The New York Mets 2014 Payroll


The mystery surrounding the Mets as they offseason unfolds is exactly how much money they will spend to improve their roster. Tuesday, general manager Sandy Alderson wouldn’t offer a specific number, but emphasized one point: The team’s payroll will be higher than $87 million, which is the figure the club identifies as the 2013 payroll.

“I don’t think our payroll is going to be below what we saw last year,” Alderson said. “And as far as where it will finally land, let’s defer that question until all precincts have reported.”



Herb G said...

Alot of fans seem to be clamouring for Sandy to be more specific, to say how much the Mets will spend, what their payroll target for 2014 is. While that would either satisfy the fan base or set off a new round of anti-Wilpon rhetoric and cries for Aldersons blood, depending on his words, wouldn't it be foolish of him to lay all his cards on the table when the game has hardly begun?

It seems clear to me, from Sandy's quotes in the article, that he understands that he will probably have to spend more than he thinks players are actually worth if he is to compete in this year's free agent market. He has also said that the Mets will be aggressive in attempting to improve the team. To me, those statements are encouraging, but then again, I am not one of those who believes that Alderson is a bald faced, lying puppet, and that the Wilpons are cheap scumbags who don't care if the Mets are perpetual losers.

I have about the same number for current payroll commitments that is mentioned in the article. I calculate $55.15 million, they have $58.5. In either case, it indicates the Mets will add at least another $30 million to their payroll. (New salaries they take on via trade or FA signing, less salaries they shed via trade or non-tender.) I believe the net addition number could be as much as $40 million. They could actually do a lot of damage with $40 million net.

Mets Dreams said...

I'm trying to be optimistic but as free agents start to sign that could help the Mets without a huge commitment it's tough to think it is business as usual. Hawkins signs for 2.7m, now David Murphy is going to sign with the Indians for 10 mil for 2 years. The Mets seem to be out on the "big ticket" guys like Cano, Ellsbury, and Choo but can't seem to get in on any of the other FA. And why is the payroll only at 87 million? The basic question should be can the Wilpons actually afford to be NY owners?

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