Draft 14 – Derek Fisher, Josh Morgan, Jack Flaherty, Jeff Harding Jr., Tyler Beede

draft - derek fisher9-29-13 – XMLBScout – 8.)OF, Derek Fisher, Virginia, 6'2 210, L/R, strong durable build with solid ML arm from the OF, has on the way, plus speed once he gets out of the box, could steal 20 bases in ML once he arrives, has straight away power, a lil glitch in his hitting approach but good strength and bat speed to make adjustments with hitting instruction at the pro level. Definite early round follow for 2014. http://xmlbscout.angelfire.com/

9-21-13 -The player who stood out for the Nighthawks was shortstop Josh Morgan. Morgan didn’t have a strong summer, but PG’s Todd Gold reported that Morgan had been playing very well recently. That was certainly the case Friday night, as Morgan looked lighter and much faster, both with the bat and with his straight line running speed. He had a few long battles at the plate with Vetrovec that could have gone either way.  http://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=9017

9-4-13 – Mack’s Mock Draft v1.0 – 7 – Padres – 3B Jack Flaherty – Harvard-Westlake (CA) HS – I rate Flaherty as the top power hitter in the draft. He has the natural power and, because the ball jumps off the bat, he projects as an above average BA hitter as well.  Only has an average arm so he probably projects to stay at third and not move into the outfield. Potential 35/125 hitter.

9-11-13 - Sully’s 2014 Top 100 MLB HS Draft Prospects – 82.Jeff Harding Jr. – RHP, Cambridge-South Dorchester (MD) HS http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/sullys-2014-top-100-mlb-hs-draft-prospects/

9-30-13 – TTF Mock 2.0 - 7. Philadelphia Phillies — Tyler Beede, RHP, Vanderbilt  At 6’-4” and 215 pounds, the right-hander has the size, along with the stuff, to be an ace at the next level. He features a classic three-pitch mix with a mid-90s plus fastball with great movement, a plus power curveball and a deceptive change-up that freezes hitters. Opponents hit just .187 against him as a sophomore as his ability to miss bats is something to see. The one knock on him is that he also has a tendency to miss the strike zone. His stuff and make-up are top notch, however, and if he can harness his control as a junior, he could challenge Rodon for the top pick. Posted a 2.32 ERA, 1.26 with 103 K/63 BB over 101 innings for the Commodores.  http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-mock-draft-2-0-draft-order-set/38280#5E3F5j1jWOgE69bJ.99

Matt Harvey's Mechanics - You Want To Read This...


Blah, Blah, Blah...

avatar - blah blah blahThe Mets extended the contract of manager Terry Collins for two more seasons. It also includes a team option for a third year in 2013. I understand it's for around $2mil a year, which is a nice raise over the $800K he has been paid this season.

Most of the press conference featured both Collins and General Manager Sandy Alderson saying that the players had to play better. It was only after the press conference when Alderson went one-on-one with the SNY reporter that a considerable amount of time was spent on the need and desire to acquire new ballplayers in the off-season.

I agree with some of the things that Alderson said about the last 100 games, which were players with a 50-50 record and a considerable lack of playing time from both David Wright and Matt Harvey.

Let's put the minor league teams and players aside and just talk about good things that came out of Queens this year.

--No one excited the fan base more than the addition of RHP Zack Wheeler to the rotation. My guess is that Matt Harvey will be lost for the 2014 season which makes this addition even more important. Wheeler is already showing the signs that he could develop into an annual all-star and, coupled with Harvey in 2015, could be the most exciting 1-2 punch in baseball.

-The addition of RHRP Vic Black looks like will be a winner for many seasons to come. Alderson timed the trade of Marlon Byrd and John Buck to secure this major league rin addition to a future prospect at second base.

-The production of RHRP Gonzalez Germen has been a pleasant surprise, especially after a basically lackluster minor league career.

-No one has figured out if Carlos Torres is a starter or long reliever; however, he has established himself as a positive addition to this team.

- C Travis d'Arnaud is obviously going to be a plus, RF Eric Young Jr. led the league in steals, and CF Juan Lagares set a new team rookie record for outfield assists.

This is all some real good shit, but it still added up to a season that didn't produce one more victory than the year before. And, like we seem to say every year, it's a game of inches that always seems to go the wrong way for this team.

Is there a central theme of general problem here?

Yes there is.

The team doesn't have enough talent.

But now, management has run out of all the bullshit and rhetoric. Thee are no more contract excuses. The books are clear and it's time to put up or shut up. Alderson got his protected pick and supposedly have more money in his pocket than Walter White had in all those barrels he buried.

Don't waste my time and go on television and tell me that the current team needs to play better. You know this is their level of talent and, frankly, they probably played above it already this season. The secret to immediate success for this team is through free agents and trades that haven't been made yet and, until they are, it's all blah, blah, blah to me.

No more chit-chat.





The Mets run towards victory in season's final lap.


To me, it almost seems fitting that the Mets would pull off an unexpected win (and some excitement) on a day when Mike Piazza is celebrated. Maybe it was in the spirit of the day. So the old story goes, Mike Piazza was basically drafted ONLY as a favor from one friend to another. Only, in the end, that favor turned into a celebrated career for a player who believed in himself. Maybe it is a sign that these current Mets need to start believing in themselves.
What may have been another lost season, could also become a new day in the 'other New York team' era. Instead of heartbreaking losses, injuries, and lost expectations for a dream season (well, at least one where they go over .500), the shift will now further focus towards the future. Sandy Alderson is still around. Terry Collins appears to be back for at least the next 2 seasons, and David Wright is still here (yeah, I keep bringing that up, I'm just still really excited about that).
The all mighty (and publicized) protected draft pick is officially in the Mets possession. So now what? The San Francisco Giants already locked up one of the high priced OF's by resigning Hunter Pence. So there goes that Idea. Depending on who you ask, that $90 mil might actually bump up Choo to over $100 mil. That might price him out of the market, no matter how many times this year he was linked to the Mets.
Oh, and, congrats to me for going 3 whole paragraphs without mentioning the fact that Matt Harvey might still not see the mound until 2015 unless all goes well in the next 6-8 weeks. But the bottom line is that the Mets continued to fight, until the very end. When they were hitting, they couldn't pitch. When they were pitching, they couldn't hit. They started out with too many pitchers. They ended with not enough. But, despite it all, and with another losing season guaranteed, Daniel Murphy hit .305 in September, some kid named Juan Lagares had the most outfield assists by a rookie in 6 years, a dude named Vic showed up and somehow amassed 3 quick wins out of the bullpen, Travis d-Arnoud stopped getting hurt and made his debut, and John Niese ended the season with 4 straight quality starts.
The bottom line is that I'm still proud to be a Mets fan. Maybe we are still the lovable losers at this point, but help is on the way. There are pitching prospects growing like weeds down on the farm. No matter what kind of ownership we have, its hard to imagine not spending at least some of the $50+ mil in extra money this offseason.
Maybe they won't sign a $100 million dollar man. Maybe they shouldn't anyway. Has anyone been watching baseball lately? It seems like every perennial all star who signed a 7-10 year contract faded more and more as time went on in that contract, some a lot sooner then others. Might be time to not rush to judgement in regards to outbidding the Yankees, Angels, Dodgers and Rangers for a high priced talent (see Jason Bay........always see Jason bay in this discussion of spending....always)
For now, let's celebrate what we have. Homegrown talent, young power pitching, a career player/captain in the organization, and highly ranked pitching and hitting prospects who might actually play for the Mets, and not some other club in a trade deadline move to rent a player.
Congrats to the Mets who continued to fight. Congrats to the fans who stuck around to watch it.

Draft 14 – Tyler Kolek, Matt Wezniak, Brandon Finnegan, Grant Homes, Carlos Rodon


draft - tyler kolek 4

8-21-13 – Area Code Games - 1. Tyler Kolek, rhp, Shepherd (Texas) High/Houston Heat - The 6-foot-5, 245-pound Kolek separated himself from the rest of the high school crop early in the summer and retained his billing as the top hurler in the class after showing his mid-90s fastball that touched 96 mph in Long Beach. His high-70s breaking ball showed two-plane break and depth. Although he gave up five hits in three innings and his fastball velocity fell to the low-90s in his third frame, four of his nine outs came via the strikeout. The Texas Christian commit will be the first player ever drafted from his high school. http://www.baseballamerica.com/draft/area-code-games-top-10-prospects/

9-21-13 – 1B Matt Wezniak is another one of the Clippers D-I commits, his to San Diego State. He is a strong, well-built player with an athletic frame. Wezniak has a smooth, fluid swing with some pop and he also runs well, especially for his size.  http://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=9017

9-4-13 – Mack’s Mock Draft v1.0 – 27 –  LHP Brandon Finnegan – TCU – In any other year Finnegan would be easily ranked as the top college lefty in the draft.  Fastball: 93-96, 97…  slider: 85-85... change 82-85… Very polished pitcher who mixes pitches well. Some project him out as an eventual closer.

9-11-13 - Sully’s 2014 Top 100 MLB HS Draft Prospects - 2.Grant Holmes – RHP, Conway (SC) HS http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/sullys-2014-top-100-mlb-hs-draft-prospects/

9-12-13 - Liam (Dallas) - Do you think Tyler Kolek is the best non-Rodon pitcher in next year's draft class?... Keith Law: No. Chris Crawford and I are going to do a too-early ranking later this month, but I can tell you Kolek isn't the second pitcher on it. Carlos Rodon will be 1-1, of course.

