Draft 2012: - Clate Schmidt, Christian Walker, Brandon Kuter, Robert Alexander, Chris Harvey


Player:  Clate Schmidt

 Position:  RHP/SS

 School:  Allatoona HS, GA

 Date of Birth:  12/10/1993

 Height/Weight:  6’2/175

 Bats/Throws:  S/R

 Class Of:  2012

 Committed To:  Clemson

Scouting Report:

Clate Schmidt is one of the fastest rising pitchers eligible for the 2012 draft.  A legitimate prospect at both shortstop and pitcher, Schmidt’s performance on the mound over the summer has him pegged as a pitcher at the next level.

Schmidt’s fastball sits comfortably from 92-94 and has been as high as 96.  His low 80s curveball shows true plus potential.

Schmidt has a low 3/4 arm slot with an extremely fast arm.  His delivery does have a bit of effort in it.

The son of a marine, Schmidt has very good work ethic and is a good bet to make the most of his talent.

9-21-11: - http://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=6253 – David Rawnsley:  I'm a big fan of Christian Walker and have been since he was a junior in high school. He's not the type who will get mentioned at the top of the draft as a 1B like C.J. Cron (Utah) did this year but I think he's in the next tier....2nd/3rd round.....if he hits like he's proven he can and stays healthy.

9-21-11: - http://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=6253 – How high can/will George Mason RHP Brandon Kuter go in the 2012 draft?  - I think a lot of that is dependent on how he does against better competition than he faced at the Atlantic League this past summer. Kuter is a big kid at 6-foot-7, 220 pounds, however he hasn't been consistent at GMU. Still, he's a guy that was 92-94 with his fastball this summer with a good slider. A definite guy that could be on the move should he establish some consistency.

9-1-11: - http://xmlbscout.angelfire.com   - Robert Alexander, Holy Trinity HS, Bronx NY, 6'2 200, loose with high leg kick delivery from 3/4 slot, changes speeds well, threw mid to upper 80's, most fb were 86 with late life middle out vs RHH and snapping cb that has downer action and straight change he teased hitters with first night out, was hit hard in medal round. Needs to have command and control at all times, will not be a power arm, but more of a finess guy like Mark Buerhle, has shot to be a good one in time. 2012 grad, 13-20 round type from cold weather area. Good attitude and smart kid.

9-27-11: - http://www.maxpreps.com/news/CjudeOgLEeC-rAAmVebEWg/chris-harvey-skips-senior-year-of-high-school-to-play-college-baseball.htm - It's a different world Christopher Harvey finds himself in today. The massive 6-foot-6, 210-pound all-American catcher out of Germantown Academy (Fort Washington, Pa.) has a lot of time to sort through, a schedule to keep — on his own — and no one hovering to remind him about studying. It's what any typical college freshman athlete endures. The major difference is that Harvey should be enjoying his senior year at Germantown Academy, biding his time and working towards being drafted in next June's Major League Baseball Amateur Draft.

MLB Draft Guide: - Top 35 Pitchers For The 2012 Draft


MLB Draft Guide: - Top 35 Pitchers For The 2012 Draft

 1.Lucas Giolito, RHP, Harvard-Westlake (CA)

 2.Lance McCullers Jr., RHP, Tampa Jesuit (FL)

 3.Mark Appel, RHP, Stanford

 4.Kevin Gausman, RHP, LSU

 5.Max Fried, LHP, Harvard-Westlake...   

 35.DJ Baxendale, RHP, Arkansas


I May Be Wrong, But…

1. I sadly hope that Adam Rubin is correct about Angel Pagan leaving. I have enjoyed Pagan during the time he has been a Met, but I’m committed to the 2013-2014 plan and he just isn’t in it. I have been more disappointed in his defensive…err… skills this season and he just isn’t the center fielder that is needed to cover CitiField. There’s no reason to spend $5mil in 2012 on him when the solution to this problem is either still in the pipeline (Matt den Dekker, Kirk Nieuwenhuis) or on the 2013 free agent list (Michael Bourn, Matt Kemp, B.J. Upton). First, I would play Nick Evans somewhere on a winter ball team and cut a deal with them to play him only in CF. After that doesn’t work, go sign someone in the $2-3mil range to hold the fort down for one year, while Evans stays up as a utility OF/3B/1B.

2. As I understand it… and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong… but the Madoff –mess judge has ruled that the MAXIMUM amount that the Mets could owe those that are suing, is $83mil, which was based on profits over a 2-year period. I assume that could also be paid over a 2-year period, which would be $41.5mil per year. Continuing on this, I also assume that both parties could settle this right now for around $30mil a year for 2-years. So, if Cot says the 2011 payroll was #143mil, then the team could operate 2012 and 2013 at $110mil and be done with this by 2014. Kewl… oh… just read they could owe close to $340mil… err… never mind.

3. Wednesday might have been the most outstanding night of baseball… ever.  Four teams trying to get in the playoffs and most of them go into extra innings… are you kidding me? There is no way to beat what we watched late into Thursday morning. This is why we watch baseball. This is why some of us write about it. Unbelievable.

4. Should the Mets try and resign 40-year old Miquel Batista? I mean, a two-hit shutout to finish the season? I can’t see anyone giving him a multi-year deal so why not bring him back for the 2012 season while the kids mature down in Buffalo?

5. We’ve added another great writer here at Mack’s Mets. Frank Gray, of The Bleacher Report, has joined us and will start off by posting twice a week, Monday and Thursday, at 2pm EST. Our goal here is to continue to bring you the best information on the New York Mets, by the best independent writers out there on the Internet. Welcome Frank.

