Mets Positional Future - RP

Mets Positional Future: - RP


Billy Wagner - 2009 contract: $10.5mil – will spend the entire year on the IR recovering from TJS.

Scott Schoeneweis - 2009 contract: $3.6mil - word is he has asked to be traded, but we’ll see.

Players like Joe Smith and Aaron Heilman may be back, as well as Pedro Feliciano and Brandon Knight; however, I look for a complete overhaul here which will include Eddie Kunz from the pipeline and many new names from other teams.


Eddie Kunz – 23-yrs old - 27 saves/Bing - Kunz had a miserable debut as a Met, which did knock him down a couple of positions here, but still doesn’t remove him as a top prospect.

Roy Merritt – 23-yrs old - 2008: 0.92 whip 25 Gs/Clones –

Michael Powers – 23 yrs old - In his debut year, Powers pitched for Kingsport and Savannah, combining for: 2-2, 2.88, in 18 relief appearances. He’s a big kid (6-3) from a big school (Michigan), who should be fast tracked in 2009.

Jimmy Johnson - 2008: 0.86 whip/23 Gs/Clones –

James Fuller - 21-yrs old - 2008: 1.00, 1.11/Clones – this is another of those young pitchers that you need to see another year from before bragging about him.

Junior Guerra – 24-yrs old - 2008: 2.12 ERA, 18 Gm – Gnats/King/Clones/Lucy

Samuel Taverss – 20-yrs old – coming stateside after posting DSL numbers of 4-2, 0.90, 0.90, in 23 appearances, 12 saves.

Draft Needs:

The Mets will continue to draft quality relievers in the earlier rounds, something they began targeting in 2007. As you can see, the pipeline is alive and well with good young arms; however, only Eddie Kunz will be ready in 2009 to play in Queens. Look for Michael Powers and Junior Guerra to be fast tracked, due to their age.

Trade/Free Agent Needs:

It’s no big secret that the Mets will acquire a new closer in the off-season. Hopefully, this can be accomplished through FA, so the pipeline surplus in SPs can be packaged for and outfielder or an SP4 ready to step up in April.


Mets Positional Future - SP

Positional Future – SP

Current Mets: Johan Santana, John Maine, Mike Pelfrey

At best, the Mets promote one SP a year to the rotation, meaning, if they don’t sign either Pedro Martinez or Oliver Perez, than the SP4 will come via a trade or through free agency.
To me, that means Jon Niese gets the shot at SP5.

The really great news here is what’s coming down the pipe right behind him:


Jonathan Niese - 22 yrs. old - 2008: 11-8, 3.13/NO-Bing - Niese won the Sterling Award for Pitcher Of The Year in the Mets minor league system. Niese will get the opportunity to compete for the SP5 slot in 2009.

SP Brad Holt – 22-yrs old - 2008: 5-3, 1.87, 1.05, 14 starts, 96Ks, 72.1 IP for Brooklyn - Holt hit 100 mph in a game last year against Aberdeen. The Brooklyn pitching coach, Hector Berrios, says that he feels that Hot will be in the front end of the Mets rotation ‘in a couple of years’. Holt won the Sterling Award for the top player in 2008 on the Brooklyn Cyclones. Baseball America ranks Holt as the 7th top prospect coming out of the NY-Penn League. I consider Holt and Niese the two untouchable pitching prospects right now in the Mets pipeline.

SP Dillon Gee – 23-years old - 2008: 10-6, 2.92/Lucy-Bing – Gee won the Sterling Award for the top player in 2008 on the St. Lucie team. He’s a control pitcher a la Glavine and ceiling is probably at the SP4 or SP5 slot. Had a wonderful 2008.

SP Bobby Parnell – 24-yrs old - 12-8/Bing/NO – most of you that follow my prospect lists over the years know I never had Parnell very high on them. In his defense, I have never seen him pitch, so it’s hard to judge whether or not he has a future in the majors as a pitcher. I believe he does, but not as a Mets starter. Parnell is in a bad position at his age. He’s projected directly behind Mike Pelfrey and Jon Niese, which, going into the 2008 season meant he was behind two untested kids for a rotational spot on the parent squad. The good news for him is Pelfrey is now solidly entrenched into the 2009 rotation. The bad news is the Mets are never going to rotate two rookies at the same time; thus, Niese would get the first shot this year, and that’s not even certain at this point. One of three things will happen to Parnell in 2009. One, he will park his car in Buffalo for a year and wait it out. Two, he will be packaged for a season positional player (OF, C, RP, SP) the Mets need immediately. Or three, he will be converted to the bullpen. I simply expect number one, but think number two would best suit both the Parnell family and the Mets.

SP Mike Antonini – 23-yrs old - 2008: 9-7, 2.77 – Sav/Lucy/Bing – no one expected much from Mike this year and all he did was pitch and pitch well. Probably SP4-5 trade bait.

RP Eric Beaulac – 22-yrs old - 2008: 2-2, 2,38 – Gnats/Clones/King – made a splash this past year and the Mets are very high on him. I expect him back in Savannah in the spring.

SP Brant Rustich – 24/yrs old - Rustich pitched dinged for most of the 2008 season, for Savannah, but still managed to post stats of: 3-4, 3.62, 1.17,in 20 games, 8 starts, 48Ks, 49.2 IP.

SP Robert Carson – 20-yrs old - In 2008, Carson started out with the GCL Mets and pitched impressively: 1-0, 1.57, 0.74. He was promoted to Kingsport, where he went 2-3, 1.76 in 6 starts.

SP Scott Moviel – 20-yrs old – finished 10-8 combined for Savannah and Lucy, with a 4.25 ERA. 6-11 2nd rounder with huge ceiling.

SP Tobi Stoner – 24-yrs old – had a 3.64 combined ERA in 24 starts for Binghamton and Lucy. Continued, for some strange reason, to get little help from the hitters. I see him much more of a trade bait than a future Met pitcher.

SP Dylan Owen – 22-yrs old – 13-7, 3.66 combined for Lucy and the B-Mets. Another of those trade bait possibilities.

SP Jeurys Familia – 19-yrs old – 2-2, 2.79 in 11 starts for the GCL Mets – very high ceiling for the 6-3 kid who the Mets are very excited about. Savannah bound.

Others: Scott Shaw – 22-yrs old - Clones 2008: 6-3, 2.80 - Christopher Schwinden – 22-yrs old - In 2008, Schwinden went 4-1, 2.01, 14 games, 8 starts, 70Ks, 62.2 IP, only 12 BBs, for Brooklyn. - Michael Olmsted – 21-yrs old - Phillips Orta – 22-yrs old - .217 ERA/K-Port-Gnats - Gonzalez German - 21-yrs old - German won the 2008 Sterling Award for the top player on the 2008 DSL team - Jhonathan Torres – 19-yrs old - Torres won the 2008 Sterling Award for the top player on the 2008 VSL team - Angel Cuan – 19-yrs old - Orlando Tovar – 21/yrs old –

Draft needs:

Really none. For the first time in many years, the Mets look loaded in young starters, but as we all know, half of these will poop out by the end of 2009. If so though, that would still leave the Mets with at least 10 good ones. That’s how many pitched well last year.