Draft 14 - TTF - Mock v2.0

avatar - TTF

1. Houston Astros — Carlos Rodon, LHP, North Carolina  State

The “Lastros” have now secured the first-overall pick a record three years in  a row. Barring an injury or signability issues, their prize this year will be  Rodon, a 6’-3”, 240 pound southpaw with exceptional stuff. As a sophomore for  the Wolfpack, he posted a 2.99 ERA, 1.05 WHIP with 184 K/45 BB over 132.1  innings. He then went out and dominated for the Collegiate National Team, going  3-0 with 21 K/4 BB over 17 shutout innings, allowing just five hits. He has a  five-pitch arsenal that includes a mid-90s heater, a power slider, a lethal  cutter, an above-average curveball and a change-up with nice fade. He commands  all of them well and is comfortable throwing any of them in any situation. After  taking Mark Appel with the first-overall pick in this year’s draft, he and Rodon  could form a devastating 1-2 punch at the top of the rotation for an  organization loaded with talent.

2. Miami Marlins — Trea Turner, SS, North Carolina State

There are a lot of players who could go second-overall but I like Turner, a  6’-1” right-hander with plus/plus speed, an excellent approach at the plate and  a kid who will remain at a premium position due to his silly range, strong arm  and instincts on the field. Over 56 games as a sophomore, he hit .368/.455/.553  with 30 stolen bases and drew 38 walks to just 30 strikeouts. He also hit seven  home runs, showing developing power. As a freshman, he led the nation in stolen  bases with 57 and was only thrown out four times. An alumni of Team USA  Baseball, he is a franchise-type player and should be a huge fan favorite.

3. Chicago White Sox — Jacob Gatewood, SS, Clovis HS  (CA)

With maybe the worst farm system in baseball, the White Sox have a chance to  add a franchise player here and should go after the kid with perhaps the highest  ceiling among the prep bats. Gatewood is a 6’-5”, 190 pound right-hander with  some serious raw power, as well as excellent bat speed. He won the Junior Home  Run Derby at Citi Field, slugging 13 home runs — three of them reaching the  third deck. I also got to see him launch several bombs out of Wrigley Field as  he won the home run derby at the 2013 Under Armour All American Game. He most  likely will have to move off shortstop but his canon arm and instincts should  play well at the hot corner or a corner outfield spot where his bat will more  than justify the position. High character kid who is committed to USC.

4. Chicago Cubs — Jeff Hoffman, RHP, East Carolina

With Javier Baez, Kris Bryant, Albert Almora and Jorge Soler leading the way,  the Cubs have some outstanding offensive potential coming through the system at  a rapid pace. By selecting Hoffman here, they can hopefully add that ace in the  rotation they so desperately need. The 6’-4”, 200-pound right-hander was  dominate at the Cape Cod League this year. Over 24.1 innings, he had 33 K/5 BB  and allowed 20 hits for Hyannis. His fastball can touch 98 mph, and both his  curveball and change-up are solid offerings and getting better. Over 15 starts  as a sophomore, he had a 3.20 ERA, 1.26 WHIP and 84 K/39 BB over 109.2 innings.  His 7.3 innings-per-start show the kind of stamina he has, and he maintains  velocity deep in games.

5. Minnesota Twins — Tyler Kolek, RHP, Sheppard HS (TX)

After selecting flamethrower Kohl Stewart fourth-overall this year, the Twins  can add another power arm in Kolek, a 6’-6”, 240 pound right-hander who can  touch triple-digits with his fastball. I got to see him throw at Wrigley and he  was hitting 99 mph with ease. He also shows a good feel for a slider that has  plus potential. His size suggests even more velocity could be coming, and he has  great body control considering his frame. He has been timed at 4.8 in the 40,  showing great athleticism. He is another in a long line of country strong, hard  throwers from the state of Texas.

6. Seattle Mariners — Michael Gettys, OF, Gainesville HS  (GA)

There isn’t much to nitpick about the 6’-2” right-hander with all five tools.  He has plus speed, an arm that has been clocked at 100 mph from the outfield  and, with great bat speed, the power is coming fast. A two-way player with great  stuff on the mound, his future is in the outfield where his speed and arm make  him a legitimate center field prospect at the next level. Another kid who I got  to see launch bombs out of Wrigley, as well as show off him arm with a strike to  third base from centerfield, the Mariners would be getting a high character kid  with as much talent as anyone in the 2014 MLB draft.

Visit our Draft Board page for interviews, updates,  and list of mock drafts!

7. Philadelphia Phillies — Tyler Beede, RHP, Vanderbilt

At 6’-4” and 215 pounds, the right-hander has the size, along with the stuff,  to be an ace at the next level. He features a classic three-pitch mix with a  mid-90s plus fastball with great movement, a plus power curveball and a  deceptive change-up that freezes hitters. Opponents hit just .187 against him as  a sophomore as his ability to miss bats is something to see. The one knock on  him is that he also has a tendency to miss the strike zone. His stuff and  make-up are top notch, however, and if he can harness his control as a junior,  he could challenge Rodon for the top pick. Posted a 2.32 ERA, 1.26 with 103 K/63  BB over 101 innings for the Commodores.

8. Colorado Rockies — Sean Newcomb, LHP, Hartford

The 6’-5”, 240-pound southpaw was among the leaders in K/9 with a 11.5 mark  this season thanks to a fastball that can touch 95 mph. Over 13 starts, he had a  3.75 ERA, 1.25 WHIP and 92 K/37 BB over 72 innings while holding hitters to a  .213 batting average. With increased improvement of his command, as well as  secondary stuff, he should be a big name to watch next year.

9. Toronto Blue Jays — Braxton Davidson, OF, TC Roberson HS  (NC)

The 6’-3”, 215-pound left-hander will be one of the best prep bats in the  2014 MLB mock draft (and the real one too) due to his bat speed, advanced  approach at the plate and raw power. He shows good pitch recognition, and his  strong wrists allow him to wait on any pitch. Over 31 games as a junior, he hit  .403 with seven doubles, eight home runs, and drew 30 walks for a .600 OBP/.831  SLG. His strong arm would play well in a corner outfield spot.

10. New York Mets — Grant Holmes, RHP, Conway HS (SC)

A Florida Gator commit, the 6’-2”, 190-pound right-hander hit 96 mph at the  Perfect Game Nationals and flashed a plus curveball with excellent command. He  also hit 95 mph at the PG Classic, showing one of the better fastballs in the  prep class. He adds an above-average change-up, rounding out a solid three-pitch  mix. Some scouts think he has maxed out physically, limiting his upside, but as  it is, he profiles to a mid-rotation starter and possibly as high as a two. He  is a very good athlete with a sound delivery and one of the best prep arms in  the draft.

Read more at http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-mock-draft-2-0-draft-order-set/38280#5E3F5j1jWOgE69bJ.99


The rest of the list... http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-mock-draft-2-0-draft-order-set/38280

Draft 14 - A Quick Look At - 1B - Justin Bellinger - St. Sebastian’s HS (MA)

draft - justin bellingerJustin Bellinger

6-13-13  -  20 - Detroit Tigers — Justin Bellinger, 1B, St. Sebastian’s HS (MA) - At 6’-5” and 235 pounds, the power potential is massive with the left-handed hitter. His patient approach at the plate, along with his strong wrists, allows him to wait on any pitch and drive it into the stratosphere. He has been a fixture at all of the summer events and showcases and is always one of the top performers. He doesn’t have a lot of speed (7.1/60) but he does project to a solid defender at first base. http://beforeitsnews.com/sports/2013/06/2014-mlb-mock-draft-1-0-no-time-like-the-present-2513748.html?currentSplittedPage=2

6-13-13 - Justin Bellinger hit .415 with eight home runs for St. Sebastian's School in 2013. .No prep player from Massachusetts was drafted this year, but that could change next year when Bellinger is available. He batted .415 with 36 RBI and eight home runs. He had a monster game against Portsmouth Abbey in the first game of the year, belting three home runs with 11 RBIs. Followed that outing with a triple and home run and eight RBIs against Dexter School. http://www.maxpreps.com/news/article.aspx?articleid=7c0ad513-b5e1-4ac1-b57e-8dedcc72c783&page=7

7-2-13 - 30.  - 2014 Top 100 High School Prospects - Justin Bellinger- 1B, St. Sebastians (MA) HS http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/jeff-sullivans-top-100-2014-prospects/

Mack Ade – Morning Report – 9-29-13 – FA’s, Chris Flexen, Champ Stewart, 2014 25-man

avatar - writer

Hot Stove - Buster Olney report that there will be changes in the Colorado Rockies front office… LAD’s OF Matt Kemp will not be activated for the post season. An MRI on Sunday ruled him out… Per Buster Olney, Yankees manager Joe Girardi will be demanding much more than the $3mil he was paid this season... Nelson Cruz activated for tiebreaker game


Consider this an extension of yesterday’s ‘War Room’ discussion.

The Mets could play their cards right this off season and have this be the last time they have to overspend for medium-grade free agents. In their world, the only player worth $20mil a season in David Wright. That’s fine, but the odds of you building a successful team through draft picks is high.

Carlos Beltran, Nelson Cruz, and Marlon Byrd and perfect examples of players that are going to cost around $12-15mil for at least 2-years. It doesn’t matter if they are worth it; what matters is the going rate for players at this age and talent level.

