Weekly Mets Recap


Weekly Mets Recap

                                   Stock Up –       SP Johan Santana – Santana continued his superb return to the Mets rotation. Threw only 45 pitches through the first three innings. 58 through four. Fastball was in the 86-89 range. The change-up was a work of art, coming out of his hand exactly like an 89-FB, but instead he dished up an 80-CH.Retired 12 ina row, before giving up his second hit, a double.  Seem to hit a wall at the 80-pitch mark with a no-no walk to the opposing pitcher. Got out if a 26-pitch 5th inning. I never thought I would see him pitch five scoreless innings again.

Stock Up -                 SP Alex Panteliodis – we’ve been waiting almost a year to see Alex start and what a wonderful first outing Saturday night: 5.0-IP, 0-ER, 4-H, 3-K, 1-BB, 0.00. We’ll gladly take more of this!

                                  Stock Down -     3B Aderlin Rodriguez – the Mets sent A-Rod back to Savannah for a second season on third base and opening night turned out to be a nightmare for both him and the team. Three errors in six innings just isn’t going to hack it no matter how much everyone loves his swing (made 4th error in game 2).

                                   Stock Down -     SP Matt Harvey – welcome to AAA, Mr. Harvey. Opening day’s stat line: 4.1-IP, 6-H, 4-ER, 3-K, 4-BB, 8.31. One game doesn’t make a season. You don’t see Harvey walk almost a batter per inning very often.

                                  Stock Up -    SP Jeurys Familia – Familia got off to a shakey start in his first AAA start in 2012:  4.2-IP, 5-H, 1-ER, 4-K, 1.93. He did walk three batters, but it still is a positive sign for an opening round at AAA.

                                  Stock Up -    SP Darin Gorski – here we go again. Gorski gave up only one hit in the six innings he threw on Saturday. There were three walks, but more important, there were seven strikeouts. This guy just might be real, folks.


MrsAP24 said...

Do you think Panteliodis will make it all the way?

Mack Ade said...

Oh yeah...

Alex has already proven in college that he can pitch at a professional level. Now, it's up to him to work his way through the various levels of the minor league system.

Only the best of A-ball get to play AA, and so on... and each level takes less throwing and more pitching.

It doesn't matter how many "prospect" pitchers are ahead of him... if he pitches well, he will make it to the majors.

By the way, I have followed him and written about him since his high school days. He has the talent.

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