Trade needs:

Actually, here’s a reversal. Now, the Mets have 6-8 starting pitchers they can package together for 2 trades involving a starting OFer, an immediate SP4, or a closer.


Mets Positional Future - OF

Positional Future – OF

Current Mets:

Carlos Beltran, Ryan Church, Nick Evans, Daniel Murphy, Endy Chavez

The Mets can’t win a World Series with 2 infielders playing outfield. And frankly, they have probably got the best out of Chavez. The outfield needs a total overhaul and, frankly, the pipeline isn’t even close to full.


Fernando Martinez – 20-yrs. old – everyone says he’s still too young and not ready, and keeps getting hurt, and… Tough. Buck up and show us why we’ve been writing about you for what seems like 20 years. A starting outfield of Beltran, Church, and Martinez wouldn’t be the worst in the league, though I still tink the Mets need to go out and sign a free agent in the Vlad/Burrell/Manny mode.

Mike Carp – 22-yrs. old – I’ve never been high on him, but Murphy and Evans proved to be this year that a platoon system can get you through the season. Carp offers a good bat and he can play either LF, 3B, or 1B. The Mets need young utility players with the desire to win every day, and Carp should be given a chance to win one of those utility jobs in 2009.

Cesar Puello – 18-years old – looks like the Mets have a real prospect here and, even though they are short on OF prospects, this kid shouldn’t be rushed. ETA looks like 2011 if he keeps it up. Not earlier.

Ezequiel Carrera – 21-yrs. old - didn’t have the best 2008 and, at this point, he’s not major league bound.

D.J. Wabick – 24-yrs. old – ditto Carrera.

Draft Needs:

This is one of the positions the Mets need to fill their roster with. There simply isn’t enough good bats in the system and I expect them to concentrate on this position in the early rounds

Trade/FA Needs:

The Mets have to find at least one more starting outfielder, maybe two. First, they need to open the bank to players like Vlad, Burrell, and Manny. If that doesn’t work, package three of your young pitching prospects and go get someone in their young 30s that’s being pushed out by a prospect, or trade for someone in their last year of their contract on a small market team. The Mets have a ton of young pitching prospects that simple aren’t all going to make a 5-man rotation. Trade some for what you need, and what the Mets need is an outfielder.


Mets Positional Future - C

Positional Future – C

Current Mets:

Brian Schneider – Schneider turned out to be just as advertises; a .250-260 hitter who plays excellent defense and someone the starting pitchers will fall in love with behind the plate. He was dinged up more than expected, but the Mets had a capable backup when needed.
Ramon Castro - One of the best back-up catchers in baseball, Castro is a very timely hitter who wins a team many more games than other back-ups in the league.


Francesco Pena – 19-years old – Pena has had two years in Savannah that have been less than exciting, but he still is the Mets top catching prospect and he will play 2009 at 19 years old.

Josh Thole – 22-years old - came out of nowhere this past season, took the starting job away from Sean McCraw, and batted .300 after a full season at Lucy.

Dock Doyle - 23-yrs old - 2008: In 2008, Doyle impressed at Kingsport (.308) and eventually was promoted to Brooklyn. His combined stats were: .303/.382/.389 in 175 at bats. It’s a rare thing having a Mets minor league catcher batting over .300. I expect Doyle to be fast tracked due to his age, but he’s in a catcher logjam behind Pena (scheduled for Lucy) and Thole (scheduled for B-Mets).

Draft Needs:

This one is simply. You never have enough catching prospects in your system. I believe this is one of the key positions that the Mets will try and solve in next year’s International signing period, as well as the draft. Pena has a long way to go to prove to Omar that he will catch some day in Citifield.

Trade Needs:

Normally, I would say that a team like the Mets need to go out and get themselves a big time catcher, but word is everyone is thrilled with the two-headed monster named Brian Castro. I think the Mets will spend their bucks in the off-season on pitching and the outfield, and let this animal alone for another year.


Mets Positional Future - 3B

Positional Future – 3B

Current Mets:

David Wright

Subs: an assorted group of utility infielders


Jefry Marte - 17-yrs old - At 17 years old, Marte led the GCL league in OPS (.930). Though not currently considered “untradeable” (though not eligible to be traded yet), insiders consider him with higher slugging potential than Wilmer Flores. 2009 should be a true test for this kid, who could start as high as Lucy next spring (though I hope it is Savannah).

Shawn Bowman – 24-yrs old – Bowman is a hard guy to get traded because of his past injury record. The interesting thing will be he produces for a full year at the AAA level. He’s far past the Rule V problems and, potentially, he’s a future candidate for a younger utility bench at CitiField.

Zach Lutz – 22-yrs. old - Lutz played the entire 2008 season for Brooklyn, going .333/.442/.514/.956 in 72 at bats. This included 4 doubles, 3 HRs, and 12 RBIs in 24 games.

Aderlin Rodriquez – 16-yrs old – Aderlin was signed in July 2007 which included a 500k+ bonus. He should surface for the DSL Mets in 2009.

Draft Needs:

It’s no big secret that Wright will be a Met for a very long time, and I can’t see changing a Golden Glove 3Bman to first at this point in his career. The Mets have no need to purposely draft someone for this position, and will, in a tie-breaker, pick elsewhere.

Trade Needs:
Again, no need for a trade here, but plenty of possible trade bait material in the future. Right now, due to age and years in the system, only Bowman could be traded, and some team may do their homework and throw his name in on a future multi-player trade for a seasoned veteran.


Mets - BA: Top 20 NY-Penn Prospects


1. Jason Castro, c, Tri-City (Astros)
2. David Cooper, 1b, Auburn (Blue Jays)
3. Adam Reifer, rhp, Batavia (Cardinals)
4. Derek Norris, c, Vermont (Nationals)
5. Travis D'Arnaud, c, Williamsport (Phillies)
6. Lonnie Chisenhall, ss, Mahoning Valley (Indians)
7. Brad Holt, rhp, Brooklyn (Mets)
8. Nick Barnese, rhp, Hudson Valley (Rays)
9. Jenrry Mejia, Brooklyn (Mets)
10. P.J. Dean, rhp, Vermont (Nationals)
11. Reese Havens, ss, Brooklyn (Mets)
12. Bryan Price, rhp, Lowell (Red Sox)
13. Brock Huntzinger, rhp, Lowell (Red Sox)
14. Danny Espinosa, ss, Vermont (Nationals)
15. Kyle Weiland, rhp, Lowell (Red Sox)
16. Tim Fedroff, of, Mahoning Valley (Indians)
17. Ike Davis, 1b, Brooklyn (Mets)1
8. Chase d'Arnaud, ss, State College (Pirates)
19. Cord Phelps, 2b, Mahoning Valley (Indians)
20. Danny Farquhar, rhp, Auburn (Blue Jays)

Mets Positional Future - 1B

Positional Future – 1B

Okay, this is a completely different animal than 2B.

The Mets hoped to solve their future 1B needs by drafting Ike Davis in the first round of the last draft. The problem that has developed is the fact that Davis did not show the kind of pop Mets fans are accustomed to on this position.

I truly believe that the Mets have a template for what they consider a first baseman. He needs to be taller than Mike Jacobs, have more power than Mike Carp, and a better all around game than Craig Brazell.

