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Draft 13 - Q and A - RHP - Joey Donino – Columbia

Mack – Top of the morning, everybody. We’re here with one of the smart kids today, right hand pitcher Joey Donino from Columbia University. Hey Joey. How are you today?

Joey - I am doing well. It is the second week of classes and we are just about to kick off our fall season and I couldn't be more excited. I look forward to getting back on the mound, and being 100% healthy following a good summer, which was my first season where I felt 100% since getting Tommy John after my senior year of high school.

Mack – Since you brought it up, tell us about both the physical and mental strain something like TJS can put on your future plans, especially baseball?

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Pre-Surgery Stuff – ‘War Room’, Jon Dickey, Ike Davis, Elvin Ramirez

-I may not be around for Sunday’s ‘War Room’, though I am bringing my laptop to the hospital on Thursday. They have wifi, so we’ll see how I feel. If I’m not, I’m sure ‘Charles’ can come up with a question that morning and lead things off… though, I would need to come up with a question on a post I have pre-planned. Right now, I am out of subjects and have ‘other things on my mind (like my balls)…”. Any thought?

-I saw another another site posted the combined record of Jonathan Niese and RA Dickey vs. the rest of the team. Unbelievable in a bad year, and these were the games both pitchers had decisions in. They didn’t even include the ones they had a lead in when they departed the mound. The Mets will surely extend this ‘kid’s’ contract.

-even Sandy Alderson said to forget rumors that 1B Ike Davis would be traded in the off-season. 30 home runs in a bad season. Seriously?

-do not spend much time worrying about what Jeurys Famila, Jenrry Mejia, or Elvin Ramirez are producing this September. This is quality time with the parent club, getting used to the clubhouse, travel, “real” coaches, etc. Yes, young players throw every pitch with the intension of getting a batter out. They simply have to learn you have to mix these up so even your balls are effective (I’m back to my balls again…).


Look For A Coaching Change in Lucy - Viola

The Mets usually don't announce their new coaching staffs to close to the new season, but it's my educated guess that they are already looking around for a new batting coach in St. Lucie.

Benny Distefano coached at St. Lucie in 2012 after holding down the same spot in 2011 for the Savannah Sand Gnats. It only took one welcome luncheon in Savannah to see that he was already developing a special relationship with two of the future hitting starts of the organization, Cory Vaughn and Darrell Ceciliani. The two of them ate their lunch at the bar with Benny hovering behind them almost as friendly protector (don't get me wrong, Distefano is one of the nicest men you will ever meet in minor league baseball).

The problem is the attachment seems to develop into almost an obsession, where other players were coached and handled at a far less level that Vaughn and DC, but let's go back to Savannah for a minute.

Ceciliani developed a hamstring problem during spring training in 2011 that prevented him from playing in the home opener. Hamstrings, like groin problems, take a short time to almost heal 100% and a very long time to complete the process. And, the only person that can eventually diagnose whether or not it is fully healed would be the player himself. You'll know when you plant yourself in the batters box and take that first swing at a fast ball. You'll know.

Well, it took 1.5 seasons for the hammy to finally go away, mainly because Ceciliani kept managing to get Distefano to allow him back in the game. First, in Savannah and then, the following year, in St. Lucie. Was this the same injury left unattended to in the off-season? Did DC white lie his coach or did the coach rush back a favorite player?

In Vaughn's case, it's his swing, or lack of it. No one in baseball that has ever watched this kid carefully walks away in love with this incomplete way of trying to hit a baseball. Do 20+ baseballs go over the fence in fair territory every year? Yes, but does that same swing produce enough other hits to warrant a 3-4 slot in the lineup? 

Reports are that Vaughn steadfastly defends his swing and will have no part of developing a new one, but is that his choice if you are being paid to play the game by a professional baseball team? No, it was DiStefano's job to get this done and he hasn't.

There's been increased rumblings throughout the season that this special bond has created a division between them and the other field players on the team. Let's face it, a lot of guys went in the wrong direction, hitting wise, in 2011, and they could have used the kind of one-on-two attention Vaughn and Ceciliani got every day pre-game from DiStefano. 

