2011 Draft - Jack Leathersich, Joe Tuschak, Cole Frenzel, Danny Muno, Alex Panteliodis


5 (162) P Jack Leathersich – you know how I hate relief pitchers being drafted this high… well, in two seasons with Brooklyn, Savannah, and St. Lucie, Leathersich has 139 strike outs in 85 innings pitched. That’s a 14.25 K/9 ratio, higher than any major league pitcher has ever produced. Okay, it’ll go down… but, here comes the hard part… AA. Still. It’s hard not to believe that he will elevate at the same rate Josh Edgin did.

6 (192) CF Joe Tuschak – Alderson’s third high school pick of the draft… Tuschak has been a complete bust. .204 for the GCL Mets (108-AB) in 2011 and .192 for Kingsport (130-AB) in 2012. Not too many knew much about him. Even PG only had him under their State notes section. Said to be toolsy with good speed. I’m not sure where he’s going at this point in his professional career, but, wherever it is will probably be as a utility outfielder until the new draft class comes aboard.

7 (222) 1B Cole Frenzel – It was surprising to see a first baseman drafted this high. He was a SS in high school (God forbid) and was drafted simply because of his gap bat which hasn’t developed as a pro. Got 162-Abs in Savannah last year (.204), but will probably step aside for Brian Harrison to play St. Lucie and Jayce Boyd to play Savannah.

8 (252) SS Danny Muno – I hated the fact that the Mets were drafting a college senior this high in the draft when things like that are usually done in the late rounds. Still, Muno always hit well at Fresno State and wound up leading the NYPL in hitting in 2011. Last year, he got suspended for 50, but bounced back (clean, I assume), hitting .280 for St. Lucie (289-AB). Muno will play 2013 as a 24-year old so I have no problems with him bumping up to Binghamton and joining TJ Rivera and Aderlin Rodriguez in the infield. The Mets may have a live one here or, at worse, another Josh Satin.

9 (282) P Alex Panteliodis – ‘Johnny Pants’ has had two words attached to him throughout his baseball career, ‘talented’ and ‘inconsistent’. I personally watched him go through this last season with Savannah. There was a three game stretch where he was completely lost out on the mound, which was followed by four games he was virtually unhittable. Mention his name to Frank Viola and he’s shake his head, saying “he’s an enigna”.  Still, 5-8, 3.64, as a 21-year old in Savannah, isn’t a bad way to start your professional career. His 2013 problems are depth of talent on the lower level teams. St. Lucie already looks to be Michael Fulmer, Domingo Tapia, Luis Mateo, Tyler Pill, and Jake deGrom. This leaves ‘Pants’, Jim Fuller, and Marcos Camarena on the outside looking in.


Charles said...

After see how Learhersich has dominated, I think the reason he was taken so high was because they knew it was only a matter of time before someone grabbed him. They obviously saw that he was that good and knew he'd most likely be successful. If Edgin pans out and leather follows by 2014, the mets will dominate left ganders late in games.

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