Current Mets:

Carlos Delgado - it’s going to be pretty impossible not to recognize Delgado’s team MVP efforts this past season. Yes, the Mets may still make a few phone calls to Mark Teixeira’s agent, but, I’m going to assume that Tex goes elsewhere. You have to pick up the option to the best first baseman in the league during the 2nd half of the season, don’t you (sort of the same boat that the Yanks are in with Giambi).

Utility wise, the Mets have or could have used either Marlon Anderson, Daniel Murphy, or Fernando Tatis to give Carlos v2.0 a day’s rest.


Ike Davis - still the top choice for future Mets 1Bman, but he needs to step it up with a wood bat in 2009. I only have one 1Bman in my top 50 prospect list, and that would be Davis.

Mike Carp - Carp really isn’t a 1B prospect. He’s, at best, a future AL DH. If the Mets had plans of using him at 1B in Queens, he would have played 2008 in New Orleans. This just isn’t going to happen.

Lucas Duda - Had a nice first year in Brooklyn in 2007, got off to a hot start in Lucy this year, but faded. Doesn’t look like he’s a candidate either.

And, that’s it. Teams like Savannah spent the season in search of one by converting players that played other positions. And, there’s no one making headlines in K-Port, GCL, or the Latin teams either.

Draft Needs:

It just isn’t a wise move to draft a first baseman with a 1st or 2nd round pick. First basemen in high school and college usually mean they are limited in basic baseball ability. The Mets shouldn’t be trying to solve the future needs of this position through the draft. I’m sure the Mets plans before the all-star break were to open their bank account to Tex’s agent, but that probably has changed now. Carlos Delgado deserves at least one more year in CitiFiled, and the issue of a future first baseman can be tabled for a year.

Trade Needs:

Like drafting, why trade for an established first baseman before the start of the 2009 season when you still have one of the best available to you at a discounted rate. A new first baseman is 2010’s problem. The Mets need to concentrate on finding a 5th starting pitcher, help in the pen, and a real outfielder.


Mets Positional Future - 2B

Positional Future – 2B

No position on the Mets baseball team has had more people run through it in the past 5 years. I’m not even going to begin to list the fodder.

For now, the starting second baseman (Luis Castillo) isn’t starting that often because of Damion Easley’s wonderful fill in job he has done since the all-star break. Even more exciting is the emergence of Daniel Murphy to the parent squad, who is projected to go back to 2B full time either when Castillo’s contract runs out, is bought out, or is traded.

Murphy is no outfielder, yet he has earned a locker at CitiField, but is he supposed to sit on his ass for 3 years waiting for Castillo to go away?

I assume something will be done here. Easley might survive as a utility player one more year, but that’s all. And the Mets will somehow deal with the contract they ridiculously gave this guy.
But what happens if they stay with Castillo, trade away Murphy in some deal for a 1Bman or real outfielder, Easley retires, and then Luis goes down with a season-ending injury?
Well, the fact it, what happens to either Castillo, or Murphy… or both… is directly tied into what’s in the pipeline in the Mets system.

I’m not going to break down every Met player that owns a 2Bman’s glove, but here are just the guys I have in my Top 50 Mets Prospects list, their age (projected age player will be on opening day 2009), stats from last year, and other tidbits:

Current Mets:

Luis Castillo:

33-yrs old - Contract through 2011

Dan Murphy:

23-yrs old – drafted 2006
3 full years training at University of Jacksonville
2009 will be the 4th year of commitment to Mets

Damion Easley:

39-yrs old - Free agent after 2008 season


Greg Veloz

21-yrs old - Sterling Award Winner in 2008 - .278 BA Gnats/Lucy – 29 SB
2009 will be his 3rd year of commitment to Mets

Josh Satin

24-yrs old – batted .280 for the Clones in 2008 – 6th round draft pick ‘08
4 years of college training at Univ. of California

2008 was his 1st year of commitment to Mets

Kyle Suire

23-yrs old – batted .297 for K-Port in 2008 – 35th rounder in 2008

2 years college training at Louisiana Univ – Monroe

2008 was his 1st year of commitment to Mets

Alonzo Harris

19-yrs old – 39th rounder in 2007 – out of H.S.

2009 will be 3rd year of commitment to Mets

It seems pretty obvious that the Mets are in great shape right now at second base. I’d like to think than Murphy gets the job for the next 5-7 years, but, if he doesn’t for some reason (and one of those reasons can be a phone call from some other team’s GM after watching the great showcasing job the Mets did this fall with him) stick around with the Mets, it looks like to me that Veloz could become major league ready by… let’s see… 2009 in Lucy… 2010 in B-Town… 2011 in Buffalo… gee, that would be right at the end of Castillo’s contract.

If you’re asking why do you draft both Satin and Suire, you do so the hope is the organization turns out one major league second baseman every 4-5 years. No one was sure of Veloz (and frankly, it’s still far to early to tell on him either) at the time of the draft, and here are two guys that have played college ball and have matured their talents in school at no cost to the team. The good news is both are off to a great start and will follow behind Veloz in case he stumbles. Remember, you draft by talent, not position. Many draftees do not reach the majors playing the same position they played in high school and/or college. If the talent is there, you’re find a place for the talented player.

Even better news is the great start Harris had this year. Harris was a late signee from the 2007 draft that played the entire 2008 season for the GCL Mets, going .308/.379/.510 in 104 at bats. He’s a high school boy born in 1989, so there’s plenty of time here to develop.

Positional need to draft:

Absolutely none, but always, always draft the best ‘middle fielder’ available.

Positional need to trade:

Again, absolutely none. In fact, the Mets have some room to deal up either Murphy or Veloz in a package deal for a seasoned vet needed at another position.


Mets Renew 2-year Deal in A-Savannah

The Sand Gnats today announced a two-year extension of their player development contract with the New York Mets. Under the new agreement, the Sand Gnats will be the Mets’ South Atlantic League affiliate through the 2010 season.

This year’s Sand Gnats promoted 14 players to High-A St. Lucie and one of the players, Opening Day starter Mike Antonini, reached the Double-A level. Savannah’s Opening Day starter from 2007, left-handed pitcher Tobi Stoner, is also currently pitching in Double-A.

“We are thrilled to continue our association with the New York Mets,” said Sand Gnats co-owner Jason Freier. “The Mets have been great partners, on the field and in the community.”

The Mets have had one of the most productive farm systems in the Minor Leagues. Their NL East squad is powered by home grown talent such as David Wright and Jose Reyes.

“We are pleased to continue our terrific relationship with the Sand Gnats for two more years,” said Adam Wogan, Director, Minor League Operations, New York Mets. “The new playing surface, dimensions, and lighting at Grayson Stadium enhanced the experience of our players in Savannah this season. Thanks to great efforts of Hardball Capital, the city, and its fans, our players and staff feel at home in Savannah.”

The just-completed 2008 Sand Gnats campaign saw 105,537 fans support the team at Historic Grayson Stadium, an increase of nearly 14,000 fans over 2007.

“The fans really responded to the improvements at Grayson Stadium and the changes that our new ownership made in 2008,” said Sand Gnats General Manager Bradley Dodson. “We are committed to continuing to improve the game day experience for the fans and to delivering a better product each season.”