If the Mets have the money… and it’s not coming out of mine or your pocket, why does everyone care if the Mets sign two of these guys in the off-season? You table the need for a new outfielder until 2016.

I don’t want to keep beating a dead outfielder, but this kind of scenario even leaves you enough money to go get yourself a new shortstop or SP5.

I don’t get it.


Ben (Leland Grove): Chris Flexen has put together some amazing lines this season, so I was surprised not to see him higher on your list. I know he's repeating the league, but do you believe he is just not as good as his numbers indicate? Thanks.

Clint Longenecker: Flexen has a solid stuff but posted such a strong statistical season because of his advanced pitchability for the level, according to evaluators. He pounded the strike zone (1.57BB/9IP), and his ability to throw his breaking ball for strikes was a big separator that confounded young hitters. Evaluators want to see how he fares against more advanced hitters. To him repeating the league, he made real adjustments this year that enabled his success. He really took to second year Mets pitching coordinator Ron Romanick's throwing program and made big mechanical adjustments. His progress was real, and he gets glowing reports on his competitiveness and work ethic.

Aaron Bauer (Atlanta, GA): Why is Chris Flexen ranked so low? He had a great bounce-back season from his debut last year. Does he still project to be a starter even if he is ways away?

Clint Longenecker: Given his command and ability to throw multiple offspeed pitches for strikes, Flexen fits the profile of a backend starter, and that is the way the Mets will advance him throughout the next few years. http://www.baseballamerica.com/chat/?1380197414


Russell (Long suffering Mets fan): What's your view of Champ Stewart's potential?

Clint Longenecker: Stuart has impressive speed, at least 70 grade on the 20-80 scale, and an age arm. Just physically, some in the league said that his body looked like Austin Jackson. He is a pull hitter that struggled to make contact (31 K rate). A lot of his development comes down to the ability to make contact and not trying to put too much loft into his swing. But he is interesting. http://www.baseballamerica.com/chat/?1380197414


Veteran Mack’s Mets readers know that this is the time of the year I begin to build my next year’s 25-man. It only includes the best of the best and players that have earned a spot on the roster this far out. I usually don’t add in the utility players until the end because I think a team has to first decide who the starters will be and their strengths.

My ’25-man’ right now has 13 players. Five are starters (Zack Wheeler, Matt Harvey, Jon Niese, Dillon Gee, Jenrry Mejia), five are relievers (Bobby Parnell, Vic Black, Jeurys Familia, Gonzalez Germen, Carlos Torres), and three are infielders (2B Daniel Murphy, 3B David Wright, C Travis d’Arnaud).

There are some pending health issues that could alter this list, but, for now, this is the beginnings of ‘my’ 2014 team.

I’ve decided to stick with Murphy at second base over Wilmer Flores, a ballplayer that simply will never have a position to play in this game. I also have none of the current outfielders on my roster… yet… and shortstop is also still a question. This is how I would go into the off-season/trade/free agent market with money in one hand and a list of minor league starters in the other. Let the phones ring.



September 29th - Mets 3, Brewers 2

September 29thSunday afternoon the Mets closed their season on Mike Piazza Day….and while they miss his offense, the Mets come from behind late and beat the Brewers 3-2 averting a 4 game sweep of their last series of the year. The Mets finish up matching their 2012 record of 74-88. They finish with a worse  home record of 33-48, 3 games behind 2012. The Mets scored their first run in the bottom of the first thanks to the speed of Eric Young Jr. who ends the season showing what his speed can bring. Young led off with a single, stole  2nd and 3rd and then came home on a very short pop out sac-fly to right field by David Wright and it was 1-0 Mets.  Jon Niese started for the Mets and was looking to finish over .500…but it wasn’t to be. In the 4th, Jonathon Lucroy scored on an infield hit by Sean Halton, which first base umpire CB Bucknor clearly missed.  Logan Schafer followed with an infield hit to score Carlos Gomez with the go ahead run. Niese gave up  5 of the 6 hits he allowed in inning but it would have been much worse  if not for both Young and Juan Legares throwing out runners at the plate to save a pair of runs. In the bottom of the 8th, some luck finally came the Mets way. Juan Legares reached 1st on a throwing error. Then Juan Centeno hit a bunt single which was fielded and thrown away by Lucroy and Legares scored the tying run from 1st.  A squib ground out by Young brought home pinch runner Matt Den Dekker to give the Mets the lead.  Niese went 6, he allowed 6 hits, allowing 2 runs (earned) walked 2 and struck out 2..he gets the no-decision  finishes at 8-8 with a 3.71 era.  Vic Black who pitched a scoreless 8th gets the win he finishes 3-0. Frank Francisco pitched the 9th and got his 1st save in his probable last appearance as a Met. Young with the two stolen bases finishes with 47 and claims the NL SB title. Daniel Murphy finishes with  a team leading 188 hits led the team with 161 games played . That wraps up 2013….All eyes now to the post-season and possibilities that lie ahead for 2014. This is Craig Mitchell on the NY Mets Metsforum. https://www.facebook.com/MetsForum

Draft 14 – Touki Toussaint, James Monaghan, Brady Aiken, Luis Ortiz, Kyle Keller


draft - Touki Toussaint

8-21-13 – Area Code Games - 8. Touki Toussaint, rhp, Coral Springs Christian (Fla.)/ Atlanta Blue Jays - Toussaint burst onto the scene as a 16-year-old last summer at Tournament of Stars before an otherworldly performance at the WWBA in Jupiter in October, when he struck out 18 in six innings and showed a mid-90s fastball and plus curveball. Toussaint, who was a soccer player until he started playing baseball four years ago and lived in Haiti for six years, offers rare athleticism for a pitcher and has one of the highest upsides of any high school pitcher. At 6-foot-1, 198-pounds, Toussaint has a wiry, athletic build with long limbs. He has loose, whip-like action from a three-quarter slot and gets extension out front. His fastball sat 90-94 mph and touched 95 with natural cut in Long Beach. Toussaint threw some above-average curveballs with depth but the low-to-mid 70s pitch was inconsistent. He is working a high-80s cutter/slider and low-80s changeup into his repertoire. With three walks in as many innings, Toussaint’s command was not sharp. His lower half has been leaking in his delivery this summer and he has a late hand break. But Toussiant,  once committed to Miami but currently uncommitted, has the athleticism necessary to improve his control. He will form one of the top batteries in the country with Benito Santiago, a lefthanded-hitting catcher who is one of the top catchers in the country, the son of the former big league by the same name. http://www.baseballamerica.com/draft/area-code-games-top-10-prospects/

9-21-13 –  Team Maryland is staying in the same hotel as myself and they had some interesting players in their lineup, with one standing out above the rest, literally. At 6-foot-5, 187-pounds, 1B James Monaghan  is a projectable lefthanded hitting first basemen, showing bat speed, along with power potential, with more to come once he starts to fill out his frame. He is one of only three 2015 grads listed in the program on a strong team from Maryland. .  http://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=9017

9-4-13 – Mack’s Mock Draft v1.0 – 16 –  LHP Brady Aiken – Cathedral Catholic (CA) HS – 6-4 frame, Aiken is going to be a great major league pitcher. Had a great summer at the 11th All-American Classic and the Area Code Games. Every scout was wowed by his control… 91-92 fastball… 73-74 curve. He also will be one of the youngest players in the 2014 draft. Could easily wind up a top 10 pick.

9-11-13 - Sully’s 2014 Top 100 MLB HS Draft Prospects – 12.Luis Ortiz – RHP, Sanger (CA) HS http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/sullys-2014-top-100-mlb-hs-draft-prospects/

9-23-13 - Southeastern Louisiana pitcher Kyle Keller, who pitched for the Victoria Generals of the Texas Collegiate League this past summer, was named Thursday to Baseball America's top prospects lists covering 21 college summer leagues.   BA ranked the top 30 prospects for the talent-rich Cape Cod League, the top 20 prospects for Team USA, the top 25 in the Northwoods League, and the top 10 prospects in 18 other summer college leagues, plus a top five in the New York Collegiate Baseball League.  Named the eighth-best prospect in the TCL earlier this week as well by Perfect Game, the 6-foot-4 right-hander turned some heads with a fastball reaching 95 mph.  http://www.sportsnola.com/sports/local-sports-news/slu-news/599678-keller-named-to-baseball-americas-top-prospect-lists.html

Draft 14 - A Quick Look At - C - Chase Vallott - St. Thomas More (LA) HS

draft - chase vallotChase Vallot


7-24-13  -  Chase Vallot, c, St. Thomas, Youngsville, La./Marucci Elite  - The 6-foot, 200-pound Vallot has a compact, physical build and muscular lower half. He has a strong arm capable of pop times in the 1.9-2.0 second range. His hands and receiving skills are developing. With a wide base and minimal stride, the strong-bodied backstop produces good raw power. The Mississippi State recruit has good athleticism for the position and has posted average running times to first base. Vallot is one of the youngest players in the class and will not turn 18 until the end of the minor league season next year. http://www.baseballamerica.com/draft/tyler-koleks-heavy-fastball-among-tournament-of-stars-standouts/

7-25-13 – Top 30 High School Prospects For 2014 Draft - 19. Chase Vallot, C, St. Thomas More HS (LA) - 6'0/205, R/R, Draft Day Age: 17.79, Mississippi State commit, Full Report - Quick Take: Vallot is just five days older than Forbes in the competition for youngest player in the class and also brings a lot of tools to the table. He has an ability to stick behind the plate with an above average arm and a powerful, sturdy frame that already generates average raw power with a good mix of bat speed and strength. http://sbb.scout.com/2/1310090.html

