If the season ended last night:


photo by Mack Ade
            -the Mets would have one of the wild card slots for the NL

            -David Wright would finish the season 4th in batting average, 2nd in OBP, 9th in slug%, and 4th in OPS.

            -Ike Davis would finish 4th in strikeouts.

            -Ruben Tejada would have led the league in doubles.

            -Daniel Murphy would finish 7th in hits.

            -Frank Francisco 7th in saves.

            -R A Dickey would have led the league in home runs given up.

            -the New York Mets would have finished:

                        8th in NL batting average - .250

                        4th in OBP - .328

                        9th in slugging - .377

                        9th in OPS - .705

                        10th in ERA – 3.60

                        13th in WHIP – 1.38

                        9th in errors - 12


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