2009 Mets Outlook - Catcher

2009 Outlook - Catcher

Current Mets: 2-headed monster Ramon Schneider

Top Mets Prospect: Francesco Pena

And frankly, I think the Mets are starting to wonder about this kid. I watched him for 2 years now, and tough he’s only 19 years old, I expected to see a little more. First, he’s not a great defensive catcher and has been right up there as one of the league leaders in passed balls for 2 years. His arm is good, and getting better, but his bat comes in around .250 with very little power for a kid his size (6-3, 225). The Mets will move him on the Lucy next spring and it may be his make-it-or-break-it year.

Projected Starters:

Mets: Ramon Schneider

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Mets pitching staff loves being caught by Schneider and there’s not a better backup catcher in the league than Castro.

New Orleans: Salomon Manriquez

The Mets especially like to keep seasoned vet catchers at AAA to work with the young pitchers. Look for Mike Nickeas and Raul Casanova to survive one more year, but due to poor hitting, we might have seen the end of Shawn Wooten, and Gustavo Molina.

B-Mets: Josh Thole

Frankly , this was supposed to be Sean McCraw’s job, but he got sent back to Savannah after having a miserable start in Lucy last year. My guess is McCraw will back up Josh, as well as DH, and the 3rd catcher will be Sal Paniagua. That leaves Rafael Arroyo odd man out.

Lucy: Francesco Pena

As I mentioned above, this is Pena’s come-to-Jesus year and what better place to have it than with a team managed by his old manager, Tim Teufel. Jordan Abruzzo (who will DH) and Jason Jacobs will back him up.

Gnats: Dock Doyle

Ralph Henriquez and Jeffries Tatford (who doubles as a 1Bman) will back him up.

Clones: Jean Luc Blaquiere

Cesar Cordido and Luis Alen will backup.

K-Port: Patrick Maat

Tyler Howe and Juan Centeno will backup.

GCL: Kai Gronauer

Orlando Rodriquez will backup.

Summary: There’s no reason for the Mets to give up on Pena yet, because there’s no one else in the system that’s knocking the door down. Thole had a great year, but everyone wants to see another one out of him. God, I wish they didn’t get rid of Jesus Flores.


Ellie said...

the fact that somebdy would give mike nickeas another year just made my day.

anna white said...

Mike Nickeas is the same age as Manriquez and more experienced. He is only 25.

Mack said...

that's funny about Nickeas...

crossbeck said...

Watch out for Kai Gronauer. The kid is a stud and should come into his own next season.

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