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I woke up Wednesday with the news that Sandy Alderson met Monday night with Jay Z over the possibility of signing Robinson Cano (no, I didn’t say Curtis Granderson). Was he just in the neighborhood and thought he’d stop by? And what’s next, Eminem representing Mike Piazza over his number retirement? This has got to be so embarrassing, even for Alderson, who has seen his share of shady reps in this business. I would love to know when this meeting was scheduled (update – Cano’s people called for meeting). Was it something already on the calendar or did it happen after losing Latroy Hawkins to Colorado? It’s no big secret that Alderson would like to get one signing down so that both #MetsTwitter and the beat press would get off his ass. We’ll see how the day develops.

RP Joel Carreno’s winter stats so far: 2.16 ERA, 8.1 IP, 11 K, 2 BB

Japan wants to come back to the table and put back in place the posting system for players that want to play baseball in the United States. This never made any sense to me. I remember trying to do the math when Boston had to pay a $51.1million dollar fee for Daisuke Matsuzaka. This allowed the Red Sox the ‘privilege’ of giving Dice another $52mil over 6-years as his own contract. These are the kind of things that prevent me from feeling any sympathy for the baseball owners in this game. All it would take is one simple unanimous vote at the GM/Owners meeting and Japan could take this policy and put it where the sun never sets.

There’s one more thing I want to say about the David-Duda debate and first base… this is the only position where bad defensive ballplayers can earn a living in major league baseball. DH is not a position. It is something the American League invented so they can have two bad defensive players in their lineup every game. This being said, there is no 2013 New York Met more suited for first base than… Wilmer Flores. The kid (he will play 2014 as a 22-yr. old!) has a lifetime .290 minor league batting average and hit .321, 15-HR, 86-RBI in AAA in 2011. No one would be debating this move if he had been plying first base for the past three or four years, but instead, the Mets kept him at either shortstop or third base hoping things would get better. They didn’t and they won’t, but his ability to drive in runs lines up perfectly with the four years needed for top prospect Dominic Smith to mature.

Listen guys… you’re taking all these telephone calls on Duda and Davis. One thought might be to trade both, and have Josh Satin and Daniel Murphy spell Flores at first. I’m just saying…

Johnny Peralta

We touched on Perlata a bit in our preview of the third base market, stating that:

Before a 50-game PED suspension last year, Peralta was on his way to the best season of his career, hitting .303/.358/.457 (good for a 123 wRC+) with 11 home runs in just over 100 games. While he's not the prototypical bopper some think of at third, he has a career .152 isolated power and health permitting he should hit 15-20 home runs next year. In the field he's not a plus defender by any stretch, but the defensive metrics have pegged him between slightly below average and slightly above average over the past three seasons.

Some may actually prefer Peralta to Drew, citing more power, a stronger track record of health, and no draft pick compensation, but I'd rather have the former Boston shortstop given the choice. Drew is younger and when both are at their best he's the much better defensive player. He also draws more walks, and Peralta's perceived advantage in power is just that -- perception -- as the two have isolated power figures of .158 and .160 respectively over the past three years. Regardless, both are miles ahead of anyone else freely available and there should be several teams interested in each of them. With question marks at both third base and shortstop, the New York Yankees seem like the perfect match for Peralta, especially on say a three-year, $$36 million deal. http://www.beyondtheboxscore.com/2013/11/19/5120862/stephen-drew-free-agent-mlb-trade-rumors-jhonny-peralta-shortstops

Ruben Tejada
 One day short of a season
 Yes, a bad season 

Ruben Tejada
 Fell one home run short of one
 He shouldn’t complain 
Ruben Tejada
 Should hope he is still playing
 In 2016
Or 2014
 His season was terrible
 How can he fight this?
Ruben Tejada
 At least they called you back up!
 You cost them a win
Or a third of one
 Depending on which site’s WAR
 Can’t we all agree?
Ruben Tejada
 If you file a grievance
 I think you may win
But really you’ll lose
 Because no one will sign you
 Not that they ought to
Ruben Tejada
 Why did your walk rate collapse?
 This is the last poem
Wait — How you say poem?
 It’s one syllable, or two?

Brendon Allen

            Just what does the Mets have against 1B Allan Dykstra? The Mets signed 27-yr. old Brendon Allen to, I assume, play 1B in Las Vegas. Didn’t Dykstra just hit 21-HRs and drive in 82 runs in Binghamton last year. Isn’t he also hitting .395 in winter ball right now? And wasn’t 2012 a repeat year at the AA-level? Won’t Dykstra also play 2014 at 27-yrs old? Doesn’t all this add to the ‘glut’? I’m confused.


Anonymous said...

Allen could have been brought in to DH for the Vegas team.

I read reports that his defense at 1B is below average which makes Dykstra the more attractive option there.

The Vegas team did lose a lot of bodies to minor league free agency.

Brian Bixler, Jamie Hoffman, Brandon Hicks and Francisco Pena. That's 25% of your team ABs. All outside of Pena those guys did rotate in and out of the DH spot.

Hobie said...

It’s Duda, Tejada
What a wonderful phrase
It’s Duda, Tejada
Ain't no passing craze

It means no worries
For the rest of your days
It's our problem-free philosophy
Duda, Tejada,
Duda, Tejada

That Adam Smith said...

So, the Mets pick up a lefty-hitting, righty-fielding, AAAA-type first baseman. Huh. Ya think this was done because Sandy has something lined up... you know... for the four, or five (or six) other guys already on the roster who may or may not be ML first basemen? It's gonna be awfully crowded over there fielding grounders on the practice diamond.

The deeper into free agency we get, the more I feel like the entire class if a bunch of seriously flawed players who only look good when compared to each other. I think they're all going to look overpaid by season's end, even in an age of growing revenue. As much as I want this team to spend the money necessary to compete, I just can't put my finger on anyone that I'm really dying for them to sign.

The Jay-Z meeting happened because, hey, Jay-Z called and invited everyone to dinner.. And even though there's zero chance that the Mets enter the bidding for Cano (unless, of course, he suddenly gets suspended for PED's), he is who he is, and you have to take that meeting. Especially when he's picking up the tab.

Kevin said...

I'm pretty sure they signed Allen just in case they don't add Dykstra to the 40 man roster and he gets nabbed in the Rule 5 draft. If he's still on the team, then I'm sure Allen will either become the DH or be released before the season starts.

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