question marks at the 4 and 5 spots, the Mets top three would be a formidable trio for batters to face, especially when you have two lefties up there. The Braves hit .239 with a .701 OPS vs L in 2013, while the Nats didn’t fare much better-.239 and an OPS of .674.

As for Kendrick, he regularly flirts with .300 every year, is a defensive upgrade over Murphy at 2b and brings a nice speed/hitting combination to the position that is equal to and exceeds “Murph.” Most importantly, he is less prone to those head-scratching running mistakes, like trying to steal 3B with two out, than Murphy as well.

As I stated the Mets can’t afford to sit still in 2014. A competitive team that challenges for a WC is the only thing that will ease the further erosion of a disillusioned fanbase and a continued free fall in Citi Field attendance. It’s also put up or shut of time for our GM. So if he, and his lieutenants want to be around beyond 2014 the former Marine better coming out firing this offseason.

This trade may just be the Hot Stove daydream of a Mets fan but if the team wants to avert another lackluster season of subpar on-field performance they’d better have something similar up their sleeves.

Draft 14 - A Quick Look At - 3B - Zach Shannon - Moeller HS (OH)

draft - zach shannonZach Shannon


6-13-13  -  27. Atlanta Braves — Zach Shannon, 3B, Moeller HS (OH) - A two-way prospect who may have more upside as a hitter, the 6’-3”, 220 pound right-hander has a canon arm (93 mph) and his power bat would play well in right. He has shown the ability to hit to all fields and has good bat speed. On the mound, he also has an upper-70s curveball that shows plus potential to go along with his above-average fastball. He hails from the same school that produced Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Larkin and Buddy Bell. http://beforeitsnews.com/sports/2013/06/2014-mlb-mock-draft-1-0-no-time-like-the-present-2513748.html?currentSplittedPage=2



8-14-13 – Through The Fence – Top 50 Prospects – 36. Zach Shannon, 3B/RHP, Moeller HS (OH) - A two-way prospect who may have more upside as a hitter, the 6’-3”, 220-pound right-hander has a canon arm (95 mph) and his power bat would play well at the hot corner. He has shown the ability to hit to all fields and has good bat speed. On the mound, he also has an upper-70s curveball that shows plus potential to go along with his plus fastball that hit 95 mph at the PG Classic. He hails from the same school that produced Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Larkin and Buddy Bell. http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-draft-top-50-prospects/36463#mwWwsFxSUZy7YC5V.99

Draft 14 – Grant Holmes, Derek Fisher, Michael Cederoth, Brian Gonzalez, Jeff Hoffman


draft - grant holmes10-15-13 – Baseball America - 24. Grant Holmes, rhp, Conway (S.C.) HS: Powerfully built but undersized, the 6-foot Holmes has a fastball that reaches 96 mph with power and depth to his curveball. http://www.baseballamerica.com/college/2014-draft-top-50-october-2013-carlos-rodon/

10-14-13 – Top ’14 College Hitters - 1. Derek Fisher / OF / Virginia — Fischer is going to have to hit — he doesn’t have the arm strength or instincts to be anything but a left fielder — to earn this ranking, but he certainly has the offensive tools to justify it. The left-handed hitting outfielder has above-average bat speed and a linear swing that should lead to above-average power numbers, though we haven’t seen that translate into games as much as one would hope. Consistency has been a problem for Fischer, but with a strong junior season you could see him go very early, as he’s one of the few middle of the order type bats in this class. http://mlbdraftinsider.com/2013/10/top-14-for-14-college-hitters/

9-30-13 – TTF Mock 2.0 - 13. San Diego Padres — Michael Cederoth, RHP, San Diego State  He is 6′-6“, 210 pounds and can touch 100 mph with his fastball. Shall I go on? He also adds a mid-80s slider, as well as a mid-80s change-up that is more of an out pitch. His command can be shaky at times as he is still learning how to be a pitcher instead of just running his overpowering fastball. Over 15 starts this year, he had a 4.25 ERA, 1.26 WHIP and 109 K/48 BB over 95.1 innings. If he works on his command the way Jonathan Gray did last year, as well as refine his off-speed stuff, he should be one of the first college pitchers off the board. http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-mock-draft-2-0-draft-order-set/38280#5E3F5j1jWOgE69bJ.99

9-11-13 - Sully’s 2014 Top 100 MLB HS Draft Prospects – 92.Brian Gonzalez – LHP/1B, Archbishop McCarthy (FL) HS http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/sullys-2014-top-100-mlb-hs-draft-prospects/

10-18-13 – Matt Garroich – Jeff Hoffman of East Carolina is a righty that has frontline potential and three plus pitch potential. He would be the kind of guy who would be in discussions for the top pick in any draft, so he should be in this draft as well, even with Rodon in it. I don't want to oversell Hoffman at this point because his stuff has always been better than his results but his summer on Cape Cod was simply dominant. http://www.minorleagueball.com/2013/10/18/4851030/2014-mlb-draft-atlantic-region-college-discussion



 avatar - las vegas 2

LAS VEGAS: The Las Vegas 51s professional baseball team of the Pacific Coast League (PCL), Triple-A affiliate of the New York Mets, will begin their 32nd season of play in the Silver State against the Fresno Grizzlies, Triple-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants, on Thursday, April 3 at Cashman Field at 7:05 p.m.  Las Vegas will begin the 2014 campaign with an eight-game homestand against Fresno (April 3-6) and the Sacramento River Cats, Triple-A affiliate of the Oakland A’s, from April 7-10.


