SIGNED - 3rd Round - OF Quinn Brody


3rd-rder Quinn Brodey signs w/ for $500K (pick 97 value=$553.2K). OF had strong Cape season, corner OF pot.

FLASH - Mets Are Selling


Sources: Mets open for business now, willing to listen to offers for Granderson, Addison Reed, Bruce, Cabrera, etc. Far behind in races.



I have been a Mets fan since my first game in 1968; I have lived in Southern California since 1994.  As you might imagine, MLB.TV has been my FAVORITE invention of the past 25 years!!! 

Before it began in 2002 (and before I started getting it in 2003) I had to be inventive in order to watch my beloved Mets. Of course I attended nearly every game in Los Angeles (before inter-league play) and often drove to San Diego and sometimes San Francisco to see games in person. 

I watched every Mets vs Cubs game on WGN and every Mets vs Braves game on Superstation TBS. 

Games of the week? Yup! 

Nationally televised games? Of course!!! 

I even found various bars in the San Fernando Valley with satellite dishes (and subscriptions, legal or otherwise) that would put the game on a TV IF I stayed and ate and drank (although my not being a big alcohol drinker meant much bigger tips and a LOT more bar food then otherwise recommended!!!) 

Once I had MLB.TV on my computer? Heaven!!!!!

On my Smart TV and Telephones? Nirvana!!!!!!!

Never missing a game or having to plan trips to my in-laws (who for some reason, living 25 minutes away had a different cable system that somehow had the NY Sports Channels)- Priceless!!!!!

I never take it for granted, being able to watch every Mets game, and I never got mad when we had to listen to the Dodgers announcers when they played out here, because VIN SCULLY!!!!!

Now, we have NO Scully...and NO CHANCE at playing meaningful games due to the horrible injury bug that has effected us and also due to the horrible manager that is leading us. And still, today, Thursday, I will be taking a seat once more, amidst a sea of blue Dodger fans, in full Mets regalia, in a ballpark where some might say I am taking my life in my hands. And for what? 

Well, for starters, I get to see Steven Matz once more; I saw his first MLB game out here a few years ago, and the fact that he's healthy and using that drop and drive motion will hopefully give us a result more like his first game back then his second one.

As a huge baseball fan, I am a firm believer in streaks. I have gone every year of my life since 1968 seeing at least one Mets game in person (and while living in NY, as often as 40+ games in a season), and I have NO intention of breaking that streak as long as I am able to walk/drive/run to the ballpark. (BTW- if you haven't seen a game in Dodgers Stadium and you ever get to SoCal, it MUST be on your "to do" list as it remains a dinosaur but a beautifully maintained dinosaur!!!!)

Finally, as someone who attended dozens and dozens of games when we were at our very worst (and there were times when there were less than 2,000 of us at the ballpark regardless of what numbers were reported), it's impossible for me to miss a chance to see my Metsies in person! 

I'll have some thoughts about the game on the day after, Friday, as well as a number of new posts across the next week or so (including, finally, parts 2 and 3 of my baseball book review) but the once nice thing about this game is this- I ALWAYS want them to win, but this game, if they don't, I won't be AS pissed off on the way home; I won't be AS hard to live with for the 24 hours afterwards; and I won't avoid my phone and email for the next day as I often do after an in-person loss. I am simply going to hope for a win, accepting of a loss and counting the days until pitchers/catchers report in February, when I KNOW we will be returning to Contender status once more. Maybe, just maybe, without the pressure, I'll actually enjoy myself tonight. I'll let ya know!!

Jack Flynn - Rosario Status


Even the most optimistic of Mets fans have to see the writing on the wall by now.

The 2017 season is a disaster. The Mets are not a good bet to finish with a winning record this season, let alone to miraculously claw their way into a playoff spot. All the promise from Spring Training has blown up in spectacular fashion, leaving only a dust cloud of pulled hamstrings, torn lats and broken careers.

