John from Albany - The Alternative 50 Mets Prospects, Numbers 10-6.


I called the list the Alternative 50 Prospects to try and highlight different prospects and in different orders than all the other prospect lists out there.  These next five are listed 1-5 on just about everyone else’s list.  On the other hand, none of these has played over A ball and three have only played one year of minor league ball.   

#10: Mark Vientos, 3B, Bats Right, Throws Right, DOB 12/11/1999, 2nd round, 2017 Draft. 

Mark Played the full 2019 season at Columbia.  While he spent some time in 2017 at shortstop, he only played 3rd for the second straight season last year.

In 111 games, 416 at-bats Mark slashed .255 BA/.300 OBP/.411 SLG, 12 HR, 62 RBI, 27 Doubles.  His best year was at Kingsport in 2018 where in 60 games he hit 11 HR, 52 RBIs, .287 BA/.389 OBP/ .489 SLG. 

He is rated with plus power, plus arm, but with a career .908 fielding percentage at 3 seasons at 3B, he needs to improve on his glove work.  

His power has been compared to Pete Alonso. Pete went the college route first and hit 36 HR as a 23 year old in his third minor league season.  Mark played his third minor league season last year as a 20 year old so he has time to develop.  If he continues to struggle with the glove, maybe they would move him to first base in the future.  

He is probably set to go to St. Lucie in 2020.  Mack had him as his #11 Prospect. Tom had him at #7.

#9: Ronny Mauricio, SS, Bats Both, Throws Right, DOB 4/4/2001, San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic, Signed by the New York Mets as an International free agent on July 2, 2017. 

The Mets signed Ronny Mauricio for $2.1 million in the 2017 international market.  They pushed him last year as an 18 year old in Columbia where in 116 games and 470 at bats he hit 4 HR, 37 RBIs, .268 BA/.307 OBP/ .374 SLG.  

Scouts see a huge upside in Maurico and many rate him as the Mets best prospect.  He is seen as a player that could excel with the bat and the glove.  Baseball Savant rates him with a plus arm, plus hit and power, plus field, average speed.  

Players usually go from Columbia to St. Lucie.  We will see how Ronny handles it as a 19 year old.  Tom had him #1. Mack had him #2.

#8: Brett Baty, 3B, Bats Left, Throws Right, DOB 11/13/1999, 1st round, 2019 Draft.  

The Mets drafted Brett in the first round last year and he almost immediately moved to the top of everyone’s prospect list.  

I was very impressed with his time in Brooklyn (granted it was just 4 regular season games and 3 post season games).  He always seemed to have long at bats and a real good eye at the plate.  I think he is the real deal.  

Some think he might be back at Brooklyn next year.  The Mets could also put him in Columbia to try and give him a full season of work.  Mack had Brett #3.  Tom had him #5.

#7: Matthew Allan, Starting Pitcher, Bats Right, Throws Right, DOB 4/17/2001, 3rd round, 2019 Draft.  

Another big pick from last year’s draft.  After committing to the University of Florida, Allan fell in the draft where the Mets were able to select him in the third round.  Drafting inexpensive college seniors in with a number of their other picks, the Mets saved money in their draft pool and signed Matthew for a $2.5 million, about 20-25% over the slot value.  

Matthew was only able to get into 6 regular season games after signing for a 1-0, 2.61 ERA, 10 innings, 10 hits, 3 Earned Runs, 14 K’s, 5 Walks.  

However, he was much better in the playoffs for Brooklyn throwing 5 perfect innings in two different outings with 3 Ks. Tom had him listed as his #3 ranked prospect.  Mack had him at #5.

#6: Francisco Alvarez, Catcher, Bats Right, Throws Right, DOB 11/19/2001, Signed by the New York Mets as an International free agent on July 2, 2018. 

Francisco is projected to be a catcher that can hit and field.  Last year as an 18 year, playing for the Gulf Coast and Kingsport Mets, he had 157 At-Bats in 42 games, 7 HR, 26 RBI, .312 BA/ .407 OBP/ .510 SLG.  He can hit.  

Supposedly, the Pirates asked for Francisco in exchange for Starling Marte.  Makes sense the Mets turned them down.  Mack had Francisco Alvarez as his #1 prospect. Tom had him at #2.      

Here is Francisco Alvarez’s Baseball Savant page                                                                                 


Mack Ade said...

Now we are getting to the red meat.

I can barely wait to see if all 5 of these guys open up on a full season team.

bill metsiac said...

Ypur list is very interesting. I don't know enough about the players other than stats, so I won't comment about the merits of your list vs Mack's and Tom's. But I'd love to see how they compare at season's end, or even mid-year.

Is it possible for you to post side-by-side stats of the 3 Top-10s in June and September?

I'm looking forward to seeing your top 5 in the next "Alternate list"

Tom Brennan said...

John and I agree that all of these 5 are top 10 Mets prospects - I am just generally higher on their ranking in my top 10, because I hope they all turn into true impact Mets players.

2020 will be a huge year for all 5, is my prediction.

bill metsiac said...

I hope you are right, Tom. 👍

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