The 51s, which will begin their second season as the top farm club of the Mets, compiled an overall record of 81-63 (.563) in 2013 and were the Pacific Conference Southern Division Champions. Las Vegas, under Manager Wally Backman, returned to the post-season for the first time in 11 seasons (2002) and lost in the Conference Championship Series to Salt Lake, 3-games-to-1.  The 51s compiled the second-best record in the 16-team PCL and Oklahoma City had the best record with an 82-62 mark (.569).


The 144-game schedule (72 home, 72 road) will once again feature many promotional nights that will include 51s giveaways, Budweiser Dollar Beer Nights, Kids Carnival and highlighted by the traditional “Fireworks Extravaganza” on Thursday, July 3rd at Cashman Field.


The Las Vegas franchise reached the 300,000 plateau in attendance at Cashman Field for the 31st consecutive season (1983-2013).  In 70 dates, Las Vegas’ total was 328,266 for an average of 4,690 which included four sellouts.  The season-high crowd was 11,776 against Round Rock on May 10th and the Las Vegas franchise welcomed the “The 10-Millionth All-Time Fan”  on April 13 and the all-time attendance total now stands at 10,314,780.


In 2013, Minor League Baseball remained an attractive form of affordable family entertainment. The regular season attendance surpassed 41 million fans for the ninth consecutive year. The 41,553,781 fans in 2013 are nearly 275,000 more than the 2012 total.  Minor League Baseball set an all-time attendance record for five straight seasons (2004-08).


The PCL, on August 16, 2013, announced realignment of the conferences and divisions for the 16-team league.


The 51s will host the Southern Division of the Pacific Conference opponents: Albuquerque Isotopes (Los Angeles Dodgers), El Paso Chihauhaus (San Diego Padres) and Salt Lake Bees (Los Angeles Angels) for eight games each.   The 51s will also host the Northern Division (Pacific Conference) for eight games each: Fresno Grizzlies (San Francisco Giants), intrastate rival Reno Aces (Arizona Diamondbacks), Sacramento River Cats (Oakland A’s) and Tacoma Rainiers (Seattle Mariners).


The Southern Division opponents of the American Conference comprised of the Memphis Redbirds (St. Louis Cardinals), Nashville Sounds (Milwaukee Brewers), New Orleans Zephyrs (Miami Marlins) and Round Rock Express (Texas Rangers) will visit Cashman Field for four games each.


The 51s will travel to the Northern Division opponents of the American Conference comprised of the Colorado Springs Sky Sox (Colorado Rockies), Iowa Cubs (Chicago Cubs), Oklahoma City RedHawks (Houston Astros) and the defending PCL and Triple-A Champions, the Omaha Storm Chasers (Kansas City Royals) for four games each.


2014 season tickets and mini-plan packages (10 & 10-Games You Pick’em, 20, 33-game plans) are available by calling the 51s office at (702) 798-7825.  Individual game tickets for the 72-game home schedule will go on sale in March.

The complete schedule is ATTACHED and all standard home night games during the 2014 season will begin at 7:05 p.m. and Sunday games at 12:05 p.m. (except Aug. 24, 7:05 p.m., due to travel).

Mack Ade – Morning Report – 10-30-13 – Colorado Rockies, Prospects, Yankees Tampa Move, Mets Draft Pick

avatar - 1869 Cincinnati Red StockingsMatt Cerrone

                In September, John Harper of the Daily News proposed trading Travis d’Arnaud, Dillon Gee and Rafael Montero for Tulowitzki, an idea that was not outright rejected when pitched to a Mets source. “We have to be open-minded,” the source told Harper. “We have to be ready to be creative.” http://metsblog.com/metsblog/edit-rockies-will-listen-to-offers-for-dexter-fowler/

                Mack – I would have absolutely no problem with this deal. You trade a catcher that still hasn’t earned his keep, at best an SP3, and an untested pitching prospect for the best shortstop in the league.

Cerrone also said that the Rockies would take offers for both outfielders Dexter Fowler and Michael Cuddyer.

I’ll tell you this. If Sandy Alderson once again tries to go cheap, he’lll lose out on all the good names out there, both on the free agent market and via trades. The Hunter Pence deal has set the bar at a crazy level but it is what it is. You’re going to have to be ready to pay a few guys a once unheard of amount of money to fill in the right holes until you can build out within the system.


And, while we’re at it, just what does the system look like right now?

Here’s a short list of what should grow out of the affiliates in the next five years. There could be some other surprises… hell, I never had Juan Lagares listed on any projection list, but this, IMO, represents the potential major league players our current system is producing (this is an opinion piece, so please join in if you feel different about this):

2014 – SP Noah Syndergaard, SP Rafael Montero, RF Cesar Puello

2015 – C Kevin Plawecki

2016 – SP Steven Matz, SS Gavin Cecchini, OF Brandon Nimmo, 2B Dilson Herrera

2017 – SS Amed Rosario, 1B Dominic Smith

2018 – none yet

This is a conservative list and there’s a good chance a few more will develop from a list of players like Adam Kolarek, Jeff Walters, Jacob deGrom, Gabriel Ynoa, Michael Fulmer, Hamilton Bennett, Robert Whelan, Chris Flexen, Pedro Perez, Jhoan Urena, Wuilmer Beccera, Ivan Wilson, and Jared King… but, in my humble opinion, the system is still short a number of bats to guarantee a successful future.



                The New York Yankees reached an agreement to relocate their high Class A Florida State League franchise from Tampa to a planned new ballpark 90 minutes north in Ocala. The move, which was first reported over the weekend by the Ocala Star Banner, would not impact spring training for the Yankees’ major league team. The Yankees still have roughly 12 years remaining on a 30-year contract obligating them to maintain their spring home in Tampa at Steinbrenner Field.                  http://www.baseballamerica.com/minors/yankees-strike-deal-to-move-fsl-team-out-of-tampa/


Sally asked –

                Hey Mack, great site.

