D Whit - TC, What On Earth Are You Thinking?


Terry Collins you are an idiot if you're seriously going to start Eric Young Jr. in LF over starting Juan Lagares in CF. Really Terry? What logic do you use for this decision? Are you so afraid of losing your job that you’re going to bench your best defensive player? Your job Terry is to play the young talent and get them experience on the field. You’re not going to win 90 games in 2014. It’s just not happening. Dice K, Eric Young Jr., and Jose Valverde are not going to make a damn bit of difference in your deluded quest for a 90 win season.

I have nothing against Eric Young Jr., but just like your love for Mike Baxter, Justin Turner and other assorted never will be’s that you’ve supported-it’s misguided. Don’t you think Terry, that if Eric Young Jr. was the answer the Rockies wouldn’t have traded him? Let’s face it if you can’t make it as a hitter in the thin Rocky Mountain air, you sure in the hell aren’t going to miraculously find your stroke in a larger, more pitcher-friendly ballpark like Citi Field. Do you see where I’m going with this Terry?

You have visions of Eric Young Jr. being this daring base burglar atop the Metropolitans line-up, creating havoc and mayhem for opposing pitchers. Sure Terry sure, potentially you’re pretzel logic makes some sense. However, let’s look at some numbers shall we? .318 and .329. No, no Terry, calm down, those are not his projected batting averages. They are his OBP and SLG % after being acquired last summer. Sadly, you can’t steal first base but if you could then maybe, just maybe your allegiance to Eric Young Jr would make some sense. But the simple truth is you can’t steal 2nd without getting to 1st and well Eric Young Jr. pretty much sucks at getting to 1st

So Terry let me introduce you to Juan Lagares. Heard of him? Yeah, he’s that young whippsnappa who you were forced to play in CF last season. I know, you really think Ankiel should’ve been given more of a chance, but what can you do? But don’t you remember what the Lagares kid did on the field for you last year? He was a human highlight reel out there, plus for a stretch during the summer, the “kid” was hitting the ball hard and producing runs. Sounds like a guy who should be starting right? He’s 25 years-old, so we’re not talking about a “kid” here, he’s been in the organization for over seven years and is at an age that you need to find out if he’s your long-term answer in CF. Speaking of long-term that should be your goal getting the core of this team ready for the long-term. You need to play these “kids” because the fact is 2015-2016 are more important that 2014. So quit screwin’ around with playing some kind of chess game out there in the Citi Field outfield, because you’re just not that kind of tactician, it’s not your strength. 

Instead platoon Young and Young in LF and leadoff, but keep Lagares in the starting line-up with Grandy. Eric Young Jr. is a fine 4th OF but I’m sorry to tell you Terry that he just doesn’t cut it as a day-in, day out player. He’s certainly not the answer as your leadoff hitter either. 

The Cubs, the Dodgers??? What are you talking about Terry? No, no, oh you mean Eric Young. That’s his dad. Yep, that’s right there are two Eric Youngs.  Yeah, that’s his son out there. What? Oh, you thought that was Eric Young Sr. you acquired. Sandy didn’t tell you? What, he thought it as Eric Young Sr. too? Oh brother, well that explains a lot. I know they have the same name and they do look a lot alike. Except that his dad hasn’t played since 2006 and is in his mid-40s. I know you like the veteran presence on your teams Terry but…


Reese Kaplan said...

Gee, and they tell me I'm over-the-top in my criticism of the manager and his would-be leadoff hitter... :-)

(Bravo, by the way. I couldn't have said it any better myself except, perhaps, to link some of the spectacular catches and throws Lagares has made as well as his offensive record in the minors, winter league, spring training and last season).

Mack Ade said...


It's going to be one of these days... :)

Tom Brennan said...

A few months back, I compared Lagares to a young, early in career Roberto Clemente. Sacrilege, I know - but not really. Juan is his peer defensively, every bit as good. And I believe he is on track to hit .280+ this year. So I am not fretting - for now - as I believe that cream rises to the top (even in Mets org) and Juan will fight his way in before too long.

jamsbar7 said...

Lageres..is way overrated by Met fans imo. Late inning def replacemnt or some starts at expansive CitiField, he'll hit closer to .180 then .280..

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