Look for DiStefano to exit the Mets system, Ceciliani to be held back in St. Lucie, and Vaughn to move on to Binghamton. There will be no more troika in the batting case.

One also has to wonder about the fate of Savannah's pitching coach Frank Viola. The team could not compete hitting wise in 2012 and fell short of the playoffs, but they also led in just about every pitching category in the Sally League. 

Yes, Viola had the talent there (some say he couldn't put his best pitchers in the rotation sometime because there were too many), but he obviously was a huge step ahead of anyone this organization has seen in years at this level and one has to make a case of him moving up with his "kids" which look to be the core of the rotation come 2015-2018.

(Yes, before we get too excited... we did feel these vibes many times before... remember the class that produced Mark Cohoon and Eric Beaulac?)

AA remains the test of all minor league pitchers and I would hope the Mets recognize that this is where Viola deserves to be someday.

Draft 13 – Q and A – LHP/IF – Marco Gonzales – Gonzaga

Mack – I’m really excited to talk to one of my favorites here, LHP Marco Gonzales out of Gonzaga. Good morning Marco. First of all, I’d like to ask you a question that I ask many of the players. Take us back to that first time someone put either a bat, glove, or ball in your hands and take us through the that got us to here today?

Marco - Good morning Mack. Well, I think it all started with my Dad, really. He played professionally for eleven years, and he truly got me hooked on the game. I basically grew up in spring training and in the clubhouses of countless minor league teams as he played with Detroit, Boston, and the Yankees. So I guess I don't have a memory of the first time I held a baseball or swung a bat, but it had to have been very special because it has been my life for as long as I can remember, and I love it.

Mack – Look, I don’t usually talk about the draft in these interviews, but you are a college junior and not a high school senior that I’m trying to pry something out of. This has got to be an exciting time for you. What kind of preparations have you made this summer to insure you get through this critical season “in one piece”?

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2013 Projected Minor League Teams

This is the start of a continuing post that we'll update at least one a week throughout the off-season. Right now, it just has my thoughts on the guys that have locked up new assignments next opening day on one of the four full season teams

Now, I'm going to ask for you input regarding some of the players I have listed at the bottom of the page. There's a lot of names there and a bunch of these guys have to say buh-bye, but I'm sure you can convince me to put some of them up here.

We'll then discuss it from there, take names off, put more on, and try and keep busy and positive during the off-season.

Lot's of talent here. We just have to figure out where to play them.

Las Vegas -

SPs - Zack Wheeler, Darin Gorski, Gonzalez Germen, Mark Cohoon, Armondo Rodriguez Greg Peavey

RP -  Chris Schwinden, Brad Holt, Drew Carpenter, Craig Hansen, Ryan Fraser, Elvin Ramirez

IF - Alan Dykstra, Eric Campbell, Wilmer Flores, Reese Havens, Wilfredo Tovar, Jefry Marte, Juan Centeno, Mike Nickeas

OF -  Matt den Dekker, Dustin Martin, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Juan Lagares

Binghanton -

SPs - Rafael Montero, Logan Verrett, Cory Mazzoni, Chase Huchington, Yohan Almonte

RP - Jack Leathersich, Jeff Walters, Adam Kolarek, Taylor Whitenton, Adrian Rosario

IF - Danny Muno, Aderlin Rodriguez, Blake Forsythe

OF - Cory Vaughn, Darrell Ceciliani, Alonzo Harris, Rafael Fernandez

St. Lucie -

SPs - Michael Fulmer, Domingo Tapia, Luis Mateo, Tyler Pill, Jake deGrom, Alex Panteliodes

RPs - TJ Chism, Paul Seward, Marcos Camarena, John Mincone, Chasen Bradford, Estarlin Morel, Carlos Vasquez

IF - Brian Harrison, Phil Evans, Matt Reynolds, Dustin Lawley, Cam Maron

OF - Brandon Nimmo, Gilbert Gomez, Cesar Puello, Travis Taijeron 


 Savannah -

SP - Gabriel Ynoa, Rainy Lara, Luis Cessa, Hansel Robles, Julian Hilario, John Gant

