2010 Mets Draft Analysis


2010 Mets Draft Analysis

Total players drafted:  49
Total High School Players:  10
Total College Players:  39
Total Unsigned:    12
Total That Have Already Made Queens:  2

Omar Minaya continued his lack of respect for high school players. In fact, he didn’t pick one until the 21st pick. It always seemed to me that Minaya thought the IFA system was his own private high school draft. The problem was that everyone always seem like they were playing at levels they should have been far past.
Still, let’s get to the draft. Harvey is a slam dunk. Edgin is already a pro and deGrom looks like the real deal. And, we haven’t even got to the potential of Vaughn, den Dekker, Walters, and Kolarek.

1 (7) P Matt Harvey New York Mets  - may be the pick of the decade… the 2010 draft will always be defined by this pick… the Mets left some good players on the board (OF Michael Choice, C Yazmani Grandal), but, in the long run, this looks like a future all-star pick.An A+ start.

3 (89) C Blake Forsythe New York Mets – I loved this pick when his name was called out because I remembered his dominating sophomore year for Tennessee (.347, 15-HR). The problem is it just hasn’t translated as a pro. Gets one more critical shot this season, probably in Binghamton.

4 (122) OF Cory Vaughn – Vaughn has taken his share of criticism as a pro; however, he was only one home run behind the leader of the Florida State League (23-HRs). Vaughn will most likely play a corner slot in Binghamton with Darrell Ceciliani in center and Alonzo Harris at the other corner. AA pitching is going to quickly determine whether Vaughn has what it takes to make it in the pros.

5 (152) CF Matt Den Dekker – an excellent 5th round pick…  in 2011, he hit 17-HR, 68-RBI for St.Lucie/Binghamton… last year he hit 17-HR, 76-RBI for Binghamton/Buffalo. He also is the best defensive centerfielder in the organization. All he needs to do is work on his K/AB ratio which will improve a lot of offensive stats. Could be your future Mets CFer in 2014.

6 (182) P Greg Peavey -  hasn’t proven to be the best of picks but, is pitching well in winter ball and could be moved to the Las Vegas pen this spring.

7 (212) P Jeffrey Walters -  Walters has put up a 3.26 ERA through three lower level seasons and has earned himself a member of the 2013 Binghamton pen. So, far a decent seventh round pick.

8 (242) P Kenny McDowall -  not sure about this one… I think he walked away from the game after a few appearances for the GCL Mets and Kingsport in 2011.

9 (272) P Jacob deGrom – now, we know Edgin is a steal, but this might be the other one. Two season stats at K-Port/Sav/Lucy: 10-4, 2.95, 1.11. Finished the season with four starts in Florida… 3-0, 2.08, 0.92. He’s go back to St. Lucy with his 95-mph and get in line to hopefully make it to Queens someday.

11 (332) P Adam Kolarek -  Kolarek had an outstanding season last year for St. Lucie (1-3, 2.37, 1.23, 44-games, 57.0-IP, 70-K). Currently playing Arizona League so you know the Mets are high on him. He’s open up 2013 in Binghamton.

12 (362) P Brett Mitchell -   injuries cause him to walk away after parts of two seasons.

13 (392) 3B Brian Harrison -  .241 hitter after three pro seasons, with only a .701 OPS. You can’t make it to Queens with these kind of numbers. Also, injuries have slowed him down.

14 (422) 2B J.B. Brown -  had a very productive 2010 with Brooklyn (201-AB, .308), but couldn’t work his way into either the Savannah or St. Lucie lineup. Cut after the 2011 season. Played 2012 for two teams in the Frontier League, one in CanAm, and one in the AmerAssoc.

15 (452) CF Tillman Pugh -  strange cut… touted as fastest man in camp had respectable year for Kingsport in 2011 (.252) and finished strong for Brooklyn (.344). Miserable start in 2012 for Savannah (59-AB, .085) and cut… was told organization had too many outfielders… picked up by White Sox next day and finished season in A-ball (.250).

16 (482) P Ryan Fraser -  boy, we just keep finding rough diamonds in this draft, don’t we? Fraser has turned out to be a quality organizational reliever who is currently in the AFL and will pitch for Las Vegas next season. A great 16th round pick.