Baseball: - Klout on Moneyball, Death of a Champion, 2012 SF Giants, The Best of Baseball, Drew Cumberland


Hey there Sports fans! To celebrate the launch of Moneyball, aka the 1st movie about Brad Pitt and Statistics, we decided it might be swell to grab some hunks of data on whether this whole money isn’t speech wins thing holds true since everybody who can stomach sports writing now knows the secrets of Beane and Jonah Hill’s mad science. Unfortunately, the Oakland A’s have not been able to succeed in games or with their Klout Score this season, despite being just 22 minutes from the epicenter of influence: Klout HQ. However, there is only one other team with more wins that spends less money on salary and those guys are from Canada – land of Polar Bears and free healthcare – so it’s not really a fair comparison. - http://corp.klout.com/blog/2011/09/moneyball-klout-cash-and-baseball

    Barring some late inning heroics, Manchester Community College will not field a baseball team this season. The Cougars, four-time defending Region 21 champions who finished third at the NJCAA Division III World Series last May, are one of the many victims of a cut of about $1 million in state aid the community college received earlier this year. President Gena Glickman announced the elimination of the school’s baseball program in an email to faculty and staff over the summer; Manchester Community College was the only community college in the state that still offered the sport. - http://ellington-somers.patch.com/articles/mcc-baseball-team-a-victim-of-its-own-success-d4708c6c

Signs of hope: The Giants once again featured championship-caliber pitching, as the staff’s 3.89 Fair Run Average trailed only the Phillies’ 3.74. Their fielders finished with a .717 Defensive Efficiency, the fourth-best figure in the big leagues, though they may have enjoyed easier opportunities than most thanks to the hurlers’ knack for inducing weak contact—Matt Cain, for one, has recorded a .265 BABIP this season and boasts a .269 lifetime mark in over 1300 innings. Cain and Tim Lincecum’s predictably superlative run prevention has been reinforced by unlikely reclamation project Ryan Vogelsong, who has amassed nearly three wins despite having given all appearances of bidding the big leagues adieu after 2006, Madison Bumgarner, the 21-year-old lefty who has not only avoided a sophomore slump but has come within a fraction of a win of being the Giants’ best pitcher according to WARP (4.7), and a strong bullpen highlighted by setup men Sergio Romo (who has struck out 58 of the 119 righties he’s faced, against only four walks) and Santiago Casilla. Pablo Sandoval recovered from a down year to outdo his 2009 season on a rate basis, though he missed a month and a half at midseason with right wrist surgery and gained back much of the weight he’d shed over the offseason as the campaign wore on. - http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=15177

But last night we saw the best of baseball. Collapses took place that will be talked about for a long time, three decisive games were lost in either the ninth or extra innings, and two teams that were so far on the fringe that yours truly was hard pressed a month ago to continue including them in my columns as contenders are improbable postseason contestants. A word about spoilers. For anyone among you who might be a casual fan, and who thinks that only teams in the playoffs can get excited at the end of a season, take a look at the Orioles' reaction last night when they put the final nail in the Red Sox' coffin, which was then pounded into place later by the Rays. Last night showed baseball at its best. Fans in Atlanta and Boston won't want to hear that, and may not want to watch another game until spring training or until next April. But when everything clicks into place on the final day and playoff possibilities and matchups change multiple times in one night -- there is just nothing better. - http://cleveland.sbnation.com/cleveland-indians/2011/9/29/2457523/baseball-at-its-best

The truth is that Cumberland, the 46th overall Draft pick in 2007, a player who only five months ago figured prominently in the Padres' plans, should be playing baseball, tackling the game the only way he ever has. "With his hair on fire," said Randy Smith, San Diego's director of player development. Instead, Cumberland's playing career, barring an unforeseen medical miracle, is over, as he has been diagnosed with a rare neurological condition called bilateral vestibulopathy, in which the portions of both inner ears that control balance are damaged. The condition, coupled with a history of concussions as an amateur then as a professional, have led to debilitating migraine headaches as well as vision and balance problems his entire life. - http://sandiego.padres.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20110817&content_id=23335214&vkey=news_sd&c_id=sd

2012 25-man


Well, the season is over and I guess it is time to start working on my 25-man squad for next season.

Oh, you think this is too early? Trust me, I’m probably far behind what the board already looks like in Flushing.

For me, these are the stone cold, locked down, mofo, members of next year’s team:

1B – Ike Davis – I’m approaching this article as if everyone in the system is healthy come April.  The Mets have a bunch of problems to solve in the next couple of seasons and first base isn’t one of them. Davis is a legit star of the game and will be around for 5+ seasons. I only hope his decision not to have surgery was the correct one.

IF – Ruben Tejada – We have to keep Tejada’s position vague until the whole Reyes dram is done with.  He is no longer a prospect and has nothing to prove to either me or Terry Collins. I worried over the years tat he was moved too fast, but he was just another of those young GCL kids that continue to be chosen mid-season to fill in at St. Lucie while someone else heals. Remember, these two teams share the same complex and it’s a lot cheaper just to scream across the diamond that fly someone in from Savannah. Sometimes, like OF Gilbert Gomez this season, prove they can hold their own at a level they shouldn’t be ready to play. That’s how Tejada’s Met career took off.

3B – David Wright – I believe we just witnessed the worst season David Wright will ever have as a professional baseball players. He’s not only this generation’s Tom Seaver, but he’s Chipper Jones as well. He can play on my team until he drops dead.

