Oliver Perez Met deal done by Saturday


Sources tell me the deal will be dne by Saturday night, Sunday the latest.

4 years + a 5th year team option

No amount of monies have been disclosed as of yet

If this is done... and I assume my info is accurate... OP will be slotted into the SP2 slot. Slotting is a big thing in negotiating. Many people think it is only money and amount of years, but players want their suites, and red jelly beans, as well as an earlier slotting.

The Mets may; however, slot him SP3 to mix up the lefties and righties. If they do, Pelfrey probably gets the SP2 because of his proven ability last year to last a little longer than Maine.

Maine would be pushed to SP4 followed by Redding, with Garcia and Figueroa in Buffalo, being flown up for the spot starts.

Watch for both Garcia and Figueroa not to pitch back to back in Buffalo. They will spread the two of them out so all ends of a possible slot start become available to them without missing a rotational spot.

As for Niese, bummer dude. You go back and pitch SP1 for the Bisons with Holt and Gee right up your arse.



Ed Ryan said...


Binky said...

Ollie will be a very good signing. If the Mets bring him back on anything close to his (NOT Boras') terms, he'll be very loyal to the organization. After all, they resurrected him from Pirates AAA and gave him the opportunity to restore his career.

I like Ollie alot. Too much is made of his inconsistency. Over time, he'll learn to put hitters away and on days when he can't, to get them to hit the ball into the ground. He needs to develop a slider with more of a downward bite. He's much, much smarter than the media at large portrays him to be.

I'd really like the Mets to pry Nady from the Yankees, which would complete a successful winter. Nothing better than getting a slugger back on the roster to join the pitcher for whom he was traded.

Mack said...

Binky, my sources have been running good lately. I had the Redding signing a day ahead, and said the Lowe was going to Atlanta.

That being said, I had Alay Soler being signed a long term deal a few years ago, and has 3 sources that Zito was a lock.

At least I'm willling to speak my mind when I hear things, and at the same time, protect the workers, families, players, and friends that give me info.

Regarding Nady, the Yanks really don't like tradin to the Mets, especially ex-Mets. I think, past OP, they are done unless they scoop up a couple more AAA-projects, but that board already has around 34,586 players on it (just kidding but they still have far too many signed).

Look for 25-35 released by mid-march.


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