2008 Gnat Recap

2008 Sand Gnats Recap

OF Casey Craig

I named Casey the MVP of the team this past year (.288/.347/.391 in 361 at bats). Craig came to the Gnats as an organizational player but has definitely earned himself a starting position in the Lucy outfield next season.

1B Jeffrey Tatford

Tatford started the season out in Brooklyn, but was sent to Savannah to play first base when Jose Jimenez stumbled. He played well, but where does he play next year? Ike Davis will probably be in Lucy and there’s a chance Wilmer Flores will be converted to 1B for the Mets A-franchise. My guess, Tatford will return to Brooklyn or repeat an A-level year.

OF Carlos Guzman (#38 Mack Prospect)

Guzman played stead all year long and definitely has earned a starting slot in the Lucy outfield next year. Nice year for an undrafted free agent.

C Francesco Pena (#27 Mack Prospect)

Pena has had 2 okay seasons for Savannah and it’s time for him to move on. The interesting thing will be to see who gets the nod as starter there, either Pena or Sean McGraw.

C Sean McGraw (#30 Mack Prospect)

McCraw had a disappointing start in Lucy this year and lost his starting job to Josh Thole. He returned to Savannah so he could get some playing time, and it worked out well for him. As I mentioned above, it’s anyone’s guess who starts at Lucy next year, or do the Mets just push Sean to B-Town?

SP Brant Rustich (#20 Mack Prospect)

Rustich fought injuries all season but still impressed Mets insiders. He did finish the season with a stree fracture, which could prevent a spring promotion to Lucy, but I expect he’ll be in that rotation come March.

SP John Holdzkom (#57 Mack prospect)
Holdzkom spent the entire 2008 season trying to get his control down, and it’s hard to tell right now if he was worthy of such a high draft pick A repeat year in A-ball would do him good.

RP Steve Cheney

Here’s a guy that no one writes about and all he does is his job every night. Cheney will definitely be part of the Lucy bullpen next season.

SP Eric Beaulac (#19 Mack prospect)

A lot of Mets officials are very excited about this kid, and after watching him pitch a couple of times myself, so am I. I hope they let him start the season back in A-ball. There’s no reason to rush him into the log-jam developing in B-Town and Lucy.

SP Nathan Vineyard

Boy, the string is really out on this high draft pick. Just a miserable year, and if I was the Mets, I’d play him in Brooklyn next year.

Prospects “On The Bubble”:

SS Juan Legares

Actually, Legares had a decent year at Savannah. The problem is he’s supposed to already be in Binghamton. Life, and other prospects, might have past him by.


Anonymous said...

I fully agree with your assessment on all the Sand Gnat players you mentioned. I truly believe that Casy Craig is a solid talent that will fit nicely in leftfield for St. Lucie next year along with Carlos Guzman who I believe is an excellent 5 tool player that has the speed and cannon to play any outfield position.

Mack said...

Sadly, the Mets released Casey Craig.

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