LF – Jason Bay – there’s no reason for any opinion here regarding whether or not he deserves this slot. The fact is he is being paid big bucks and the contract is unbreakable. Do not play him in centerfield and do not sit him on the bench. Right now, he’s the best outfielder in the system.

RF – Lucas Duda a surefire starter next year based on both his 2011 performance but also due to the current lack of quality outfielders in the pipeline. This was supposed to be the Fernando Martinez-Carlos Gomez-Lastings Milledge era. Duda will continue to make most of us hold our breath when a ball is hit his way, but we’ll all learn to live with that because of his bat. And, his bat is a big one. He’ll hold down right, allowing the Mets to work on solving centerfield.

Utility – Justin Turner – this generation’s Rod Kanehl,  Justin was one of the league leaders in BA w/RISP.  I can’t see him being a starter under any scenario, but what a great guy to have on your team.  I can count on one hand how many times I thought he did something wrong this past season.

Utility – Nick Evans – I gave up on this guy a number of times, but, like Lucas Duda, he has proven this season that everyone deserves a season to prove their value. I know for a fact that Terry Collins loves him about as much as Jerry Manuel didn’t. TC thinks he’s potentially a 25/100 guy, but he’s going to have to wait until Bay’s contract runs out to prove that. Until then, he’s the perfect utility guy that can pay both corner outfield positions, third, and first.

SP – Johan Santana – like Jason Bay, I’m not going to go into whether Santana deserves to be the ace in 2012. He’s being paid an ungodly amount of money in 2012 to pitch for the Mets, and if you’re going to pitch him, make him your ace in an off year. The Mets have only one pitcher in the system, Akeel Morris, that projects out as an ace and he’s years away. There are better pitchers out there than the 2012 version of Santana, but the good news is he isn’t Ollie either.

SP – Jon Niese – I thought that Niese had one of the unluckiest years for a starter in 2011. I love this guys stuff and he deserves to be sandwiched between better pitchers than the 2011 Mets had. Jon is the one rotation pitcher that I think will still be around in 2014. He’s a big keeper on my team.

SP – R A Dickey – another player under contract for the 2012 season, even though he definitely earned a spot back regardless. What will be interesting will be if he keeps pitching this well into the following season. Technically, a screw-baller could be around for awhile. Wouldn’t you love to have the luxury to have him as your 7th reliever?

RP – Manny Acosta – It’s funny. I consider the Mets pen in a mess, yet I have three returning here. There’s a good chance that he will be the opening day closer, especially if the Mets chose to use Jenrry Mejia in this role later on in the season. This was a great pickup for basically nothing.

RP – Pedro Beato – Do not be concerned with the way Beato finished the season. This is another great decision by Sandy Alderson and is a perfect 7th or 8th inning guy.

RP – Tim Byrdak – the Mets recently resigned him for the 2012 season, which was a good move. One of the few relievers that did very little wrong.

That’s where I am right now. 13 players is a lot at this point in the off-season.

I know that two things have to happen before this team can be determined. One, Jose Reyes has to decide where he’s playing and, two, some judge has to rule on the Madoff lawsuit. Until then, I would roll the dice on a few things;

                1. I would not offer arbitration to either Angel Pagan or Mike Pelfrey. I’m playing for 2013.

2. I’d shop Daniel Murphy to an AL team.

3. I’d also shop Bobby Parnell, who many teams keep calling about.

4. I’d try and sign OF Scott Hairston to a one-year deal.

5. I would make room for Tim Teufel on my coaching staff.

6. I’d offer P Chris Young a one-year contract with a second year with a team opt-out option.

7. I would put together a four player offer for one of Cincinnati’s prospect catchers. Players like Wilmer Flores, Dillon Gee, Chris Schwinden, Darin Gorski, Angel Cuan, Jordany Valdespin, Jefry Marte, Aderlin Rodriguez, Cesar Puello, Kirk Nieuwenhuis.

The Top 25: Ike Davis

We all like Ike, It's hard not to like a guy who plays hard and gets results. My dreams of a post-season in 2011 died long before the season was decided. When Ike Davis got hurt, and we KNEW it was bad. I knew that the Mets no longer had enough in the team for a post-season ANYTHING (Beltran or no).

What's To Like?:

POWER - Do you know what Ike Davis was slugging through all of April? (.600) THAT IS INSANE! Now... even in a smaller Citi Field this guy is going to hit a few homers. More importantly he's going to hit a LOT of doubles (Not triples... I've seen him run). Homers and doubles lead to RBIs and that is EXACTLY what I want from a #4 hitter and a first baseman.

DEFENSE - Robbed of a Gold Glove in 2010 (Check the UZR), Davis is among the premier talents field his position. Famous for his tumbling catches into the dugout, Davis' glove would have likely earned the Mets a few extra wins by itself in 2011.

What's Not To Like?:

SPEED - He has none.

INJURY - I don't fault Davis for getting hurt but I fault the Mets for the indecisive nature of dealing with it. The Mets NEED to be more sure about how they deal with players who get hurt. When you don't act decisively... players stay hurt LONGER.

Random and Awesome:

PITCHING - Davis was a pitcher in his past and has said that he would be capable and willing to come in during an extra-inning game. I'm told he can bring some heat (perhaps not as much as Desi Relaford).