                You follow the draft throughout the year. Do you have any fell on who the Mets will draft in the first round?

                                Mack – Thanks Sally.

                                There’s no way of knowing who will be picked until the team that has the 9th pick calls out their name, but we can narrow it down a little.

                                First, certain to be gone are players like LHP Carlos Rodon, RHP Tyler Kolek, RHP Touki Toussant, SS Jacob Gatewood, and SS Trae Turner.

                                Secondly, under Sandy Alderson, every first round pick has been a high school senior.

                                Here’s my guesses as of yesterday:

1 – LHP  Rodon – NC State -  any anyone possibly pick anyone else with the firs pick? He has been the first pick in the last ten mock drafts and only was picked less that first in only one all off-season (Baseball Draft Report – June 10, 2013). It will take a major injury to lower this pick.

2. RHP Kolek - Shepard (TX) HS – Here comes the high school pitchers. Kolek is obviolsy the best and I now have him higher than the ‘big three’ shortstops in this draft.

3. RHP Toussaint              - Coral Springs (FL) – Touissant wowed them at the PG Showcase this past weekend in Jupiter and solidified a top five ranking.

4. SS/3B/OF  Gatewood -              Clovis HS (CA) -                 has climbed past Trea Turner as the top SS prospect in the draft.

5. SS Turner – NC State – Still a top five pick and a sure bet to be a regular MLB player someday.

6.  Now it starts to get difficult. You can go power college arm (Tyler Beede), the flashy catcher ( Alex Jackson), or the 3rd best SS in the draft (nick Gordon. I pick C Alex Jackson - Rancho Bernardo HS (CA)            -  who could not stick here and eventualy wind up as a corner outfield.

7. RHP Tyler Beede – Vanderbilt - is a power college righty a la Mike Harvey that could easily be in the majors in 2015. He started the mock season as the top pick and the only reason he has dropped this low his high school fever.

8.  RHP Jeff Hoffman – East Carolina –  Hoffman has dropped a few spots but is still  a big time power college pitcher.

9.  RHP Grant Holmes – Conway HS (SC) – It would be interesting to see if Holmes was still available when the Mets pick came around. Definitely one of the top three high school pitchers out there.

10. OF/1B  Braxton Davidson – TC Robinson HS (NC) – I list Davidson and break the ‘best player available’ rule. OF Michael Gettys projects out as a more talented overall player, but the Mets need Davidson’s power


Matthew Silva - Jeff Wilpon Said What?



Jeff Wilpon addressed the media about the Mets plans for 2014 and has some pretty interesting things to say. After reading each comment, the lunacy that came out of his mouth should be seen as very distressing to Mets fans.

His first comment is true. There is a glut at first base, albeit a very untalented one. Yet, this was the reason that Jose Abreu wasn't pursued? We simply have too many subpar players at one position that the Mets don't feel the need to add one more, even if they know at least one will be traded off in the near future. Just because you have a number of players that could play the position doesn't mean that it is an embarrassment of riches. It really is just an embarrassment. Anyone who manned first base for this team last year can be replaced and a prospective player like Jose Abreu is an upgrade, even if you put all five players together to form the first base version of Voltron. Thanks, Jeff Wilpon. You're an idiot.

The next great line he throws out is that the organization only feels solid about four of the 25 roster spots on this team. Read that again. Four players. Jonathon Niese, David Wright, Dillon Gee and Zach Wheeler. But, where are the five first basemen that you just praised over a potential star? Forgot about them already? Sweet. He doesn't name players who will seem to be very important to next year, like Travis d'Arnaud, Bobby Parnell or even Daniel Murphy. Sure none of those guys are world beaters right now, but could he maybe show a little more confidence in the way this team has been put together? What team other than maybe the Houston Astros feels good about just 16% or less of their team? I'm all for the idea of competition at every position and evaluating, but why should we feel good about the process if everything we have done produces a team that isn't confident about over 4/5 of the roster?

I realize that the offseason is slow and Jeff Wilpon was caught at an event and answered random questions, but man was this discomforting to hear. This is supposed to be a year of more comfort where the plan would be to improve on a brighter future rather than dancing in the dust bowl of losing and despair. Comments like these made my Jeff Wilpon bring visions of the latter rather than the former. Always fun to start the offseason on a low note, I guess.

What do you think of these comments and the state of the Mets as they stand now?

Draft 14 - A Quick Look At - OF/1B - Braxton Davidson - T C Roberson HS (NC)

draft - braxton davidsonBraxton Davidson


6-13-13  -  14. Philadelphia Phillies — Braxton Davidson, OF, T C Roberson HS (NC) - The 6’-3”, 215 pound left-hander will be one of the best prep bats in the 2014 MLB draft due to his bat speed, advanced approach at the plate and raw power. He shows good pitch recognition and his strong wrists allow him to wait on any pitch. Over 31 games as a junior, he hit .403 with seven doubles, eight home runs, and drew 30 walks for a .600 OBP/.831 SLG. His strong arm would play well in a corner outfield spot. http://beforeitsnews.com/sports/2013/06/2014-mlb-mock-draft-1-0-no-time-like-the-present-2513748.html


7-2-13  -  2014  - Top 100 High School Prospects - 4. Braxton Davidson- OF, T.C. Roberson (NC) HS - Absolutely mashed at TOS. Three home runs, and hit everything hard. Best bat at the event - http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/jeff-sullivans-top-100-2014-prospects/


