2011 Draft - Brandon Nimmo, Michel Fulmer, Cory Mazzoni, Logan Verrett, Tyler Pill


1 (13) OF Brandon Nimmo – the 2012 Brooklyn numbers were okay, but the 46-BB in 266-Abs were outstanding for a 19-year old. BA was only .243, but OBP was .372. The Mets desperately need this pick to be for real and they need him in Queens by 2015. There’s no reason to send him to the pitcher-friendly deathtrap of Grayson Stadium in Savannah. I see him starting St. Lucie in 2013 where he can also be around the organizational coaches that run the extended camps.

1 (44) P Michael Fulmer -  the Mets seemed to pull this name out of a hat… I had nothing on him, but I really like what I see so far. An excellent 2012 in Savannah: 7-6, 2.74, 1.20, 101-K, 108.1-IP, 38-BB. Like Nimmo, played at 19-yeards old. Fulmer will head up an all-star rotation in St. Lucie and, because of his age, doesn’t ETA until 2016.

2 (71) P Cory Mazzoni -  Being a college junior, Mazzoni was fast tracked. Pitched extremely well in St. Lucie last season (5-1, 3.25, 12-starts), but did hit the AA wall after that (14-starts, 5-5, 4.46). May be moving a little too fast. I’ve give him another year (full this time) in Binghamton to develop.

3 (101) P Logan Verrett -  Verrett is an ex-anchor pitcher for Baylor, who sat out the end of the 2011 season after playing in the NCAA tourney. In 2012, he split 17 starts between Savannah and St. Lucie with excellent results:: 5-2, 2.70, 0.97. Was the first Savannah pitcher to be promoted because he was the first ready. Verrett looks like the real deal and will get to Binghamton sometime in 2013, where he will try and climb the AA wall.

4 (132) P Tyler Pill -  the third of three quality college starters in a row, Pill followed Verrett to St. Lucie and actually had better stats there (6-1, 2.05, 1.09). He also will eventually work his way to Binghamton and we’ll see what he can produce that the AA level.


Anonymous said...

Which player in MLB right now is a good comparison for Nimmo? Who is a good comparison for Fulmer? Do you think Tyler Pill and Verrett are legit?

Mack Ade said...

Great question... I'm going to answer this in a 4pm post on Wednesday

Mack Ade said...

No... I'll answer it here.

Nimmo is very green. It's very hard to project someone with this little experience. Remember, he didn't even play high school ball. He showed considerable bat speed and power in his last year of summer ball and some of the Brooklyn scouts think he's capable of hitting 30+ home runs some day; but he showed very little of this so-called power last season for the Cyclones (266-AB, only 6-HR and 20-doubles). my guess... top end: Alex Rios... bottom end: Rick Ankiel.

Michael Fulmer commands the game which is amazing since he is so young. He is, by far, IMO, the most talented starter in the system behind Wheeler. Even ahead of Montero, who has more "stuff" but doesn't command what he had like Fulmer does. Fulmer is always in control of the game and, if you get a hit against him ,you earned it by going out of the way to hit something you shouldn't have. Remind me a lot of Ron Darling.

Both Verrett and Pill are very polished pitchers far ahead of the level a normal one-year pro veteran would be at. Pitching coach Frank Viola loved both of them, but always considered Verrett the better prospect. Both of these guys are going to be successful major league pitchers. The only question is whether they will be Mets and, if they are, will they make the rotation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mack. I hope Nimmo is better than Rios!

Mack Ade said...

I want to say positive things about Nimmo, but I never liked the pick.

It was no big secret that there were big name players available to pick instead... P Jed Bradley, P Sonny Gray, C Blake Swihart, P Matt Barnes, 2B Kolton Wong...

And, I'm sorry... he simply wasn't the 3rd best outfielder in the draft. What about Mikie Mahtook, Brian Goodwin, Jackie Bradley ???

Goodwin hit .324 in A-ball in 2012...

Mahtook hit .290 in A+ and finished the season in AA...

and Bradley hit .359 in A+ and also finished the season in AA

I don't want a rough diamond with a number one pick. That's for rounds 10-20.

I want a proven stud for the first pick and the Mets could be one year away from solving one of their outfield positions if they just drafted like the good teams do

Charles said...

What's Nimmo age next yr? 20? Even if it takes 3 solid yrs of development, by 23 the mets might have the next Carlos Beltran manning center for the next 15 yrs.

To me that's best case. He'll be the best first round position player since Strawberry.

Mack Ade said...

the key word here, Charles, is 'might'.

I loved Nimmo as a sup-1 or 2nd round pick... in my last mock I had him as the 48th overall pick...

But... he was NEVER the 13th pick overall in the draft!

Never, never, never.

You don't gamble with the 13th pick overall.

Look, I was pissed when the Mets didn't draft Yazmani Grandal, but I was at least thrilled that they did pick a stud pick like Harvey.

Why the hell do we do all this research all year if it isn't to help determine the right people to get the big bucks in the first round.

Charles, I hope you're right in the long run and I hear he's a great kid, but, in theory, it still wasn't the right thing to do.

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