Draft 13 - Q and A - RHP - Nick Rumbelow – LSU


Mack - We snagged one of the big ones here folks. LSU's big RHP Nick Rumbelow has agreed to spend a few minutes with us. Thanks Nick and I assume you're 'tossing' has begun for the upcoming season?

Nick - Yes sir, throwing started up for me on Monday the 3rd of September, after receiving some time off after a heavy work load this summer. After a couple days of throwing under my belt right now I am feeling very well and the arm is 100%.

Mack – First and most important, did you and your teammates that live in the area fair well from Hurricane Issac?

Nick - We did, we were very prepared and took the necessary steps to remain safe during the hurricane! Thank you for asking.

Mack – Rumble, let’s go back to that day someone first put either a ball, bat, or glove in your hands and take us through the steps it took to reaching your junior season at one of the greatest schools on the map.

Nick - What a journey it has been. Let me tell you, I am from a small Texas country town,( pop. 1500), my parents have been the two individuals who I owe the most to in the great journey I am on. I started playing ball when I was 4 years old. I was just a 4 year old with a love for the game and am blessed to say I am still that 4 year old at heart when it comes to the game of baseball. I have had the opportunity to meet so many remarkable people on this journey ranging from field maintenance men all the way to head coaches of the teams. The teammates you make become brothers and you learn so much about life through this great game. I will be the first to tell you it has not been an easy path getting to LSU and continuing to play there. There are many ups and downs along the way in making a dream come true but the feeling of success is well worth it. I am so humbled by the great people who have helped me to get to this point in my career and very thankful to the man upstairs for making this all possible.

Mack – I couldn’t answer that question better. Walk us through your repertoire so everyone knows what you’re throwing and tell us if you have been working on anything new this summer?

Nick - I am a max effort right-handed pitcher. When I step on the mound I use a lot of energy and have a very fast tempo. I have a repertoire that consist of four pitches. I predominantly work off my fastball mixed with a hard breaking. I will also throw a "get me over" curveball that is around 3-4 MPH slower than my hard breaking ball to change speeds on people as well so I don’t have to show my strike-out pitch early in counts. I do mix in a change-up when necessary. This summer I worked on getting ahead with my fastball which makes my off speed that much better.

Mack – In closing, is there anything you want to say to either the Tigers fans, readers, or scouts out there that read this site every day?

Nick - Mack, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to do this interview. It was a pleasure. The only thing I would want to close with is for the readers to challenge themselves to be the best that can be every day, in all areas of life. Thanks again Mack.

Mark Mokris - An Attorney's Spin on the Wright Contract


Hi Mack,

I just thought I would point out another issue in the David Wright negotiations that I haven't seen really reported. May be because I am an attorney I sometimes tend to focus on the Sports Agent in negotiations. After the Melky Cabrera fiasco where an ACES employee was found to be fabricating evidence there has been a mass exodus of players from that agency. Sam and Seth Levinson's continued viability as Sports Agents is largely riding on getting a major deal for David Wright. If it looks too easy than they don't get the credibility they desperately need to stop the bleeding. Once Longoria signed it did two things that hurt an announcement this week. First, it further solidified the years and salary that Wright would most likely to receive. Remember there was already the Zimmerman contract for comparison. Secondly, if Wright's extension is announced at the same time as Longoria's than it kind of loses some of its luster as it is just another signing of a third baseman. It is in the Levinson's best interests to get maximum press out of this. The Mets may want to get this contract done before the Winter Meetings but the Levinsons would probably like the stage of the Winter Meetings. Just remember in all of this that David Wright is a very loyal person and that means he is loyal to both the Mets and the Levinsons so he's going to try to help the Levinsons in their time of need. For all of the Mets fans that are now saying that Wright is holding out for more money may be just may be this all about the timing of the announcement and putting loyalty first.  

