John from Albany - The Alternative 50 Mets Prospects, Numbers 35-31.


Again, trying to highlight players that did well last year and not many others have focused on.  

Looking today at some players with high OPS. 

#35: Carlos Dominguez – OF (25 games in Left, 16 in Right, 2 in CF), Bats Right, Throws Right, DOB 10/11/1999.  Carlos played last summer in the Dominican Summer League (DSL) 1 and the DSL 2 leagues.  His DSL 1 league stats produced an OPS of .901, one of the highest in the organization (minimum over 100 at bats in one level) with a slash line of .280 BA/.424 OBP/.477 Slg.  107 At Bats, 30 hits, 5 doubles, 2 triples, 4 HR, 22 RBIs, 9 walks, 35 Ks, 10 stolen bases. Really his month of June was pretty amazing with a .962 OPS, .300 BA/.429 OBP/.533 Slg. slash line.  He cooled down when he went to the DSL 2 with a .783 OPS, .266 BA/.383 OBP/.464 Slg. slash line in 100 at bats.  Still think his DSL 1 season warrants getting on this list.  Hope he makes it to the States in 2020 and we can see what he can do in the GCL, or maybe even in Brooklyn or Kingsport.

#34: Federico Polanco – SS, Bats Left, Throws Right, DOB 5/20/2001. Another player that had one of the highest OPS in the Mets Organization while playing in the DSL 1 in 2019.  His 2019 DSL 1 league stats produced an OPS of .886, with a slash line of .331 BA/.414 OBP/.472 Slg.  163 At Bats, 54 hits, 13 doubles, 5 triples, 23 walks, 23 Ks, 7 stolen bases.   Federico was later promoted to the GCL Mets to end the season and struggled in 14 games with a .176 BA and .275 OBP.  He will probably be back in the GCL in 2020 where hopefully he can play more like he did in the DSL in 2019.

#33: Zach Ashford – LF, Bats Left, Throws Right, DOB 2/9/1997.  2019 6th round draft pick from Fresno State. Zach produced .870 OPS last year with a slash line of .295 BA/.413 OBP/.457 Slg.; 129 At Bats, 38 hits, 13 doubles, 1 triple, 2 HRs, 23 walks, 26 Ks, 2 stolen bases. He then finished the year at St. Lucis with a .353 Avg. in 5 games and 17 at bats.  We will watch what Zach does in 2020.   

#32: Scott Ota – RF, Bats Left, Throws Left, DOB 8/16/1997.  2019 10th round draft pick from University of Illinois at Chicago (Chicago, IL).  Scott Ota produced an .875 OPS at Kingsport last year with a slash line of .273 BA/.355 OBP/.519 Slg.; 183 At Bats, 50 hits, 14 doubles, 5 triples, 7 HRs, 26 RBIs, 21 walks, 38 Ks.  A low cost college draft pick that allowed the Mets to sign Bret Baty and Matthew Allen in last year’s draft, Scott showed some big cost production.  I am hoping he gets a chance next year in Columbia or St. Lucie but he may start the season in Brooklyn.

#31: Hansel Moreno – RF/SS, Bats Both, Throws Right, DOB 11/3/1996.  With a good arm (watch the video of him throwing a runner out at home below) and good speed, Hansel produced the a .783 OPS at Columbia last year with a slash line of .276 BA/.344 OBP/.440 Slg.; 116 At Bats, 32 hits, 4 doubles, 5 HRs, 14 RBIs, 13 walks, 26 Ks.  Hansel struggled a little in St. Lucie with a .216 BA/.274 OBP/.297 Slg.  Given that, he may start the season in St. Lucie but perhaps could be in Binghamton by mid to late 2020. 


Tom Brennan said...

Five good choices...I would have had Zach Ashford a few ticks better myself.

Moreno already has 6 years in. Even though still young, he needs to find a higher gear in 2020.

Mack's Mets said...

Thanks Tom. Don't worry. More Cyclones still coming.

Tom Brennan said...

Send in the Clones - there ought to be Clones!

Mack Ade said...

Boy... are we this thin?

nickel7168 said...

John...how about 1 per day (or 5 every 5 days)?

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