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Mets $210mil Reyes:

If Alderson agrees that Jose Reyes is a special case and he can justify overpaying for him, here is a contract proposal that might work. Offer Reyes a 30 year deal paying him 7 million dollars per year, that is a guaranteed 210 million dollars. They can call it a 12 year deal with an 18 year personal services contract if that is more palatable to the union and the league. - http://blog.nj.com/mets/2011/06/post_11.html  

No Calls for Jose:

Buster Olney of ESPN.com hears that no team has called the Mets about the availability of Jose Reyes. Of course, the important word here is "yet." The Mets have indicated that trading Reyes isn't a foregone conclusion, but the better he plays, the higher his price tag will be this winter. While a trade would be unpopular among most Mets' fans, Sandy Alderson wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't listen to offers in the coming weeks. - http://www.rotoworld.com/sports/mlb/baseball?r=1  

Metszilla on Jose:

Olney’s source apparently points out that Jose’s play may be pricing him out of a potential future with New York, but it may also be serving to remind interested GM’s just how much it will take to bring him over to their club this season. Lately, be it Reyes or Beltran or K-Rod, it seems that every time a report pops up involving a potential trade partner a subsequent statement is issued denying interest. Who really knows what to believe, but rest assured, only winning and a sustained run at the wildcard will keep other clubs from calling, or at the very least, keep the Mets from answering the phone - http://www.metszilla.com/2011/06/29/olney-no-team-has-called-the-mets-about-availability-of-jose-reyes-yet/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Metszilla+%28Metszilla%29  

Metsmerized Take on Reyes:

So – Mets officials here’s your assignment – re-sign this player and treat him well. He has few peers playing these days, and he is filling the seats in your building. A player like Jose comes along once in a blue moon – here’s your chance to keep him here where he belongs. But will this newly revamped regime ,that features three executives whose lives will be portrayed in a new feature film entitled Moneyball, let the game’s most exciting and dynamic player walk at the end of the season because of money? That will be the $64,000 dollar question. Here is a word of warning for them… If you can’t make the deal, just close the doors – all the excitement and fun will be gone with him wherever he goes… And so will the majority of the fans who are the only thing keeping this team financially afloat right now - http://metsmerizedonline.com/2011/06/jose-reyes-ty-cobb-and-the-64000-dollar-question.html  

My Take Today on Reyes:

Look… the current mash unit, which is led by Reyes, is leading the league in runs being generated. They scored a thousand runs last night. Reyes batted 1.000. And the team is above .500 in the hunt for the playoffs. The team has a big suitcase of moolah on the way and fans are returning to the turnstyle. There is absolutely no way in hell, Sandy & Company, Omar & Company, or The 1910 Fruitcake Company will trade away the one player in major league baseball that is currently tilting the field in his direction. It would be organizational suicide.


true fan said...

If they let jose Reyes get away, it will be the biggest blunder the mets have ever made. As a fan from day one, I would never buy a Mets ticket ever. Mr. Wilpon, please sell the team. Loyal fans desrve better.

Mack said...


It just ain't gonna happen.

They're in the hunt (laying on the Tigers again tonight) and they have no choice but to play this out...


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