7-24-13  -  4. Braxton Davidson, 1b/of, Roberson High, Asheville, N.C./Dirtbags - The 6-foot-2, 210-pound Davidson has a large frame with wide shoulders and a strong lower half. Using a wide base and deep hand load, Davidson produces raw plus power, which is his carrying tool. With three home runs in four games, he tied the TOS record and hit more home runs than all of the players at last year’s TOS combined (two). Folklore grew that one homer bounced onto a highway more than 500 feet away. His prodigious power does come at the expense of swings and misses. With adequate speed and arm strength, the North Carolina commit could play an outfield corner, but profiles best at first base. http://www.baseballamerica.com/draft/tyler-koleks-heavy-fastball-among-tournament-of-stars-standouts/



7-25-13 – Top 30 High School Prospects For 2014 Draft - 8. Braxton Davidson, 1B/RF, T.C. Roberson HS (NC) - 6'2/215, L/L, Draft Day Age: 17.97, North Carolina commit, Full Report & Video - Quick Take: Davidson is the safest bet on this list: he already has above average raw power with an upper body that should add even more strength to go with elite feel at the plate that already racks up extra base hits to all fields in bunches. He could fit in right field for now and he's one of the younger players in the class. http://sbb.scout.com/2/1310090.html


2013 East Coast Pro Showcase Top 50 Prospects   - 3. Braxton Davidson – OF/1B, T.C. Roberson (NC) HS - The most feared hitter in the 2014 class. Davidson hits everything hard and had three home runs at TOS. He continued to hit at ECP. http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/sullys-top-50-ecp-prospects/



8-14-13 – Through The Fence – Top 50 Prospects – 15. Braxton Davidson, OF, TC Roberson HS (NC) - The 6’-3”, 215-pound left-hander will be one of the best prep bats in the 2014 MLB draft due to his bat speed, advanced approach at the plate and raw power. He shows good pitch recognition, and his strong wrists allow him to wait on any pitch. Over 31 games as a junior, he hit .403 with seven doubles, eight home runs, and drew 30 walks for a .600 OBP/.831 SLG. His strong arm would play well in a corner outfield spot. http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-draft-top-50-prospects/36463#mwWwsFxSUZy7YC5V.99


8-13-13 - The Perfect Game All-American Classic in San Diego - *There aren’t a ton of left-handed bats in this year’s class, but Braxton Davidson (T.C. Roberson High School, N.C.) stood out with easy power and a smooth stroke from the left side. The issue was defensively, as he struggled making throws and I don’t see the athleticism to play right field. http://mlbdraftinsider.com/2013/08/thoughts-on-perfect-game-all-american-classic/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter


8-16-13 - 11th All-American Classic - Braxton Davidson (OF/1B, TC Roberson HS (Asheville, NC)): Big 6-foot-3, 215 pound frame; big trunk; square stance; a toe-tap timing; balanced, fluid swing quick to the ball; creates good loft; potential 6/6 hit/power guy; arm is solid and accurate; chance he’s limited to first base, but could be a good one; hit tool is one of the most advanced in the prep class. —Chris Rodriguez http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=21537


9-11-13 - Sully’s 2014 Top 100 MLB HS Draft Prospects - 3.Braxton Davidson – 1B/OF, T.C. Roberson (NC) HS http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/sullys-2014-top-100-mlb-hs-draft-prospects/


9-30-13 – TTF Mock 2.0 - 9. Toronto Blue Jays — Braxton Davidson, OF, TC Roberson HS (NC)  The 6’-3”, 215-pound left-hander will be one of the best prep bats in the 2014 MLB mock draft (and the real one too) due to his bat speed, advanced approach at the plate and raw power. He shows good pitch recognition, and his strong wrists allow him to wait on any pitch. Over 31 games as a junior, he hit .403 with seven doubles, eight home runs, and drew 30 walks for a .600 OBP/.831 SLG. His strong arm would play well in a corner outfield spot. http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-mock-draft-2-0-draft-order-set/38280#5E3F5j1jWOgE69bJ.99

Draft 14 – Brady Aiken, Nick Burdi, Dylan Cease, Jakson Reetz, Bradley Zimmer


draft - brady aiken10-15-13 – Baseball America - 9. Brady Aiken, lhp, Cathedral Catholic HS, San Diego: Projectable lefty with an ideal pitcher’s body has a chance for three plus offerings with command. http://www.baseballamerica.com/college/2014-draft-top-50-october-2013-carlos-rodon/

10-15-13 – Baseball America - 27. Nick Burdi, rhp, Louisville: The biggest pure arm in the draft class with a 100 mph fastball and low-90s slider; strictly a reliever. http://www.baseballamerica.com/college/2014-draft-top-50-october-2013-carlos-rodon/

9-30-13 – TTF Mock 2.0 - 21. Cincinnati Reds — Dylan Cease, RHP, Milton HS (GA)  With a fastball that sits in the 93-96 mph range, the 6’-2” right-hander is another hard throwing prepster in a class deep on them. He adds an above-average curveball and is a very athletic player who also shines on the offensive end. The mound is where he dominates, however, and he still has projection left. Plus, he plays in Georgia where they grow elite players on a farm somewhere. http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-mock-draft-2-0-draft-order-set/38280#5E3F5j1jWOgE69bJ.99

9-11-13 - Sully’s 2014 Top 100 MLB HS Draft Prospects – 14.Jakson Reetz – C/RHP, Norris (NE) HS http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/sullys-2014-top-100-mlb-hs-draft-prospects/