2013 East Coast Pro Showcase Top 50 Prospects    - 13. Chase Vallot – C, St. Thomas More (LA) HS - One of the elite bats in the class. Big time power and hits everything hard. Also stands out behind the plate. http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/sullys-top-50-ecp-prospects/

8-14-13 – Through The Fence – Top 50 Prospects – 44. Chase Vallot, C, St. Thomas More HS (LA) - One of the youngest players in the draft, the 6’-0”, 205-pound right-hander generates a ton of raw power due to his bat speed and strong wrists. His strong arm, size and footwork should allow him to stick at a premium position and he also has pretty good speed. Committed to Mississippi State. http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-draft-top-50-prospects/36463#mwWwsFxSUZy7YC5V.99

8-23-13 - Player:  Chase Vallot   Primary Position:  C  Height/Weight:  6’0/210  Bats/Throws:  R/R  Home Town:  Youngsville, LA  School:  St. Thomas More  Travel Team(s):  Marucci Elite  Class of:  2014  Committed To:  Mississippi State - Scouting Notes: 2013 USA Tournament of Stars notes from Don Olsen: Chase is thick compact athletic build in an Austin Romine type mold. His swing has a little load and drops a tad early, leaving him a little long, but good bat speed to work with down the line.  The swing has a line drive path with a bit of loft. He has a patient approach that shows the plate coverage to work gap to gap type production, may show above average power. Defensively, he shows a clean set up, quite footwork, high caliber receiver.  Chase possesses a strong arm with quick transfer that already POP sub http://bigleaguefutures.net/1/2013/08/22/2014-mlb-draft-profile-chase-vallot/

8-15-13 - Under Armour All-Star Game – Chase Vallot, C:  If the Cubs can't land Jackson or feel like he can't stick at catcher, Vallot is the next best prep option.  There's a lot to like about Vallot, starting with a strong arm and great pop times (1.92 seconds) though like most H.S. catchers, he still needs work on his receiving skills.  Vallot has a strong build and should hit for power and as a bonus, is a pretty good athlete.  He's someone the Cubs could certainly be interested in if he lasts to their second pick -- but Vallot also has a chance to shoot up higher into the first round with a good season. http://www.chicagonow.com/cubs-den/2013/08/2014-mlb-draft-ua-game-roster-and-preview-plus-more-tickets-and-meet-up-information/

9-4-13 – Mack’s Mock Draft v1.0 – 22 – C Chase Vellott – St. Thomas More (LA) HS – There’s a lot of good catching in this draft and Vellott is one of them. Has a strong arm capable of pop times in the 1.9-2.0 second range. Vallot is one of the youngest players in the class and will not turn 18 until the end of the minor league season next year

9-8-13 - <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/WsCEyRWoN0Y?feature=player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

9-11-13 - Sully’s 2014 Top 100 MLB HS Draft Prospects – 16.Chase Vallot – C, St. Thomas More (LA) HS http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/sullys-2014-top-100-mlb-hs-draft-prospects/

The War Room - Terry Collins and Hunter Pence

avatar - war room


Reports are that Terry Collins will receive a 2-year extension, with a third year team option.

I think this is an extremely bad decision and will gladly discuss this here today in 'The War Room'.

And... I see than Hunter Pence has signed a $90mil extension... what does this do to the OF-FA market and what's the going rate on Choo?

Your thoughts...









Mets Get Protected Pick...

avatar - 2014To probably sign no one.

This whole protect pick crap probably went out the door with the Hunter Pence $90mil extension today with his current team, the San Francisco Giants.

Sandy Alderson is not going to get into a pissing contest with Scott "Just Call Saul" Boras over Shin-Soo Choo, whose services just bumped up to the $130mil+ range.

We'll talk more about this tomorrow in 'The War Room'.




September 28th - Brewers 4, Mets 2 (10 innings)

9282013Saturday afternoon  Carlo Gomez had 4 hits including a dinger and the go ahead rbi single in the top of the 10th, the Brewers win their 3rd straight against the Mets in 10 innings 4-2. Aaron Harang had his best start as a Met going 6 innings allowing 5 hits, 1 run (earned) walking 2 and struck out 7…..but he left after six with the game tied at 1 and gets saddled with a no-decision.  The Brewers scored their only run off Harang in the 4th inning on a solo home run by former Met Carlos Gomez his 24th on the year. The Mets tied it on a sac-fly by Daniel Murphy in the bottom of the inning.  Jim Nelson started for the Brewers and he was gone after 5 allowing just 1 hit, while walking three striking out 4.  In the bottom of the 7th the Met offensive futility peaked. The Mets loaded the bases with none out and reliever Mike Blazek got Eric Young Jr. to line out to center, Lucas Duda to pop out and David Wright to ground out….big opportunity lost. In the 8th Vic Black ran into some trouble as he loaded the bases with 1 out that set up Yuniesky Betancourt to bring home the go ahead run with a sac fly. In the bottom of the ninth after a pair of walks, Eric Young Jr. doubled down the left field line bringing home Matt Den Dekker with the tying run, and to extra innings they went. In the 10th Scott Atchison allowed  a walk and three consecutive singles by Lucroy, Gomez and Bentancourt (rbi singles by Gomez and Betancout)  to make it 4-2.  Frank Francisco came in and got the Mets out of the inning, but the damage was done. Atchison takes the loss he falls to 3-3.  Donovan Hand picks up the win (his first ML win) he’s now 1-5. Alfredo Figaro notched his 1st ML save. With the loss the Mets fall to 73-88 on the year and 32-48 at home.  Sunday Afternoon is the season finale, it’s also Mike Piazza Day. Jon Niese  (8-8  3.74) looks to cap off the season with his 9th win.  Marco Estrada (7-4  4.02) goes for Milwaukee. https://www.facebook.com/MetsForum

Draft 14 - Michael Cederoth, Nick Gordon, Marcus Wilson, Grant Holmes, Chris Oliver


draft - michael cederoth9-8-13 – Exclusive – There might be some injury news involving San Diego State RHP Michael Cederoth that could be driving him down the mock drafts as that season progresses. Confidentail word is he pitched most of 2-13 with a similar partial tear that the Mets’ Michael Harvey currently has it this should drive him out of any consideration as a first round pick.

8-15-13 - Under Armour All-Star Game – Nicholas Gordon: SS/RHP:  The son of former pitcher Tom Gordon, Nick also has a very good arm and can bring it at up to 92 mph but he's also a SS, where he may stand out more as a speedy top of the order hitter with great range, arm, and instincts in the field. http://www.chicagonow.com/cubs-den/2013/08/2014-mlb-draft-ua-game-roster-and-preview-plus-more-tickets-and-meet-up-information/

8-14-13 – Through The Fence – Top 50 Prospects – 48. Marcus Wilson, OF, Serra HS (CA) - At 6’-3” and 180 pounds, the right-hander is raw in areas but has a lot of upside based on his plus speed and ability to drive the ball to all fields. His size implies more power will come. He also has a plus arm and is one of those players that gets better every time out. One of the youngest players in the 2014 MLB draft and one of those quick-twitch athletes that scouts love. Committed to Arizona State. http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-draft-top-50-prospects/36463#mwWwsFxSUZy7YC5V.99

9-4-13 – Mack’s Mock Draft v1.0 – 14 – RHP Grant Holmes – Conway (SC) HS – The last of the ‘big 4’ high school right handers. Holmes  sits 93-95 and has an above average chamge-up. He’s only 6-1 which could lead him in the direction of the pen someday.

9-10-13 – Top Arms in 2013 Cape Cod League - Chris Oliver (Ark. Jr.) 6-4/180, Harwich Mariners 14 IP, 16 K, 2.57 ERA: FB 88-96 SL 84-88 -  I caught a lot of Harwich games, which was good enough for me to watch Oliver on multiple occasions. The stuff is excellent. He generates downward plane, and the slider is very tight. The arm action and finish to his delivery aren’t ideal, but it should not be a detriment in his relief role. http://bullpenbanter.com/2013-all-cape-team-pitchers/

Draft 14 - A Quick Look At: - C - Devon Fisher - Greenbrier Christian Academy (VA)

draft - devon fisherDevon Fisher 

7-2-13 -  2014 Top 100 High School Prospects - 98. Devon Fisher- C, Greenbrier Christian Academy (VA)  http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/jeff-sullivans-top-100-2014-prospects/


2013 East Coast Pro Showcase Top 50 Prospects    - 28. Devon Fisher – C, Western Branch (VA) HS - Liked Fisher a lot at TOS, but he played even better here at ECP. Really impressive behind the plate and with the bat.   http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/sullys-top-50-ecp-prospects/

8-20-13  -  LOS ANGELES - The Blue team used a pair of home runs and a five-run first inning to beat the Red team, 10-2, in Game 3 of the 2013 USA Baseball 18U National Team Trials at Dodger Stadium on Monday evening – C   Devon Fisher (Portsmouth, Va.) wasted no time getting acquainted to playing in a major league stadium.  following up RBI hits from Jakson Reetz (Hickman, Neb.) and Scott Hurst (Glendora, Calif.), Fisher launched a two-run home run into the left field seats to give the Blue team a 5-0 lead in the bottom of the first. The catcher followed up the home run with a triple to right center in the bottom of the fourth, finishing the night 2-for-3 with a walk. http://web.usabaseball.com/article.jsp?ymd=20130820&content_id=57577990&vkey=news_usab

9-11-13 - Sully’s 2014 Top 100 MLB HS Draft Prospects – 39.Devon Fisher – C, Western Branch (VA) HS http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/sullys-2014-top-100-mlb-hs-draft-prospects/

Mack Ade – Morning Report – 9-28-13 – Bud Selig, Amed Rosario, Cesar Puello, Dilson Herrera, Gavin Cecchini

mets - amed rosarioThe announcement that the Commissioner of Baseball is stepping down after the same season that Sandy Alderson’s contract runs out with the Mets is very interesting. If I remember it correctly, they had this whole scenario planned before. Any replacement for Selig requires a written vote of approval by 75 percent of the 30 owners and has to take place no later than si months from the date of the contract expiration. I have no idea where Alderson currently stands with the other teams in the league. It’s not like baseball would be losing one of the more successful General Managers in the business.