The Top 25:
  1. Ike Davis, 1B

The Keepers: - #86 - P - Rafael Montero

86.     Rafael Montero:

6-4-11: - Somebody named Rafael Montero pitched five perfect innings for the DSL1 team last night, striking out six. I don’t have anything on him other than the fact he is a 6-0 righty and is 20-years old. That’s two starts so far this year: 1.13, 1-ER, 8.0-IP, 12-K. We’ll keep an eye on him.

7-20-11: - Please welcome our newest member of the “Keepers” list. Montero started this year with the DSL team, where he went 1-1, 1.00, in four starts. Now, he’s pitching for the GCL team and he is 1-1, 1.96, after five games, three starts. For the year combined, he’s got 44-K and only 6-BB in 41.0-IP. We need to keep an eye on this 6-0 right handed 20-year old.

8-9-11: - From Paul DePodesta - There’s one who is already over here in the States and has moved past the GCL and is into Kingsport. Rafael Montero is a right-handed pitcher. He’s a little older. He’s 20 already and I think was just about 20 or already 20 when we signed him. But he has a good arm, a good feel and it’s a legitimate three-pitch mix. It’s low- to mid-90s. Good body. Good command. He’s an interesting package

8-23-11: - DSL 2011 End of Season Wrap-Up - http://www.nyfuturestars.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=35808&sid=e8719b8eddffd9bc033d0ab708d8aff5  - Rafael Montero: 20 year old SP, started out great in the DSL. 4 starts, 18 IP, 7 H, 2 R/ER, 0 BB: 20 K - He then moved on to the GCL where in 7 games (4 starts) he produced a 1.45 ERA, with 32 K and just 6 BB in 31 innings - That was good enough to bump him to Kingsport where he has since struggled, with a 6.00 ERA in 3 starts, where his usual good BB:K ratio now 6 BB:5 K in 12 innings

8-28-11: - Stock Up – SP Rafael Montero – We recently added Montero to a prominent position on “The Keepers” list, and last night’s outing proved why that was done: 5.0-IP, 0-R, 4-H, 4-K, 0-BB. His stats for the season are: 7-G, 1-2, 1.45, 1.09, 32-K, 31.0-IP, 6-BB, .308-BABIP, 2.41-FIP.

Enters his first season in the Mets organization ... Began 2011 with the DSL Mets (R), compiling a 1-1 record with a 1.00 ERA in four starts. Also recorded 20 strikeouts in 18.0 innings of work ... Appeared in seven games for the GCL Mets (R), making four starts and finishing with a 1-2 record and a 1.45 ERA ... Earned his first win in the Gulf Coast League vs. the GCL Cardinals 07/14/11.  In the victory, Montero scattered four hits, struck out nine, and allowed just one unearned run in 6.0 strong innings of work ... Made four starts for the Kingsport Mets (R), going 2-1 with a 4.24 ERA ... Signed with the New York Mets as an non-drafted free agent.

9-23-11: - http://www.metsminorleagueblog.com  - Baseball America is into their league-by-league top 20 lists and has named Mets RHP Rafael Montero the #20 prospect in the GCL. Ben Badler wrote this about Montero: Montero’s best pitch is his fastball, which sits at 90-93 mph and touches 95 with late hop, making it tough for hitters to pick up. His fastball plays up because his command of the pitch was so advanced for Rookie ball. He’ll need to improve his secondary pitches, a fringy changeup and a below-average breaking ball, though he throws them both for strikes.

9-23-11: - Hyde feels that Montero is old enough, and bold enough, to pitch Savannah next spring. I have him in Brooklyn, but, in this case, I hope Toby is right, but I’d rather he stay in extended camp to improve his secondary pitches rather than blow up on paper. We’ll see.


Draft 2012: - Deven Marrero, Jared Price, Steve Nyisztor, Toney Dimartino, Ty Blach


9-27-11: - http://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=6271 -   DEVEN MARRERO, ss, Cotuit Kettleers (Arizona State/JR in 2012) -  SCOUTING PROFILE: Marrero is a superior prospect in all phases of his game, and a leading candidate to be the first player drafted in 2012. The one area where he truly stands out is on defense, and he is in a league of his own as a college shortstop. Scouts say he is ready-made to play defensively in the big leagues, and have little reservation in extolling him as a future Gold-Glover. Marrero has exceptional rhythm in the field, no matter what the play or where a throw originates. He has a knack for instinctively reading ground balls and getting his glove into the right position, regardless of the hop, and is also adept at shifting his feet to make a throw from any angle. His arm is both strong and extremely accurate, and he excels at making plays from the hole. If anything, he can make shortstop look a little too easy, at times, and will lose focus occasionally and overcharge some balls, which accounted for most of the nine errors he committed in the 12 games he played this summer for Cotuit. While his ability to play shortstop has never been questioned, the 6-foot-1, 170-pound Marrero continues to open eyes with his bat. He hit .326-0-5 in his brief time on the Cape, which he did in two instalments sandwiched around his tenure as the starting shortstop for USA Baseball’s college national team, where he hit .322-0-14, and led that squad in hits, doubles, RBIs and stolen bases. In contrast to his summer showing at the plate, Marrero hit .315-2-20 with the new BBCOR bats during his sophomore year at Arizona State, and scouts may have already come to the conclusion that he is one of those players who is a better hitter with wood. He has excellent hitter’s hands, and the bat speed to turn around a high-velocity fastball. His best attribute as a hitter, though, is his ability to drive balls sharply to the opposite field. He also has sound strike-zone management. The area where Marrero showed his greatest improvement this summer came in his base running. He has average speed but emerged as an above-average base stealer because of his superior instincts. Marrero was one of the top prospects in the Cape Cod League a year ago, when he hit .306-1-17, and his reputation as the league’s best talent carried over to this summer, to a degree, as his time in the league was too limited for scouts to get an extended look at him to be convinced he was the league’s No. 1 prospect. Not only did Marrero take three weeks out to join Team USA, but he missed the final week of the Cape season when he was hit by a pitch and suffered a badly bruised left hand. 