10-14-13 – Top ’14 College Hitters - 4. Bradley Zimmer / OF / San Francisco — The younger brother of Royal first-rounder Kyle, Zimmer is an impressive athlete who looks like he can play center field despite his size (6-5, 205). Right now the left-handed hitting outfielder is much more raw talent than finished product, but with some raw power and above-average tools across the board he will be a coveted prospect come June. http://mlbdraftinsider.com/2013/10/top-14-for-14-college-hitters/

Fangraphs - Ranking of Second Basemen

avatar - fanngraphs



1Robinson Cano2B605278110770.31423.17
2Matt Carpenter2B626111267830.31820.42
3Jason Kipnis2B564178684300.28419.86
4Daniel Murphy2B658139278230.28616.96
5Dustin Pedroia2B64199184170.30116.32
6Brandon Phillips2B606188010350.26111.06
7Ian Kinsler2B541138571150.27510.12
8Kyle Seager2B61522796990.2608.32
9Jed Lowrie2B60315807510.2908.26
10Chase Utley2B47618736980.2848.08
11Jose Altuve2B62656452350.2838.00
12Ben Zobrist2B607127771110.2757.12
13Martin Prado2B60914708230.2826.68
14Brian Dozier2B558187266140.2444.68
15Everth Cabrera2B38145431370.2832.18
16Howie Kendrick2B47813555460.2971.29
17Omar Infante2B45310545150.3181.14
18Jedd Gyorko2B48623626310.2491.00
19Neil Walker2B47816625310.251-2.98
20Emilio Bonifacio2B42035431280.243-4.72
21Michael Young2B5198524610.279-5.82
22Alberto Callaspo2B45310525800.258-5.89
23Kelly Johnson2B36616415270.235-6.05
24Brett Lawrie2B40111414690.254-6.77
25Marco Scutaro2B4882573120.297-7.30
26Mark Ellis2B4336464840.270-7.58
27Dan Uggla2B44822605520.179-7.59
28DJ LeMahieu2B40423928180.280-8.11
29Eric Sogard2B36824535100.266-9.77
30Nick Franklin2B36912384560.225-10.39
31Gordon Beckham2B3715462450.267-11.65
32Yuniesky Betancourt2B39113354600.212-13.68
33Jeff Keppinger2B4234384000.253-13.97
34Dustin Ackley2B3844403120.253-14.24
35Darwin Barney2B5017494140.208-14.64
36Adeiny Hechavarria2B54333042110.227-15.50



Mack Ade – Morning Report – 10-29-13 – Kolton Wong, Ed Coleman, WS-FA, Hunter Pence, Winter Stats

avatar - writerI can’t believe that Carlos Beltran was left in the batter’s box with his bat on his shoulder. We’ve seen something like this before, haven’t we? This is a typical rookie mistake. There is no reason to be taking too long of a lead when the tying run is at the plate and not you. A lot still has to happen for you to win this game and, with two outs, there’s no more room for a mistake. As for Beltran, this had to be déjà vu.


Bob Raissman

                All indications are Howie Rose will be back. Maybe Josh Lewin, too. The mystery revolves around Ed Coleman, who has been the pre/postgame host, and an alternate play-by-play voice, since WFAN first picked up the package.

And that’s the key. Moving to another station will be unsettling enough for loyalists who prefer listening to the Mets on the radio. They want CONTINUITY. They want to hear familiar voices who know the team and organization.

They want to hear a guy like Coleman from spring training on. Bringing in another voice who turns fans off will lead them to tune out. Why take a chance when you already have the voice of experience — Eddie C. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/basketball/raissman-bad-idea-jon-barry-tube-article-1.1497617#ixzz2j1amkpo0

                Mack – I have lived in South Carolina since 1984 and do not get the Mets games on my system. I also come from a radio background so the basic fan doesn’t understand that the announcers of the games are paid employees of the radio stations. When I was at WTAE in Pittsburgh, Myron Cope worked for us. When I was at WIP in Philadelphia, Merrill Reese worked for us. I hope all parties reach an agreement and Mets fans don’t have another negative to deal with.


World Series Free Agents

                It’s interesting to see the quality of free agents that are represented in the World Series this year.

                They are:

                Boston: - SS Stephen Drew, CF Jacoby Ellsbury, RHP Joel Hanrahan, 1B Mike Napoli, C Jarrod Saltamacchia, IF John McDonand

                St. Louis – RF Carlos Beltran, RHP Chris Carpenter, SS Rafael Furcal, RHP Edward Mujica

                My guess is that Beltran, Drew, and Napoli will benefit the most from these games. Ellsbury’s value was already high and Salty looks like he’ll bring in his projected value as well.



                Call me crazy, but Hunter Pence is exactly the type of guy in whom I want to invest my money. $90 million is a lot of money, especially for a guy who’s never been considered one of the sport’s elite players. It’s $10 million shy of $100 million. It’s higher than the Opening Day payrolls of half the teams in baseball. But impact free agents are becoming rarer and rarer these days, and with offense at a premium I can understand why San Francisco felt the cost of replacing Pence’s production would exceed the cost of keeping him in a Giants uniform. http://throughthefencebaseball.com/hunter-pence-overpaid/39374#DSyIxM9OmrEwbhy5.99

                Mack – I don’t. I think San Francisco was nuts to raise the anty to this level. Sure, Pence is a good player and a great teammate, but an extension that is higher than half the total payrolls of other teams (including the Mets)?

                Everyone is going to pay more because of this once the Hot Stove season starts.