RP - David Wynn, Mathew Bowman, Tyler Vandenheiden, Ernesto Yanez, Logan Taylor, Juan Urbina, Akeel Morris

IF - Jayce Boyd, J C Gamboa, Gavin Cecchini, Kevin Plawecki, Tomas Nido

OF -  Eudy Pena

Now, this was the easy part. As you can see there are plenty of holes (though the rotations seems closed to set.) The problem here is the amount of players in the system that still need to find a home. Let's be fair, many of these will only play for short-season teams, but wait until you see how many relief pitchers there still are in the system! Here goes:

Starters: Angel Cuan, Erik Goeddel, Jim Fuller, Miller Diaz, Dylan Owen, Chris Flexen, Corey Oswalt, Steven Matz, Zach Dotson, Mike Pefrey, Bret Mitchell

Relievers:  Tim Peterson, Robert Whalen, Tim Byrdak, Jeff Stevens, Fernando Cabrera, Hamilton Bennett, Flabio Ortega, Alberto Baldonado, Randy Fontanez, Brandon Moore, Jeff Kaplan, Nick Carr, Persio Reyes, Andres E. Perez, Jack Egbert, Jhonathan Torres, Ramon Estevez, Ediogilis  Vilmil, Shane Bay, Daniel Herrera, Darwin Frias, Jonathan Clark, John Church, Brandon Sage, Jared West, Beck Wheeler, Robert Gsellman, Andrew Masse, Luis Rengel, Chuck James, C.J. Nitkowski, Edgar Ramirez, Mathew Koch, Matt Budgell, Christian Chivilli, Bradon Welsh, Hunter Carnevale, Martires Arias

Infield: - Joe Bonfe, Peter Kuebler, Jeff Diehl, Cole Frenzel, Kevin Weijgertse, Travis Ozga, Rylan Sandoval, Brandon Brown, Yeixon Ruiz, Luis Nieve, Y. De La Cruz, T.J. Rivera, Richie Rodriguez, Anthony Chavez, Ismael Tijerna, Jorge Rivero, Zach Lutz, Jeff Reynolds, Pedro Perez, Robbie Shields, Dimas Ponce, Jean Luc Blaquiere, Kai Gronauer, Albert Cordero, Francisco Pena, Juan Torres, Xorge Carilllo, Nefli Zapata, Edwin Rohan, Alex Machillanada, Jeyckol De Leon, Val Pascuchi, Josh Satin, Josh Rodriguez, Brad Emaus, Oswaldo Navarro, Sean Kazmar, Lucas May, Rob Johnson 

Outfield:  -  Maikel De La Cruz, Vincente Lupo, Joe Tuschak, Pedro Zapata, Julio Concepcion, Michael Bernal, Raul Reyes, Stefan Sabol, Bradley Marguez, Jonathan Leroux, Charles Thurber, Greg Pron, Cory Wiberly, Vinnie Rottino, Fred Lewis


Mets 360 - The Business of Mets Baseball Part I – Wilpon history

The minor league players have left the clubhouses and the major league season is heading towards the playoffs. There’s plenty of coverage here from the other writers regarding what will go on in October, so I’m going to move down to the end of the dugout and revisit a subject I wrote in length about on my old blog.
It’s important for every fan to fully understand the current financial situation of the Mets. We’re not talking about the Bernie Madoff mess, which is old news for the bean counters on Roosevelt Avenue. No, this is a ‘money in, money’ out analysis of a business that is currently prevented from competing against their competition who have more assets rather than debtors.
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Enough of 2012

I don't know about you, but I've had enough of the 2012 season.

Remember, I said from the beginning that this was a 'rag tag team playing rag tag baseball. It was a fun ride before the all-star game, but we all knew by that Cubs series that it wasn't going to last, didn't we?

