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D1 Game Notes –  

Player Update: 

            You know how much I have touted Miami senior catcher Peter O’Brien. Not the best defensive catcher in the world, but a superior bat. Anyway, just to keep things up to date, he went 4RBI-3R-HR-BB in Miami’s 8-0 drubbing of #3 North Carolina Friday night and his seasonal stat line is: .370/.462/.731, 10-HR, 35-RBI.

            Texas reliever Corey Knebel has thrown 143 pitches in games 1 and 2 of the series against Texas Tech.

            It took FSU Robert Benincasa 30 games to give up his first earned run.

            Marcus Stroman had another 13-Ks in his complete game Friday night. I’m not sure if all of you realize that there might be two or three starting pitchers in MLB under six feet (it’s all about the trajectory). Marcus is 5-9 on the web site, which means he’s probably 5-8 ½.  You simply have to draft him as a closer which will knock him down the list a little. I have him late first round.

             Georgia Tech pitcher Luke Bard likely has a torn lat muscle        

Speed Checks:

            Andrew Triggs – 88-90, 91 (85-87 in 7th), 71-75-CB

Stat Lines:

            LSU Kevin Gausman – 6.1-IP, 6-R, 9-H, 8-K, 4-BB (easily his worst outing of the season)

            Miami Eric Erickson – 7.0-IP, 4-H, 0-R, 5-K, 0-BB

Maryland Jimmy Reed – 8.0-IP, 2-H, 0-R, 8-K, 2-BB


Michael S. said...

I know the Mets need a catcher, but if O'Brien's defense is that lackluster and his bat is THAT good, any chance he could transition to the OF as a pro?

Mack Ade said...

oh yeah...

EVERY catcher is a potential OFer or 1Bman

you draft either Dahl or Roach at #12 and follow with O'Brien, and your OF, with Nimmo, is set from 2015-2020

Stephen Guilbert said...

^ I like that plan

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