Pre-Surgery Stuff – ‘War Room’, Jon Dickey, Ike Davis, Elvin Ramirez


-I may not be around for Sunday’s ‘War Room’, though I am bringing my laptop to the hospital on Thursday. They have wifi, so we’ll see how I feel. If I’m not, I’m sure ‘Charles’ can come up with a question that morning and lead things off… though, I would need to come up with a question on a post I have pre-planned. Right now, I am out of subjects and have ‘other things on my mind (like my balls)…”. Any thought?

-I saw another another site posted the combined record of Jonathan Niese and RA Dickey vs. the rest of the team. Unbelievable in a bad year, and these were the games both pitchers had decisions in. They didn’t even include the ones they had a lead in when they departed the mound. The Mets will surely extend this ‘kid’s’ contract.

-even Sandy Alderson said to forget rumors that 1B Ike Davis would be traded in the off-season. 30 home runs in a bad season. Seriously?

-do not spend much time worrying about what Jeurys Famila, Jenrry Mejia, or Elvin Ramirez are producing this September. This is quality time with the parent club, getting used to the clubhouse, travel, “real” coaches, etc. Yes, young players throw every pitch with the intension of getting a batter out. They simply have to learn you have to mix these up so even your balls are effective (I’m back to my balls again…).
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