Dirty Laundry

1. The trade dealine will be ending Saturday for a Carlos Beltran trade and Mack's Mets will be online throughout the weekend to analyze what goes down for our favorite team. Look for fellow Met writers David "my name is not Adam" Rubin, Charles Thompson, Derek Showerman, and Jack Flynn to also be on board throughout this week to keep you all up to date.

2. As you already know, we've been blessed this year to have the Mets photos of Michael G. Baron in 2011. We've added three more artists this week... professional photographers Allen Greene and Justin Berl, and the drawings of Joe Petruccio. You can click on their pics to go to their site.

3. We've added two new advertisers, Video Poker Royalty and Sports Unlimited. look for their links on the right side of page one and please visit them to see their services.

4.  Lastly, the bi-annual donation drive will be coming to an end on Monday. We're trying to raise $999 to fix my computer and pay for travel expenses next week to the Veteran's Hospital. To date, we're at $25.

Back to Mets stuff...



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