David Ortiz - .727/.750/1.364


Matt Eddy/BA –

Our League Top 20 Prospects coverage wrapped in mid-October, and beginning this week we’ll barrel full-speed into team-by-team Top 10s, beginning with the National League East. To preview coming attractions, we decided to compile a rough guide to the most bountiful farm systems—or at least those most likely to pay dividends in the near future—using the 2013 league prospect rankings as a guide

11 (tie). METS

RHP Zack Wheeler (4 PCL) • RHP Noah Syndergaard (3 EL) • RHP Rafael Montero (18 PCL) • SS Amed Rosario (1 APPY) • 2B/1B Wilmer Flores (15 PCL)

New York’s organizational strength remains righthanded starting pitching, but they’ll need their young hitting prospects such as Rosario, Flores, SS Gavin Cecchini (11 NYP) and 1B Dominic Smith (4 GCL) to even things out.

                Mack – Tied for 11th… I like it. This is easiest the highest the Mets have been ranked for years. I found it interesting the lack of mentioning Brandon Nimmo.


Sunday Winter Stats -

Venezuelan Winter League –

                P Miller Diaz – 1.0-IP, 1-H, 1-BB

                SS Wilfredo Tovar – 1-4, HR, 2-RBI

                1B Alan Dykstra – 0-2, 1-BB, 1-K

Dominican Winter League –

                P Armondo Rodriquez – 2.0-IP, 2-H, 1-BB, 1-KK

                OF Jordany Valdespin – 2-4, 1-RBI

                P Domingo Tapia – 1.0-IP, 1-K, 2-BB

                CF Juan Lagares – 3-3, 1-RBI



Draft 14 - A Quick Look At - OF - Austin Cousino - Kentucky

draft - austin cousinoAustin Cousino

6-9-13 -  26. Austin Cousino, OF (Kentucky): One of the more toolsy college outfielders available in 2014. Will need to make more consistent contact to warrant an early-round pick though. http://www.minorleaguerundown.com/2013/06/09/2014-mlb-draft-top-30-prospects/

6-10-13 - Austin Cousino, OF, Kentucky - The 2013 season was somewhat disappointing for Cousino, but the first round tools are there.  He can run and provides exceptional defense in center.  At the plate, he has a line drive swing and should develop into a top of the order bat at the next level.  http://bigleaguefutures.net/1/2013/06/10/2014-mlb-draft-early-college-names-to-know/

7-17-13 –  Austin Cousino, CF, Kentucky - At just 5'10", 185 lbs, I thought this kid was going to slap the ball around but that was not the case at all.  He's one of these high energy, quick twitch athletes that generates good bat speed with quick hands through the zone.  He pulverized a double into the right-center field gap that could have easily went out had he gotten a little back spin on it.  He runs well and should have no problems sticking in CF. http://www.chicagonow.com/cubs-den/2013/07/looking-ahead-to-the-2014-and-2015-mlb-draft-notes-from-the-collegiate-national-team-games/

Draft 14 – Brady Aiken, Tyler Kolek, Jake Nix, Derek Fisher, Tyler Beede


draft - brady aiken9-30-13 – TTF Mock 2.0 - 30. Boston Red Sox — Brady Aiken, RHP, Cathedral Catholic HS (CA) One of the youngest players in the 2014 MLB draft, the 6’-4” southpaw is an alumni of Team USA Baseball and is very polished on the mound. His fastball sits in the low 90s, and both his curveball and change-up are solid offerings. He has great control of his pitches and dominated at The Tournament of Stars, striking out seven over three scoreless innings. He then earned the win in the gold medal game against Japan at the World Cup Championships in Taiwan, striking out 10 over seven innings, allowing just one run. He had a 1.18 ERA and 80 K/25 BB over 53.1 innings as a junior for a team that included 2013 fourth-round pick Stephen Gonsalves. Committed to UCLA. http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-mock-draft-2-0-draft-order-set/38280#5E3F5j1jWOgE69bJ.99

9-29-13 – XMLBScout – 3.)RHP, Tyler Kolek, 6'5 250, R/R, Shepard HS, Shepard TX, a big'un is all I can say, good arm strength, middle 90's with his FB, at times the fb explodes with tailing life in vs RHH and on occ cuts the fb, topped out at 96 on my gun, also threw some sharp breaking balls he calls a curveball, I won't argue there, he's got a good one when he leads with front elbow and keeps his arm arm and follows through properly, command of his pitches is good for his size and improving from what I was told by several of his team's followers at TOS, definite early round follow, could be in the top 10 for sure with his arm and projection, did have surgery a little while back and seems completely 100%.  http://xmlbscout.angelfire.com/

9-11-13 - Sully’s 2014 Top 100 MLB HS Draft Prospects – 71.Jake Nix – RHP, Los Alamitos (CA) HS http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/sullys-2014-top-100-mlb-hs-draft-prospects/

10-6-13 – Kendall Rogers/PG – College Prospects -  6. Derek Fisher, of, Virginia (Drafted: 2011, Rangers -- 6th round) - Last year, Hunter Renfroe was the guy we tabbed as someone who would take a big step forward. Fisher fits that bill for the 2014 campaign. Fisher is very athletic with a good frame. He has a smooth swing from the left side and has the tools and power to be a feared, elite hitter in college and at the next level. http://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=9081

10-9-13 – Early Pick for Cubs - Tyler Beede, RHP, Vanderbilt - Here’s what you need to know about the 6’-4” right-hander from Vanderbilt: He has two plus pitches in a mid-90s fastball and knee-buckling curveball, and hitters can rarely touch him. He allowed just 64 hits more than 101 innings as a sophomore for a .187 BAA. He also added 103 strikeouts and a 2.32 ERA. He did allow 63 walks, however, and his control is the only knock on him. With three quality pitches in his arsenal, along with the size and make up of a future ace, his upside is special. Another reason to love this pick for the 2014 MLB draft is that former Vanderbilt pitching coach, Derek Johnson, is the current minor league pitching coordinator for the Cubs. http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-draft-early-targets-chicago-cubs-fourth-overall-pick/38723

