Reflections With No Computer

Well, as you know, my computer is in the ER, and my wife is spending the day out on the town. I thought this time away from the computer would be relaxing. Instead, it seems like there's been more player movement in two days than the entire season, and I'm going bonkers with nothing to do.

I'm on a strange computer right now, so no graphics, but, since I have had more mental time than usual since Saturday, it has given me the opportunity to mentally reflect on the season, the Mets, and my blog.

Some reflections:

1. It is obvious that the Mets' youth movement is on, but the truth is the kids that have been promoted, and who reflect the best of the system, just aren't good enough yet to win a pennant. I stress "yet" because we won't know the true value of players like Ruben Tejada, Josh Thole, and Ike Davis until they get a couple seasons under their belt. Still, on the surface, the three of them and Jon Niese, Robert Parnell, Fernando Martinez, and Angel Pagan do not seem to represent a future team that can beat teams like the Phillies or Cards.

2. Fernando Martinez got hurt again last night in Buffalo, which didn't even generate a headline. It's sort of like when my mother-in-law makes this vile, disgusting concoction she calls "brown soup" and the entire kitchen smells like the water running between the tracks on the F Train line. You retch the first time it's done, and it sickens you the second through seventh time, but, by the eighth, you're just used to it hapenning over and over and it's just not a big deal anymore. Yes it's sad, and this is easily the only time you will ever read the words F-Mart and brown soup ever used in the same sentence.

3. I found the Rod Barajas waiver move interesting. I'm without constant access to the net and I'm not sure at this point if Barajas is officially a Dodger, but, if he is gone, then this is a major sign that the Mets brass have thrown in the towel. It's not that Barajas is an all-star; it's just that teams trying to win pennants don't "let go" their most seasoned catcher who also has the most pop at the position.

4. Staying on catching, the future of this position is even more cloudy now. A 2011 platoon of Barajas and Thole seemed like the best alternative for the Mets and that's now out the window. I have trouble with Henry Blanco and I don't think that's just me. Add to that no one in the system and even less in the FA market, and I have no idea what's going to happen here. It looks like Thole is going to be given this job full time and we'll see if the Mets try and re-evaluate Josh's plans on playing Venezuelan winter ball.

5. There has been some late movement of minor league players to new levels in the past few days, but I'm not sure if it was a position earned, or a necessity due to other players moving up the system. SP Josh Stinson, who, IMO, has earned a bump, was sent to Buffalo to fill the opening created when it was decided to use Pat Misch as the fifth starter in Queens. I also saw that Jesus Feliciano was promoted again to Queens, a day before F-Mart went down with an injury. Interesting. Some say that Feliciano is being showcased. At his point, I think the entire team is.

6. September promotions are being worked on and my guess at this point would be look-sees at players that are being considered as possible additions in 2011. I see players like SP Dillon Gee, SP Jenrry Mejia, OF Kirk Nieuwenhuis, and possibly C Mike Nickeas all getting some Queens time. You may also see a wild card like 2B Jordany Valdespin, now that Jordan Turner got winged. A real long shot would be Daniel Murphy, who is working out at second base in Florida.

7. Speaking of second base (aren't we always speaking of second base?), it sure looks like Tejada is doing nothing to sew up this position in 2011. The real sad part is, no matter who you put here, the best keeps coming out Luis Castillo. I know the Mets love Murphy and they really want him to make this team, so my guess is he will be granted the starting position in 2011, Castillo  will be dumped, and Tejada will either back up second and short in Queens or play another full season in Buffalo. Murphy easily is the best bat for the position, which is sorely needed at CitiField.

8. I'm going to keep repeating this until spring training next year so most of you realize this now and don't go apeshit when the Mets don't make the pennant next year. This is a work in progress which will not translate to a pennant winning team until old salaries are elliminated and now blood arrives. This will NOT be 2011. If things go as planned... Davis will shine at first... Murphy will be one of the better hitting second basemen in the league... Reyes and Wright will be renewed... Bay will be reborn... Pagan may still be around...  and the Mets will have a new stick in the outfield and behind the plate. The rest of the money will go to pitching to compliment a 2012 rotation of Johan Santana, Mike Harvey, Jonathan Niese. and Jenrry Mejia.

9. No one knows at this point if the Mets will have enough money to buy someone in the off-season. Hell, no one even knows who would do the buying. I would hope they would at least target themselves to someone like Carl Crawford, who would make a great CitiField addition.

10. Lastly, regarding this blog, I really love doing it. My "hits" have grown to four figures a day, and I've met a lot of great Mets fans online. It takes weeks like this to realize how important something like this is to someone at my stage and I only hope and pray someday it turns into something that can put a few scheckles in my pocket.


Unknown said...


Wouldn't Duda be worth a look this September to see if he can adjust to the next level up in pitching?

Mack Ade said...


Thanks for the comment.

Yes, Duda is worth a look.

I don't consider him a permanent solution in the Mets outfield. One of those positions, because of a contract, go to Jason Bay. Another, has been earned by Angel Pagan because he hits well from both sides of the plate and plays excellent defense in a hard to play home field. He also runs like a rabbit.

My long term Mets outfielder has to do all these things... or hit 40 home runs and knock in 125 runs a year... then I don't give a flying fig how he fields.

This isn't Duda, nor is it F-Mart or Captain Kirk.


JosesThyrod said...

Hey Mack,

In regards to #10, it's too bad you don't run MetsMinorLeagueBlog.com instead of Toby Hyde. He's turned into a real sour blogger over the last few months. He's just basically downright rude and obnoxious. You generally post much more content and thought in your reflections than Toby. Keep up the good work and I'm sure good things will come your way!

-Faithful Reader & Mets Minor league geek

Mack Ade said...


Thank you for your warm thoughts.

Right now it's tough to be a Mets fan and I hope my insight helps.


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