Mack’s Mets Report – 2-13-16 – Jenry Mejia, Backup First base, David Wright


Good morning.

Move over Pete Rose.

We don’t have to worry when Jenrry Mejia is coming back.

The jerk off was banned FOR LIFE for his third drug bust. He tested positive for Boldenone, an anabolic steroid.

What's even more stupid is this is the same drug he got busted for before.

This is the first time any major league baseball player has reached this level of absurdity. For some strange reason, he will be able to filed for reinstatement in one year and could come back in two. I guess that’s what baseball defined as ‘life’.

Mejia said through his agent that he did nothing wrong and plans on appealing the decision. Right now there's nothing in place within major league baseball to deal with this mess. Maybe some day down the road, but not now.

Like I and all of NYC cares.

I’m Facebook friends with this asshole. He hasn’t had an entry since February 5th.

I always thought that a lifetime banning in football should have been called The Vick Rule. The Mejia Rule sounds appropriate here.

Take a good look at his picture on the top of this post. It's the last time you will see him on my blog.

I noticed that there’s been some friendly spin the past few days about both Travis d’Arnaud and Kevin Plawecki taking some turns during spring training on first base. They both seem to open to the opportunity of expanding both the depth of their game and the chances of just getting in more of them, by spelling Lucas Duda through some of his expected dry spells.

Listen… I don’t want to sound like a prude on top of just being a crusty old school dude, but the major leagues are not the level that you are supposed to screw around trying to learn another position to play. If you want to be the backup first baseman, go back down to the minors and learn the position by creating the least amount of down time for your teammates.

And while I’m on this lack of having a backup first baseman on this team, this isn’t the fault of the players that have been assembled. But this could become the Achilles Heal of this team if Duda goes down with a major injury and all you have is five outfielders and two catchers that have collectively played 23 games at first.

Oh by the way… no help from Roger Bernadina here… he played only one game at first.
Your only help could be T.J. Rivera who has played 25 in 2014 for St. Lucie and a very green, very young Dominic Smith who simply is too young and too green to step up as quickly as Michael Conforto did out in left field. There’s a big difference between a high school senior and who they play against and a college junior with three more years under his belt.

No folks… if the 2016 Mets wind up sinking like the Titanic this could be one of the reasons the boat slid into those icebergs. (Yikes, that was a shitty analogy).

David Wright

“The postseason is addicting, but we have a challenge. We’re going to have a bull’s-eye on our back, we are not going to sneak up on anybody this year. When you are the National League champions, you get everybody’s ‘A’ game, not just the players, but the fans. The fans come out to root against you on the road, so it’s going to be hostile environments on the road, it’s going to be teams wanting to knock off the National League champs.

Instead of the hunter, we are now the hunted. We’ll see how we respond to that.
We can’t rest on what we accomplished last year, we have to worry about coming together as a team this spring and getting the job done. I want this team to play for one another like last year.

Mack – Frankly, this is what Wright does the best and he needs to keep it up.

This is the primary role of a team captain. Sure, it’s okay to catch a grounder and hit a home run every once in a while, bit, in my book, stay on the microphone and keep the teammates grounded.

We all hope and pray that Wright stays healthy this year, but this team has, unlike first base, other players on the 25-man squad that can fill in here.

The least you want here is this guy in your dugout, not out west in some rehab farm.


Tom Brennan said...

Mejia's stupidity is extraordinary. Don't let him back in the game in 2 years. Try another line of workh pharmacist, maybe? Duda will be happy, healthy, hit 35 I but is smarrt to plan ahead. Mike Piazza can play 1B.

Tom Brennan said...

Mejia's stupidity is extraordinary. Don't let him back in the game in 2 years. Try another line of workh pharmacist, maybe? Duda will be happy, healthy, hit 35 I but is smarrt to plan ahead. Mike Piazza can play 1B.

Dallas said...

Something seems off here. He is either one of the dumbest people alive, he wanted to be caught or he is being framed. I'm trying to wrap my head around him being the dumbest person alive. I just don't see how someone gets caught 3 times in 12 months with the same drug with seemingly no intent on hiding it. I would like to see this play out more before I judge because it just seems too unbelievable to me to think anyone would do something this dumb.

Ernest Dove said...

I agree with Dallas. Something is not right here.
I don't see it as being framed but there HAS to be something to this
Is he an idiot, or a nice guy who blindly believes what his 'people' are telling him is either mlb approved or THIS time its undetectable so 'trust them'.

Mack Ade said...

Dallas -

If you back on his Facebook site you will see that he was proud to be a Met and seemed to be doing everything he could to work his way back in shape.

What we don't know if he assisted this effort with a needle.

Hobie said...

I'll add to the can't be THAT stupid voices. Are PED.s addictive? I hadn't heard that, but if they are, leaving the kid to his own (de)vices is in some sense cruel.

Of course the bounty of Darwin Award winners says that just maybe you can be that stupid.

Anonymous said...

Morning Mack: the one thing I had noticed is Plawecki did play some 1st in the minors! Can't remember how many games but I do know for certain he played several..

eraff said...

Mack... I strongly disagree about your stance on guys rotating thru 1b. I don't believe there are many examples of Natiinal League Teams with guys who are Specifically Back Up First Basemen

The position can be learned in Spring training..... I believe the right choice is Wilmer, but the other guys can add a glove and add utility and value..

I'd comment that they are not positioned as defensive replacements, but they would be a rest day starter... Incidentally, for a guy who is not exactly Wes Parker over there!

Metsiac said...

Given the lack of a solid 1Bman in Vegas, why not do what the Yankees are looking at in a similar situation, and offer Ike a MnL deal? I don't expect him to revert to his form in his first ML seasons, but there's no doubt that he can play the position. If he prospers at AAA but we don't need him as backup, he may establish some trade value or simply walk away at season's end, but there's little to lose.

Mack Ade said...

eraff -

I'm not asking that the Mets waste a 25-man spot on a backup first baseman, but I would be much happier if one of their 5 outfielders played some there in the past.

Mack Ade said...

Metsiac -

Ike would a wonderful AAA option... if... he would want to return to the Mets that way.

It takes two to tango.

Herb G said...

Mejia???? Un-frigging-believable. I have had similar thoughts to Ernest. No reason to think he is being framed, but could someone be sabotaging him, feeding him stuff without his knowing it? Could there be something in his body chemistry that retains this substance in his bloodstream for extreme lengths of time? Is there an addictive nature to whatever he was taking? Could he be taking some supplement that has the steroid in it without any mention of it in the literature? Something fishy is going on, because it is simply implausible that anyone could be that stupid.

Re the 1B backup, I see nothing wrong with giving reps to several players (Td'A, Plawecki, Flores, even Wright) in spring training and beyond. They can certainly get some measure of proficiency in playing the position, enough to fill in occasionally to give Duda a rest, while they are still on the active roster. Isn't that what any player who they would consider a switch in position do? I don't think Ryan Zimmerman went down to AAA for a season or two when the Nats moved him to 1B. And I doubt Hanley is going to do it either, now that the Red Sox have designated him their 1B this year.

eraff said...

Re Ike---Shut The Door!!!

Tom Brennan said...

No Ike. Mediocrity and failure has no place on this squad.

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