Bobby Ojeda said it best the other night. This team should have been well over 10 games above .500 at the break. The pitching was off the chart and the two-out hits were spilling over the cup. Yeah, it was great, but no one expected a return to the 1962 Mets

In my opinion, and that's all we have, isn't it, but someone has to take a bullet here. The owners have silenced themselves and taken the ability of the General Manager to change things away for now. The General Manager answers press questions with half-answers and throws the gauntlet to the manager. The manager tells the pitching coach to change pitchers 8-10 times a game letting the pitching coach take the hit. Then when nothing HE does works, he dumps it on the players and tells the press to go ask them if they quit

I've been in baseball clubhouses. You have no idea what it's like to have to answer every night for your shortcomings. Jeremy Heffner fought back tears the other night when Jay Horvitz brought the hoard to his pen first.That's the job. You get the microphones when you strike out 11 or can't last an inning. Kevin gets the first question and than Adam tried to interrupt everybody. I miss it so muchI'm moving on, or, maybe it's back. Remember, this is the 'Keith Olberman' potion of my career.Tomorrow, I'm going to project out next year's opening day lineups on the four full season teams. There's no way I will be close to correct, because we know the Mets always sign at least 10 outsiders to fill in the cracks they feel are in the system. We also have no idea how many players will start the season on the DL, be it a real injury or not

What I do know is that I will begin to do something positive here while using the word 'Mets' and, at the same time, point out just how many players are sitting out there waiting to see what their fate is with this team


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Draft 13 – 9-23-12 – Logan Koch, 2012 South Atlantic Border Battle Showcase, Jiovanni Orozco, Rob Mouton, Shaun Cole, Hunter Renfroe

South Mecklenberg HS (NC) catcher Logan Koch passed on to me an invite he has received for an upcoming showcase. I thought you would find this interesting and, hopefully, if you are in the area, attend to root him on:

We would like to invite you to play in the biggest showcase ever held on North Carolina soil. The 2012 South Atlantic Border Battle showcase event in Burlington, NC at Burlington Stadium home of the Burlington Royals Minor League Affiliate team will take place on Saturday, and Sunday November 3rd, and 4th. This event is STRICTLY INVITE ONLY. in collaboration with Major League Baseball we are compiling teams of talented players like you from South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland-Delaware-Pennsylvania, and New Jersey Each team will be represented by 20 players and will play 2 games each in front of dozens of college coaches and professional scouts. Best of all, the cost of this event is very minimal a $50 registration fee is all that is required when mailing in the attached registration form. All teams will be coached by Area Major League Baseball Scouts, and all of your uniforms will be provided by the MLB team that is coaching your area with the goal of putting you in front of the colleges and pro scouts to showcase your abilities.

On hand will be scouts from the Cards, Pirates, Mets, Rays, Red Sox, Padres, and Royals.

In addition, I will be there to cover it for BLF.

The rest of the report...  


Sunday 8am - ‘The War Room’ Question - 9-23-12

The Mets had a 2012 payroll of $94.508mil.
Sandy Alderson is on record saying the 2013 payroll will be in the “$100mil range”.
The current 2013 ‘books’ stand at $54.475mil. Assuming you renew RA Dickey (+$4.450) and David Wright (+$14,250mil, that will add $18.7mil, with a new 2013 total of $73.175mil)
Some decisions to make:
1.    You will have to add $5mil to this figure if you decide to keep Mike Pelfrey and that decision has to be made before December rolls around 

2.    You have to decide whether you DFA or sign the following players to new, more expensive contracts:
RP     John  Rauch                  $3.5mil
OF     Andres Torres               $2.7mil

RHP  Ramon Ramirez           $2.65mil
C       Kelly Shoppach            $1.35mil
IF      Ronny Cedeno              $1.15mil
OF     Scott Hairston              $1.1mil

RP     Tim Byrdak                   $1.0mil

Lastly, C Josh Thole, 2B Daniel Murphy, and 1B Ike Davis are entering their first arbitration year and will be due a sizeable raise from the minimum
So the question is this…
What kind of team will there be in 2013, what will be the salary, how much is left, and who does the Mets go shopping for?