Ernest Dove - Matt Harvey...2015...bullpen ?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYeah, I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out on this.
If you are a fan of the Mets, or at least a fan of the National League East, then you are already familiar with the “tale of two teams” and their young star pitchers coming off Tommy John Surgery’s. I’m talking about the Nationals and Braves. I’m talking about Steven Strasburg and Kris Medlen.
During 2012, both teams faced the same dilemma. What to do about their young aces, both coming off Surgery to their pitching elbows, and both on their way to a designated pitch/innings count of some kind?
Well, the Nationals made their decision quickly. Strasburg is their ace. He's going DAY 1. Bring him on. Let the fans rejoice.
As for the Braves, they showed more patience. They are a team, after all, that is used to being in the playoffs, every year. They had another idea. Bring their young ace out of the bullpen to start the year. Then get him starting just in time for another playoff chase.
Maybe it was confidence. Maybe it was delusion. Either way, The Washington Nationals watched their ace get off to a great start, put up numbers, and help lead his team......at least until he was ultimately shut down long before the playoffs even started. Perhaps they forgot that their legacy is more aligned with the Expos right now then that of the perennial playoff bound Braves.
Well, we are an offseason, a LONG season, and another offseason away from watching the Mets and their staff be put into the same situation. What to do about Harvey?
Depending on who you ask, there are some who agree that the Mets seem destined to return to at least some form of relevance in the National League, starting (at least) in 2015. Well, what do you know, that's the same season that their young ace will be attempting to restart his career.
Now What? When do you start Matt Harvey? The Mets have already shown (minus Mejia) their willingness to be patient, bring up their pitchers later in age, and closely watch their pitch count and innings count like hawks. Well, that was before the Mets possibly would find themselves in a playoff race. That was before the pitcher in question, when last on the mound, was battling it out every 5 days with Clayton Kershaw to earn a possible Cy Young, and bring the Mets franchise back to its 80's glory.
During a time of guessing, hoping, expecting, and analyzing everything the Mets may or may not do, what do you think the Mets should do with Matt Harvey when he returns?
Well, I guess you can all answer with more questions and guesses. Will Mejia, Gee, Wheeler, and Niese be healthy? Will Syndergaard, Montero and de Grom all be on the team? Heck, what about the OTHER GUY (Jeremy Hefner) coming off the same injury?
My ultimate decision/guess/speculation/hope is that the Mets put Harvey right in the bullpen. Don't care what as. Whether its middle relief, long man, closer, whatever. Let the man step on the mound, throw heat for a couple innings, and build up his arm strength and (hopefully) confidence in that surgically repaired goldmine of an arm. Then, after the all star break, the Mets should know where they stand. And if there is a race to be won, I want Harvey anchoring it.

JTW - Mock

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2014 MLB Mock Draft

1. Houston Astros (51-111) - Carlos Rondon (LHP/NC State)

The Astros are suffering right now, but the team is in great position for the future and have one of the best farm systems in baseball.  With the top pick for the third straight year, they will have the ability to add on another top-of-the-rotation starter in Rondon.  With him and Mark Appel, 2013's top draft pick, the Astros could have the best group of young core pitchers in baseball.
2. Miami Marlins (62-100) - Trea Turner (SS/NC State)

The Marlins have good depth at the top of their farm system for pitching, so I think Miami is more likely to look for a middle infield prospect, something the Marlins need help with.  Turner is a prototypical shortstop, he can hit for average, get on base and is speedy enough to steal when he is on base.
3. Chicago White Sox (63-99) - Tyler Kolek (RHP/Shepher HS TX)

Chicago's farm system is among the worst in baseball, so it is important that they take the best player available.  Kolek won't be in the major for a few years, but has a lot of upside, especially with his fastball which reaches 97 MPH.
4. Chicago Cubs (66-96) - Jeff Hoffman (RHP/East Carolina)

The Cubs retooled their farm system over the past few season by trading pitchers away, but their system is very top-heavy with position players.  Hoffman won't pile up strikeouts, but he has two offspeed pitches that could develop well.
5. Minnesota Twins (66-96) - Alex Jackson (C/Rancho Bernardo HS CA)

Jackson has show great potential behind the dish and great pop with his bat, but can also play 3B or in the outfield.  Minnesota has a well stock farm system across all positions except catcher.
6. Seattle Mariners (71-91) - Jacob Gatewood (SS/Clovis HS CA)

Gatewood made some headlines when he won the junior Home Run Derby last July, but Gatewood is a very solid all around player who can hit for power, a rarity at shortstop.
7. Philadelphia Phillies (73-89) - Touki Toussaint (RHP/Coral Springs HS FL)

Minus top prospect Jesse Biddle, the Phillies are very weak at pitching in their farm system.  Ethan Martin looked less than stellar in the majors this season Toussaint has dominated the high school rankings this season and has great raw power with his 97 MPH fastball.
8. Colorado Rockies (74-88) - Braxton Davidson (OF/TC Robertson HS NC)

Colorado is thin in the outfield in the minors so this pick helps them a lot.  Davidson is a left handed power bat that would be great in the high altitude park in Denver.
9. Toronto Blue Jays (74-88) - Tyler Beede (RHP/Vanderbilt)

Toronto overextended their farm system in trades last year and now they need to retool it, especially at pitcher, where the team has issues at both the minor and major leagues.  Beede's fastball reaches mid to low-90s but he also has developed some offspeed pitches that can develop into above average tools.
10. New York Mets (74-88) - Derek Fisher (OF/Virginia)

Fisher has drawn comparisons to Jay Bruce both with the bat and with his maturity level at his age.  Fisher could finally bring the middle of the lineup power bat the Mets need, but he needs to reduce his strikeout rate.  He has added some muscle to his frame, but there is still room to bulk up.