7-19-11: - http://www.mlbbonusbaby.com/2011/6/29/2250656/early-look-at-2012#comments - Jared Price, Twin Valley HS, Mohnton, PA 6’2 185, loose and quick, some rerap and coil in back/short like Roger Clemens, fb jumps out of hand when he fully extends out front, fb up to 92, mostly 90 with arm side run and hard breaking ball that is still developing, showed fair command and control, aggressive, could be top 4-7 round in 2012.

9-8-11: - http://www.gacksports.com/65590/2012-mlb-mock-draft-update - 30. Boston Red Sox Steve Nyisztor 2nd Baseman Rutgers Nyisztor appeared in all 56 games and started all, but one game at 2nd base.  Nyisztor posted a .410 batting average along with 4 home runs, 51 RBI’s, 11 stolen bases, and 17 doubles.  Nyisztor is a project, but has the tools to be a 5 tool player if his home run ability improves.

9-21-11: - http://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=6253 – what are your thoughts on high school 1b Tony Dimartino hes top 100 in your guys rankings any idea what round hell most likely go in? – DiMartino is a very strong right handed hitting first baseman from California with a ride to Arizona State. He's actually #328 right now. As a 6-0/6-1 right handed hitting first baseman, he has very little draft profile and I would expect him to be a college standout, much in the same way that Christian Walker (see previous post) has been.

9-1-11: - http://xmlbscout.angelfire.com - Ty Blach, Creighton, 6'1 200, nice lefty with fb up to 91, 92 on occ, most are 88-89, some arm side run and good change up, cb a bit sloppy at times, needs more consistency with cb and command to be effective and move up in draft status. 8-12 guy on paper with potential to go 4-7 rounds, keys will be overall command and if fb ticks up in velo any. Comparisons to former Jay, Brad Kucera former high rounder of the Brewers in the late 80's for coach Hendry.

2012 Draft Profile: - SP Brandon Thomas

I continue my series of draft prospects to keep an eye on.
Thomas plays in the Georgia Tech outfield and hit .307/.471/.429 in 205-ABs last season. Also had 36 walks while striking out only 42 times.

We consider Brandon one of out breakout players in the upcoming season.

I asked Brandon how he is preparing for the 2012 season:
Hey Mack.   Thanks for the message. I have enjoyed reading through your site! There will be a lot of preparation for the upcoming season. Physical preparation first, at Georgia Tech we have a great strength training program that our whole team follows 5 days a week until the season starts. In addition to this strength training, I always like to work hard on speed, acceleration, core strength, and flexibility through different drills and workouts that I have picked up from a friend (Tony Villani @ XPE Sports) in high school. Baseball wise, I'm looking forward to getting more at bats this fall from both sides and continuing to develop a great feel from both sides. Specifically, being consistent with my lower half which will allow my swing to be consistent and functional.   Best,  Brandon Thomas
Some additional info on Brandon:

http://ramblinwreck.cstv.com/sports/m-basebl/mtt/thomas_brandon00.html - 2010 -  Played in 32 games and made 24 starts - 23 in left field and one at DH - Batted .262 with 18 runs, four doubles, three triples and 13 RBI ... Was 5-for-6 in stolen base attempts ... Went 2-for-2 in his first two career at-bats, after entering the game late in a 20-3 win over Missouri State (2/20) ... Had a pinch-hit single against Xavier (2/27) ... Made his first career start in the second game against Maryland, picking up two hits including his first career double (3/20) ... Started his first game in left field going 1-for-2 with three runs scored against Mercer (3/23) ... Was 2-for-3 with a double, triple and his first career RBI the next day against the Bears (3/24) ... Collected two hits and a career-high four RBI in a comeback win over No. 17 North Carolina in the series finale ... His two-RBI triple sparked a five-run ninth inning rally for the Jackets ... Had three hits, a triple and four RBI in the series against No. 16 Clemson (4/16-18).

http://diamonddirectors.com/blog/2010/11/spotlight-becoming-a-switch-hitter-with-ga-techs-brandon-thomas - Some of life’s most important lessons can be learned on the baseball field, as GA Tech outfielder Brandon Thomas found out when he wanted to become a switch hitter. At age 16, Brandon had already been working with CJ Stewart at Diamond Directors for three years. He’d honed his natural athletic ability and gained a level of baseball skill to be proud of. One day, he approached CJ and told him that he wanted to add switch hitting to his list of accomplishments. CJ warned Brandon that it wouldn’t be easy, that becoming a reliable switch hitter would be full of ups and downs, but Brandon was set on making it happen. Before training him as a switch hitter, CJ required Brandon to agree to commit 100% to making it a reality, and Brandon did.

6-23-11: - http://baseballdraftreport.com  - Georgia Tech SO OF Brandon Thomas - .322/.434/.449 – 38 BB/40 K – 20/23 SB – 205 AB - It’s easy to see why Thomas has drawn favorably comparisons (by me) to former Georgia Tech outfielders Charlie Blackmon and Danny Payne. A quick rundown of his biggest positives: above-average range in a corner spot, an arm strong enough for right field, good speed that he knows how to use, gap power with a chance for more, excellent athleticism, and a pro ready body (6-3, 205 pounds). It can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint a good prospect a year ahead of the draft, but tools like that combined with really strong production at an outstanding college program make this whole prognostication thing a lot easier.

