Tony Plate - Pro Sports Can Begin in NY


Gov. Cuomo gave the approval that professional sports leagues can begin holding training camps in New York as they work on their plans to resume play amid the corona virus pandemic. He will work with the sports teams to make sure that can happen. 

He believes that sports can come back without having people in the arena or stadium. He is hoping that the teams work out the economics. Only time will tell if things do work out.

The WWE held their annual Wrestle Mania in April without fans in attendance in which Drew McIntyre defeated Brock Lesnar for the championship. 

NASCAR held their COCA-COLA 600 race this past Sunday, which was won by Brad Keselowski as he posted his 31st career NASCAR Cup race without fans in attendance. 

The NHL is planning a 24-team playoff format for this summer. The Rangers are still awaiting word from the league regarding activities. 

Some NBA teams have been reopening their practice facilities as the league makes plans for a return in Orlando. The Knicks and the Nets were unable to do so until now. The Knicks players have been around in different parts of North America since play was stopped in March. 

As of Friday, the Mets and Yankees were expected to resume spring training at their respective sites in Florida. 

The plan is to start spring training again by mid-June and have Opening Day in early July. For the restart of camp, which would last about three weeks, teams would be allowed to choose between their usual spring training locale and their regular-season city. It is imperative for the players to have to go through some conditioning for a few weeks before the start of games. 

For the real games, the preference is for teams to be based at home. For both NY teams, regrouping in Florida has its advantages, such as lower COVID-19 pandemic statistics compared with NY. Once they do start the season, there is also the chance that a problem can occur if a player tested positive on his team during the season while it was going on.

Clover Park in St Lucie offers the following: multiple fields, five full practice fields, a couple of specialized practice fields and the stadium. 

Steinbrenner Field has the main field where spring training games are contested and three additional fields. The minor-league complex, has four fields too. The drawbacks of returning to Florida are heat, humidity and thunderstorms.


Tom Brennan said...

Catchers' masks will no doubt be modified to include an N 95 mask

Tony said...

That is a good idea, they have to take any type of precautionary measure.

Reese Kaplan said...

What kind of mask will the Wilpons hide behind?

Tom Brennan said...

I am blasting them again in a few days, Reese.

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