Marcos Camarena, Greg Pron, Brad Holt, Matt den Dekker, Mike Nickeas


Marcos Camarena:

Camarena first turned our head in 2009 when he went 7-2, 1.74 for the DSL Mets. Do you have any idea how hard it is to pitch that well in that league? Anyway, he continued his success last year (3-3, 2.68) for the GCL Mets and we were looking for big things from him this season in Brooklyn. Last night, he was almost unhittable for the Cyclones, going: 6.0-IP, 4-H, 0-R, 1-BB, 7-K.

Greg Pron:

Normally, you don’t write much about 42nd round draft picks, but I keep noticing the Kingsport box and Pron’s stats keep screaming out. Last night, he hit his 6th home run of the season and raised his BA to .310. We’re going to keep an eye on this 6-6 rookie.

Brad Holt:

Holt’s been trying to make the conversion from starter to pen and, frankly, he started out as inconsistent as a reliever as he’s been in the rotation. Last night; however, was his third plus outing, throwing 2.0 scoreless innings. That’s five scoreless innings in his past three outings. Boy, wouldn’t it be great if this worked out.

Matt den Dekker:

7-26-11: - http://www.amazinavenue.com/2011/7/26/2287253/mets-mid-term-farm-system-review-2011-binghamton#storyjump  - OF Matt den Dekker - STOCK HOLDING - Den Dekker showed many of the tools that make him such an easy bet to make the show. His glove in CF has lived up to all expectations. He has solid speed on the bases. He's even showing the kind of home run power that many thought would only translate to doubles in the pros. But for me to really feel good about his prospect status he's going to have to cut down on the strikeouts. At St. Lucie they were high but acceptable and as a four year college player he they should have been. In Bingo they're pushing 30% which will not cut it in the majors, let alone the high minors. The development of his plate discipline is the key. It is what will determine if he can maintain a passable OBP as he climbs the ladder. It is what will allow his surprising power to either continue to blossom or to fizzle. And it is ultimately what will determine whether he's Jordan Schafer or Drew Stubbs.

Mike Nickeas:

The Mets tried to quietly promote Mike Nickeas to Queens as the third catcher, but some of the online blogs have questioned why Nickeas and not a big bat. Well, you’re welcome to go to www.milb.com and check out the Bisons roster and look for that bat. To be honest, the Mets are quite concerned with the catching defense, which is a specialty of Nickeas. I may be wrong, but doesn’t Josh Thole lead the league in passed balls?


Charles said...

R.A Dickey, knuckle baller, thats one reason why Thole has had passed balls. Like almost every catcher who had tried and failed to catch a knuckle ball, it would be unfair to judge him and Thole is progressing. Dickey also throws his flutter ball at various speeds, sometimes at nearly a 20 mph difference, making it even harder to catch then most other knuckle ball pitchers. Like I said a few days ago, being able to use either Thole or Paulino as a pinch hitter is the reason Nickeas got the call. However, as soon as Evans is allowed to be recalled, they have already said he will be. This call up was because they wanted to use the bats they already had on the team. However Satin, Lutz, Pascucci and Tejada might have been able to give them some more offense. It all depends on how you look at it, if you think Thole and Paulino are so much better offensivly then any other alternative that your willing to not really use that last roster spot unless theres an emergency, then Nickeas is your man. If you think wasting a roster spot isn't wise, then you call up someone other then Nickeas. Now, I say its wasting a spot because they'll just use him in an emergency, always preferring to use someone else to pinch hit or catch. I, would rather see Satin, Lutz, or Pascucci up, or even a extra pitcher until Evans is recalled. Why not give the young guys a taste? Satin is already batting third in AAA, and can hit in the dark. What's Nickeas going to teach Thole that either Paulino or the coaching staff couldn't? Just my opinion and I could really stink at this.

Mack said...


You make good points here.

I don't remember what I said, but I don't think I suggested that Mike Nickeas would or could teach Josh Thole anything.

I do know that the pitchers love Mike catching them, which is nothing against Josh.

I'm not sure, but, if you take out Josh's passed balls on knucklers, he's still pretty high on the list.

However, you are right. A third catcher at this point makes little sense.

I would have at least brought up the best bat down there, Val Paccuchi.

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