As is often the case in situations like these, the call has gone up from all corners to promote intriguing prospects and give those young bucks a chance to succeed where older veterans have failed. The fan base has been clamoring for Amed Rosario in particular, especially with both regular middle infielders on the disabled list and the Mets resorting to an up-the-middle combination of Jose Reyes, TJ Rivera and Gavin Cecchini in recent days.

Rosario’s continued residency in Las Vegas has been a source of anguish for many, and the theories about the Mets’ reluctance to promote him reflect the general distrust that fans still have of ownership and the front office. But the Super-2 deadline has long since passed, so there’s no longer an economic incentive to keep Rosario down.

Why, then, is Rosario still in Las Vegas? Perhaps Sandy Alderson’s reluctance to promote him lies primarily with concerns about the atmosphere in the Mets’ clubhouse.
One has to assume that these are dark days in Flushing. Even if the roster was stocked with professionals who continued going about their business as one would hope, it would be impossible for those players not to harbor a sense of disappointment about how 2017 is turning out. A certain malaise is to be expected.
Add that to the fact that there are six position players who are pending free agents – and a seventh (Asdrubal Cabrera) at the mercy of a team option that is no guarantee to be picked up – and there is a real danger of the locker room turning into a very selfish place over the next three months.

Over half of the Mets’ position players are playing for their next contract right now – is that really the most appropriate atmosphere for the Mets to bring a potential franchise cornerstone into? What position player is going to want to mentor the Next Big Thing and contribute to his development process with no guarantee that they will even be teammates next season?

Take all of this with the proverbial grain of salt, of course; writers love to speculate about the mood of clubhouses, and even daily beat writers have far less of a handle on that mood than they would like to believe. But in the absence of a more concrete and logical explanation for the delay, it is only natural than fans begin to speculate on what the Mets’ motives with Rosario really are. Protecting him from any negativity that may have naturally infected the clubhouse certainly seems like a logical consideration.

Amed Rosario is going to be very good one day, but the gulf between the Mets and the playoff spot this season is already far too wide for any one player to bridge. Rosario is not going to carry the Mets to the playoffs. Rosario and Dominic Smith are not going to carry the Mets to the playoffs. Rosario, Smith and any passel of players the Mets could promote from their farm system will not be enough to carry the Mets into the playoffs.

The bet here is that Rosario will be up with the Mets on or around August 1, after Alderson shuffles some deck chairs off of the Titanic in exchange for prospects that will also be auditioning for a job in 2018. That will clear the way for Rosario and others to experience two months of low pressure baseball, while mitigating the uncomfortable possibility of playing alongside disappointed veterans whose jobs they are being groomed to take.



I did a "Silver Linings" article several days ago.  
After getting annihilated in two straight series by superior Nats and Dodgers teams, how is it finding silver linings? Gotten a bit harder, admittedly, but let's have at it. 
Because silver linings do exist.

Jake deGrom won Player of the Week with two straight great outings and a home run to boot.  He looks regal wearing post-game crowns, I'm sure you'd agree.  My favorite Met.

Zach Wheeler has biceps tendonitis, which should help him with his innings limit after being the 55th Met put on the DL this year (or at least it seems that many).  Every kid needs a summer vacation; Zach's had the whole summer off the past two summers, so a little summer break in 2017?  OK.

David Wright - no pennant race, so no urgency to rush rehab to get back and join the fray.  Did anyone ever tell you that Buy Out rhymes with Fly Out?

Jose Reyes - despite an occasional breakout game, being sub-.200 as July approaches for an everyday player resounds that action must be taken with him sooner than later.  Heck, they once released sub-.200 Eric Campbell so there is precedent.

Rafael Montero - with Wheeler, Harvey, and Thor out, and Tyler Pill not fooling the big boys standing in the batter's box, it seems clear that Montero (great in his last two relief outings) lives on.   With no starter solutions available from the minors right now, he will no doubt get his 45th chance at redemption for the Mets.  I have a funny feeling that this time, he will hold his own.