I would think that the first indication of whether or not Alderson plans on crossing over is the length of Terry Collins’ new contract. On year would make this whole process wrapped with a bow.


  Harry (Wisconsin): Amed Rosario only hit .241 in the APPY league. Am I missing something?

Clint Longenecker: Harry, you have a great point. Rosario's stats alone would not dictate No. 1 status. But evaluators loved his defense, athleticism and hitting potential. One evaluator even said that Rosario played better defense than a perennial All-Star shortstop that came through the league at the same age. Despite his pedestrian offensive numbers, Rosario drew rave reviews for his hitting ability and power potential. A huge factor is in statistical season was he was the only position player to qualify that played the whole year as a 17-year-old. His numbers might not be stellar for a few more years, as he will nearly always be among the youngest players in his league as he advances. He will play all of next year at a full season club at 18, which is extremely rare.

Greg K (NYC): How many different scouts were consulted regarding Amed Rosario and how would you describe the range of opinions?

Clint Longenecker: Great question, Greg. We spoke with over a dozen evaluators that saw him in game action. Frankly the feedback was fairly consistent. Only one person said that they questioned his ability to stay at short. But that individual said it was largely a by product of his age and not sure how much weight he will put on over the next few years, not anything about his present ability. One person said that they think he will get faster considering his age.

John (Chicago): Can you contrast Amed Rosario with 2008 Wilmer Flores, the #2 prospect in the league at the time?

Clint Longenecker: Given the team and age of the players when they played in the Apply League, there are some similarities between the two. The separators are the speed, athleticism and defensive profile. Even at the time, Flores was a below average runner that people thought would profile in a corner. While Rosario has a good speed and the ability to stay at shortstop for the foreseeable future.


John (Chicago): I'm surprised that you found consistently positive reviews on Amed Rosario. When he first signed, Ben Badler said that he was a very divisive prospect among scouts. Is the consensus just a result of increased exposure?

Clint Longenecker: Given Ben's reports, I was also surprised, frankly. It sounds like he has improved over this time, which has helped narrow the gap between the ends of the evaluation range.

Michael Stern (Rochester NY): Does Rosario project more as a leadoff hitter or middle of the order bat? In you write up it says he can run (although he only stole 2 out of 8 bases) or will his projected power play further down the line-up as he fills out. Thanks for the chat!

Clint Longenecker: He profiles to hit for power power, especially as he begins to fill his frame. It’s unlikely he will profile as a leadoff hitter. That 2-8 in stole base attempts is a perfect example that he has developmental strides left. Its just a matter of him learning how to use his speed advantageously. - http://www.baseballamerica.com/chat/?1380197414

                Mack – Reading that one of your players is a prospect is exciting, but when Baseball America, the premier prospect site in the world, says you have the top prospect in a specific league, that’s really exciting. I tell you this all the time… batting average, ERA, stats, and SABR shit are not the only factors in this sport. We knew Cesar Puello had the God given ability to excel in this sport when he passed through Savannah here, regardless of his stats. It looks like that Rosario will now definitely wind up in Savannah and will push Gavin Cecchini to St. Lucie. Bad news for Phillip Evans, but he simply hasn’t earned a starting job at either level.

The Mets seem to be building themselves quite the infield (1B – Dominic Smith, 2B – Dilson Herrera, SS Rosario or Cecchini, 3B David Wright, C Travis d’Arnaud) that will begin to pay benefits around 2017.


September 27th - Brewers 4, Mets 2

September 27thFriday night  at Citi field, the Brewers scored 3 times in the top of the first against Carlos Torres, and the Met offense couldn’t overcome the early lead..as the Brewers beat the Mets 4-2.  Torres got off to a rocky start giving up the 3 runs on a pair of homers. Norichika Aoki led off the game with his 8th homer on the year,  Then three batters later Khris Davis hit a 2 run shot, his 12th and the Mets were playing catch up. Torres recovered and went scoreless the rest of his outing going 6 innings allowing 7 hits 3 runs, all earned he walked 1 and struck out 7 taking the loss. He falls to 4-6 to more than likely finish his season.  The Mets got as close as 3-2. Scoring a single run in the bottom of the 2nd on a sacfly by Juan Legares.  Justin Turner, who started for an ailing David Wright, had two hits including an infield single scoring Lucas Duda in the 6th.  In the 7th against Scott Atchison, Martin Maldonado hit this 4th homer on the year to cap the scoring for Milwaukee.  Pedro Feliciano and Gonzalez Germen had scoreless outings out of the pen for the Mets. Lucas Duda batting second added 2 hits in the losing cause. The Mets are now 73-87 on the year and a paltry 32-47 at home. Saturday late afternoon is game # 161. Aaron Harang (5-12  5.57) makes his final 2013 start for the Mets.  Jimmy Nelson (0-0  0.00) goes for the Brewers. https://www.facebook.com/MetsForum

The LTJ Editorial: “The best memory Mike Piazza gave me”


“The LTJ Editorial”
Author: Luis Tirado Jr.
Date: 9-27-13
Twitter: @LTJ81
Website: http://www.TheNYExpress.com

“The best memory Mike Piazza gave me”

I will have the privilege of attending the final NY Mets game this coming Sunday, September 29th, 2013 at Citi Field and it won't just be another baseball game for me. This will be the day the Mets will induct Mike Piazza into their own Hall of Fame and will honor him in a pre-game ceremony tribute. I have plenty of memories about Pizza especially a huge one that I'll never forget to this very day. More on that later in this article but for now, let us take a look at some of the accolades Piazza earned wearing a Mets uniform.

Piazza is a 12-time All-Star and in the eyes of most baseball enthusiasts, easily one of the best catchers to ever play the game. When you look at professional baseball as a whole, he holds the most home runs hit by a catcher at the amazing number of 427. The last time the Mets went to the World Series back in 2000, one of the biggest reasons they were able to get there in the first place was because of the hot bat of Piazza. I remember he had a hitting streak of 15 straight games where he at least got one run batted in. During his tenure with the Mets, he honored every single game in the contract he signed back in 1998 and played for about 7 years. During that stretch, he played in 972 games, had 532 runs, 1028 hits, 193 doubles, two triples, 220 home runs, 655 runs batted in, 7 stolen bases, a batting average of .296, and a .373 on base percentage. Absolutely incredible stats and many say that the trade the Mets made to acquire Piazza was one of the best in baseball history to turn a franchise into the right direction. A winning direction at that.

When you look at his career, he has not only been quite the class act, but he's been a phenomenal superstar no matter where he ended up playing. Even though he debuted for the Los Angeles Dodgers and played for teams like the Miami Marlins, San Diego Padres, and the Oakland A's, he will almost always be remembered for his tenure with the Mets. He even said when his time comes to get into the MLB Hall of Fame, he wants to be inducted as a Met. Before his professional baseball debut, ever since he was a little boy, baseball was his world. Did you know when Piazza was just five years old, his Dad was working on his arm strength by making him throw baseballs and practice catching? Another fun fact is that when he was just twelve years old in his custom-made backyard batting cage, he had a very special instructor. One who showed him what kind of batting stance he should always use. It was Boston Red Sox legend Ted Williams! It was Williams who actually showed him how to bat and made sure to teach Piazza that no matter what any coach ever told him, to never change his batting stance.

Many baseball fans, especially Mets fans, cherish every memory he brought to this team. I remember one very big memory though because it helped distract me during a difficult time not only in my life but in the lives of millions. I will never forget the terrorist attacks that struck this nation, especially in New York with the September 11th, 2001 attacks. I remember just a huge sadness that hit me the day it happened that lasted that entire week and still bothers me to this day. Everything in New York was on lock down, every night I went to bed I would worry if in the news the next day more attacks would occur. The sports world stopped and you couldn't even watch TV or even listen to Sports Radio because everyone was focusing on the coverage of what would be another upcoming war this country would face. After the week was over, some kind of sports returned that weekend I remember. It was another NL East game featuring the Atlanta Braves coming to Shea Stadium to take on the Mets. Everyone was sad, crying, it was really emotional since all the players wore NYPD/FDNY caps to honor New York. It was the first sporting event held after the 9/11 attacks, so it meant a lot to a ton of people, regardless if you followed baseball or not. What's my all-time favorite Piazza memory? That at-bat where Piazza hit a ball for a home run that even though I wasn't physically at the game, I heard the Shea Stadium crowd from my home in Queens. It was huge and gives me goosebumps every single time I see that hit. At the time, it lifted the entire city to forget just for a little bit of what occurred earlier that week.