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Tomorrow 8am - ‘The War Room’ Question - 9-23-12

                              ‘The War Room’ Question - 9-23-12

The Mets had a 2012 payroll of $94.508mil.
Sandy Alderson is on record saying the 2013 payroll will be in the “$100mil range”.
The current 2013 ‘books’ stand at $54.475mil. Assuming you renew RA Dickey (+$4.450) and David Wright (+$14,250mil, that will add $18.7mil, with a new 2013 total of $73.175mil)
Some decisions to make:
1.    You will have to add $5mil to this figure if you decide to keep Mike Pelfrey and that decision has to be made before December rolls around 

2.    You have to decide whether you DFA or sign the following players to new, more expensive contracts:
RP     John  Rauch                  $3.5mil
OF     Andres Torres               $2.7mil

RHP  Ramon Ramirez           $2.65mil
C       Kelly Shoppach            $1.35mil
IF      Ronny Cedeno              $1.15mil
OF     Scott Hairston              $1.1mil

RP     Tim Byrdak                   $1.0mil

Lastly, C Josh Thole, 2B Daniel Murphy, and 1B Ike Davis are entering their first arbitration year and will be due a sizeable raise from the minimum
So the question is this…
What kind of team will there be in 2013, what will be the salary, how much is left, and who does the Mets go shopping for?


Draft 13 – Q and A – OF – Kevin Davis – T.R. Miller H.S. (AL)

Mack – Time to head down to Alabama and visit with OF Kevin Davis, originally from Covington, Virginia, but now living in Brewton, Alabama. Hey Kevin, first, and most important, did everyone come out of the storm okay on your team?

Kevin – Sorry I haven’t got back to you, I just got home from Korea yesterday.

Mack – We’re you playing over there or negotiating a new treaty?

Kevin – Ha ha.. playing with the USA for the world championship !

the rest of the interview... http://bigleaguefutures.net/1/ 


Draft 13 – Matt Hockenberry, Mater Dei, GSU, HCBL, Andy McGuire, Dick Cooke, Frankie Piliere, JP Crawford

No one is going to accuse the Temple Owls (19-34, 7-17 in conference) of being a baseball powerhouse, but you have to ‘start’ somewhere, so why not the pitching. Junior Matt Hockenberry (2012 – 5-4, 6.07, 75.2-IP, 51-K, 30-BB), were sent out to play summer ball with three other Owls, all sophomores, brothers Eric and Patrick Peterson and Adam Dian. ‘Hock’ pitched for the Geneva Red Wings of the New York Collegiate Baseball League (NYCBL) and was named the 11th overall best prospect in the league. Big time summer stat line: 4-0, 2.84, 30-K, 38-IP. Any Temple success this fall starts with Hockenberry every Friday night.

The battle between the CIF Southern Section and sports kingpin Mater Dei H.S. (CA.) has now entered its third year of litigation. Attorney fees are now estimated at exceeding $109,000. This all started with a lawsuit filed by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Orange County against former CIF Commissioner Jim Staunton for alleged bias towards its student athletes. Current and former Mater Dei stars include Ty Moore, Cory Hahn, Mike Hessman, Tony Pena, and Bob Meachem.

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MMs Update

I have reopened Mack’s Mets to:
          -host ‘The War Room’ on Sundays
          -link to my high school/college interviews on www.bigleaguefutures.org
          -link to my Sunday feature on www.mets360.com
          -post occasional Q and A’s with readers
          -offer time and space for other writers to post up their own weekly feature.
          -try to find paid work

Email me at:  macksmets@gmail.com if you are interested in securing my services, either as a Mets or draft writer, on an exclusive basis or not.
If not, see you on Sunday...



Draft 13 – Q and A – SS – Connor Heady - N Oldham H.S. (KY)

Mack - We’re talking today with another of the fine, young, shortstops that are eligible for the upcoming June draft. We’re talking today with Connor Heady, the price of N. Oldham H.S., in Kentucky. Hey Connor, are done with summer ball at this point in the ‘off-season’?

Connor - I haven't quite finished up my season, now moving on to my fall schedule with the Midwest Redbirds and then Jupiter with the Evoshield Canes, coming off a Gold medal finish with USA baseball in Korea, you could say this has been an exciting summer and looking forward to playing more this fall.

Mack – I’m sure you’ve been asked this a thousand times since returning from Seoul, but sum up the USA Baseball experience this season in one paragraph please.

