Remember that guy? The forgotten mets A-Z

Vince Coleman--

Vince Coleman was a stolen base machine.  While in the minors he set a single season record, stealing 145 bases.  That is impressive, even more so considering he missed a month of the season with a broken hand.  He continued to put up unreal SB numbers with the Cardinals, stealing over 100 bases in each of his first three seasons.  When the Mets signed him in 1991, they thought they were getting Lou Brock..instead they got the biggest jerk in the history of the franchise.  This guy once threw a lit firecracker into a crowd of fans, injuring several kids--Nuff Said.

Honerable Mention--John Candlearia

Jeff Duncan--

I remember watching him back in 2003, during his brief stint with the big club.  If I was a scout (which I'm definately not) I would have extended him as soon as I could.  He ran the bases like a deer, and for about 2 weeks hit like a batting champ.  Reality set in shortly afterword..he kicked around the minors for the next couple years with the Dodgers, Padres, and Blue Jays.  He retired in 2008, and is still only 33.

Honerable mention--Kane Davis


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