Q and A With Mack And... P Bret Mitchell

Mack:  Morning kiddies. We're talking today with the Mets 12th round draft pickin the 2010 draft, Minnesota State University's own Bret Mitchell. Hey Bret, how's everything today and where are you?

Mitchell:   It's going good right now I'm back home in Minnesota.

Mack:   Let's go back a little. You pitched only 8 games for Kingsport last season, which is exactly the same amout of appearances you had this past season for K-Port/Brooklyn combined?  Did you get off to a slow start out of camp?
Mitchell:  I thought I got off to a good start this year I spent a lot of time working on my change up which I thought really helped me
Mack:  How come only 8 games though? Was there an injury in camp?

Mitchell:  No I injured my hip in season.
Mack:  I forgot that. Bret, you came out of college with the reputation of having a plus-plus curveball. Scouts said you need to develop an additional secondary pitch, other than your fastball to compliment the curve. Have you had success with that?

Mitchell:  I think so I have added a change up and a slider both were working good for me this year

Mack:  Gotta ask you this... Do you miss starting?

Mitchell:  Yeah I mean being hurt is never fun I'm just excited to get started up again

Mack:  And we're thrilled to have you back. I'm sure no one has told you what your role will be in 2012, but I have you as being part of the Cyclone rotation. A couple of more questions... Are you ding anything special in the off-season to get ready for next spring?

Mitchell:   I work out with Tom Truesdon and he does a good job with me

Mack:  Bret, last question. There's a lot of people here at Mack's Mets that follow players like you. Anything you want to say to them?

Mitchell:  Can't wait get going again next year going to work hard on staying healthy and have a good full season.

More on Mitchell...

Drafted  in the 12th round of the 2010 draft by the New York Mets. Signed, and immediately assigned to Kingsport for the 2010 season.

6-26-10: - Mitchell got off to a fantastic start last night for Kingsport , pitching 5.0 innings, giving up only one earned run while striking out eight.

7-7-10: - Mitchell pitched another gem last night and we need to add him to our watch list for The Keepers…  stats so far this season:  3-G,  2-1, 1.65, 0.97, 2.20-RA9, .300-BABIP, 2.26-FIP

Final 2010 stats:  2-2, 5.94, 8-ST, 42-K, 36.1-IP

9-23-10 2011 forecast:  Mitchell got off to a great start for Kingsport, but gave up 21 earned runs in his last five outings. Watch for him to return to Kingsport for a second shot next spring.

6-25-11: - Mitchell was a 12th rounder last season that got off to a great start with Kingsport. By 7-7-10 he was 3-6, 2-1, 1.65, 0.97, 2.20-RA9, .300-BABIP, 2.26-FIP; however, the rest of the season sort of went downhill and he finished the season  2-2, 5.94, 8-ST, 42-K, 36.1-IP. This included giving up 21-ER in his last five outings. Well, he got back on the horse in K-Port last night, thowing five hitless shutout innings, striking out six while walking only one. We’ll keep an eye on him.

8-14-11: - http://metsmerizedonline.com/2011/08/kingsport-mets-team-report-stretch-run-edition.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+MetsMerizedOnline-GetMetsmerized-NewYorkMets+%28Mets+Merized+Online%29&utm_content=Twitter - Bret Mitchell - The 6’2 RHP won 5 of his first 7 starts for the K-Mets and then was promoted to Brooklyn. The 2010 12th round pick out of Minnesota State University-Mankato, went 5-1 with a 2.95 ERA for Kingsport. In 40 IP he gave up 24 Hits, only two of which were HR’s. He had a 38/12 K/BB ratio, the league was hitting .175 against him and his WHIP was 0.91.

8-25-11: -  http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20110825&content_id=23728940&vkey=news_t506&fext=.jsp&sid=t506 -  The Kingsport Mets announced their pitcher and hitters of the year before the final home game of the season Wednesday against the Danville Braves.

Right-handed pitcher Bret Mitchell was named the pitcher of the year. A 6'1" 195 pounder, Mitchell led the team in wins as he posted a record of 5-1 with an impressive 2.95 ERA. In 40 innings pitched Mitchell allowed just 24 hits while striking out 38 batters and walking 12. Mitchell who was promoted to the Brooklyn Cyclones on August 5th, is a former Appalachian League pitcher of the week who took no-hitters into the 5th inning on three different occasions this summer.

Q and A: With Mack and… Mike Scannell... trading David


Michael Scannell to me:

I was wondering, if you thought if the Mets were to trade David Wright if it would be impossible to re-sign him after this year.  I'm not advocating it one way or the other, just thinking out loud.  I know that Sandy traded Rickey Henderson for Steve Karsay only to bring him back soon after as a FA, so it's in his MO.  For instance, it's been reported that the Rockies would have serious interest in Wright if he were on the market.  I also know that the Rockies are looking to trade Huston Street this offseason.  Street might be attractive to the Mets given their closer problems.  I originally thought of it as 2 deals (Wright to Rox for Pomeranz, Arenado, Street to Mets for undetermined players) but then thought maybe a blockbuster might work, something like

Rox get: Wright, +

Mets get: Pomeranz, Arenado, Street

The Mets get another top pitching prospect in Pomeranz, a replacement for Wright in Arenado, and a closer in Street.  Everything I read about Wright (growing up a Mets fan, NYC lifestyle) points to him wanting to play for the Mets.  I can't imagine him wanting to stay in Colorado, a team that probably won't be a serious contender for a few years.  Obviously if Wright waives his 2013 option and hits the market next offseason, the Mets would be taking a huge chance he signs with someone else.  However, if he truly loves playing in NY, I'm wondering if he'd get over spending 2012 ( a 'lost' year for the Mets anyway) in another city and then come back to finish his career with the Mets.  So, do you think being traded would hurt Wright so much that he would never consider returning?