The Sand Gnats open the 2009 season April 9 at Historic Grayson Stadium when the Augusta GreenJackets come to town. For information on 2009 season seats and a complete 2009 schedule, visit file://www.sandgnats.com/ or call 912.351.9150.

Mets International Report

The Mets International Report Card

There has been considerable debate on various Mets message boards about whether or not Omar & Co. have been successful in the International market. Many feel he hasn’t signed the big name players that were expected when he came aboard.

This simply isn’t true.

One caution: Do not try and analyze or project stats from 16-18 year old players in the DSL or VSL league, playing against other 16-18 year olds. If these kids were in the States, they would be high school players, playing against other small town high school players, and we all know how much some of these high school teams can suck.

You only know what you have, Latin player wise, when they come stateside and play against an International team made up mainly with American born, heavily recruited and trained players.
Here are the players the Mets have signed over the past 3 years and what they are doing now:

2004 Signings:

SP Angel Calero - excellent year in Savannah, now an SP in Lucy
SS Ignacio Medrano - bated a combined .293 this year for Brooklyn/K-Port
OF Gabriel Zavala - won the Sterling Award in 2006 with VSL Mets.

2005 Signings:

OF Fernando Martinez - the Mets #1 prospect going to Queens latest next spring.
3B Greg Veloz - slowly has become a major prospect for the Mets
RP Jhoan Burgos - 1-1, 0.42 for the VSL Meys
RP Matias Carillo - 1-0. 2.45 for the Clones in ‘08
SP Elvin Ramirez - excellent year in Savannah, now risen to Lucy
RP Wendy Rosa - 1-1, 2.01 in 21 relief appearances for Brooklyn

2006 Signings:

SS Juan Legares - .250 for Brooklyn
C Francesco Pena - still, though progressing slowly, the top Mets catcher prospect
SS Ruben Tejada - played a full season at SS for Lucy
P Jenrry Mejia - might have the nasties stuff in the system
OF Rafael Fernandez - impressed the coaches this past year at K-Port
IF Imbewer Alvarez - struggled at Kingsport
SP Maikel Cleto - I personally clocked him at 97, hitting 95 consistently
SP Pedro P. Martinez - 3-2, 3.63 for Brooklyn
SP Orlando Tovar - 1.54 ERA as starter for VSL Mets
2B Jordany Valdespin - batted .284 for the GCL Mets
OF Pedro Zapata - Won the Sterling Award in 2007 with the DSL Mets.

2007 Signings:

SS Wilmer Flores - The Mets #2 overall prospect at 17 years old
3B Jefry Marte - Matching Flores’ numbers at 17 years old.
SP Jhonathan Torres - excellent season as starter (5-2, 3.39) for the VSL Mets
OF Cesar Puello - batted .305 for GCL in a full season
OF Miquel Tejada - batted .220 for the GCL Mets
SP Angel Cuan - the SP1 for the VSL Mets this year
SP Jeurys Familia - 2-2, 2.79 for the GCL Mets

Look, this is 27 ball players that were signed over a 4 year period that are putting up great numbers at their level of development. I challenge any of you to find 27 draftees out of America over the same 4 year period, frankly on any team… that are dominating in the Mets minor league system like this.


2009 Mets Outlook - SP

2009 Outlook - Right Field

Current Mets: Johan Santana, Pedro Martinez, John Maine, Mike Pelfrey, Oliver Perez

Top Mets Prospect: Jonathan Niese

Projected Starters:

Mets: Johan Santana
John Maine
Mike Pelfrey
New Free Agent/Oliver Perez
Jon Niese

I’m going to assume that the Mets either resign Oliver Perez or open the bank and go get someone else to hold the fort down for a few more years before ‘the kids’ come along. I’m also going to assume that the Pedro days are over, which is sad. He’s a great ambassador for the Mets, especially in poor neighborhoods in Latin America. My last assumption is than Jon Niese will be afforded the priviledge to get his ass handed to him in the SP5 position, sort of the growing up process that now super-pitcher Mike Pelfrey had to go through. Is it a great rotation. Well, one, it depends on the free agent, but if it’s either Perez or an equivalent talent, it doesn’t suck.

Now it starts to get fun.

Simply put, there are far too many starting pitchers in the Mets organization that are turning in excellent seasons. The drafting process in the past few years, as well as the choices of which Latin kid to sign, is paying off in spades, and will become quite evident in the next few years.
For the sake of simplification, I’m simply going to grade out the guys that had a good enough season to either earn themselves an invite back to the same level they were at last year, or a bump up to the next level.

New Orleans:

Bobby Parnell (2-2 at AAA, 10-6 at AA)
Adam Bostick (2-2 at AAA before IR)
Brandon Knight (5-1, 2.28 at AAA)
Claudio Vargas (5-2 at AAA)
Jason Vargas (IR entire 2008 season)
Jose Sanchez (13-7 at AA)
Sal Aguilar (10-3 at AA)

I left a lot of old men walking off this list, but you can’t not recognize what Parnell, Aguilar and Sanchez did last year in AA, you have to give J-Vargas and Bostick a chance to come back from the IR and justify their trade, Knight represented your team at the Olympics, and you need one seasoned vet like Claudio to hang around.

First of many problems coming up: This is 7 pitchers for a 5 man rotation.

So, send 2 down, right. Well, that won’t work either because there are 5 studs ready to pitch everyday in B-Town:


Tobi Stoner (4-6 at AA, 2.60 at AA)
Michael Antonini (3.74 at AAA)
Jake Ruckle (back from IR)
Dillon Gee (2-0, 1.33 at AA, 3.25 at AA)
Dylan Owen (1-1 at AA, 12-6 at A+)

There’s no dead wood here. Only Ruckle is suspect to scrutiny due to his season-ending injury, but his ceiling may be higher than the other 4.

So far… 12 great successful starters for 2 teams, 10 slots.


Nick Waechter (3.70 at A+)
Scott Moviel (0.00 at A+)
Elvin Ramirez (3.67 at A)
Angel Calero (2.57 at A)
Brant Rustich (3.62 at A)

Again, this looks set. All 5 of these guys proved themselves in Savannah and were bumped up near the end of the season. This is your April 2009 Lucy rotation.

New math:… 3 teams… 15 SP slots… 17 pitchers.

Now… it gets really hairy…


Mark Cahoon (3.82 at A)
Eric Beaulac (3.55 at A, 1.89 at K-Port)
Phillips Orta (2.70 at A)
Michael Olmstead (3.86 at A, 1.83 at K-Port)
Brad Holt (5-3, 1.87 with Clones)
Scott Shaw (6-3, 2.80 with Clones)
Pedro P. Martinez (3-2, 3.63 with Clones)
Chris Schwinden (4-1, 2.01)
Jennry Mejia (0.60 at GCL)

4 teams… 20 slots… 26 top starters…. And there’s around 10 other guys that are still on some rosters…


John Holdzkom (3-1, 3.66 at K-Port)
Robert Carson (1.76 at K-Port, 1.57 at GCL)
Jeurys Familia (2.79 at GCL)


Julio Bello (2.50 at GCL)
Kyle Allen (2.12 at GCL)


Angel Cuan - 3.13 in VSL
Jhonathan Torres – 3.39 in VSL
Ismael Mendez - 6-1, 1.07 in DSL
Gonzalez Germen – 5-2, 1.34 in DSL


This is a great problem. The Mets do not have to concentrate on pitching in the next draft and can go out and try and find themselves some stuff for OF, C, and 1B.

