Building 2012 Rosters Prospects First - Picks 11-15


We move along to the next five top prospects:

#11 – Cory Vaughn – OF – I have Vaughn higher on my prospect list than most of the other pundits out there. All the tools are there and the ceiling is the highest in the system. His one problem seems to be running hot and cold which, on the surface looks like a lack of concentration. It’s not his talent. Cory will most probably be held back for another stint in St. Lucie, where he will be reunited with his outfield buddy, Darrell Ceciliani. I originally had his ETA to possibly join the Bigs along with Matt den Dekker, but his two month slump at Lucy probably (and correctly) pushes him back a year. – ETA: Opening day 2014

#12 – Reese Havens – 2B – This is the closest thing the Mets have to a marriage of the good parts of Ruben Tejada and Daniel Murphy. He’s good enough in the field and is a professional bat. His only problem has been staying healthy due to a series of unlucky field injures that have left him with back/leg problems. He has only been cleared to play every day this week and yet he’s still hitting around .300. My hope is they let him sit through winter ball and place him on some lower body strengthening program. Then, play him at second base in Buffalo and target him for 2013. I still believe he’s the Mets best long term option at second. - ETA: Opening day, 2013

#13 – Ruben Tejada – 2B/SS – I think Tejada has permanently graduated to the parent team. I also believe that Jose Reyes is going to be resigned and Ruben will become the every day second baseman next year. This team is desperately in need of better defensive players and Tejada is one of the best in the league. He also is proving right now that he can hit in the .270 range, while batting in the 8th position. I’ll take it. I’m going to keep him on the Keepers list because everything I just told you is just my speculation. You won’t see his name on any of the rosters I’m building because I have him in Flushing. Just don’t ask me about anybody who’s last name rhymes with Scmurfey. ETA: Now

#14 – Cesar Puello – OF – 2011 has been a frustrating year for Puello, who went into this season as the highest ranked outfield prospect in the system. He simply has not caught fire for St. Lucie this season, going into Sunday’s game with a stat line of .250/.306/.389/.694. His stolen bases are down from 45 last year for Savannah to only 15 and he already has 16 more strikeouts in the same 404 at bats. Still, the Mets are quite high on his ceiling and he will move on to Binghamton next spring. One piece of good news is that he has nine home runs this season verses only one last year in A-ball. ETA: 4th outfielder in 2014

#15 – Jefry Marte – 3B – Marte turned 20 in June and is frankly having the same meh season he had last year in Savannah. His April start (.321, 4-HR) made a lot of us think this would be a breakthrough year for Jefry, but he’s been miserable since July 1st. He is pushed to Binghamton next season by Aderlin Rodriguez and he will probably play third base there, though most team officials will tell you his future is either as a corner outfielder or on first. Got a lot of that going around. ETA: Undetermined

Rosters So Far:

Buffalo: (2) – 2B Reese Havens, SS Jordany Valdespin

Binghamton: (6) – SP: Mike Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Jeurys Familia, 3B Jefry Marte, OF Matt den Dekker, Cesar Puello

St. Lucie: (3) – 1B Wilmer Flores, 3B Aderlin Rodriguez, OF Cory Vaughn


Brooklyn: (2) – SP: Michael Fulmer, OF: Brandon Nimmo


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