Some Players You Might See Stateside Next Spring

The DSL Mets-1 team has completed their season (the DSL-2 team is currently in the playoffs and I will highlight them sometime next week) and there are some names you might want to start remembering.

The following are players I have added to "The Keepers" list:

CF Eudy Pina: - we have spoken about Pina before and he's already somewhere around 60th on "The Keepers" list. His 2010 stats are: .310/.387/.435/.822, in 248-AB. There's an early peek at pop here, which generated four home runs, but the 6-3, 188-pounder played this season as a 19-year old. I'm sure he'll be playing stateside next spring, but due to the plethora of low-level outfield prospects currently in the season, I expect him to start off at the GCL level.

SS Juan Carlos Gamboa: - Gamboa is a 19-year old that was signed in the beginning of the season, after playing five games in the Mexican League. He went .294/.388/.380/.768 in 221-AB, but like many young Latin players who have not had much experience playing on well groomed fields, had 16 errors. His 5-7, 152-lb frame helped lead to his 34-BB/31-K ratio, which is rare at this level.

SP Carlos Gomez: - we've been writing often lately about Gomez, who really impressed the Mets this season. He did pitch last year for the VSL Mets as a reliever, but he quickly became the ace of the DSL1 staff this year, going 7-2, 1.47, 1.13. The 6-1, Venezuelan born Gomez does have to work on his strikeouts (only 46 in 3.1-IP), but he'll do that on the backfields of St. Lucie next season rather than the D.R.

SP Matires Arias: - Arias has now pitched for two years with the DSL Mets, and was used exclusively in 2009 as a relief pitcher (0-0, 4.13, 16-G). His problem last year was his wildness: 24.0-IP, 19-K, 21-BB. In 2009, Arias was converted to a started and faired very well: 6-5, 3.15, 22-BB, but this year, 68.2-IP. Only 35-Ks though. The 6-7 RH Arias should wind up next spring in Kingsport.

SP Hansel Robles: - This was Robles' second season with the DSL team (2009: 5-4, 2.91, 15-G, 9-St, 60-K, 58.2-IP). This year, he was in 14 games, starting 12 and saving in one... stats: 3-3, 3.09, 51-K, 67.0-IP. The 5-11 righty tuned 20 this month and should be somewhere stateside in the spring.

RP Lenny Rosario: - It's fantanstic when a decent relief pitcher comes out of the DSL system and Rosario is one of two this year on the DSL1 team. This was the 19-year old Dominican's first year in the Mets organization and he shined: 3-2, 2.50, 1.26, and 53-Ks in only 39.2-IP. There's a chance he might be left back on the island for another season, just to make sure he can do these kind of numbers again.

CL Victor Peralta: - Peralta is a three year veteran of the DSL/VSL teams and was easily the most effective pitcher on this year's DSL-1 team. The 21-year old Dominican posted 24 relief appearacnes that included nine saves.. He also finished an astounding 21 games. Other stats: 3-0, 2.64, 1.34, 43-K, 30.2-IP, 15-BB. Because of his age, I wouldn't be surprised if he opens the 2011 season with Savannah.


JosesThyrod said...

Hey Mack, you hit on some pretty good possibiliies to come stateside next year. What do you think about Rainy Lara? Rainy has some decent numbers as well to add to that list. I put together a Top 100 prospects and he came in just outside of it because it's just such an unknown at this point. What do you think?

Rainy Lara 4-2, 1.97 ERA, 64 IP, 48 H, 13 BB, 51 SO, 0.95 WHIP and a Save

JosesThyrod said...

I forgot to point out Gabriel Ynoa as well. Gabriel was 5-3 with a 1.99 ERA in 14 games, starting 12 of them. Gabriel also pitched in 72.1 innings while being the ace of the staff for DSL Mets2 this season, with 63 hits and only 8 walks on the season. He has a WHIP of 0.98 with only giving up 1 HR on the season. The thing I don't love about him is, he only struck out 35 batters in those 72.1 innings pitched. Maybe that's why you didn't include him because that is not very encouraging. Obviously, I've never seen him pitch, but somehow he's effective and throws a lot of strikes. Just another guy to look at. Thanks Mack

Mack Ade said...

J.T. - as I mentioned, I'm waiting to give my opinions of the guys that should be going stateside from the DSL-2 team until the playoffs are over.

I would love to see your top 100 list... do you have your own blog? (you can email me at macksmets@gmail.com if you don't want to leave the address here...)

Or... I could let you in on my site, as a write, and you can write it out as a post...


JosesThyrod said...


I honestly just read the headlines and immediately looked at the names since I just literally went through scouting the DSL 1&2 players a few days ago, my apologies!

I'm in the process of refining my Top 100 as we speak and I can certainly send it to you in the next few days. It's in excel format, is that ok?

Mack Ade said...

you did nothing wrong...

you can gladly post thoughts like this... I was just pointing out that I haven't got around to the DSL2 team yet..

love and kisses


Anonymous said...


would love to see that prospect list as well....


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