Mike Piazza stands for a lot of things. Integrity, loyalty, and of course, doing things the right way. I know a number of years ago he admitted to using something called Androstenedione but at the time it wasn't anything banned by MLB. Piazza used it for muscle mass and it really isn't any kind of Performance Enhancing Drug when you think about it. It's not like he was a horrible player, took Andro, and starting to hit 10 home runs a game thereafter. As far as I'm concerned, he has brought nothing but great memories and will be remembered as an incredible player. Does he belong in the MLB Hall of Fame? Absolutely! No catcher in the history of the game has made as much an impact as Piazza did and while he didn't get enough votes the last time he was eligible, he will eventually get in. This time though, in Cooperstown.

Mets Press Release - Sterling Winners


Mets - Press Release


FLUSHING, N.Y., September 27, 2013 –    The    New   York Mets today announced that first baseman Allan   Dykstra and catcher Kevin Plawecki were named the Sterling Minor League   Organizational Co-Players of the Year and righthanded pitcher Gabriel Ynoa   earned Sterling Pitcher of the Year honors.


In   addition, the Mets announced the 2013 Sterling Awards, emblematic of the Most   Valuable Player for each of the organization’s nine minor league affiliates.


Righthanded   pitcher Rafael Montero was the Sterling recipient at Las Vegas (AAA) of the   Pacific Coast League; righthanded pitchers Noah Syndergaard and Jeff Walters   were co-winners at Binghamton (AA) of the Eastern League; infielder/outfielder   Dustin Lawley was honored at St. Lucie (A) of the Florida State League;   infielder Jayce Boyd received the award at Savannah (A) of the South Atlantic   League; righthanded pitcher Robert Gsellman was honored at Brooklyn (A) of the   New York-Penn League; righthanded pitcher Robert Whalen was the recipient for   Kingsport (R) of the Appalachian League; first baseman Dominic Smith was   selected for the rookie-level Gulf Coast League Mets; outfielder John Mora   captured the award for the Dominican Summer League Mets I and lefthanded   pitcher Jose Medina received the award for the Dominican Summer League Mets   II.



Height:   6-5        Weight:   215      Bats:   Left   Throws:   Right       Born:   5/21/87       Obtained: Acquired   from San Diego on March 29, 2011 in exchange for RHP Eddie   Kunz


Dykstra was named   the 2013 Eastern League Most Valuable Player after hitting .274 (102-372) with   22 doubles, 21 home runs, 82 RBI and 56 runs scored. He led the EL in on-base   percentage (.436), walks (102) and OPS (.938) and slugging percentage (.503).   Dykstra was also tied for fifth in home runs and fourth in RBI. His on-base   percentage was the highest in the Eastern League since 2006 and his walk rate   (21.1) was also the highest in the EL since 2006. He was selected to the   Eastern League postseason All-Star team and was the starting first baseman for   the EL All-Star Game on July 10.


Height:   6-2        Weight:   205      Bats:   Right     Throws:   Right          Born:   3/26/91   Obtained/Scout: Mets   supplemental first round pick in 2012 First Year Player Draft/Scott   Trcka


Plawecki combined   to hit .305 (137-449) with 38 doubles, eight home runs, 80 RBI with a .390   on-base percentage and a .838 OPS in 125 games between Savannah (A) and St.   Lucie (A). His .305 mark was the fourth-highest in the organization among full   season minor league clubs and his 80 RBI were tied for the fifth-most.   Plawecki was a mid-season South Atlantic League All-Star at Savannah where he   hit .314 with 24 doubles and 43 RBI in 65 games before being promoted to St.   Lucie. He batted .294 with 14 doubles and 37 RBI in 60 Florida State League   games.  Plawecki was selected by the Mets in the supplemental first round   (35th overall) in the 2012 First-Year Player   Draft.


Height:   6-2        Weight:   158      Bats:   Right   Throws:   Right       Born:   5/26/93     Obtained/Scout:   Signed as a non-drafted free agent on Nov. 19, 2009/Rafael Perez, Ismael Cruz   & Modesto Abreu.


Ynoa won 17 games,   including two in the postseason to help lead Savannah to the South Atlantic   League championship. The righthander led Mets minor leaguers with 15 wins,   which also led the SAL. Ynoa posted a 2.72 ERA, the fourth-best mark in the   SAL and was the lowest ERA among full-season Mets pitchers. He went 15-4 with   a 2.72 ERA (41 earned runs/135.2 innings) in 22 regular season starts for the   Sand Gnats. Ynoa was named the South Atlantic League’s Most Outstanding   Pitcher. He issued only 16 walks and struck out 106. In the postseason, the   6-2, 158-pounder was 2-0 with a 0.95 ERA (two earned runs/14.2 innings) with   nine strikeouts in two postseason starts. He was named to the mid-season South   Atlantic League All-Star team.



Height:   6-0        Weight:   185      Bats:   Right   Throws:   Right       Born:   10/17/90   Obtained/Scout:   Signed as a non-drafted free agent on Jan. 20, 2011/Rafael Perez, Ismael Cruz   & Gerardo Cabrera.


Montero was named   to Baseball America’s first team Minor League Baseball All-Star team. He went   12-7 with a 2.78 ERA (48 earned runs/155.1 innings) in 27 starts between   Binghamton (AA) and Las Vegas (AAA). This was Montero’s third year in the   organization and his third Sterling Award – he was named the Organizational   Pitcher of the Year in 2012 and was the recipient at Gulf Coast in 2011.   Montero, 22, led all Mets minor leaguers with 150 strikeout while allowing   just six home runs and issuing 35 walks. He started the 2013 Futures Game at   Citi Field and pitched a scoreless inning for the World Team. Montero became   the first pitcher from any organization to make a start in the Dominican   Summer League and then make a start in Triple-A two years   later.


Height:   6-5        Weight:   200      Bats:   Left   Throws:   Right       Born:   8/29/92      Obtained: Acquired   from Toronto on Dec. 17, 2012 with John Buck, Travis d’Arnaud and Wuilmer   Becerra in exchange for R.A. Dickey, Josh Thole and Mike   Nickeas


Syndergaard was 9-4   with 133 strikeouts in 117.2 innings in 23 starts between St. Lucie (A) and   Binghamton (AA). He had the second-most strikeouts in the organization behind   Montero and was named to the mid-season Florida State League All-Star team. He   went 6-1 with a 3.00 ERA and 69 strikeouts in 54.0 innings over 11 starts with   the BMets. Syndergaard, 21, started and hurled a scoreless inning for Team USA   in the 2013 Futures Game at Citi Field. According to FanGraphs, his 2.73 kwERA   which accounts for strikeout and walk rates was the fourth-best among all   minor league pitchers.


Height:   6-3        Weight:   170      Bats:   Right   Throws:   Right       Born:   11/6/87        Obtained/Scout: Mets   seventh round pick in the 2010 First Year Player Draft/Marlin   McPhail


Walters set a   Binghamton franchise record with 38 saves which also led all of minor league   baseball in his first year as a closer. He was 4-3 with a 2.09 ERA (13 earned   runs/56.0 innings) and 60 strikeouts in 53 games for the BMets. Walters was   named to the mid-season and end of the year Eastern League All-Star teams. His   38 saves were the most since 2006 in the Eastern League. The Orlando, Fla.   native held opponents to a .224 batting average and posted a 9.64 strikeout   per nine innings rate.


Height:   6-1        Weight:   195      Bats:   Right   Throws:   Right       Born:   4/11/89        Obtained/Scout: Mets   19th round pick in the 2011 First Year Player Draft/Tommy   Jackson


Lawley led the   organization in home runs (26) and RBI (96). Lawley led the Florida State   League with 25 home runs, was second in the FSL with 92 RBI and tied for third   with 33 doubles while hitting .260 (122-469) in 122 games with St. Lucie.   Lawley also led the Florida State League in slugging (.512) and was fourth   with a .825 OPS. He hit one home run and drove in four runs in six games with   Las Vegas (AAA). He was named to the mid-season Florida State League All-Star   team


Height:   6-3        Weight:   200      Bats:   Right   Throws:   Right       Born:   12/30/90      Obtained/Scout: Mets   sixth round pick in 2012 First Year Player Draft/Jim   Bryant

Boyd hit an   organizational-high .330 (151-458) this year, splitting his season between   Savannah (A) and St. Lucie (A).  The 6-3, 200-pound native of Cantonment,   FL, hit .361 (90-249) with five home runs, 46 RBI and better than a walk per   strikeout (35 walks/32 strikeouts) in 65 games for the Sand Gnats. Boyd was a   South Atlantic League All-Star and earned a promotion to St. Lucie, where he   hit .292 (61-209) with four home runs and 37 RBI in 58 contests. The Mets   selected the 22-year-old out of Florida State University in 2012.   


Height:   6-4        Weight:   200      Bats:   Right   Throws:   Right       Born:   7/18/93        Obtained/Scout: Mets   13th round pick in 2011 First Year Player Draft/Chris   Becerra

Gsellman pitched at   three different levels this season, combining to go 6-6 with a 2.58 ERA (31   earned runs/108.0 innings) in 19 games, 19 starts at Brooklyn, Savannah and   St. Lucie. The 6-4, 200-pounder began his season with St. Lucie, going 1-0   with a 3.00 ERA (three earned runs/9.0 innings) in two starts. He later   pitched in the South Atlantic League with the Sand Gnats, making five starts   and going 2-3 with a 3.72 ERA (12 earned runs/29.0 innings).  The native   of Santa Monica, CA, finished his season in the New York-Penn League,   compiling a 2.06 ERA (16 earned runs/70.0 innings) and a 3-3 record in 12   games, all starts. The 20-year-old was the New York-Penn League Pitcher of the   Week for the period ending on August 25 after he fanned a career-best 13 on    August 24 at Vermont.