Non-Tenders Thread


  • Detroit Tigers- RP Daniel Schlereth
  • Kansas City Royals- OF Derrick Robinson
  • Boston Red Sox- RP Scott Atchinson
  • Pittsburgh Pirates- RP Jeff Karstens
  • Milwaukee Brewers- RP Manny Parra

Q and A - 'Potential' Players


Joey asked:

Hi Mack, great site. You talk about ‘potential’… what players in the system still haven’t reached theirs?


What a great question.

First of all, like most teams, the majority of minor leaguers are far past their potential. You have to remember that most players drafted past the 20th round are just picked to fill in the rosters in the organization. There’s a limit to signing money so you just can’t keep spending like a drunkard sailor.

Here’s some on my list (no particular order):

OF Cesar Puello – Scouts evaluate prospects using the term ‘tools’. Puello possesses all of them. What he hasn’t done was stay healthy or put it all together. I’ve written about him a number of times being the scout’s favorite Mets outfield prospect. That gets you signed, but doesn’t get you to the majors. What does is production and Puello has the God given talent to make it big. I’m not sure where he will start the season in 2013. He really needs to be held back in St. Lucie where it will be easier for him to get off to a good start.

OF Jordany Valdespin – I guess ‘Spin’ isn’t an infielder anymore. What he remains is a very talented ballplayer that refuses to allow those around him to teach him how to execute his talents. This is as wild as a wild card can get and the sad part is he could be a star for a team that desperately needs a shot of adrenalin in the outfield. His antics have basically made him untradeable and his coaches at all levels have washed their hands of him. He may be the most talented player in the organization, but I don’t think we’ll ever see the kind of player he could be.

OF Cory Vaughn – I just wrote about him the other day about this. Like Valdespin, he has all the tools to be great. All he has to do is put it together. This is not a bad attitude but some around him have told me that he just gets too emotional sometimes. Very streaky. There are times that pitchers simply can’t figure out how to get a ball past his bat. He continues to have one glaring deficiency and that’s his unconventional swing. Vaughn refuses to adjust it and, frankly, he needs a new hitting coach to read him the riot act. He was second in the league last year for St. Lucie in home runs. That’s not shabby. Do the same in Binghamton next spring and THAT will impress me.

C Blake Forsythe – Forsythe was a favorite of mine when he was drafted. He had a killer sophomore year in college, but injuries cut his numbers (and his draft potential) as a junior. I considered him a steal when the Mets picked him, but so far, nothing has happened. There just seems to be a jinx hovering over the Mets when they draft catchers. He gets one more chanced this season at the critical AA level.

P Brandon Moore – Moore has done little wrong when he’s on the mound. The problem is he can’t seem to prevent from being suspended for control substances. He’s been busted twice, which means he has tested positive at least three times. This is like the Lindsay Lohan of the Mets organization. Frankly, I’m surprised he hasn’t been cut; however, like I said, the boy can pitch.

OF Gilbert Gomez – Gomez signed with the Mets with all the bells and whistles top international prospects come with. He’s played well, but he’s yet to show the kind of numbers scouts projected for him. One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, he’s still very young and still learning the game. Gomez has serious untapped potential.

OF Brandon Nimmo – It’s far too early to be critical of Nimmo and no one deserves to have this much pressure put on his back. Nimmo was projected to be a sup-1 pick in the draft, and, if he was picked there, everyone would be thrilled with him. Instead, he goes early in the first round and we come to find out his high school didn’t even have a baseball team. Look, nothing against Nimmo, but how can a team risk their first pick this way? This is 1000% potential especially since he hasn’t played a full season yet. I sure hope for his sake he gets off to a good start in Savannah.

P Akeel Morris – Morris is a fallen prospect with a ton of potential. 2012 was just a miserable season for him and it cost him a future as a starter in the Mets organization. He still throws one of the top fastballs in the organization, but it lost the ability to hit the zone last season. The pressure is off him now. He’s still very young and can rebound as either an 8th inning reliever or a closer.

