Some End Of The Month Thoughts

1. There are six weeks left before the MLB Draft, and I'm trying to keep up with all the quality information being sent out on the Internet about these players. I will continue to post the draft information, primarily after 5pm EST... I do anticipate updating the Mock Draft results at least twice more before the draft, but the amount of times is based on how many new mock's cross my screen. The last one I send out, just before the draft, probably will be in the 10 round area.

2. I am not going to have a live Draft thread, like the one I hosted last year at http://www.flushinguniversity.com/. Instead, I will be posting bios and info on each Mets draftee that comes down the pipe that week.

3. The Draft information on each player is past 150,000 words at this point and details on how you can have the entire report sent to you prior to the draft is in the far right column on the web site.

4. For reasons undefined, many of the associated writers here have chosen not to post this season. Wally continues to update us on all Sand Gnat home games, and Jack Flynn drops a thread every once in awhile, but that's about it this year. Naturally, I would love any of you to participate, especially if you attend any of the Mets minor league games. Email me at macksmets@gmail.com if you'd like to be added as a writer.

5. For those curious, total April donations were $0.00...  I would appreciate it if you would consider going over to the top right portion of the top page and clicking on the donation box. Anything would be greatly appreciated.

6.  The template and formula seems to be working here. We're averaging about 1,100 hits a day now and, since the Docs won't let me drive at night to the ballpark anymore, I can spend more time on the computer. I'm always interested in what you want more or less of so please email me with your thoughts.

7. I will be resending "The Keeper" in May, one player a day.

8. One of the features I really like here, "Q&A",  just doesn't seem to get the participation. For reasons undefined to me, this just isn't a site where a lot of people send in their opinions or questions. I really like answering them about the players and I ask again to please send me your thoughts so I can package them together and send them out as a Q&A post.



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