Mack Ade – Morning Report – 10-28-13 – Pablo Sandoval, Alex Castellanos, Mike Napoli, LAD-OF

avatar - writerKevin Shelly  -

Just reading in MLBTR that the Giants could make Sandoval available.  What do you think of a Murphy & Familia for Sandoval trade to put our 1B issues to rest?  I think his bat and positional flexibility would be a nice fit for this team since Wright hasn't shown he can stay in the field for 150 games. Familia could help if they lose Romo, Murphy can help at either 2b or 3b. Maybe include a guy like Lutz to see if he can get a chance to play some 3b to see what he's got.

                Mack – Well, there goes Murphy again. I guess I’m going to have to sign on that he’s one of the team’s top trade bait this off-season.

                Kevin, no one would like to put first base to rest more than I do, especially after projecting Dominic Smith to solve all this in 3-4 years, but all that’s projection fluff and right now we have to deal with Lucas Duda and Ike Davis.

                The Mets have a lot of holes and this wasn’t supposed to be one. And, I can’t help but remember the amount of home runs Davis hit in the back end of the 2012 season.

                If I was Sandy Alderson (and I’m not…), I would concentrate my efforts in improving shortstop, the corner outfielders, and a fifth starter before turning to third baseman that hit only 14 home runs to play first base. But that’s just me.



Friday, October 25, 2013 - BOS - Alex Castellanos (lf) - Traded from Dodgers to Red Sox for Jeremy Hazelbaker

                Mack – This one almost got by me.

                I don’t understand this trade at all. First, I had hoped the Mets could get their hands on Castellanos in some package with the Dodgers, but instead, they trade him for another AAA outfielder. Now, can you tell me where a AAA outfielder is going to play for the Dodgers in the next three or so years? Yes, AAA.

                Add to this the fact that Hazelbaker doesn’t jump off the page either and I just shake my head at this one. 


Barry Federovitch -

Most of all, the Mets need to get their house in order and avoid the negative public relations, which have become the norm during the recent year of the Wilpon era. With the crosstown Yankees in transition (to a lesser degree), the Mets have their best opportunity since the early 1990s to add new faces to their fanbase and create a more positive identity. As local bills have been approved to clean up the area in Queens around Citi Field, so must the Mets continue to do so with their organization. Theirs is an angry fan base that has not won a pennant in 13 years, which came 14 years after Orosco’s aforementioned celebration. In recent seasons, the Mets have become one of baseball’s most irrelevant franchises, which was virtually inconceivable on this day in 1986, when they ruled the world. http://www.nj.com/times-sports/index.ssf/2013/10/federovitch_mets_have_work_to.html

                Mack – I couldn’t say this any better. Every member of their immediate front office (Wilpon, Alderson, Collins) are on the record that they are ‘all in’ during this Hot Stove season. There must be things already in the works. No, I don’t expect the answer to all our problems, but I do expect to see a more expanded effort to improve this team. You will read this on Monday morning after Game 4 of the World Series. If St. Louis won Game 3, we could be days before the first Hot Stove deal. Keep your computers on, folks. This may be fun.


Mike Napoli could net a three-year deal on the free agent market –

                Mack – This came out of a story in the Boston Globe and was reported yesterday on MetsBlog.

                You all know how I thin k about first base. I still would like to give Ike Davis one more shot through opening day and the all-star break… however… and his is a big however… if I could get Napoli for 3-yrs at $39mil, I would jump at it.

                Dominic Smith may have only played at the GCL level so far, but there is a good chance he could be ready by opening day 2017. If you want to play it safe, give Napoli a team option for 2017 which backs up Smith to OD 2018.

                Davis (and Duda) would be an excellent trade for ‘a player to be named later’ based on what his productivity will be in 2014. Josh Satin can back up.


MLBTR’s spin on the LAD OF –

                That pretty much covers the Dodgers' holes, but they have quite an enviable talent surplus in the outfield with Yasiel Puig, Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, and Carl Crawford.  The Dodgers could plug their other holes by moving one of the four.  It goes without saying that Puig is staying put.  Crawford is probably staying put too, seeing as how he's owed a small fortune between now and 2017.  One would probably think that Ethier is more likely to be moved than Kemp, but from the outside it looks like either one could be moved depending on how the market plays out.  Ethier has been maddeningly inconsistent but Kemp should bring in a greater return, injury concerns and all.  There is an option C, of course: keeping all four.  The Dodgers know that they can't bank on the health of Crawford or Kemp, so having four high-level outfielders would be a wonderful luxury to have.

                Mack – The Dodgers might be one of the only teams that could afford to keep these four guys on the same roster. I agree that Puig isn’t going anywhere though he is starting to show a few Valdespin signs. The key here might be who the manager is. Donny Baseball had problems with Ethier and benched him at times during the year. Look for him to go if Mattingly comes back.

                As for the Mets, I don’t see them putting a good enough package together. They just signed 2B Alexander Guerrero so that takes away the Mets biggest trade chip (Daniel Murphy).

                No, the Dodger ship may have sailed.
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