SP Steven Matz – The king of potential. His best day was the day he signed with the Mets. Ironically, his problems have not been when he’s on the mound. His arm went kaput the first year and fizzled again last season while he was basically unhittable for Kingsport. Another high school player who has time on his side, but there are so many good starters ahead of him right now in the system. I see him starting for Brooklyn, if his arm is sound.

FLASH: Tommy Hanson to the Angels


The Atlanta Braves have traded SP Tommy Hanson for CL Jordan Walden in a straight 1 for 1 trade.

(What?? I don't agree with this trade at all. Hanson is a #3 starter at worst and you trade him for a guy who is probably going to be your 7th inning reliever behind Venters and Kimbrel. Yes they'll have a dominant bullpen but if your starters cant get a lead to them then whats the point. If they would have gotten another piece I would like it but as a straight 1 for 1 trade, this could come back and bite the Braves in the butt in my opinion.) 


Rumor Mill: 11/30/2012

  • After the Atlanta Braves added CF BJ Upton, and the Washington Nationals added Denard Span, the Mets, Phillies, and now the Miami Marlins are continuing to look for their next CF's. The Los Angeles Angels CF Peter Bourjos has been garnering a lot of attention from the 3 lately as a possible trade candidate. The Angels are said to be looking for quality starting pitching. (More and more teams continue to be added as possible trade partners for Dickey. Sandy Alderson can literally do no wrong here. Either he extends him and keeps an entertaining option that fan WILL pay to come see at the ballpark....or he trades him and nets a big return.)
  • The Milwaukee Brewers, Boston Red Sox, and the Angels are all showing interest in SP Ryan Dempster according to Ken Rosenthal. The veteran right hander who is 35 years old is said to be looking for a 3 yr contract.(Pass.....)
  • The New York Yankees have re-signed CL Mariano Rivera to a 1 yr/$10MM contract and SP Andy Pettite to a 1 yr/$12MM contract. (And the Yanks get older and older every day. It must be depressing to be a minor leaguer in the Yanks organization.) Jack Curry Twitter
  • The Phillies were said to have a trade for CL Wilton Lopez all lined up until they "put the brakes" on the transaction due to a possible physical issue according to Jim Salisbury.
  • Former MLB SP Chan Ho Park announced his retirement yesterday. He pitched 1 game for the Mets in 2007 where he gave up 7 earned runs in 4 innings of work.
  • Negotiations between the Nationals and 1B Adam LaRoche have stalled recently and has allowed the Red Sox to get into talks with the free agent in case they dont sign C/1B Mike NapoliJon Heyman, CBS Sports. The team has also checked in on SS Alex Gonzalez and SS Stephen Drew.
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates outbid both the Yankees and the Texas Rangers during their pursuit of C Russell Martin whom they signed yesterday to a 2 yr/$17MM deal. According to David Waldstein, Martin was told that the Yanks could not match the offer and in fact never made an offer to him.
  • Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Chicago White Sox are looking for a back of the rotation starter in order to replace SP Gavin Floyd. (Sounds to me like the perfect fit for SP Dillon Gee. I am surely in the camp that believes SP Colin McHugh, who is forecasted to be a slightly better pitcher than Gee, is ready to be in the MLB right now after his performances last year.)
  • According to ESPN's Jerry Crasnick, it seems like CF Dexter Fowler will be off the trade for this year. (The CF market seems to be thinning extremely quickly for the Mets. Kirk Nieuwenheis is happy.)
Just as a reminder to our readers, tonight is the non-tender deadline so I'll be up tonight updating the website with non-tendered players that could  fits for the New York Mets.

Mack Stuff – Wilmer Flores, Randy Fontanez, Denard Span, Carlos Gomez


Ex-New York Mets scout, Ron Hopkins, joins the Pittsburgh Pirates.

3B Wilmer Flores hit his 4th winter ball home run last night.