The remainder of the interview...  http://bigleaguefutures.net/1/2012/09/18/draft-13-q-and-a-ss-connor-heady-n-oldham-h-s-ky/

Open Email - Lucas Duda, Ike Davis, Adam Rubin, Robert Carson, Aderlin Rodriguez, Wilmer Flores

Hi Mack,

I'm glad that you continue to write. I have a couple questions for you. I know you have been focusing mainly on the minors, but I am curious about your opinion.

1. I understand that Ike Davis is more valuable in a trade than Lucas Duda, but Ike's first half crushed his stat line and I think he would not be as valuable as he could be to trade this winter. That said, rumors are popping up that Duda will be the first basemen and Davis could get traded this winter. For the first time, the other rumors are Davis is not listening to coaches and he stays out too late. Usually if a player is a problem child, you hear about it, especially with Mets players, as they come up through the minor leagues. This is the first time I have heard that about Davis. What is the real story here behind the scenes? Did he snub Adam Rubin and now Adam is trying to run him out of town? I think Davis is a piece to keep - good defense, turned his offensive season around. I think missing most of last year and whatever virus he had in the spring affected him more than was let on by the him or the organization.

2. Who is running the ship in the minor leagues? It seems like no one can decide what a player's future role will be and stick with it. I get that players like Jenrry Mejia and Jeurys Familia "project" as relievers, but at such young ages, why jerk them around? I'd like to see Familia get a couple starts and if he gets pummeled, he gets pummeled. Robert Carson looks good out of the bullpen, after he failed as a starter. I say let Mejia and Familia fail as starters before converting them rather than shuffle them back and forth. The same goes for the position players. The organization refused to move Wilmer Flores off shortstop forever, and then they shuffled him all over the infield.

Any insight you have would be appreciated.



Okay... off the record (lol) ... and just my opinion...
1. snubbing Adam Rubin would make him the Captain of both the team and the press pool. NO ONE likes Adam Rubin. The team hates him, the players hate him, and the other beat writers hate him. And, IMO, it is earned.
2. Is Adam Rubin a decent reporter? Yes, he is... in fact, he is the best because he's such a pain in the ass. You have to follow him on Twitter (as a fan ) if you want every ounce of Mets info out there every day... he sleeps 3-hrs a day and does this 21-7
3. Personally, IMO, he's an absolute creep... but, that's just me.
4. There is nothing wrong with Ike Davis. He started the season with a fever that robbed him of his strength. (I have a pretty extensive garden... so far this year, I have been stung twice by hornets bitten once by a brown recluse spider... I spent 3 trips to the hospital and was sapped of my strength for weeks). Now, he's on pace to hit 30/100...
5. IMO, Lucas Duda has no trade value whatsoever. This is the best you get... don't read anything into him playing first base right now. It's just showcasing for a possible off-season package deal. Remember, first base IS Duda's natural position.
(the real decision the Mets need to make is what to do with their two potential "future first basemen", Aderlin Rodriguez, and Wilmer Flores. Both of these project as 30/90 MLB hitters but are currently without a position)
6. Paul DePodesa runs the minors, but TC decides who gets called up. Alderson looks over everything, but let's his VPs make their moves. It takes Collins to promote someone like Carson (btw, I am wrong about this guy... he looks like he has the stuff to make it big as a MLB reliever), and then TC can use him however he wants, but he has to be sent back down before DePo gets his hands on him and sends him wherever. Then, the manager of that minor league team choices the role for the player.
BTW... nothing gets done at the minor league level... lineups, demotions, assignments... nothing,,, without the permission of Flushing.
(boy, glad this shit is off-the-record...)

Draft 13 - Q and A - OF/C - Hunter Renfroe - Mississippi State

Mack - Morning everyone! We're talking with someone I am very familiar with, Mississippi State junior OF-C Hunter Renfroe.  Hey, Hunter, hot enough this summer?

Hunter - Yeah I had a great summer I saw the ball great and really looking forward to this spring
Mack - The first question I ask just about everyone is to take us back to that day someone first put either a bat or a ball in your hands and take us through the chapters that got you to this point in your life?