2009 Mets Outlook - RP

2009 Outlook - Relief Pitching

Now we get to one of the two exciting areas… relief pitchers.

Let’s look at this position a different than the others. I will highlight the minor league relief pitchers that pitched well enough in 2008 to either earn an invite back to the level they finished the season with, or a bump up to the next level. I will project where I feel they will go.

New Orleans:

Carlos Muniz 3.93 in AAA
Casey Hoorelbeke 0.00 in AAA, 2.65 in AA
Ricardo Rincon 0.00 in AAA
Eddie Camacho 2.48 in AA
Eude Brito 2.88 in AA
Eddie Kunz 2.79 in AA, 27 saves
Brian Rogers 0.47 in AA


Al Reyes 0.00 in 5 games – AA
Jon Malo 0.00 in 1 game - AA
German Marte 2.51 at A+, 11 saves
Edgar Alfonzo 3.93 at A+
Yury Santana in A-short


Arthur Santos 0.00 in 4 games – A+
Junior Guerra 0.00 in 4 games – A+
William Morgan 2.25 in 3 games – A+
Josh Stinson 3.52 in A
Jose Bierd 3.20 in A
Manuel Oliveros 3.08 in A
Steve Cheney 2.25 in A


Michael Powers 2.25 in 3 games – A, 3.00 in K-Port
Mitchell Houck 2.25 in 1 game – A, 1.08 in GCL
Jeffrey Kaplan 3.45 in A-short
Roy Merritt 1.49 in A-short
Jimmy Johnson 1.25 in A-short
Matias Carillo 2.45 in A-short
Wendy Rosa 2.01 in A-short


James Fuller 1.00 in A-short
Eric Turgeon 2.76 in A-short
Rhiner Cruz 3.72 in A-short
Brandon Moore 0.90 in K-Port
Stephen Puhl 2.40 in K-Port


Luis Rojas 2.19 in GCL
Jonathan White 2.55 in GCL
Samuel Martinez 2.35 in GCL
Jonathan Sanchez 3.60 in GCL
Chris Hilliard 2.87 in GCL


Pedro E. Martinez 2.70 in 2 games – GCL
Tyler Howe 0.00 in 1 game – GCL
Mike Lynn 0.00 in 1 game – GCL
Jhoan Burgos 0.42 in VSL
Erigson Sanchez 3.32 in DSL
Victor Peralta 3.45 in DSL
Willy Pena 1.76 in DSL
Samuel Tavares 0.90, 12 saves in DSL


And these are just the guys with lower than 4 ERAs. There are at least 10-15 other RPs that may make one of the squad, and that’s even before the draft. Right now, the Mets are loaded with good relief pitching in the lower minor league levels, which is bound to translate into something good in a couple of years.


2009 Mets Outlook - Catcher

2009 Outlook - Catcher

Current Mets: 2-headed monster Ramon Schneider

Top Mets Prospect: Francesco Pena

And frankly, I think the Mets are starting to wonder about this kid. I watched him for 2 years now, and tough he’s only 19 years old, I expected to see a little more. First, he’s not a great defensive catcher and has been right up there as one of the league leaders in passed balls for 2 years. His arm is good, and getting better, but his bat comes in around .250 with very little power for a kid his size (6-3, 225). The Mets will move him on the Lucy next spring and it may be his make-it-or-break-it year.

Projected Starters:

Mets: Ramon Schneider

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Mets pitching staff loves being caught by Schneider and there’s not a better backup catcher in the league than Castro.

New Orleans: Salomon Manriquez

The Mets especially like to keep seasoned vet catchers at AAA to work with the young pitchers. Look for Mike Nickeas and Raul Casanova to survive one more year, but due to poor hitting, we might have seen the end of Shawn Wooten, and Gustavo Molina.

B-Mets: Josh Thole

Frankly , this was supposed to be Sean McCraw’s job, but he got sent back to Savannah after having a miserable start in Lucy last year. My guess is McCraw will back up Josh, as well as DH, and the 3rd catcher will be Sal Paniagua. That leaves Rafael Arroyo odd man out.

Lucy: Francesco Pena

As I mentioned above, this is Pena’s come-to-Jesus year and what better place to have it than with a team managed by his old manager, Tim Teufel. Jordan Abruzzo (who will DH) and Jason Jacobs will back him up.

Gnats: Dock Doyle

Ralph Henriquez and Jeffries Tatford (who doubles as a 1Bman) will back him up.

Clones: Jean Luc Blaquiere

Cesar Cordido and Luis Alen will backup.

K-Port: Patrick Maat

Tyler Howe and Juan Centeno will backup.

GCL: Kai Gronauer

Orlando Rodriquez will backup.

Summary: There’s no reason for the Mets to give up on Pena yet, because there’s no one else in the system that’s knocking the door down. Thole had a great year, but everyone wants to see another one out of him. God, I wish they didn’t get rid of Jesus Flores.

2009 Mets Outlook - OF

2009 Outlook - Outfield

Current Mets: Carlos Beltran, Ryan Church, Endy Chavez, Daniel Murphy, Nick Evans, Fernando Tatis, Marlon Anderson

Top Mets Prospect: Fernando Martinez

2009 Projected Starters:

Mets: Carlos Beltran, Ryan Church, and ???

It will be interesting to see if the Mets go after someone in the free agent market. Beltran and Church seem set, and Fernando Martinez just isn’t ready to play everyday in Queens. The Mets could chose to continue the kind of platoon they did this year, but I hope not. Nick Evans (who also will be backup at 1B), Dan Murphy (who also will be backup in the infield) and Fernando Tatis (who also will back up at 1B and 3B) will be the utility squad.

New Orleans: Fernando Martinez , Caleb Stewart, and Josh Peterson

This is, assuming, the Mets don’t go old school and fill the AAA squad again with AAAA players. All 3 of the above mentioned guys have earned this bump, and Peterson can also play 3B or 1B. Jesus Feliciano or Chris Aguila might also be kept around to spell the ‘kiddies’ at AAA.

B-Mets: D.J. Wabick, Brahiam Maldonado, and Ezequiel Carrera

Joe Holden and Victor Mendez will be in reserve.

Lucy: Chris Fournier, Carlos Guzman , and Casey Craig

B.J. Hubbert, Brandon Kawal, and Wil Vogl will fight it out for bench spots.

Gnats: Sean Ratliff, Seth Williams, and Kirk Nieuwenhuis

Raul Reyes will try to come back from a horrific leg injury and John Servidio will fill out the bench.

Clones: Justin Garber, Rafael Hernandez, and a draft pick

Gabriel Zavala, Pedro Zapata, and a draft pick will ride the bench.

K-Port: Cesar Puello, Mark McGonigle, and a draft pick

At least 2 draft picks will fill the 4th and 5th oF slots.

GCL: Adrian Pirela, Julio Concepcion, and a draft pick

Another 2 OF draft picks will ride the bench.

Summary: Look for lots of OF draft picks this year. Other than Puello and F-Mart, there just isn’t much meat here in the system.


