David Wright

photo by Mack Ade
As per a request from an old college teammate, he likes to get me riled up, especially about the Mets. He basically asked me how the Mets plan on keeping David Wright when in his terms they "have no money and are making no money." My buddy is a born again Yankee fan who back in our prior years was as big of Met fan that I have ever met. Back at Molloy, he was as every bit into the Mets as Mario was into Princess Peach. Now that they have been abysmal for the past four or five years, he jumped on the Bleacher Creature band wagon and has a self-proclaimed infatuation for Nick Swishalicious. Enough about him and his Yankee front-running, the Mets absolutely need to resign David Wright. He most certainly is not a superstar, he will never be in the class of a Barry Bonds, Albert Pujols, or even the rising Matt Kemp. He is though, a proven commodity who knows how to handle the pressures that come along with playing in New York. He's a stand up guy who provides stability in an organization where stability doesn't exist. DWright needs to be our Derek Jeter, he needs to be the guy fans can always turn to. Mets and David Wright should become synonymous like the Captain is to the Yankees. 

I don't care if the Mets have to sell their stadium rights to Apple and rename Citi to I-Field and have Apple logos planted throughout the stadium. Fred, Jeff and Saul are crying poor but still are rolling up to the stadium everyday in their luxury cars and living their lavish lifestyles, jumping on private jets to check out the Knicks-Heat in Miami. The New York Mets must do EVERYTHING in their power to keep this man. The Mets need David Wright more then he needs the Mets. Wright can go to any of the 30 teams in Major League Baseball, drop into the 5 spot and have a wonderful rest of his career. I can certainly picture him in Dodger blue batting behind Matt Kemp driving in 100+ RBI. Why wouldn't he want to line up next to Troy Tulowitzki in Denver and let that Denver air carry out 35+ homers.

For all I care Fred, you can go out and stand on a corner and can for change like we used to do when we needed money to go to tournaments when I was kid. I'd donate $50 to help retain Wright. Come up with whatever gimmicks, giveaways or freebies to pack the stands and come up with enough cash to make DWright retire a Met. I certainly think the Mets have a lot more money then they are showing. Keep crying poor Fred and we're going to revolt. As a competitor my entire life, its a shame to think that a man with such power and money would continue to be a second class citizen in a first rate town. Give up your damn luxuries Fred, Saul and Jeff and put the money back into the team or get the ##$ out. Show us you really do care about the team you been fighting so hard to keep...


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