More Word on Weekend Sign of OP


From: NY Sports Digest:

According to a league source with knowledge of the team’s plans, if the Mets do not have Oliver Perez either locked up, or having made huge strides in negotiations by the end of this coming weekend, they are likely to move on to other options. Those options include oft-injured righty Ben Sheets and lefty Randy Wolf. As of today, I was told, the Mets “prefer Wolf to Sheets by a small margin. A lot of people are severely concerned about the medical records of Sheets.” As far as Perez goes, the Mets are not going to overpay for him, meaning he’s not getting a 5 year deal at any financial dollar. A deal the Mets would be comfortable with is a 3 year deal with a 4th year option, but may go 4 years if the annual dollar amount is lower. For instance, they probably won’t go above 4 years $40-$43 million, and might go as much as $12 million per on a 3 year commitment. If Boras/Perez still demand beyond that, they will move on. Should there be a cause for concern? No there shouldn’t. The source went on to say that “it will get done. The Mets love Perez, and Perez loves the Mets. I doubt he would be happy anywhere else. The big stage is him.”


Harry Shezza said...

Jeez some of these baal players are greedy 30 mil or 35 mil. It is 30 mil why do they need 35 while we pay 8 bucks for a hot dog. Its ludicrous

Mack said...


Thanks for visiting my site.

The fact is, in many cases, the player isn't involved in the negotiation at all. All this greediness comes from the agents, and frankly, the teams that pay the demands. That's why you're paying $9.50 a beer.


tinski said...

Good site. How can a team really prefer Randy Wolf to Ben Sheets?

Mack said...


Thanks for your support.

The Mets don't consider Wolf ahead of Sheets. They simply have a lot of history on past pitchers that had the same injury as Sheets and there were very few that came back strong after that.

Don't worry. Perez is a Met.


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