Mack Mock v11.0 – First Round


1.       RHP Mark Appel – Stanford  
2.       RHP Jonathan Gray – Oklahoma
3.       OF Austin Meadows – Grayson H.S. (GA)
4.       OF Clint Frazier – Loganville H.S. (GA)
5.       LHP Sean Manaea – Indiana State
6.       3B-OF Kris Bryant – San Diego
7.       RHP Ryne Stanek – Arkansas
8.       C Jonathan Denney – Yukon H.S.
9.       RHP Kohl Stewart – St. Pius X H.S. (TX)
10.   LHP-OF Trey Ball – New Castle H.S. (IN)
11.   1B-OF Dominic Smith – Serra H.S.
12.   SS J.P. Crawford – Lakewood H.S.
13.   C Reese McGuire – Kentwood H.S.
14.   3B Colin Moran – North Carolina
15.   RHP Chris Anderson – Jacksonville
16.   LHP Ian Clarkin – James Madison H.S.
17.   OF Ryan Boldt – Red Wing H.S. (MN)
18.   RHP Braden Shipley – Nevada
19.   RHP Carlos Salazar – Kerman H.S.
20.   RHP Ryan Eades – LSU
21.   LHP Kevin Ziomek Vanderbilt
22.   OF Phillip Ervin – Samford
23.   LHP Marco Gonzalez – Gonzaga
24.   SS Andy McGuire – James Madison H.S. (VA)
25.   LHP Robert Kaminsky – St. Joseph’s H.S. (NJ)
26.   OF Austin Wilson – UCLA
27.   RHP Bobby Wahl – Mississippi
28.   SS Oscar Mercado – Gaither H.S. (FL)
29.   C Nick Ciuffo – Lexington H.S. (SC)
30.   1B-3B D.J. Peterson – New Mexico
31.   OF Justin Williams – Terrebone H.S. (LA)
32.   LHP Matt Krook – St. Ignatius Prep (CA)


Unknown said...

While I do like the Dominic Smith pick, can you elaborate on why you chose him for the mets at 11? Was he the best player on your board?

The Closer said...

Personally, if he can play OF, he may have as much upside as the Georgia boys. I'd love to see them gab Smith, I love his potential bat in our lineup.

Mack Ade said...


These are the last 10 mock drafts that were posted online, which I average together and come up with a ranking.

So, technically, anybody below #10 would be available to the Mets.

Who would you pick?

Mack Ade said...


He is now just about playing exclusively in the outfield.

Unknown said...

I am a fan of Dominic Smith, provided the Mets think he at least has a chance to play the outfield. The other names that I would be interested in are Ryan Boldt and Phillip Ervin. I realize that Boldt is another raw player like Nimmo but I feel as though he might take a lot of time to develop. That being said, that could pay off in a big way. I want to like Ervin, but would like him a lot more if he could definitely stay in center and feel as though he'd be a reach at 11.

Even though the Mets have recently drafted and acquired some catching, I know that this is a strong catching class and could understand taking a young catcher.

Even though it would be not be my first choice, I could see the Mets taking Marco Gonzalez with the 11th pick as someone who could move quickly and possibly sign underslot to save money for later.

Mack Ade said...

Ironically, Reese McGuire is falling and could be available also at 11.

Meadows, Frazier, Manaea, Appel, Gray, Bryant, Stewart, and Denney will all be gone.

That's 8 guys, leaving only 2 more slots.

One of Boldt, Ervin, and Smith will be available and any one of them would be a good pick...but so would Stanek, Moran, Anderson... boy, I hope they don't fuck this one up

Unknown said...

I am not sold on the ceiling of Anderson and do not like the positional value Moran provides but I do find Stanek quite intriguing.

He was discussed as a potential number one pick before the year and as I have looked at his stats, he appears to be working deeper into games. In addition, he is a college starter who could be probably be in the majors sooner rather than later. I also think that he has quite a high ceiling for a college starter (probably a number two ceiling), which is an added bonus for a fast moving college pick at 11.

Mack Ade said...

Stanek - over his last 5 starts, he has a 0.54 ERA, 0.80 WHIP and 32 K/8 BB over 33.2 innings.

Unknown said...

Exactly. The stuff was always there early in the year, he just got a slow start. Getting him at 11 with his high ceiling and chance to move quickly would be exciting and add yet another young, power arm to the mets growing stockpile.

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