Curtis Granderson - has proven me both right and wrong.
  • Right in that (as I had previously suggested) he should have been given April off instead of (as it turned out) hitting .128.  
  • Wrong in that I thought he was washed up, when he just needed April off: in 132 May and June at bats, 12 doubles, a triple, 7 homers, .281 and 23 walks (OBP of .390).  If he did that in April, too, he'd be getting All Star consideration.  Best hitting on the team over that span. Hitting like a young Curtis.
  • He has 301 HRs - hopefully, the Mets ain't entertaining hopes of keeping him until he (ahem) reaches 400, and decide instead to get real value for him at the trade deadline. A contender can use a focused gamer like him.

Seth Lugo and Rob Gsellman - in headier times, both would be in the pen.  They now get a chance to show if they can be legit major league starters.  Rob gets to see if he can get his ERA back below 6.00.  He should remember that while Roger Craig went 5-22 with the 1963 Mets, he did it with a solid 3.78 ERA, so he wasn't so bad after all.

The 2018 Draft - we just selected 20th in the first round.  Our 2017 record right now would have us drafting 6th next year.  We have a shot at a top 3 pick if we keep losing.  If the Mets do get a top 3 pick, the good news is Nimmo and Cecchini have already been drafted, so they cannot make the same mistakes of picking them again with high first round picks.

Brandon Nimmo and Gavin Cecchini - with numerous injuries and the Mets likely being sellers before the trade deadline, these two aforementioned first rounders should get opportunities to play during the rest of 2017 and truly show if they have enough talent to help this team going forward.  
Hobie is hoping Victor Cruzado gets a chance too.
Catchers: d'Arnaud, Rivera, Plawecki - without the pressure of a playoff race, the Mets have ample time to see if there is any gold in these here 3 hombres.  Meanwhile, Tomas Nido and Pat Mazeika continue their catching journey towards the big leagues and it will be much clearer by the end of 2017 exactly how close they might be to Queens.
Michael Conforto - with Lagares out, and Jay Bruce and/or Grandy potentially moved by the trade deadline, Conforto should play a whole lot the rest of the way - we will see what he can do over a full season after two partial ones.
Paul Sewald: in a season where it was unclear if he'd get called up to Queens, he has had 21 outings due to the bullpen turbulence: guess what?  18 of the 21 have been very good (OK, OK, after last night's "whoops" made it 18 of 22).  We will hopefully get to see enough of Paul Sewald in 2017 to see if (and to what extent) he can help a hopefully contending team out of the pen in 2018.
Amed Rosario and Dominic Smith - game by game, they get closer to starting their major league careers.  A case could be made that both are ready now.  Undoubtedly, both will be ready soon.  We'll be ready for them.
Pitching Reinforcements - the system is not bursting with pitching phenoms like Thor, ready to take the majors by storm at a moment's notice. 
That said, PJ Conlon, Chris Flexen, Marcos Molina, and Justin Dunn could be close to ready by opening day 2018, and Nabil Crismatt closing on them fast.
Crismatt, in his last 8 St Lucie outings, has been off the charts: 55 IP, 40 hits, just 6 earned runs, 10 walks, 59 Ks.  Simply outstanding, and perhaps ready to help the big club by mid-2018. 
Tyler Bashlor has a coveted laser beam relief arm for St Lucie, as his 28 Ks in his last 13 IP show.  Why can't the flamethrower be a 2018 relief arm in Queens?
Hopefully, all of that makes you feel better about the Mets.  Just try not to gaze on the road kill that is their 2017 dashed playoff hopes too closely.

TGIF, people.





Please note the following transactions involving the Binghamton Rumble Ponies.

June 22:
  • RHP Corey Oswalt activated from the Disabled List
  • RHP Tim Peterson transferred from Las Vegas (AAA) to Binghamton (AA)
  • RHP Chris Flexen placed on Disabled List, retroactive to June 20
Please note the following New York Mets minor league transactions.