2009 Mets Outlook - 3B

2009 Outlook - Third Base

Current Mets: David Wright… through 2012 (team option 2013)

Top Mets Prospect: Jenry Marte

Projected Starters:

Mets: David Wright

Ya think? King David will play every game the manager lets him, and Fernando Tatis, who I believe will be one of the new-utility players next year, will back him up. Nuff’ said.

New Orleans: Shawn Bowman

Bowman did finally calm down a little at the AA level, but boy, what a year for a kid no one ever expected to see again. On the chances of playing 3B some day for the Mets, he’s exactly in the wrong place at the wrong time; waiting for Wright to fail and watching for Marte behind him. It will be interesting to see if someone trades for Bowman. Teams usually back away from people with a medical history half the size of this kid.

B-Mets: J.R. Voyles

Voyles gets dibs on this one simply because there’s no one else in the system that is close to playing AA ball.

Lucy: Zack Lutz

Lutz will jump over A-ball and fit in perfectly here, probably backed up by either Nick Giarraputo or Jacob Eigsti

Gnats: Stefan Welsh

Perfect team to play Welsh for in 2009. Remember, he also plays 1B and can share 3B with Eric Campbell, who also plays the OF.

Clones: Jefry Marte

Gee, how did the Clones happen to get the prospect? Actually, it’s a perfect slot for him. There’s no reason to rush him to A-ball. Let the kid mature for 4 more years in the minors and then make a decision.

K-Port: Draft Pick

Or either Charles Hinojosa, Valentin Ramos, or Imbewar Alvarez

GCL: Draft Pick

There’s no one in either the DSL or VSL team to promote yet.

Summary: This is the David and Jenry show. The rest are just watching it happen.

2009 Mets Outlook - SS

2009 Outlook - Shortstop

Current Mets: Jose Reyes… through 2010

Top Mets Prospect: Wilmer Flores

Projected Starters:

Mets: Jose Reyes

There’s no question that this position is Reyes for years to come, but the interesting time will be the end of the 2010 season, when the Mets will have to decide to renew Reyes, at 11mil, or buy the contract out at only 500 grand. It especially will be interesting if one or more of the kids listed below keep hitting the snot out of the ball…

New Orleans: Jose Coronado

Anderson Hernandez played short for most of 2009 and, thank God, that’s over with. The natural progression will be the promotion of Coronado from B-Town where he batted .260 in 507 at bats. Coronado was once thought of as a prospect, but not anymore. He’ll play next year as a 23 year old and first has to survive the Rule V draft.

B-Mets: Ruben Tejada

Tejada had 497 at bats in Lucy while playing shortstop. He only batted .229, but the good news is he’s still only 19 years old. There’s no one ready to go to B-Town other than Tejada, so why not. It’s not like there isn’t someone behind him that will come racing by in a year or two. I look for someone like Joaquin Rodriquez to back him up.

Lucy: Reece Havens

Now things start to get tricky. It may be a stretch to have Havens play at this level after not hitting the field once for Brooklyn and being injured for most of the year, but what’s the alternative? You can’t send 17-year of Wilmer Flores here yet.. Frankly, the Mets should let Tejada repeat another year here, but then things get really clogged up. Other candidates include Juan Legares, a fallen-prospect, and Matt Bouchard, who had a horrible year in Savannah.

Gnats: Wilmer Flores

There’s always an outside chance that Wilmer Flores gets showcased in Brooklyn, but I expect the Mets will want this kid in Hispanic-friendly Savannah (if they re-up in savannah), away from the hoopla of Da Big Apple. This will keep him right on pace for Reyes’ option year (he he…). I expect Flores to be at the A+ level by the end of 2009, on to AA in 2010, and then… hopefully, he’ll be either an outfielder or first baseman. Luis Nieves will back up Wilmer.

Clones: Seth Williams

Does anyone really care who’s going to follow Wilmer Flores up the chain? Seriously, this will most probably be filled by a draft pick or it could be Ignacio Medrano, who also plays 2B.

K-Port: Miquel Tejada

Last year’s all-that, Tejada had a miserable year in 2008 and will try and get back on track in Kingsport.

GCL: Draft Pick

There’s no one in particular, either on the DSL or VSL staff, that is ready or worth sending stateside.

Summary: The future of who plays SS for the Mets in the next 10 years may depend on whether the Mets try and change Flores from a SS to either an outfielder or first baseman. We know Jose Reyes will play there for 4 more years. After that, this is a good problem.

2009 Mets Outlook - 2B

2009 Outlook - Second Base

Current Mets: Luis Castillo

Look, there a bunch of guys that played this position this year, but the bottom line until things change, is the fact that Castillo has the long term contract, and he’s the man on second. Do I like it? No. Does anyone like it? No. I’m not sure even Omar likes it at this point. The Mets have obviously found a gem in Daniel Murphy, but the only three things he does wrong in the outfield is catch, throw, and field. Murphy is a 3Bman by trade, learning to play 2B. His role in 2009 will be OF/IF utility, replacing the aging Damon Easley or fossil named Marlon Anderson. Stop bitching and get used to the fact that Castillo will man the 2B post full time in 2009. Omar’s bad. There is an outside chance that Argenis Reyes could also be kept in a utiilty role, along with Murphy and Nick Evans.

Top Mets Prospect: Greg Veloz

Projected Starters:

New Orleans: Argenis Reyes

Emmanuel Garcia is no longer considered prospect material and will probably settle in for the AAA team for the next 2 years. He won’t be eligible for the Rule V draft until the end of the 2009 season, at the age of 23. At this point, I’d rather play Reyes every day, in case the team needs him as they have this season. Garcia is old news and a failed prospect. Use him in a utility AAA role (he can play 2B as well as 3B). Andy Green will most probably be cut.

B-Mets: ???

The B-Met job is a toss-up between 2 organizational players, Luis Rivera (who had a decent year at Lucy) and Jon Malo who played here last year. The long short would be Hector Pellot who reeked at Lucy and spent most of the year on the DL. . Peeter Ramos is a goner.

Lucy: Greg Veloz

Veloz is the Mets top second base prospect with an ETA of 2011, at the ripe old age of 23. His back-up could be Michael Parker, who he played with in Savannah, though parker could just as easily be released in the off season.

Gnats: Joshua Satin

Another player that has a prospect tag and did play well for the Clones in Joshua Satin, so this should be a no-brainer at the full-A level, wherever the Mets choose to play next year. J.R. Voyles is fodder waiting to be released.

Clones: Kyle Suire

Suire got his shot this year when Ignacio Medrano was suspended, and took advantage of it. I have to believe the stats alone have slotted him ahead of Medrano now (who may never come back as a Met), and Suire should start 2009 in Coney Island.

K-Port: Ignacio Medrano

I’d like to think that the Mets could work out their differences with a guy that was hitting .329 before being asked to be reassigned, He said ‘no mas’, and the rest is history. On the other hand, two players with the GCL Mets (Alonzo Harris - .308 BA - and Jordany Valdespin - .284 - have both a bump up. Sounds like a log jam to me.

GCL: Ray Van Gurp

Gurp has a good chance of getting his visa after a decent season with the VSL Mets (.275, 29 SB).