                Flores’ BA has tailed off a little lately, but he has nothing to prove in the winter leagues. We know he can hit the ball, especially against the limited talent throwing at him there. What continues to bother me is his lack of playing some second base. We all knew in our hearts that the Wright deal would go down, so the Mets have to begin to try and find this guy a new position to play. I still can’t find anyone to answer this question: do the major league teams have any say as to what position their players play in winter ball? I remember last year when Josh Satin went to play in Venezuela just to learn the outfield, but he was never used there. Right now, there are three power bats in this organization… Flores, Aderlin Rodriguez, and Cory Vaughn. Flores will obviously play Las Vegas in the spring and, with Zach Lutz and Jefry Marte still hanging around, what a perfect time to move him to second. Yeah, I know, what about Reese Havens… frankly, Flores has the potential to produce offensive numbers like Jeff Kent used to and that’s fine with me on second.

P Randy Fontanez – 3.0-IP, 5-R, 6.43

                This isn’t good. You don’t want to be a pitching ‘prospect’ on a team that has 15 other pitching ‘prospects’ and throw a 6.43 ERA against mostly has-beens in winter ball. I’ve got him in the St. Lucie pen come the spring, but it’s over-running with names (TJ Chism, Marcos Camarena, Paul Seward, John Mincone, Chasen Bradford, Estarlin Morel, Carlos Vasguez, Jared West, Brandon Sage, Wanel Mesa)There are also 10 more relief pitchers ‘on paper’ for AA and 10 also for Savannah. Somebody has to be cut here.

Nationals Land Denard Span for Top Prospect Alex Meyer

                My first observation is making trades is a lot easier if both teams have good players available. Forget the names here. This is a very good outfielder for a very good pitcher and both teams fill a slot that is needed in their organization.

In the case of Span, this is a real centerfielder who steps right into the lineup as a leadoff hitter. He’s 28 and under contract through 2014 (with a 2015 option/buyout) and the money is no concern for the Nats who aren’t afraid to spend for talent. You would think the Mets could learn from this. He has a .357 career OBP and is also plays a decent outfield.

The outfield is now Span, Jayson Werth, and Bryce Harper. Not too shabby and a lot more than what’s in Flushing.

Meyer is a top SP prospect who would be an asset in any organization
I think the Nats pulled off a better trade here simply because Span has already proven himself at the major league level. Get used to him in Washington.

Jesse (Arizona) asked Keith Law:

Your thoughts on the Angels new scouting director Carlos Gomez (not the ex-Met)? Will the Angels finally be active in Latin America signings?

Klaw - Great hire, and yes, I expect so. Also sounds like Arizona may be largely punting on international now.

Carlos and I became friends in 2007 when he spent many an evening at Grayson Stadium, in Savannah. He’s an ex-Yankee farmhand who has worked hard to get where he is today. We spent many a late afternoon shooting the shit during BP and especially talking about the Latin prospects in the Sally League. He continues to this day follow me on Twitter.

One inside joke… never mention Jefry Marte to him. He was very positive on him early on and the last time I saw him (2 seasons ago) I brought up the name and he told me to never mention it again. We had a good laugh at Marte’s expense.

Way to go, Carlos


Mack Stuff - Winter League Stats, Cory Vaughn, Non-Tender Mets, B.J. Upton


 P Gonzalez Germen –Toros del Este -  0.0-IP, 1-BB, 8.31
 Armando Rodriguez - Leones del Escogido – 0.0-IP, 1.93
 3B Wilmer Flores - Bravos de Margarita – 0-4, .279
OF Cory Vaughn - Atenienses de Manati – 1-3, 1-RBI, .316

                We have to remember the lack of quality competition at this level, but we still like what we’re seeing from Cory Vaughn. The upside here is he could breeze through Binghamton in 2013 and literally be ready to play in Queens by September. The only people in his way are a bunch of other almost prospects that need to do the same thing.