The Mets could wind up with Wright, Pomeranz, and Street.  Arenado is there as insurance in case Wright does not come back.  If Wright does, maybe Arenado could shift to the OF or provide the Mets with another trade chip next offseason.


Hey, Michael.

I love the way your mind works.

The 2011 Mets had four opportunities to sell a quality player to another team and get a return that would help them in the future more than it would be if they kept the original player.

They got it done with Carlos Beltran, failed with Francisco Rodriguez, passed with Jose Reyes, and the last chance they have is David Wright.

IMO, Wright is a combination of Tom Seaver and Chipper Jones. Trading him should be against the State of New York law. To pull this off would take a complete reversal of a miserable situation. You first smack your star in the face with a trade and then you have to woo him back as a free agent.

It doesn’t work. You never come back 100%. Did you ever lose touch with an old friend you had a fight with? Did you miss them enough to contact them and try to put the friendship back together? The first contact is always a positive one, right? But the fact is you have both learned to live without each other. You can’t go back and change the conditions why you separated in the first place.

Add to that the gigunta amount of additional money Wright’s agent would stick up your ass to get him back, and I can’t see it happening.

Again, love the idea, but eh-eh.

I May Be Wrong, But…

1. In my world, Mike Pelfrey has no future on the Mets. If this is true, why would I tender him? Do I really care if he signs elsewhere and gets his act together? He’s not part of my future so why offer him arbitration? Again, in my world, 2012 is going to be another rebuilding year. You’re not going to hear that from Sandy Alderson, but the Mets will not be a pennant contender until the law suits are gone and the young pitchers have arrived. I’d be happy with an opening day rotation of Santana/Young, Niese, Dickey, Gee, Schwinden… and I’d be thrilled if it ended up  Niese, Dickey, Harvey, Mejia, Familia.

2. I see the Mets flew in Brandon Nimmo on Monday and let him have his own press conference. Nimmo said he’s love to play for the Mets right now, but understands he has to go through the minor leagues. Boy, I’m glad we’re not creating a Bryce Harper situation here. Seriously, send the kid home or give him a ticket to Ft. Myers for the Instruction League, but don’t suck his knee caps in CitiField while the rest of your draft picks have to read this shit.

3. Ozzie in South Beach? What a genius idea. I can’t think of anyone that could get those Cubans off their ass and attend a game more than him. How about Ricky Henderson first 3rd base coach.  Let’s throw in Alay Soler for Pitching Coach.  It’s going to interesting to see how the stars on this team react to…  oh yeah, they’re dead last. There are no stars. Keep an eye on this developing situation. There’s definitely going to be some players that aren’t going to want to play for this guy. RHP Javier Vazquez ($7mil), 2B Jose Lopez ($3.6mil), and 3B-1B Greg Dobbs ($600K) are free agents.

4. I see that the 2013 option was picked up for Terry Collins. I’m happy for both him and the team. I have a few friends in the clubhouse, which over years under Jerry and Willie, was not a comfortable place to be. It is now. In fact, the current team would run through a wall for TC. Well, actually, they’d try to and then have a concussion, and then go on the 7-day DL, and then have it extended to 30-days, and…  well, anyway, Collins deserves to see the end result of the rebuilding process which will be over by the end of the 2013 season. Kudos, TC.

5. Mike Silva’s sources say that Dan Warthen will return next season as the Mets pitching coach. I didn’t expect that, but it’s hard to lay all the blame on someone that didn’t draft, sign, or steal the 2011 rotation. What’s important in my world is who becomes the third minor league pitching coach, in the same amount of years. There’s a lot of talent in the pipeline right now and I’d like to see someone like Bobby Ojeda handling these duties. Okay, I’d settle for Frank Viola.

The Great Jose Debate Begins

Now that the season is over, the batting title is won and the team looks towards 2012, you are going to hear the name Jose Reyes A LOT. Jose was the BEST player on the Mets in 2011. Sure... Carlos Beltran had a GREAT start to the year and may have landed the Mets with a future Ace, but Jose was the brightest star.

I read a very good article in the NY Post on Jose and how the Mets are in a Lose/Lose scenario with Reyes in terms of bidding. We've heard it all before:
  • He's injury prone
  • He's the spark plug of the offense
  • He's already lost a step
  • He's one of the most POPULAR players with the fans
  • The Wilpons are cheap
  • The Wilpons don't want to appear cheap
  • Alderson doesn't like long contracts
  • He's home grown.
  • We obviously can't keep him
  • We obviously can't let him go
A 2012 WITH Reyes:
Glass Half Full: The Mets sign Reyes for 6 years and $105 Mil. Reyes does start 95% of the games and has a good year. The pitching, led by Johan Santana and Jon Niese, holds strong and the Mets win the division with healthy batting out-put from Reyes, Wright, Davis and Jason Bay. Matt Harvey is called up in September and surges to a great opening display, and will be the #3 pitcher in the playoff rotation.