Summary: Yes there is a logjam at the lower levels (Harris, Valdespin, Medrano, Suire, and Satin) but none of these may matter if Murphy wins the job and Veloz matures into an ETA of 2011.

Draft Projections: Don’t need any more of these right now… head on out to the outfield guys.


2008 Clones Recap

2008 Clones Recap:

3B Zack Lutz (#17 Mack prospect)

Boy, how would you like to be a Mets minor league 3Bman with David Wright’s contract staring in your face, and Wilmer Flores crawling up your ass? Well, it didn’t seem to bother Lutz who put up a great season in Brooklyn. Depending on where Flores is sent, Zack will play 2009 in either A-full or Lucy.

LF Sean Ratliff

Ratliff did not have the best freshman year in professional baseball, and shouldn’t expect much more than making the staff in Savannah (or where the Mets affiliate full-A) next season. Showed some power (7 HRs) but struck out 1/3 of the time.

1B Ike Davis (#12 Mack Prospect)

Simply a miserable year for the 1st round draft pick. Basically no power, lots of Ks, and minimal amount of walks. Some of this can be written off to a pitcher’s park in Coney Island, but Davis needs to step it up next spring to prove the value of the pick. Look for him in Lucy.

2B Joshua Satin (#40 Mack Prospect)

Satin had a decent freshman year and almost hit an .800 OPS. I expect him in A ball with an infield of Flores and Marte.

DH Reese Havens (#21 Mack prospect)

Now, here’s a guy that proved nothing this year. Arrived with all the fanfair, and rumors he would be converted to a catch, and went out and played exclusively as a DH due to nagging injuries. Add to that the fact that he didn’t even hit that well (only 11 RBIs) and what do you do with him in the spring? I say repeat the Clones.

OF Kirk Nieuwenhuis (#56 Mack prospect)

Kirk didn’t come to the Clones with any fanfare, but he just might turn out to be outfielder to come out of this year’s crew. Definitely a promotion to full-A.

RP James Fuller

One of a shit-load of very good relief pitchers that broke their cherry at the Coney this year. Didn’t get enough work, but still should make the full-A squad next spring.

RP Stephen Clyne

The Mets moved Clyne too quick this year, starting him out at Lucy. He settled down and had a great year for the Clones and will most probably start the 2009 season for Savannah

RP Jimmy Johnson

Johnson was an unheralded 28th round draft pick in this year’s draft, and quietly put together a steller season for the Clones. He’s a college guy and will turn 25 next year, so I expect him to move a little faster than most rookies. Watch for him at Lucy.

RP Roy Merritt (#43 Mack prospect)

Merrit also started out slowly at Lucy, but excelled for the Clones. He too turns 25 next year (in September) and will probably jump straight to Lucy in the spring.

SP Brad Holt (#13 Mack Prospect)

I have Holt as the #3 top Mets SP prospect behind Jon Niese, and Bobby Parnell. I know he’s just starting out but he simply was a man among boys with the Clones this year. Holt will go straight to Lucy in the spring.

SP Scott Shaw (#41 Mack prospect)

It’s not that Shaw had a bad season this year, it’s just I can’t figure out where he’s going to pitch next year. There are so many low-level starting pitchers that have earned a bump up, I’m not sure there’s any room for Shaw with Savannah. And, he definitely didn’t earn a shot at Lucy.

P Chris Schwinden (#42 Mack prospect)

The Mets are still trying to figure out whether Schwinden is a starter or a reliever, which doesn’t help that his ERA is great in both roles (hint: he did finish the season as a starter). He will play most of next season at 22-years old, so it’s a toss up whether he goes to Lucy or Savannah.

SP Jenrry Mejia (#33 Mack prospect)

This may be one of those special pitchers. Mejia pitched well for both the GCL Mets and the Clons this year, at the age of 18. He has 97 mph speed, coupled with a bunch of nastiness, making him an instant fan favorite. He’s too young to rush and there’s quite a logjam ahead of him. Watch for him to start in Savannah next year.


2008 Gnat Recap

2008 Sand Gnats Recap

OF Casey Craig

I named Casey the MVP of the team this past year (.288/.347/.391 in 361 at bats). Craig came to the Gnats as an organizational player but has definitely earned himself a starting position in the Lucy outfield next season.

1B Jeffrey Tatford

Tatford started the season out in Brooklyn, but was sent to Savannah to play first base when Jose Jimenez stumbled. He played well, but where does he play next year? Ike Davis will probably be in Lucy and there’s a chance Wilmer Flores will be converted to 1B for the Mets A-franchise. My guess, Tatford will return to Brooklyn or repeat an A-level year.

OF Carlos Guzman (#38 Mack Prospect)

Guzman played stead all year long and definitely has earned a starting slot in the Lucy outfield next year. Nice year for an undrafted free agent.

C Francesco Pena (#27 Mack Prospect)

Pena has had 2 okay seasons for Savannah and it’s time for him to move on. The interesting thing will be to see who gets the nod as starter there, either Pena or Sean McGraw.

C Sean McGraw (#30 Mack Prospect)

McCraw had a disappointing start in Lucy this year and lost his starting job to Josh Thole. He returned to Savannah so he could get some playing time, and it worked out well for him. As I mentioned above, it’s anyone’s guess who starts at Lucy next year, or do the Mets just push Sean to B-Town?

SP Brant Rustich (#20 Mack Prospect)

Rustich fought injuries all season but still impressed Mets insiders. He did finish the season with a stree fracture, which could prevent a spring promotion to Lucy, but I expect he’ll be in that rotation come March.

SP John Holdzkom (#57 Mack prospect)
Holdzkom spent the entire 2008 season trying to get his control down, and it’s hard to tell right now if he was worthy of such a high draft pick A repeat year in A-ball would do him good.

RP Steve Cheney

Here’s a guy that no one writes about and all he does is his job every night. Cheney will definitely be part of the Lucy bullpen next season.

SP Eric Beaulac (#19 Mack prospect)

A lot of Mets officials are very excited about this kid, and after watching him pitch a couple of times myself, so am I. I hope they let him start the season back in A-ball. There’s no reason to rush him into the log-jam developing in B-Town and Lucy.

SP Nathan Vineyard

Boy, the string is really out on this high draft pick. Just a miserable year, and if I was the Mets, I’d play him in Brooklyn next year.

Prospects “On The Bubble”:

SS Juan Legares

Actually, Legares had a decent year at Savannah. The problem is he’s supposed to already be in Binghamton. Life, and other prospects, might have past him by.

2008 St. Lucie Mets Recap

2008 St. Lucie Recap:

C Josh Thole (#29 Mack prospect)

I think it was cool that Josh got a hit Saturday night and they took his ass out of the game so he could finish the season with a .300 batting average. Thole had an incredible year, converting to a full time catcher and placing himself right up there with Francesco Pena as the top 2 Mets catching prospects. And he’s young! Look for him to play a full season in Binghamton in 2009.

LF D.J. Wabick (#35 Mack prospect)

As we’ve said many time before, the Mets are light in good hitting outfielders currently in their system and the bonus this year was Wabick hitting over .280. This alone gets him a push to the B-Mets for next year.