17 (512) P Chad Sheppard -  cut after one season

18 (542) P  A.J. Pinera -  cut after one season

19 (572) P Jonathan Kountis -  roster fill, cut after two seasons

20 (602) 1B Luke Stewart -  college senior roster fill, cut after the 2011 season

21 (632) 2B D.J. Johnson-   never signed, went to Mercer University, and never was drafted again

22 (662) SS Brandon Brown -  Brown is still in the organization… played a full season (329-Abs) for Savannah last year: .222. Probably will become a utility player in St. Lucie in 2013.

23 (692) CF Drew Martinez -  I loved this pick, but the Mets never signed him… went to Univ. of Memphis and was drafted in the 10th round of the 2011 draft by the LA Angels… hit .250 in A-ball last year.

24 (722) P Erik Goeddel -  Goeddel has pitched well for a 24th round pick, but he needs to step it up if he wants to keep his day job. Will pith Binghamton come spring, but role is in question.

25 (752) P Peter Birdwell -  was hurt his entire three year pro career and announced his retirement in July

26 (782) SS Jet Butler -  senior roster fill pick cut at the end of the 2011 season

27 (812) P Todd Weldon -  pitched well but was cut at the end of the 2011 season

28 (842) P Jeremy Gould -  roster fill pick cut during 2012 season

29 (872) P Hamilton Bennett -  Bennett has quietly moved up the levels and had an outstanding year this past season in St. Lucie (7-2, 2.55, 1.13, 41-G). This is great stuff for a 29th pick. Look for him in Binghamton come spring.

30 (902) P Josh Edgin -  Matt Harvey may be the draft pick of the decade, but Edgin could be the steal of the same ten year period…  4-year college boy that was supposed to be a roster fill… dominated Savannah and now finds himself the top lefty coming out of the Queens pen. Amazing.

31 (932) P Steve Winnick -  roster fill reliever cut after 2011 season

32 (962) C Patrick Farrell -  - roster fill bullpen catcher cut after 2011 season

33 (992) P Hunter Carnevale -  still around (6 games in Kingsport in 2012), but we’ll have to wait and see if he comes out of spring with a job

34 (1022) 2B Justin Schafer -  senior roster fill cut at the end of 2011

35 (1052) P Joshua Easley -  never signed, went back to school, never heard of again

36 (1082) P Jesen Dygestile-Therrien – the Mets should never draft French-Canadian dudes… never signed, was drafted by Phillies in 2-11 and played for the GCL Phillies in 2012 (0-5, 3.46).

37 (1112) CF Dylan Brown -  roster fill pick cut in 2011

38 (1142) P Peter Miller -  didn’t sign, started for Florida State (2012: 5-2, 3.89) but was never drafted.

39 (1172) SS Brian Cruz -  never signed, was drafted by Toronto in 2012, and still hasn’t played any pro time

40 (1202) SS Brock Stewart -  didn’t sign, went to Illinois State, and wasn’t drafted again

41 (1232) P Taylor Christian -  never signed, went back to school… never drafted again…

42 (1262) SS J.J. Franco -   courtesy draft pick (son of John Franco) that didn’t sign and went on to college… never drafted again

43 (1292) SS Donnie Tabb -  roster fill pick cut after the 2011 season

44 (1322) P Kevin Gelinas -  never signed, then attended UCSB… wasn’t drafted again.. played NAML Indy ball in 2012 (4-2, 3.13, 1.09).

45 (1352) P Terrance Jackson -  never signed and never drafted again

45 (1375) OF Heath Johnson -  never signed and never drafted again

46 (1382) P Mike Jefferson -  never signed… drafted in 2011 by the Pirates… finished 2012 in the Sally League (7-7, 4.67)

47 (1412) P Sean O'Conner -  never signed and never heard of again

48 (1442) 1B Austin Smith -  never signed and never heard of again

49 (1472) P Dillon Newman -  never signed and went on to two meh seasons with Baylor
50 (1502) C Mark Eveld – never signed and never heard of again

Summary:  This will probably go down as the best draft in the past ten years, both for the players picked and the lack of success of other drafts. Still, this was an excellent draft.



Charles said...

Very good draft and possibly getting better. Really wish they'd have a Matt Harvey type sure thing in the outfield at some point.

Of course, Nimmo could be that guy, but he's far far off and I guess part of the next post in this series.

Mack Ade said...

The Mets drafted a lot of outfielders from 2007-2010, but passed on all the "can't miss" ones in the first round (Bryce Brentz, Michael Choice)

They returned to that process in 2012 when they passed on Courtney Hawkins.

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