Per Adam Rubin - Barring a last-minute trade that did not appear likely or other reversal, the Mets plan to non-tender three players by the Friday night deadline -- right-handers Mike Pelfrey and Manny Acosta and center fielder Andres Torres, according to major league sources.

                -no surprises here… I expect Pelfrey will be back in the $1-2mil range, but his agent is Scott Boras, so you know he’s going to want to shop him around for a while. Acosta finished strong last year, but he’s simply being paid too much for what he does. Torres is simply an embarrassment that Sandy Alderson wants to go away. All these moves are being made to free up as much money as they can before the Winter Meetings. They go into them with a $74.175mil 2013 payroll (before ARB raises) of which $18.125mil is Jason Bay. A conservative estimate is $15mil for at least one outfielder and a catcher.

Ed Leyro – “Over the past four seasons, B.J. Upton has a .242 batting average and a .316 on-base percentage (it was .298 in 2012). He has also struck out 646 times over that time period, has never driven in 90 runs and has never scored 90 runs (despite averaging 41 SB per season).”

                The sad part is this is what the market is bringing right now. The best part of his game is his name. I have to do with Alderson here. I’d rather stick with Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Lucas Duda, Mike Baxter, Jordany Valdespin, and somebody else until the 2014 FA rolls around. Focus on the pitching staff and hire as many batting coaches you can find to work with Matt den Dekker, Cory Vaughn, Gilbert Gomez, and Cesar Puello. Find one hidden gem here and 2014 will be the year I’ve been telling you it will be (oh yeah, trade that pitcher I’m not writing about until a deal is done for Wil Meyers).

David Deal Done


It came in on ESPN radio on the 3:30am update while I was working. $140mil through 2020. I’ll be asleep when you get all the details (I’m writing this offline at 4:30am), but I’m curious if there is no-trade clause. If not, it’s the same as a bunch of one year contracts to the Mets.

Still, this is a big ‘step up’ by both Wright and the Mets. Consider this a statement that they intend to compete and they all did the right thing. The fans will get a hero that will retire a Met.

I wonder what Jose is thinking right now. Both these guys deserved to have played their entire career in a Met uniform. Also, sorry Wilmer.

I’m going to bed. There will be plenty places for you to read about this all morning. Great stuff.

Flash: While your asleep.....METS EXTEND DAVID WRIGHT!!!!

Finally!!! The New York Mets have extended the contract of 3B David Wright. Wright will receive an additional 7 years and $122MM starting in 2014. MLB Trade Rumors first broke the story at 3:02am today. Let us rejoice.

Ed Coleman


BDR - MLB Draft 2013 Middle Infield Prospects


SS: Oscar Mercado, JP Crawford (2)
I’m on board with the Mercado as Elvis Andrus 2.0 comps and was out ahead of the “hey, he’s ahead of where Francisco Lindor was at the same stage just a few years ago” talk, so, yeah, you could say I’m a pretty big fan. That came out way smarmier than I would have liked – I’m sorry. The big thing to watch with Mercado this spring will be how he physically looks at the plate; with added strength he could be a serious contender for the top five or so picks, but many of the veteran evaluators who have seen him question whether or not he has the frame to support any additional bulk. Everything else about his game is above-average or better: swing, arm strength, speed, range, hands, release, pitch recognition, instincts. The way I feel about Mercado is how many of the professionals in the business feel about Crawford, a steady riser who now sits atop the majority of big league clubs’ middle infield boards. What’s funny about Crawford’s recent rise is that so much of it is predicated on his improved defense up the middle. In my first looks at Crawford last year, it was actually his defense at shortstop that stood out to me the most. Not for nothing, but I heard down in Florida that the Astros really, really, really like Crawford. Really.

the rest of the list...  BDR


FLASH - Mariano Rivera Agrees With Yanks - $10Mil+


and mariano rivera have agreed on a $10M guarantee for 2013. will also have awards/incentives

Yanks, Mariano Rivera agree to one-year deal 

Yankees Agree To Terms With Mariano Rivera  


Mack Stuff - 2013 Outfield


MLB Reports ‏@MLBreports - So Mets will have a starting OF of Duda, Nieuwenhuis and Baxter for 2013?