Effective Thursday, June 22, 2017

                - INF Michael Paez transferred from Columbia to Advanced-A St. Lucie

                - RHP Merandy Gonzalez transferred from Columbia to Advanced-A St. Lucie

                - RHP Jordan Humphreys transferred from Columbia to Advanced-A St. Lucie

                - OF Jose Medina transferred from Columbia to short season-A Brooklyn

                - INF Reed Gamache transferred from Columbia to short season-A Brooklyn

                - OF Jacob Zanon activated from Columbia’s disabled list

                - OF Arnaldo Berrios transferred to Columbia from Advanced-A St. Lucie

                - RHP Matt Pobereyko signed by the Mets and assigned to Columbia

Tom Brennan - 2017 Draftees Added to Kingsport Mets Roster


2017 Draftees Added to Kingsport Mets Roster

As of a few minutes ago, Brooklyn and the GCL Mets did not reflect on their rosters any of the 2017 draftees.

Kingsport, the Mets' Appalachian League affiliate, has shown who (so far) will be there from the recent draft.  Nine in all.

Draftee's round in (parens):

Stephen Villines (10) - RHP

Aaron Ford (21) - LHP

Joshua Payne (22) - RHP

Joe Cavallaro (24) - RHP

Gavin Garay (26) - SS

Billy Oxford (27) - RHP

Jeremy Vasquez (28) - 1B

Ryan Selmer (31) - RHP

McLeod Lozer (33) - RHP

Hope I did not leave anyone out.


PROMOTION - Columbia to St. Lucie


RHP Merandy Gonzalez joins RHP Jordan Humpreys and 2B Michael Paaz for a promotion from A-Columbia to A+ - St. Lucie


Mack’s Morning Report – 6-22 – 2018 IF RP, Michael Paez, Mid-Season Promotions


Good morning.

So, where do we stand with ‘my’ 2018 Mets –

            SP: (5) – Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom, Zack Wheeler, Steven Matz, Lucas Giolito
            RP (4) – Jeurys Familia, Seth Lugo, Robert Gsellman, Jerry Blevens
            1B (1) - Eric Hosmer/Dominic Smith
            IF (3) – Manny Machado, Amed Rosario, Wilmer Flores
            OF (5) – Michael Conforto, Yoenes Cespedes, J.D. Martinez/Jay Bruce, Juan Lagares, Brandon Nimmo/Victor Cruzado
            C (2) – Jonathan Lucroy/Carson Kelly/Travis d’Arnaud, Rene Rivera
Total players: 20 – 5 to go… 2 infielders… 3 more relief pitchers.

I’ve decided since starting this series of posts that Wilmer Flores (SS, 3B, 1B) will be the starting second baseman on my 2018 team. This leaves me looking for two utility infielders that can play multiple positions. It also limits me to choosing, at the point, only players from within my pipeline. That’s not a problem, only a limitation.

Our choices are:

-T. J. Rivera – (1B, 2B, SS, 3B, RF, LF)I’m sold on Rivera as a 2018 utility infielder, but no more. I also think the blush is off the rose a little here, but he can play all four infield positions and, in a pinch, both corner outfielders. He has made my 2018 25-man squad.

-Gavin Cecchini – (SS, 3B, 2B) Let me word this carefully… I now feel that drafting Cecchini with a number one draft pick was the wrong thing to do. Now, after having such a bad AAA season so far this season, I’m not sure he’s anything more than a AAAA player. The best I will offer him is a utility position on the Mets bench.

-Matt Reynolds – I’ve met Matt. He’s a nice guy. I would cut him loose and give him the opportunity to hook up with another team that could offer him more major league at-bats than I would.

-Astrubel Cabrera – yes, Cabrera is a viable option at second base, and can play a credible third, but I would thank him for his service, put the money I would have spent here back in the kitty for one of the other names I have written about here, and go with a continuing youth movement, especially in the infield.