Height:   6-2        Weight:   200      Bats:   Right       Throws:   Right      Born:   1/31/94     Obtained/Scout: Mets   12th round pick in 2012 First Year Player Draft/Mike   Silvestri

Whalen’s 1.87 ERA   (15 earned runs/72.1 innings) was the second-lowest in the Appalachian League   and the best mark in the Mets organization.  The 19-year-old righthander   finished 3-2 in 12 games, all starts, for Kingsport, and struck out better   than a batter per inning (76 strikeouts/72.1 innings).  A native of   Stroudsburg, PA, Whalen allowed one home run all season and allowed three   earned runs or less in all but one of his starts. Whalen was the   organization’s 12th round pick in the 2012 First Year Player   Draft.


Height:   6-0        Weight:   185      Bats:   Left   Throws:   Left       Born:   6/15/95      Obtained/Scout: Mets   first round pick (11th overall) in 2013 First Year Player   Draft/Drew Toussaint

The 11th   overall pick in this season’s First-Year Player Draft, Smith hit .287 (48-167)   with three home runs and a .384 on-base percentage in 48 games for the GCL   Mets. He earned a late season promotion to Kingsport, and had four doubles in   six at-bats over three games with the K-Mets.  The 6-0, 185-pound native   of Los Angeles, CA, finished the season with a combined .301 (52-173) batting   average, good for seventh in the organization. The 18-year-old was drafted out   of Serra High School.


Height:   5-10        Weight:   165      Bats:   Left   Throws:   Left       Born:   5/31/93       Obtained/Scout:   Signed

as a free agent in   Nov. 2, 2011/Rafael Perez, Ismael Cruz, Sandy Rosario & Camilo   Pina

Mora hit a combined   .310 (75-242) this season between the DSL #1 Mets and DSL #2 Mets. The 5-10,   165-pound outfielder added 20 extra-base hits (15 doubles and five triples)   and 46 RBI. Mora began the season with DSL #1 and hit .297 (41-138) for in 37   games and stole 12 bases. He finished the year with DSL #2, batting .327   (34-104) in 31 games, and finished with more walks (14) than strikeouts   (13).  The 20-year-old, a native San Juan de la Maguana, DR, was signed   as a non-drafted free agent in 2011.


Height:   6-2        Weight:   180      Bats:   Left   Throws:   Left       Born:   8/25/96   Obtained/Scout:   Signed as a non-drafted free agent in Aug. 29, 2012/Gabriel Low & Fred   Mazuca

Medina made his   professional debut this season and compiled a 0.35 ERA (two earned runs/52.0   innings), the lowest mark in all of the minor leagues among pitchers with at   least 50.0 innings. Medina finished the year 2-0 in 12 games, all starts,   allowing 35 hits while striking out 41 and walking six. The native of Culiacan   Rosales, Mexico did not allow a home run, and was scored upon in four of his   12 appearances (five total runs). The 17-year-old was signed as a non-drafted   free agent last year.

Three B-Mets Honored by New York Mets

avatar - bmetsThree members of the Binghamton Mets have been honored by the New York Mets for their outstanding efforts during the 2013 season. First baseman Allan Dykstra was named the Sterling Minor League Organization Co-Player of the Year. Pitchers Noah Syndergaard and Jeff Walters were selected as the Sterling Award winners for the Double-A level, emblematic of the club’s top players.

The recognition for Dykstra, 26, caps his best professional season. The slugging San  Diego native launched a career-high 21 home runs and drove in a career-best 82 runs en route to earning Eastern League Most Valuable Player honors. He represented the B-Mets as both a Mid-Season and Postseason Eastern League All-Star in his third year with the team. Acquired from the San Diego Padres prior to the 2011 season, he led the league with a .436 on-base percentage and a .503 slugging percentage. His 102 walks were the most by any Eastern Leaguer since 2003. Dykstra shares the award with catcher Kevin Plawecki.

Syndergaard, 21, flourished in his first season at Double-A. The hard-throwing right-hander joined the B-Mets in late June after opening the season in the Florida State League with the St. Lucie Mets (High-A). He went 6-1 over 11 starts and compiled a 1.59 ERA, excluding one rocky performance in his final game of the regular season. Acquired from the Toronto Blue Jays prior to the 2013 season, the tall Texan put together his best work over the final month of the season. During a four-start stretch from July 28 to August 16, Syndergaard went 3-0, allowed just one earned run over 21.0 innings (0.43 ERA) and struck out 26 batters. He finished the season with an impressive 11.5 K/9 IP ratio with the B-Mets.

The honor for Walters, 25, puts a bow on an incredible season that saw the closer rewrite the B-Mets’ record book. In his first season at Double-A, the right-hander set a B-Mets single-season and all-time record by nailing down 38 saves, the second-highest single-season total in Eastern League history. He led all of Minor League Baseball in saves and held opponents to a .224 batting average. Selected in the seventh round of the 2010 draft out of the University of Georgia, he represented the B-Mets as a Mid-Season and Postseason All-Star.

Be sure to follow the B-Mets on Facebook, Twitter and at the team’s official website (www.bmets.com) for more team information. Fans can also stay up to date with all the action on the field by visiting “B-Mets Buzz with Tim Heiman” at bmets.mlblogs.com

Draft 14 - Justus Sheffield, Greg Dieschman, Luis Ortiz, Kodi Medeiros, Sam Coonrod


draft - justus sheffield8-21-13 - Todd Gold ‏@TGold_PG  - 2014 LHP Justus Sheffield (Tullahoma, TN) just had 2 very impressive IP. K'd first 5, spotted up glove side very well, up to 92.

8-15-13 - Under Armour All-Star Game – Greg Dieschman, SS: Another power bat from the SS position, Dieschman does his thing fromt the left side.  He has good power, which he generates with very good bat speed.  He's not as prodiguous a power hitter as Gatewood, but he is faster, more athletic, and has a better shot of sticking at SS. http://www.chicagonow.com/cubs-den/2013/08/2014-mlb-draft-ua-game-roster-and-preview-plus-more-tickets-and-meet-up-information/


9-4-13 – Mack’s Mock Draft v1.0 – 21 –  RHP Luis Ortiz – Sanger (CA) HS – Ortiz burst on the scene in July when he traveled across the country and wowed scouts at the USA Baseball’s National Team Identification Series in Cary, N.C. with his 91-93 mph fastball and 80-82 mph slider. Hit 91-93, at the Tournament of Stars in August along with an 83-84 slider. Good height (6-3) and reportedly lost 35 pounds over the past year. Keep an eye on this one.


8-12-13 - Gichael Mettys ‏@Michaelgettys3  - The Hawaiian lefty (Kodi Medeiros) I faced was the best pitcher I've ever seen. Side arm, lefty, 94mph and the ball was moving like a snake! #nasty


9-10-13 – Top Arms in 2013 Cape Cod League - Sam Coonrod (Southern Illinois Jr.)  6-2/190, Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox 16.2 IP, 14 K, 4.86 ERA: FB 92-96 CB 75-81 SL 84-87 CH 81-84 -  Strong build and a power arm. He didn’t possess a lot of control, but the raw stuff is excellent. I think he is a work in progress, but will develop into a stud with professional seasoning. http://bullpenbanter.com/2013-all-cape-team-pitchers/

2013 Sterling Award Winners

mets - sterling awards

Organization Player of the Year - (tie) - 1B Alan Dykstra - C Kevin Plawecki

Organization Pitcher of the Year - Gabriel Ynoa

Las Vegas - SP Rafael Montero

Binghamton - Tie) - SP Noah Syndergaard - RP Jeff Walters

St. Lucie - OF Dustin Lawley

Savannah - 1B Jayce Boyd

Brooklyn - SP Robert Gsellman

Kingsport - SP Robert Whalen

GCL Mets - 1B Dominic Smith

DSL 1 - OF John Mora

DSL 2 - SP Jose Medina



Draft 14 - An Early Look At - C - Jakson Reetz - Norris (NE) HS

draft - jakson reetz

14th Cather in Draft - Jakson Reetz


6-16-13  - • Versatile Jakson Reetz stood out in many facets of the game. During Friday’s evaluations, he showed one of the strongest arms of any catcher and quick feet behind the plate. Then he made a tough play in right field on Saturday by chasing down a long fly ball to the warning track. The Nebraska commit sat 88-90 mph on the mound, touching 91. Yet Reetz, who attends Norris High in Hickman, Neb., saved his loudest performance for the plate. The 6-foot-1, 195-pounder took quality at-bats and made consistent, hard contact. He smacked a triple in the seventh inning. http://www.baseballamerica.com/draft/tournament-of-stars-promising-power-outlook-for-2014/

7-2-13  - 2014 Top 100 High School Prospects - 12. Jakson Reetz- C/RHP, Norris (NE) HS -  Top two-way player can really catch and throw, and hit everything hard at TOS http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/jeff-sullivans-top-100-2014-prospects/



