The Keepers: - #47 - Logan Verrett

47. Logan Verrett RHP

2009: Logan Verrett, Baylor Bears. RHP, 6' 2", 170 lbs. Verrett came on in relief of Shawn Tolleson, and I was immediately impressed. Verrett showed command of three pitches, each of which was at least solid-average. When I saw him, all three pitches were working, and it was impressive to watch him mow down the University of Houston hitters with excellent command. His change up had great fade to it, and his fastball was 91-94 mph. His slider also showed good potential. (Baylor's coach said Verrett has command of four pitches, but in this outing, I couldn't identify a fourth.) Verrett has very traditional mechanics, so the common flaws are present including late forearm turnover, reverse forearm bounce, and some forearm flyout. He opens up his front shoulder a little early, but it doesn't seem to affect any of his pitches. His arm is up an ready before his shoulders turn even though his front foot hasn't landed yet. This keeps his arm from having to play "catch up." He repeats his delivery very well and seems to be quite an athlete. Verrett must have had a very strong commitment to Baylor because he went undrafted out of high school in 2008. He looked so good when I saw him in Houston, that it was easy for me to imagine him leaving Baylor for a junior college in order to gain eligibility for the 2010 draft. If his arm and stuff hold up for the next two years, I think he could jump into the mix with Gerrit Cole and Bryce Harper at the top of the 2011 draft class. http://www.texasleaguers.com/home/2009/4/13/freshmen-to-watch-taylor-wall-trevor-bauer-and-logan-verrett.html  

A big right-hander with some projection left to dream upon (listed at 6-foot-3, 185 lbs.), Verrett throws three pitches for strikes. His fastball sits 89-92 on most days but has topped out at 95 in short bursts in the past. A slider that occasionally misses bats is probably his second best offering, though a sinking changeup in the mid-70′s might also stake a claim to that title. Verrett relies more on command and setting hitters up than pure stuff, but it’s a solid mix of pitches with good probability. His delivery is sound and he’s a big time competitor. http://riveraveblues.com/2011/06/2011-draft-logan-verrett-49374  

Logan Verrett has good command and throws in the low 90′s. He has a plus slider, but it is still inconsistent at times. His change is also a quality pitch. Verrett is a good athlete and repeats his delivery well. - http://mlbdraftguide.com/1/2011/05/13/logan-verrett-draft-profile  

4-11-11: - http://bullpenbanter.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=408:college-baseball-weekend-08-observations&catid=18:articles&Itemid=11  – Logan Verrett: - Average height to a tick above; athletic build; doesn't look projectable High 3/4 arm slot, smooth delivery with a fast arm Fastball has good downward plane and some late arm side run; 92 & 93 in the 1st, 88 in the 3rd (via announcer) Fastball is livelier down in the zone, getting more sink to go with the run; Can be a ground ball inducing pitch; tendency to get hit hard Slider has significant downward break, occasionally 1-7 movement, esp when thrown low & away from RH; at times has hard late break; 83 in the 2nd & 82 in the 6th (via announcer) Slider most effective as a chase pitch early on, but he can also throw it for strikes; later in the game, it worked as more of a ground ball pitch; did occasionally flash the swing and miss movement late that was evident early 12-6 curve ball with good drop, lacks sharp break, rolling type of action Change-up has some drop, but it's gentle and was easily picked up by the batter; 80 & 75 in the 5th (via announcer) Started to mix change-up in regularly in the 5th inning; threw one with good action, but the rest were unimpressive Fastball command was mediocre throughout the game, leaving pitch up in the zone often Good pick off move

2-21-11: - http://bullpenbanter.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=387:college-baseball-weekend1&catid=18:articles&Itemid=11  - Player: Logan Verrett College: Baylor University Position: Starting Pitcher Bats/Throws: R/R Simple delivery with high leg kick High 3/4 arm-slot Fastball had more life (arm-side run) when kept low in the zone, but tended to straighten out when elevated Change-up had good action: arm-side run and downward movement Disguised slider very well with late vertical break Also showed 12-6 curve ball; less advanced than other two secondaries Pitched off of his fastball Generally around the strike zone, but didn't have much command in this outing


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