For the rest of the interview:  http://bigleaguefutures.net/1/2012/09/18/draft-13-q-and-a-ofc-hunter-renfroe-mississippi-state/ 

Draft 13 – Q and A – OF – Alex Buccilli – Coastal Carolina

Mack – Okay everybody. We have a ‘senior alert’ which needs a few things explained before you draft this kid and offer him a gazillion dollars to sign. It’s Coastal Carolina OF Alex Buccilli. Hey Alex, howa are things going today?

Alex – Things are going great right now! Beautiful weather of course in Myrtle Beach, which makes it that much easier to progress as a player each day! Getting geared up for my senior year.

For the rest of the interview... http://bigleaguefutures.net/1/2012/09/15/draft-13-q-and-a-of-alex-buccilli-coastal-carolina/ 

Draft 13 – Q and A – RHP – Nick Rumbelow – LSU

Mack – We snagged one of the big ones here folks. LSU’s big RHP Nick Rumbelow has agreed to spend a few minutes with us. Thanks Nick and I assume you’re ‘tossing’ has begun for the upcoming season?

Nick – Yes sir, throwing started up for me on Monday the 3rd of September, after receiving some time off after a heavy work load this summer. After a couple days of throwing under my belt right now I am feeling very well and the arm is 100%.

Mack – First and most important, did you and your teammates that live in the area fair well from Hurricane Issac?

For the rest of the interview... http://bigleaguefutures.net/1/2012/09/14/draft-13-q-and-a-rhp-nick-rumbelow-lsu/

Draft 13 – Q and A – RHP/OF – Zac Ryan – Andrean H.S. (IN)

Mack - We’re travelling back to roots of my ancestors, the great state if Indiana, and we’re talking this morning to Andrean H.S. RHP (we’ll get to what positions he plays later) Zac Ryan. Hey Zach, how’s everything in the Ade homeland?

Zac- Indiana is great. I could go without the winters, but everybody is nice. Plus all my cousins are around here so it's a nice place to be.

The rest of the interview... http://bigleaguefutures.net/1/2012/09/13/draft-13-q-and-a-rhpof-zac-ryan-andrean-h-s-in/ 

Draft 13 – Q and A – LHP – Kevin Ziomek – Vanderbilt

Mack – I’ll thrilled to be talking today with one of the top lefties in the upcoming draft, Vanderbilt’s Kevin Ziomek. Hey Kevin. It seems like we just went through this process a few years ago, doesn’t it? J

Kevin: – Ha, ha, it sure does. Time has really flown by. It’s been a great few years so far at Vandy, I’m really excited to see what next spring will be like for us!

For the rest... http://bigleaguefutures.net/1/ 

Draft 13 – Q and A – RHSP – Thomas Hatch – Jenks H.S. (OK)

Mack – Today’s top prospect is the pride of Jenks High School (OK), RHSP senior Thomas Hatch. Three draft pundits already have Hatch picked in the first round and it’s an honor to spend some time with him today. Hey Thomas (Tom? Tommy?, DT?) How are things out in Oklahoma?

Hatch – Things are great. Right now I’m actually in Long Beach for Area Code but I was home for most of July working out and getting in shape to end the summer with a bang!

For the rest... http://bigleaguefutures.net/1/ 


'The War Room' Returns on Sunday

Baby steps...

'The War Room' will return this Sunday, beginning at 8am EST.

We'll post up the subject around Thursday and, hopefully, the Mets community will respect  the plan and not jump the gun, subject wise.

This will be my only weekly feature here at Mack's Mets. (( probably will like what I do over at the other sites here, but we'll get to that next week). I will continue to write a Mets feature that posts up every Sunday at www.mets360.com and I am also posting a draft feature every Sunday on www.bigleaguefutures.org.

I welcome any writers that would like to have a fixed daily or weekly feature on this site. I don't expect to see most, if any, of the old writers that used to write here to come back. I want writers that can commit to at least a once a week feature, in the range of 400-800 words minimal. That's how the real world works when it comes to sports journalism.

Please email me at macksmets@gmail.com  and we'll discuss you joining "your" site.

The site will never have 6-8 posts a day from me anymore. I simply can't do it, but I can't see why this site can't become a place for writers to develop.

Your comments are welcomed (if I can figure out how to turn them back on). Just be gentle.