Ding Dong The Draft Dude Is Gone


From Adam Rubin: - “Rudy Terrasas, who has run the Mets' drafts since 2006, has been fired with a year remaining on his contract, SI.com reported.” -
This is really good news, folks.

The Mets need a complete overhaul of their draft team and it has to start with Terrasas. This is the guy that has called the shots for the past five years and brought you such household names as Nathan Vineyard, John Holdzkom, and Joe Smith.

Drafting isn’t as difficult as the Mets have made this out to be. You now have around eight gazillion draft experts (including yours truly) on the internet, breaking out every detail of everyone that has even played an inning or organized baseball. By the time draft day comes up, your Aunt Lucy could tell you who’s FIP was larger than the other guy’s wOPA.

We’ll never know if the puzzling way the Mets drafted was an Omar thing, a Rudy thing, or a combination of both. What it wasn’t was a Wilpon thing, nor was it a Adam Wogan or Rick Waits thing, who were the guys that had to mold whatever was chosen.

From BA: “Terrasas joined the Mets before the 2005 season after spending the 2004 season as a special assistant to Brewers general manager Doug Melvin. A native of Pasadena, Texas, Terrasas played at Ranger Junior College for two years before transferring to Lamar, graduating in 1977. He played in the Mexican League for one season and began his scouting career with the Phillies as an associate scout in 1981 before becoming a full-time scout for them in 1983. After four years with the Phillies, Terrasas joined the Rangers, where he met current Mets general manager Omar Minaya. “

Who’s now in charge? Well, for one, Paul DePodesa. His new title is Vice President of player development and scouting for the New York Mets… which means he’s da man.

Will Wogan survive? It’s too early to determine that but suffice to say no one from the old regime is taking a two-week vacation right now.

Look, both Terrasas and Wogan are nice guys. So was Omar and Waits. But this is a business and this business model is changing. Now. Today.

It would be foolish for Sandy Alderson to leave any stone unturned.

It’s his time.


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