'The War Room' - 10-28-12 - Spending $5-6mil Before OD



Whether you like it or not, the Mets are committed to keeping the 2013 payroll at "around $100mil", though people on the inside will tell you that $100mil is the top end figure.

We've done the numbers here a few times.

We know that 2014 brings $58.5mil in long term contract cuts (Bay, Santana, Francisco) as well as $50mil in additional TV revenue.

We also know Zack Wheeler will join the rotation, Darin Gorski, Tylpe Pill, Logan Verrett, and Rafael Montero will all pitch another year, Wilmer Flores will play his last minor league season, and we should know whether Kirk Nieuwenhuis or Matt den Dekker can play big time centerfield ball.

The question...

Let's say you have around $5-6mil to spend between now and opening day.

Where do you spend it?


Mack Ade said...

I happen to thing the figure is more like $10mil ((with certain cuts), but I would concentrate what money I could dig up on one decent left fielder.

For now, I'm willing to give 2013 to Duda in RF and center will most probably be a big name in 2014.

I don't worry about the pen as much as others. There seems to be enough future talent coming out of the organization to fill the slots here.

No, get me a good defensvie left fielder with some pop and I'm a happy puppy.

Charles said...

You're right. You must get that outfielder. Except my guy is in right field. I'm platooning Bat and Duda in left, and I'm putting Kirk in center. I would use all of that money to try to acquire a good, legit, power hitting, right handed outfielder.

Now, this means you must piece together a bullpen. My hope, is that with Fransico, Parnell, Edgin, Carson, Mejia, and Familia they could strike gold. Perhaps look at other good young arms like Holt, McHugh, Mazzoni to win a coveted spot in the bullpen.

Point is, there's no better way to get this team winning soon then to get an offensive outfielder in the lineup to bat fifth behind Davis. The rotation is set so no worries there; I think there's depth already with Owen, McHugh, Gorski, and Wheeler who is in the triple A rotation.

This team could easily be a .500 ball club or better by just getting a good outfielder who completely transforms the lineup.

Mack Ade said...

I agree about the future pen arms. There are plenty of "almost starters" that will make a great pen player.

Everyone today is writing about Melky Cabrera's future as a Met.

Charles said...

Is there any facts to support their assertions or are they just speculating? I don't think theyre talking to free agents yet.

Mack Ade said...

No, all this is reporter spec-shit during a very slow free agent season.

Erik said...

Obviously it would be great to get a slugging OF, like we thought we were getting with Bay 3 years ago. But what kind of OF will $5-6M get you on the free agent market? Would it be any better than a Hairston/Baxter platoon at half the cost?

Maybe we can pickup something through a trade.

Besides OF, catcher is the other spot where pretty much anything would be an upgrade.

Mack Ade said...

You are assuming that Hairston wants to platoon.

I think he is going to be offerred a decent deal from another team that will guarantee him the opportunity to play every day.

$2-3 can get you Melky Cabrerra for one year.

It also looks like C Mique Olivo is in their crosshairs

Anthony Carnacchio said...

sign melky please... sign ankiel... and bring some vets in on minor league deals and let them battle it out

Mack Ade said...


You mean... operate like a team is supposed to ?

Anthony Carnacchio said...

oops I forgot.. this is the METS

TP said...

I'd be inclined to spend low on an OF but put my available dollars into a closer and decent RH catcher. We can give the Dude LF with Bay behind him. I think they will get more value in 2013 and beyond focusing on pitching and D. Yes, there are more pen options coming from system, but I think they need to go outside the organization for a closer and push Francisco to 8th inning,

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