John From Albany - RIP Warren Zvon - Mets Fantasy Baseball Card Artist



On September 2, 2020 we lost a good one. 

Warren Zvon was a Mets Fan, an Artist, and a blogger. 

He grew up in Queens NY then worked for the Post Office in South Jersey. 

Mack’s Mets writer David Rubin was a friend of Warren’s on FaceBook and Warren had just recently agreed to allow us to share some of his “Mets Baseball Cards like they Ought to be”.

I did not know Warren.  But I knew his site. 

And a what a great treat it was for Mets fans of all ages.

He could present a funny look at Public Health Crisis in “Wear a mask”.

Post tremendous tribute cards to Wilmer Flores:

 Jerry Koosman:

Curtis Granderson:

Ed Kranepool:

I have often felt that Baseball cards are not what they used to be.  Maybe it is because the stuff you loved as a kid always seem better than the stuff today. 

Warren helped solve that problem with the cards he created. 

His work will live on here on the World Wide Web.  Give his site a visit.  You may become addicted to it, just like me. 


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm very sorry to read this. I liked Warren a lot. Interviewed him and featured his cards on our old "2 Guys Talking About the Mets" blog. A very nice guy and a big music lover.

The creativity, wit, and affection he put into those virtual cards . . .

I don't know what to say.

A good man gone.


Tom Brennan said...

Nice article, John.

Sad story.

Maybe someone like you could Don that mantle, too, not just do great work here. Or do it here. Why not?

Mack Ade said...

Age sucks

Brian Joura said...

Oh, man, this is terrible.

Warren did a Dominic Smith card for us a few years back, an image we've used repeatedly. He was a participant in our Game Chatters, too.

I had no idea he was gone and I'm struggling for words.

Go to his site and enjoy his work.

Mack Ade said...

You have had a rough week...

Krystle85 said...

I greatly appreciate all your kind words. I'm Warren's niece. My family and I were shocked he passed away at such an early age of 62. Thank goodness he is no longer suffering.

John From Albany said...

You are very welcome Krystle. We were so lucky he shared his art and love of the Mets with us.

Anonymous said...

A Few Baseball and Non-Baseball Things

1. Was a big Warren Zvon fan. Was sad to hear he'd passed on.

2. Excellent article (by Korin Miller) on Yahoo.com right now regarding why children don't get as sick-or sick as long-as adults do from Covid19. Please go read. Good stuff to know.

3. With this team's younger players that have already shown awesome talent capability, we all should remember that they are still really just works-in-progress. Sky is their limit here, we have already seen this clearly with many. It just simply takes time to grow out their own land legs. Everyone has a different game clock for this, so please be patient.

4. I have a gut feeling that Seth Lugo is going to really like starting again. It's showing. He has persevered. Excellent game yesterday for Seth and kudos for sticking it out.

5. Mr. T sez: "Do you fools realize that the NY Mets have four over .300 BA batters in their current 2020 batting lineup? Four. When was the last time that happened Howie Rose? And two more Mets batters inching closer to .300 BA's. Not bad fools! Where's Colonel John?"

6. With a reversal of fate, a healthy SP Noah Syndergaard, and just maybe one of the two new veteran starters from outside (Porcello or Wacha) and this team would be right there for the playoffs, and there would be no whining going on. Kismets.
7. Have a great day everyone, and again sad to hear about WZ because he was one of us!

Anonymous said...

On Wilmer.

He is alive and well on the SF Giants. Healthy stats and all!

He's older now, 22. Been in MLB (or the Mets farm system) for 20 years I think it was. Got him here right out of diapers.

His is definitely an amazing story.

Anonymous said...

The Lugonator..

...beats the great Blake Snell.

Too bad I say Snail!

No buffet for you!


Anonymous said...

Age can be our best friend?



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