The Upton signing takes one of the top two OFers off the FA market. Michael Bourn will be next to go, not to the Mets. In other news, Adam Rubin reported that Sandy Alderson said that he expects to fill in the 2013 roster with free agents, not trades, and the emphasis will be on outfielders. Help me out here… with compliments to MLBTR, here’s the FA tracker for free agent outfielders:

Rick AnkielCFNo
Michael BournCFYes (Denied)
Curtis GrandersonCFYankeesNo1$15.000MM
Mitch MaierCFNo
Angel PaganCFNo
Grady SizemoreCFNo
B.J. UptonCFBravesYes (Denied)5$75.000MM

Melky CabreraLFBlue JaysNo2$16.000MM
Aaron CunninghamLFNo
Matt DiazLFNo
Jonny GomesLFRed SoxNo2$0.000MM
Austin KearnsLFNo
Ryan LudwickLFNo
Darnell McDonaldLFNo
Nate McLouthLFNo
Juan PierreLFMarlinsNo1$1.600MM
Josh HamiltonLF / CFYes (Denied)
Shane VictorinoLF / CFNo
Dewayne WiseLF / CFWhite SoxNo1$0.700MM
Bobby AbreuLF / DHNo
Johnny DamonLF / DHNo
Raul IbanezLF / DHNo
Delmon YoungLF / DHNo
Travis BuckLF / RFNo
Kosuke FukudomeLF / RFNo
Andruw JonesLF / RFNo
Don KellyLF / RFNo
Cody RossLF / RFNo

Jeff BakerRFNo
Brian BogusevicRFCubsNo
Torii HunterRFTigersNo2$26.000MM
Ichiro SuzukiRFNo
Scott HairstonRF / LFNo
Reed JohnsonRF / LF / CFNo

Exactly who’s left on this list worth going after in the money range set by Fred Wilpon?


Developing Hot Stove: RA Dickey to the Kansas City Royals??


Jon Heyman from CBS Sports is reporting that the Kansas City Royals and the New York Mets have discussed possibilty obtaining SP R.A. Dickey for some young prospects. The Royals are trying to avoid including Wil Myers, Salvador Perez, Alex Gordon, or Billy Butler in any deal.

Mack you would know better than anyone else....who could the Royals include, besides the four names above, that would make this a worthwhile trade?

Mack - 

Okay... first of all, this could be very good news for the future of this team.

First of all, the bad news... the Royals will never move C Salvador Perez, 3B Mike Moustakas, or 1B Eric Hosmer.

Regarding OF Wil Meyers (37-HR, 109-RBI in AAA in 2012), there's a big difference between "never move" and "isn't looking to move". The current headline on MetsBlog is wrong. Meyers is movable for the right pitcher.

The Royals have a shitload of great minor league prospect starters, but no one to help get them to the World Series in 2013. They want Jon Niese, but I believe they would agree to a Dickey-Meyers trade... plus, another second prospect.

They are very happy with their current outfield so there really is no room for Meyers, unless you trade Jeff Francoeur.

The future star outfielder in KC is Bubba Starling but he's at least 3 years away

The "throw-in" second player in this trade could be either:

2B Christian Colon, .289 in AA, ended year in AAA

OF Brett Eibner, 15-HR, 53-RBI in A+… 165-K in 423-AB

OF David Lough (all 3 OF positions, 4th outfielder potential)

I would accept any of these three, but I'd be dancing in the streets if it was Colon. The other two would give the Mets much needed outfield depth.