            -Jose Reyes – please…

            -Neil Walker – Thanks, but no thanks.

            -David Wright – This is so sad. I’ll take the $10mil+ offered by the insurance company and offer David a job in the organization, starting with bench coach.
This fills my openings in the infield, leaving three more relief pitchers to go.

As for relief pitchers, I never speculate on the last openings. No one would have any idea how the team would fill these slots at this point. I will say this… if we can’t dump Matt Harvey in an off-season trade, I’d put him in the 2018 pen as a middle reliever.

That’s my 2018 team.

If you have one, send it to me at macksmets@gmail and I will post it up on the site.

Michael Paez

            This might be a name we have to start to remember.

I never heard of Paez in college and I even live close to the school he went to (Coastal Carolina). And, I definitely didn’t follow him when he finished up playing for Brooklyn last season (179-AB, .190). Yes, he had a nice junior season in school (15-HR, 51-RBI, .519-Slug%, 881-OPS) but I still though it was a stretch to draft him in the 4th round.

Then came this season in Columbia. So far (through 6-17), Paez has put up a stat line of 220-AB, .282/.376/.505/881. I’m especially impressed with the 8-HRs and 43-RBIs he’s compiled so far this season. That’s only three ribbies away from leading the league! He also does lead the league with 21 doubles.

Yes, he has 10 errors, what middle infielder at this level doesn’t have this degree of hiccups?

It was announced last night that Paez was promoted to St. Lucie after the
all-star game.

There really is no one standing I his way to make it to Queens for the start of the 2019 season.

Mid-Season Promotions

           We’ve reached the end of the first half seasons for all of the full season minor league teams, which means movement of the players that have produced more than their clubhouse mates have will be promoted to the next level.

           Actually, this already started earlier this month with the promotion of SP Chris Flexen from St. Lucie to Binghamton… though, because of past injuries that slowed down his progress, many considered his Lucy sting to be like a rehab assignment.

           All of this promotion stuff usually starts using the cream rises to the top theory. So, with that…

A: Columbia –

          SP Jordan Humphreys was promoted last night.

It’s only a matter of time that the other member of the ‘dynamic duo’. SP Merandy Gonzalez , follows him to Florida.  There is nothing left for either of these kids to do in South Carolina.

Any promotion of 1B Dash Winningham would be tied to Dominic Smith being sent to Queens from Vegas. This would create an opening for Matt Oberste to fill for the 51’s and Peter Alonzo to be sent to Binghamton. This could all be blocked if Alonso isn’t moved, who really is still coming back from a broken hand.

As I mented earlier, 2B Michael Paez was promoted last night.

It seems to me that the first Firefly reliever to leave the nest will be Adonis Uceta. He’s got an ERA below 2, a WHIP below 1, and a K/9 above 9. That’s what you need to get promoted.

A+ - St. Lucie –

           A case could be made for 3B Jhoan Urena, but that would take a promotion of David Thompson from Binghamton to Las Vegas and I just don’t see that happening.

           What I do expect is C-1B Patrick Mazeika and splitting time at first and behind the Binghamton plate.

           The only St. Lucie starter that could move soon would be Nabil Crismatt.

           My pick for the first pen guy to move here – Kevin Canelon

AA – Binghamton –

So much of what happens in New York State is dependent on what happens in Vegas, and the Mets have proven time again that what happens there never stays there.

Honestly, I don’t see any of the prospects here (P.J. Conlon, Corey Oswalt, Flexen, Marcos Molina) moving up at this point. Oswalt is on the DL, Molina and Flexen are just getting going at this level, and Conlon’s season hasn’t warranted a promotion.

I don’t see any reason that Kevin Taylor shouldn’t be promoted to Vegas.

Three relievers have already moved up… I’d leave it at that. 


PROMOTIONS - Columbia to St. Lucie

Been told by a source that Jordan Humphreys and Michael Paez have both been promoted to St. Lucie Mets
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