Glass Half Empty: The Mets are forced to offer Reyes 6 years and a vesting option for a 7th. Reyes has an okay year but is hobbled before the All-Star break and starts only 65% of the games. David Wright continues to be hot and cold while Jason Bay is benched in favor Fernando Martinez. The team finishes 5th in the division as the Nationals promote Bryce Harper and surge ahead.

A 2012 WITHOUT Reyes:
Glass Half Full: The Mets watch Jose Reyes leave and use the money they would have spent on Reyes signing Yu Darvish. Meanwhile Ruben Tejada is given the job at SS and Reese Havens wins the starting 2B job in spring training. The story of the year is how the Mets are on the rise as Darvish sparkles and Havens earns an All-Star selection in his first year. Harvey joins the team in late September and the Met 2013 future looks bright.

Glass Half Empty: Not only DON'T the Mets sign Reyes but they fail to land a single legit star. Attendance dwindles and David Wright announces to the media that he would like to be traded. To make matters worse, Johan Santana doesn't pitch a single inning and the team is completely out of the playoff race by Mid-June. Harvey and Familia both get promoted but struggle under the pressure of being looked on as saviors.

Right... so... probably something in the middle of those scenarios either way it shakes out. Here is the basic gist. The Mets sign Reyes, they WILL pay too much. The Mets don't sign Reyes, they get two picks and become the laughing stock of the big-market teams (losing countless fans). I love Reyes as a fan but I love the Mets too and want them to win.

Frankly I don't envy Alderson's position...

The Keepers: - #85 - RP - Adam Kolarek

                   85.   Adam Kolarek RP
5-10-11: - RP Adam Kolarek was promoted from extended camp and joined Lucy for Tuesday’s game. Kolarek was an 11th round pick last year by the Mets and pitched both for K-Port (5-G, 3.86) and Brooklyn (17-G, 2.89, 30-K, 28.0-IP).
8-9-11: - Stock Up – SP Adam Kolarek – Kolarek is starting for the Sand Gnats this week. The 22-yr. old 6-3 right hander has pitched in 42 professional games over the past two seasons, but only one has been as a starter. That was two outings ago when he struck out seven in 5.0-IP. He does have 87-Ks in 78.2 professional innings, so obviously the thought process here is to try him as a starter.
83 – RP Adam Kolarek – Kolarek has been a real pleasant surprise this year. The 6-3 LHP started slow in Kingsport (7.36), but has been spot on (7-0, 2.09, 20-G, 53-K, 17-BB, 51.2-IP) for Savannah. I have him back in Savannah next spring and probably moving on to St. Lucie at the break, but if Brant Rustich doesn’t come back, don’t be surprised if he’s not in the Lucy pen in April. ETA: - TBD


Draft 2012: - Avery Romero, Ty Hensley, Jake Stewart, Austin Aune, Nick Dolsky


                Position:  SS/2B

                School:  Pedro Menendez HS, FL

                Date of Birth:  5/11/1993

                Height/Weight:  6’0/195

                Bats/Throws:  R/R

                Class Of:  2012

                Committed To:  Florida

                Scouting Report: -  Avery Romero is one of the top prep prospects from talent rich Florida. Romero has a smooth balanced swing that produces power to all fields.  He has good bat speed and makes consistent hard contact.  Pitch recognition is another strength for Romero. Romero shows good actions in the infield.  He has soft hands to go along with a strong accurate arm.  Some see a move to third base in the future due to Romero lacking ideal quickness for a middle infield spot. Romero is a competitive player with a very strong work ethic.  He looks to be a high round selection in the 2012 draft

Ty Hensley, Santa Fe HS, Edmond OK, 6’4 1/2 220, tall righty with plus arm strength, fb very straight and no deception, delivery out of synch on this day, up to 93 on fb, most were 91, cb has proper bite not much deception as he slows delivery down to get it over, will be someone to watch. Good bloodlines.

9-8-11: - http://www.gacksports.com/65590/2012-mlb-mock-draft-update - 19. San Francisco Giants Jake Stewart Outfielder Stanford Jake Stewart is an outfielder for Stanford.    His dad James played baseball at Virginia Tech before being a minor league player for the Minnesota Twins. His high school team won 3 straight state championships before being drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 14th round following high school.  He won state championships in 2007 and 2008 while playing football and basketball in high school.  Williams had a .511 batting average during his senior year of high school.

9-21-11: - http://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=6253 – Comment From Larry - Who is the top 2012 HS player out of Texas. Williams and Hawkins both seem to have very high ceilings. Anybody else?  - Texas is loaded this year, even with the probable withdrawl of SS C.J. Hinojosa, a Anthony Rendon clone, from the 2012 draft to enroll early at Texas. Williams and Hawkins certainly stand out, but there is a depth of players around the state. One of my favorite sleepers is Argyle HS 3B/CF Austin Aune, who is also a top QB going to TCU. He has first round tools in my opinion if everything falls right for him next spring.

9-1-11: - http://xmlbscout.angelfire.com   Nick Dolsky, Nebraska, 6'7 235, tall righty, draft eligible due to age, turns 21 in December, comes downhill from H 3/4 arm slot, has some life on his fb down on the knees that will touch 91-92 on occ, most fb upper 80's, had a very solid summer thus far in the N'woods League and seems to have found his breaking ball over the summer. With new pitching coach Silva working with him this fall, the sky is the limit with this kid. Right now projects to be a 4-7 rounder but could move up with added velocity and better command next spring. You don't get many tall righties with good coordination like this kid has.
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