Mack Ade’s Composite Mock – December 1 – Top 60


This averages the mock reports that are already on line and does not reflect my opinion. It also does not favor any player by position. Here’s what the ‘experts’ average out to:

1.     RHP                Mark Appel                          Stanford
2.     RHP                Ryne Stanek                         Arkansas
3.     OF                   Austin Meadows                Grayson HS (GA)
4.     LHP                 Sean Manaea                      Indiana State
5.     OF                   Clint Frazier                         Loganville HS (GA)
6.     3B                   Kris Bryant                           San Diego
7.     OF                   Austin Wilson                      Stanford
8.     RHP                Kohl Stewart                        St. Pius HS (TX)
9.     RHP                Bobby Wahl                         Mississippi
10.                        3B                   Colin Moran                         North Carolina
11.                        RHP                Jonathan Crawford           Florida          
12.                        SS                    Oscar Mercado                   Gaither HS (FL)
13.                        OF                   Justin Williams                    Terrebone HS (LA)
14.                        LHP                 Trey Ball                                Chrysler HS (IN)
15.                        C                      Jeremy Martinez                Mater Dei HS (CA)
16.                        RHP                Clinton Holton                     Woodford HS (KY)
17.                        LHP                 Stephen Gonsalves            Cathedral Catholic HS (CA)
18.                        C                      Reese McGuire                    Kentwood HS (WA)
19.                        RHP                Karsten Whitson                 Florida
20.                        LHP                 Ian Clarkin                            James Madison HS (CA)
21.                        LHP                 Marco Gonzalez                 Gonzaga
22.                        OF                   Aaron Judge                                    Fresno State
23.                        LHP                 Robert Kaminsky                Englewood Cliffs HS (NJ)
24.                        OF                   William Abreu                     Mater Academy HS
25.                        RHP                Trevor Williams                  Arizona State
26.                        RHP                Ryan Eades                           LSU
27.                        SS                    Andy McGuire                     James Madison HS (VA)
28.                        RHP                A.J. Vanegas                                    Stanford
29.                        OF                   Ryan Boldt                            Red Wing HS (Minn)
30.                        RHP                Brett Morales                      King HS (FL)
31.                        C                      Zack Collins                          American Heritage HS (FL)
32.                        OF                   Michael Lorenzen              CSF
33.                        SS                    J P Crawford                                    Lakewood HS (CA)
34.                        C                      Chris Okey                            Eustis HS (FL)
35.                        LHP                 Jonah Wesely                      Tracy HS (CA)
36.                        C                      Jonathan Denney               Yukon HS (OK)
37.                        RHP                Dylan Covey                                    San Diego
38.                        1B                   Dominic Smith                    Serra HS (CA)
39.                        2B                   Cavan Biggio                        St. Thomas HS (TX)
40.                        OF                   JaCoby Jones                       LSU
41.                        RHP                Keegan Thompson             Cullman HS (AL)
42.                        RHP                Chris Oakley                                    St. Augustine Prep (NJ)
43.                        SS                    Drew Ward                          Leedey HS (OK)
44.                        OF                   Phillip Ervin                          Samford
45.                        3B                   Trey Williams                       College of the Canyons
46.                        RHP                Andrew Mitchell                 TCU
47.                        LHP                 Garrett Williams                 Calvary Baptist HS (LA)
48.                        1B                   D J Peterson                         New Mexico
49.                        RHP                Dustin Driver                       Wenachee HS (WA)
50.                        RHP                Adam Plutko                        UCLA
51.                        SS                    Chris Rivera                          El Dorado HS (CA)
52.                        RHP                Jordan Sheffield                 Tullahoma HS (TN)
53.                        RHP                Colby Suggs                         Arkansas
54.                        LHP                 Kevin Ziomek                       Vanderbilt
55.                        LHP                 A.J. Puk                                 Washington HS (IA)
56.                        C                      Nick Ciuffo                           Lexington HS (SC)
57.                        3B                   Travis Demeritte                 Winder Barrow HS (GA)
58.                        1B                   Brian Ragira                         Stanford
59.                        RHP                Scott Frazier                                    Pepperdine
60.                        RHP                Tom Windle                         Minnesota
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