2008 St. Lucie Mets Recap

2008 St. Lucie Recap:

C Josh Thole (#29 Mack prospect)

I think it was cool that Josh got a hit Saturday night and they took his ass out of the game so he could finish the season with a .300 batting average. Thole had an incredible year, converting to a full time catcher and placing himself right up there with Francesco Pena as the top 2 Mets catching prospects. And he’s young! Look for him to play a full season in Binghamton in 2009.

LF D.J. Wabick (#35 Mack prospect)

As we’ve said many time before, the Mets are light in good hitting outfielders currently in their system and the bonus this year was Wabick hitting over .280. This alone gets him a push to the B-Mets for next year.

SP Scott Moviel (#26 Mack prospect)

Moviel was supposed to play the entire year for Lucy, but hurt his shoulder in spring training and, instead, got his act together in Savannah. He was sent to Lucy the last week of the season, and this is where he will anchor the rotation next year.

RP Junior Guerra (#37 Mack prospect)

What a great story. Guerra’s a converted catcher out of the Braves system that Atlanta gave up on. He pitched lights out in Savannah (1-0, 1.35, 0.45) and was bumped to Lucy near the end of the season. Look for him to start in Florida next season.

SP Maikel Cleto (#39 Mack prospect)

Cleto is 97 mile per hour speed, still learning to control his pitches. He may have more celing than any of the current minor league pitchers in the system. Remember this name. He will pitch for Lucy in the spring.

1B Lucas Duda (#36 Mack prospect)

Duda came to Lucy with a lot of hype, started on fire, but cooled off for a good season, not a great one. I expect him to play for Binghamton in the spring, to make room for Ike Davis at Lucy, and a possible 1B conversion of Wilmer Flores in Savannah. Next year is a come-to-Jesus season for Lucas.

RF Victor Mendez

No prospect here, just a great minor league outfielder. He will join Wabick and, probably, Ezequile Carrera, in Binghamton in the spring.

RP Emary Frederick

Emary had an up and down season for Lucy this year, though his Ks-to-IP (51-50.0) is still one of the best in the system. Had 7 saves, so he may compete with German Marte in Binghamton as the closer.

RP Edgar Ramirez

Ramirez pitched great in Savannah and got a mid-season call to Lucy, where he struggled. Still, there’s a lot of talent here, and due to his age, the Mets will probably move him on to B-Town.

CF Ezequiel Carrera (#24 Mack prospect)

The 21-year old batted over .250 for 400+ at bats at the A+ level. Keep him moving and let’s see what he can do at the AA level.

Prospects on the Bubble:

SS Ruben Tejada (#15 Mack prospect)

This is a perfect examply of moving a prospect too fast. Tejada played the entire season for Lucy and he did okay, considering his age. It will be interesting to see if he jumps to the B-Mets, just ahead of Wilmer Flores who will be biting on his ass by the end of the 2009 season.

2B Hector Pellot

Boy, I have no idea what happened here. I was so high on this kid and he fought back so well from a bad 2006 season, by rebounding at Savannah in 2007, but look at these numbers for 2008: .165/.250/.188 in 85 at bats. Pellot spent most of the year on the IR and many a 2B prospect has now past him by.


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