SP Scott Moviel (#26 Mack prospect)

Moviel was supposed to play the entire year for Lucy, but hurt his shoulder in spring training and, instead, got his act together in Savannah. He was sent to Lucy the last week of the season, and this is where he will anchor the rotation next year.

RP Junior Guerra (#37 Mack prospect)

What a great story. Guerra’s a converted catcher out of the Braves system that Atlanta gave up on. He pitched lights out in Savannah (1-0, 1.35, 0.45) and was bumped to Lucy near the end of the season. Look for him to start in Florida next season.

SP Maikel Cleto (#39 Mack prospect)

Cleto is 97 mile per hour speed, still learning to control his pitches. He may have more celing than any of the current minor league pitchers in the system. Remember this name. He will pitch for Lucy in the spring.

1B Lucas Duda (#36 Mack prospect)

Duda came to Lucy with a lot of hype, started on fire, but cooled off for a good season, not a great one. I expect him to play for Binghamton in the spring, to make room for Ike Davis at Lucy, and a possible 1B conversion of Wilmer Flores in Savannah. Next year is a come-to-Jesus season for Lucas.

RF Victor Mendez

No prospect here, just a great minor league outfielder. He will join Wabick and, probably, Ezequile Carrera, in Binghamton in the spring.

RP Emary Frederick

Emary had an up and down season for Lucy this year, though his Ks-to-IP (51-50.0) is still one of the best in the system. Had 7 saves, so he may compete with German Marte in Binghamton as the closer.

RP Edgar Ramirez

Ramirez pitched great in Savannah and got a mid-season call to Lucy, where he struggled. Still, there’s a lot of talent here, and due to his age, the Mets will probably move him on to B-Town.

CF Ezequiel Carrera (#24 Mack prospect)

The 21-year old batted over .250 for 400+ at bats at the A+ level. Keep him moving and let’s see what he can do at the AA level.

Prospects on the Bubble:

SS Ruben Tejada (#15 Mack prospect)

This is a perfect examply of moving a prospect too fast. Tejada played the entire season for Lucy and he did okay, considering his age. It will be interesting to see if he jumps to the B-Mets, just ahead of Wilmer Flores who will be biting on his ass by the end of the 2009 season.

2B Hector Pellot

Boy, I have no idea what happened here. I was so high on this kid and he fought back so well from a bad 2006 season, by rebounding at Savannah in 2007, but look at these numbers for 2008: .165/.250/.188 in 85 at bats. Pellot spent most of the year on the IR and many a 2B prospect has now past him by.

2008 B-Met Recap

The 2008 B-Mets Recap

1B/OF Nick Evans (Mack Prospect #2):

Evans got his shot this year and seems to have solidified at least a future utility role with the Mets. I’m thrilled for the guy. Let’s hope the next time we see him in Binghamton is when the team is retiring his number.

LF Josh Peterson

Peterson started out as a first baseman, then became a third baseman, and now he’s working on the outfield. All through this, he has always hit well, though no one ever talks about him. I look for him to play every day for the Mets AAA team in 2009, and he does still have an outside chance as a future utility player for the Mets. Also, probably trade bait.

1B/OF/DH Mike Carp (Mack Prospect # 10)

The resurgence of Carlos Delgado, and the promotion of Nick Evans changed everything for Carp this year. Mike had a good year, but the blush seems to be off the Mets rose here. The Mets will try and sign Tex in the off season, but another one year platoon of Delgado/Evans would work also. By then, Ike Davis might be ready to pass Carp and Wilmer Flores may pass all of them. Bottom line… Carp needs a trade.

CF Fernando Martinez (Mack Prospect # 6)
It’s anyone’s guess where F-Mart winds up next spring. I really don’t believe he is ready to start in Queens yet, and if the Mets were smart, they would give him another year at AAA ball to mature. Either way, Martinez is starting to look like a #2 hitter at best.

RF Caleb Stewart

Stewart has had a nice Mets minor league career, which will continue with a starting job in the AAA outfield next year. After that, I can’t see much of a future for him in Queens.

C Salomon Manriquez

You can’t have enough good defensive catchers in the minors and Manriquez is one of them. He also hit pretty decently this past year and will be back at AAA, working with the young pitchers.

2B Jon Malo

Malo doesn’t project out as a probably major league player, but he has earned himself a promotion to AAA, where he will compete with Argenis Reyes.

3B Shawn Bowman (Mack prospect #11)

Most of Bowman’s success was at the B-Met and Lucy level, but this is a story worthy of a made-for-TV movie. Only time will tell if his broken body can hold up, but if it does, thing are ging to get awfully crowded in the Mets infield soon. Look for Bowman to play the entire year for the AAA-Mets team, and try to avoid being traded.

SP Jose Sanchez

Here’s another of those pitchers no one ever talks about. He’s been 40-33 in his 5year Mets career and will probably not be protects in the next Rule V draft. The Mets would definitely invite him back to anchor the AAA squad in 2009 if no one takes him. Sanchez turns 25 next May.

SP Sal Aguilar

Aguilar was having a killer season (10-3, 3.14), when he went on the DL,after being diagnosed with a tear in his right ulnar collateral ligament. He’s be 27 next year, which will be his 5th as a Met. If he recovers before the spring, he’ll be at AAA.

SP Tobi Stoner (Mack prospect #28)

Stoner was moved up to AA before any of the other class of 2006, and did have his bumps and grinds, but he had the same highs and lows when he first hit the A+ level. Lows happen to every pitching prospect that jump a level, but the great ones work it out. So far, Stoner looks like he has what it takes to someday be great. Look for him at the AAA level sometime in 2009.

SP Mike Antonini (Mack prospect # 18)

Ask any scout if Antonini is a prospect and most say no. So, all Mike does is go out and pitch well at all levels he’s performed at (9-6, 2.43, 1.04 over 2 years, 5 teams). Next year will probably bring a spring return to Binghamton, but I have a feeling he’ll wind up
at the AAA level before the year is done.

SP Jake Ruckle (Mack prospect # 23)

Here’s a kid that was just moving on up the ladder, year after year, and then, boom, out for the season on the IR. His 4 year total from GCL to the B-Mets is 24-16, 3.26, 1.19 in 69 games, 45 starts. Now, he’s got all these kiddies like Stoner, Gee, Owen, and Antonini trying to pass him by. I still think his future on the Mets is as a reliever, but let’s first let the ‘Ruckle Nation’ heal. Probably back to AA for the start of 2009.

SP Dylan Owen ( Mack prospect # 25)
Owen started out this season at Lucy and got a well deserved promotion to the B-Mets for a job well done. He spent the last month getting banged around at the AA level and I would expect to hear from him in the winter league next month. Owen definitely shows great promise.

SP Dillon Gee (Mack prospect # 16)

If you think Owen showed promise, wait to see this kid. Gee became the ace of the Lucy staff when no one expected him to and he has continued to pitch lights out for the B-Mets. Like Antonini, and Owen, no prospect websites said a peep about these three when they were drafted, yet all they have done is excell at all levels. The pitching rotation for the B-Mets next year is going to be the bomb (can I still say that?).

RP Casey Hoorelbeke

Casey was a 29th draft pick in the 2000 draft by Marlins, who gave up on him last year. There loss. He pitched very well for the B-Mets and will most probably go to the AAA club in the spring.
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