Building 2012 Rosters Prospects First - Picks 36-40


Okay, we need to stop at this point and add a few names of ex-prospects that have stumbled but still should be given some kind a chance next year, or almost prospects that are great insurance policies in case someone goes down in Queens.

#36 – OF Fernando Martinez - I’m not going to spend a lot of time here. I truly believe that Martinez had the talent to excel in this business, but his body simply didn’t back up the tools. He has spent more time trying to heal than trying to improve and his only future in baseball now is as a utility bat off the bench. His arthritis has robbed him of his speed and he’s no longer an option in CitiField’s difficult right field. This is sad, but it is also true. The Mets will most probably play him one more year in Buffalo and then, all bets are off. - ETA: out of system in 2013

#37 – RP Brad Holt – let’s not talk anymore here about spilled milk. Holt is now a relief pitcher and is showing some signs that he may someday be successful in this role. He has been erratic, but we’ll give him that for the rest of the season. You will see him in the Binghamton pen next season and, if thigs go well, he’ll finish the season with Buffalo. – ETA: TBD

#38 – RP Robert Carson – Sadly, this is another ex-prospect that has gone in the wrong direction. 2011 has been a miserable year for Carson. He’s given up 82 runs in 119 innings and only has 83 strikeouts. You’re suppose to strikeout more batters than you allow to cross the plate. He also doesn’t have the velo to make it in the Mets pen. No control plus no velo equals no mas. I have him in the Buffalo pen next season, which, IMO, will be his last as a Met. – ETA: out of system in 2013

#39 – 1B Alan Dykstra – I really liked this signing. Dykstra hasn’t panned out to be the stud he was projected to be coming out of school, but he’s a damn good third option at first base in case both Ike Davis and Lucas Duda go down at the same time. He’s had a very decent year in Binghamton: .255/.382/.454/.836, 17-HR, 69-RBI. That translates as 12th in the league in homers and 8th in ribbys. He will settle in nicely in Buffalo next spring and may play there for a number of years. Yeah, good sign. – ETA: AAAA

#40 – OF Mike Baxter – Like Dykstra, this was a great sign. Baxter is another potential AAAA player that could be in the system for 3-5 years. Right now, he’s holding his own on the Mets bench. I’ve got him playing full time in Buffalo next season, but I might be wrong here. It looks like the 2012 Mets outfield will be Lucas Duda, Angel Pagan, and Jason Bay. Probably Scott Hairston and Willie Harris are gone and there is a good chance that both Baxter and Nick Evans could do utility work in Queens. We’ll have to wait and see if the man-love with Jason Pridie continues. ETA: 2012 – Buffalo

Rosters So Far:

Buffalo: (9) –SP Chris Schwinden, Collin McHugh, RP Robert Carson, IF Alan Dykstra, Reese Havens, Jordany Valdespin, OF Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Fernando Martinez, Mike Baxter

Binghamton: (9) – SP: Mike Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Jeurys Familia, Darin Gorski, RP Josh Edgin, Brad Holt, IF Jefry Marte, OF Matt den Dekker, Cesar Puello

St. Lucie: (10) – SP Greg Peavey, Taylor Whitenton, Angel Cuan, RP Cory Mazzoni, Jack Leathersich, Chase Huchingson, IF Wilmer Flores, Aderlin Rodriguez, OF Cory Vaughn, Gilbert Gomez

Savannah: (3) – SP Akeel Morris, Alex Panteliodis, Erik Goeddel,

Brooklyn: (4) – SP: Michael Fulmer, Juan Urbina, IF Phillip Evans, OF: Brandon Nimmo

Kingsport: (2) – SP Luis Mateo, OF Vincente Lupo


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