7-24-13  -  Jakson Reetz, c/of/rhp, Norris, Hickman, Neb./Marucci Elite

At 6-foot-1, 195 pounds with a compact build and powerful lower half, the strong-bodied Reetz is an athletic backstop. Reetz is a three-sport athlete who also plays quarterback and point guard. He has advanced defensive skills behind the plate and a strong arm capable of 1.95-2.00 second pop times. Holding the bat close to his head and using an aggressive stride, Reetz has a quick, line-drive oriented swing and has hit well in games. His natural strength gives him gap power. He has enough speed and athleticism to play the outfield. On the mound, Reetz sits 88-90 mph and touches 91. He is committed to Nebraska, where his father played football. http://www.baseballamerica.com/draft/tyler-koleks-heavy-fastball-among-tournament-of-stars-standouts/


7-25-13 – Top 30 High School Prospects For 2014 Draft - 17. Jakson Reetz, C/RHP, Norris HS (NE) - 6'1/195, R/R, Draft Day Age: 18.43, Nebraska commit - Quick Take: Reetz is a great athlete with solid average speed and has a chance to stick behind the plate with an above average arm and very quick release. At the plate, he's more a contact hitter that is very productive in games though he flashes more power in BP that could find it's way into his game swing down the line. He's also not bad on the mound, sitting 88-91 with an above average 77-80 mph slider. http://sbb.scout.com/2/1310090.html


8-10-13 - New Balance Area Code games -  Jakson Reetz (NE) hit well today. He has squared up the ball each game and stroked a ball into left for a base hit in the first. http://prospectinsider.com/view/2013-area-codes:-day-4-notes/


8-14-13 – Through The Fence – Top 50 Prospects – 26. Jakson Reetz, C/RHP, Norris HS (NE) - A terrific athlete and two-way player, the 6’-1”, 200-pound right-hander’s ability to stick behind the plate make him a highly touted prospect. More of a line drive hitter now, more power should come as he matures, and he has the bat speed to back it up. Can hit the low-90s on the mound so his arm plays well behind the plate and he makes for a big target. Committed to Nebraska. http://throughthefencebaseball.com/2014-mlb-draft-top-50-prospects/36463#mwWwsFxSUZy7YC5V.99


8-16-13 - 11th All-American Classic - Jakson Reetz | C/ RHP/OF | Norris HS (Hickman, NE) - eight/Weight: 6-foot-1, 190 pounds B/T: R/R  Draft Day Age: 18 years, 5 months  Commitment: Nebraska - History: Reetz entered the summer as a talented but raw backstop, flashing big athleticism and almost casual actions on the field, belying his loud and impactful tools. In the Metrodome in June, Reetz stood out at the PG National Showcase for his catch-and-throw game, gunning down multiple baserunners and showing sub-2.0 pop times to second, in addition to a couple of hard hit balls, in game. He has built on that showcase throughout the summer, making loud contact with increasing regularity throughout his showcase and tournament stops. Like Reid-Foley and McKinney, Reetz’s Tournament of Stars performance at the end of June bought him a ticket to the USA Baseball 18U Team Trials, and the Nebraska commit continued a successful summer with impressive showings at both the Perfect Game 17U National Championship in July and the Area Code Games last week. - Development: Reetz added another impressing showing to his summer, earning MVP honors for the game. While he struggled some handling the arms while behind the plate, no player had a greater impact offensively. Reetz went 2-for-4 with a long opposite-field double off of hard-throwing Dylan Cease, and added three stolen bases to his output over the course of his four trips to the plate. There is simply no ignoring the growth in Reetz’s game over the past two months, and he’ll get a chance to add to his rapidly expanding resume should he earn a spot on the final USA Baseball 18U squad. His Marucci Elite travel club will be one of the favorites at the final event of the scouting circuit—the WWBA World Championship in Jupiter, Florida this October—and, should he attend, Reetz will be one of the most highly scouted catchers in the tournament. He’ll almost certainly enter the spring as the top draft prospect in the Cornhusker State. http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=21537


9-11-13 - Sully’s 2014 Top 100 MLB HS Draft Prospects – 14.Jakson Reetz – C/RHP, Norris (NE) HS http://www.ninebaseball.org/Wordpress/sullys-2014-top-100-mlb-hs-draft-prospects/



Mack Ade – Morning Report – 9-27-13 – The Old Days Before The Draft, Quality of 1st Pick, Raicel Igleias

avatar - nyc 6


Gary Seagran

Mack, how about your input on how much better teams seem to do in the draft today as opposed to the early days when it seemed like a much bigger crap shoot. Is it just because of the fact that so much more money is at stake or something else?

                Well, first of all, define the early days.

                I became baseball crazy around 1957, when I was 10 years old. Back then there were a handful of African-American players and there really wasn’t any pipeline to Latin America, but there was also only 16 major league teams in baseball.

                I’m assuming they operated back then with a similar 25-man squad which means, in total, there were 400 total major league baseball players vs. the 750 you have now. Your favorite team owned the players they had signed or traded for and they received their one-year renewal contract every year in the mail.

There wasn’t the kind of roster turnover back then that you see now. Pee Wee Reese was your shortstop and would remain so until he retired.

Let’s look at that same 1957 Dodgers team and see where those players came from:

Pitchers (17)      

Don Bessent – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1955

Jackie Collum – released by Cubs in 1957 – signed by Dodgers

Roger Craig – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1955

Don Drysdale – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1956

Don Elston – not drafted – pitched 9 seasons with Cubs and one inning for Dodgers in 1957

Carl Erskine – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1948

Bill Harris – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1947

Fred Kipp – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1947

Sandy Koufax – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1955

Clem Labine – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1950

Ken Lehman – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1952

Sal Maglie – not drafted – signed by NY Giants in 1945 – Dodgers bought him from Cleveland in 1956

Danny McDevitt – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1957

Don Newcombe – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1947

Johnny Podres – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1953

Ed Roebuck – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1955

Rene Valdes – no information available online

Catchers (4)-

Roy Campanella – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1948

Joe Pignatano – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1957

Johnny Roseboro – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1957

Rube Walker – not drafted – played for Cubs in 1948 – traded to Dodgers in 1951

Infielders (7)

Jim Gentile – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1957

Jim Gilliam – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1953

Gil Hodges – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1943

Randy Jackson – not drafted – played for Cubs in 1950 – traded Don Hoak, Russ Meyer and Walt Moryn to the Cubs for Jackson and Don Elston in 1956

Charlie Neal – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1956

Pee Wee Reese – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1940

Don Zimmer – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1954

Outfielders (6)

Sandy Amoros – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1952

Gino Cimoli – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1956

Carl Furillo – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1946

Bob Kennedy – not drafted – played for CWS in 1939, played for Dodgers in 1957

Duke Snider – not drafted – played for Dodgers in 1947

Elmer Valo – not drafted – played for Philadelphia in 1940 – played one year for Dodgers in 1957


By now you have noticed that none of the 1957 Dodgers were drafted. The draft came along in 1965 which leveled the playing field for all the teams in the league. Before that, the owners with the big bucks and the teams with the better scouting system signed the better players.

Only eight of the 34 1957 Dodgers came from other teams and only Sal Maglie looks to be anyone worth bragging about. You built your team from within and your scouts reported back who should be signed. Those that did their job well, won. Those that didn’t, didn’t.


Also can someone PLEASE tell me why TC is playing guys like Baxter, Turner and Brown over the DD, Flores and Tovar for example? Tovar has 2 hits in his first game and Q is back in the lineup the next day....ridiculous.

Gary, I have never been able to figure out ‘The Collins Plan’. This version could be design to lose rather than develop. In both cases, it is backfiring.


A quick reminder regarding the Mets first pick in the 2014 draft, regardless whether it’s the 7th overall or as low as 15th…  this will be a high quality, top-of-the-shelf ballplayer with a huge pedigree. The 2014 draft is currently projected as the top first round in the last 10 years. It’s that deep with quality players, especially high school pitchers. This means nothing to those of you that want that protected pick this year, but, the future of this team will always be a consistent steady stream of quality ballplayers coming out of the system, through draft picks and international free agents.

The last six years have produced:

                2008 -  2B Daniel Murphy, SP Jon Niese, RP Bobby Parnell

                2009 – none

                2010 – 1B Ike Davis, SS Ruben Tejada, 1B Lucas Duda, SP Dillon Gee, IF Justin Turner, SP Jenrry Mejia

                2011 – 1B Josh Satin, SP Chris Schwinden

                2012 – Kirk Nieuwenhuis, IF Jordany Valdespin, SP Matt Harvey, 3B Zach Lutz, SP Collin McHugh, RP Jeurys Familia, RP Robert Carson

                2013 – OF Juan Lagares, OF Matt den Dekker, IF Wilmer Flores, IF Wilfredo Tovar, C Juan Centeno, RP Gonzalez Germen


Is the system working? Well, I can say this… 24 members of the current organization have played at least one game in Queens in the last six seasons. That’s a really big number in baseball, though it speaks nothing to the quality of the player vs. others in the league. That’s for you to judge, but, in my opinion, the system is working.


We have a new Cuban defector the Mets will probably ignore. 23-year old , 5-11, RHP Raicel Igleias, a member of the Cuban National team, has said hasta la vista and will sign with an MLB team (Reuters report). There are no restrictions on him so he can pick his team. Last year for team Isla de la Juventud: 15-G, 2-ST, 1.68-ERA, 50-K, 20-BB, 53.2-IP The fast ball sits in the 92-95 range and has a + 76-81 breaking ball. His control has greatly improved over a 2011 season where he was 76.2-IP/53-K/54-BB. He projects to start his MLB career at either the A+ or AA level.
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