Draft 13 - Q and A - LHSP - Kent Emanuel


Q and A – 2013 Draft – LHSP – Kent Emanuel – North Carolina

Mack:  We’re back with one of the college guys today, 6-4 LHSP sophomore-eligible Kent Emanuel, from the New York Mets favorite college this month, North Carolina. Hey Kent. Thanks for joining us and answering a few questions.
Kent - Hey Mack. Thanks for having me.
Mack – The first question is pretty much the same one I ask all of you. Take us back to that first day someone either placed a baseball or bat in your hand and take us through the steps that got you to where you are now.
Kent - To be honest, I can't remember the first time I had a baseball bat or ball in my hand. My parents tell me I would throw a ball around before I could even walk that well so I think it is something that has always been a part of my life. In terms of getting to where I am now, I think that is just a result of my love for competition and sports so my path has been an enjoyable one for sure. Also, I've been so lucky with all the people I have been surrounded with; my friends, family, teammates, and coaches have all been so great and have definitely made my journey an exciting and fun one thus far
Mack:  I see you came out of Woodstock High in Georgia. Maxprep had your graduating class being ranked 2,715th in the country and 89th in the State (strangely PG had your school 26th in the State and 222nd nationally). Did you have a hard time getting scouted out of school or did the word get out to the right people, at the right time?
Kent - Being scouted was definitely one thing that I did not have to worry about. Despite my graduating class being thin, I think the area we played was just so jam-packed with talent that it was hard not to be looked at. Also, my travel team that I played with in the summer was one of the best around so even if I hadn't been seen in school, it would have happened in summer ball. So to answer your question, and thankfully so, I think word got out to right people.
Mack – I’m glad you brought up your ‘travel team’. Scouts tell me more and more emphasis is being placed every year on scouting these teams rather than schools, based on the quality of competition. Do you agree?
Kent - Yes I completely agree. I am just drawing from my own experience of course but I really do believe if one was to watch the top travel ball teams play then watch the top high school teams play, it would be pretty clear that the top travel teams play at a higher level. It just makes sense that way, travel ball teams get to pick and choose their players from wherever, while high school teams are limited only to those who attend their school.
Mack – Just a couple more questions… talk to me about UNC. I hear that’s one hell of a school.
Kent - I couldn't have asked for anything better than UNC. When people ask me what the worst part about going to school and playing ball is, I usually have to resort to trouble with finding parking spots because there just isn't really anything to complain about. I definitely could not be happier with my decision to pick UNC as my school to go to and then follow through with my commitment to go there despite the 2010 draft.
Mack – First of all, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Lastly, is there anything you’re doing special this off-season to get ready for what should be the most important baseball year of your career?
Kent - No problem thanks for having me! And I definitely did something special this off season that I'm really excited about... I took off this summer and didn't play ball. This way I was really able to focus on my lifting and eating. I was able to put on some weight and right now I'm stronger than I ever have been before so I'm really excited to get back going now and see how much it's going to help me on the field


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