Mets Morning Report – 2-3-16 - Mets Revenues, The Columbia Fireflys, Luis Mateo


Good morning.

I quote Fangraphs a lot because they write good stuff about baseball, in general, and the Mets, in particular.

 Craig Edwards had an interesting article on the Mets revenue coming in and how they could afford the deal with Yoenes Cespedes

A highlight of this is –

As a result, the Mets receives 12.5% of the gate for the first three games against the Dodgers in the National League Division Series and 42.5% for the final two games of the series. They receives 12.5% of the gate for the four games against the Cubs as well as the first four games of the World Series, and then 42.5% for Game 5 of the World Series. This year’s player pool was nearly $70 million dollars. With that knowledge, estimating the ticket prices with a 50% increase for the NLCS and then a 100% increase for the World Series, we can estimate the average Division Series games at $3 million, the Championship Series games at $4.6 million and the World Series games at $9.2 million for revenue. Using the percentages above, we come up with around $15 million. That the Mets played against the Dodgers, Cubs, and then in the World Series, it is reasonable to surmise that the Mets were involved in more expensive games than average. Add in concessions, and we are right around the $20 million mark that was reported in the New York Post.

Mack – Edwards goes on to say that estimates for a $25mil increase in revenues in 2016 seem to be on target so it will only get better.
                    Check out the article.

I read a recent article in Mets Blogland that the depth of Mets prospects has been lowered both due to recent graduations to the parent team, but also the loss of all those secondary pitchers that were shipped out after last year’s all-star break.
I agree with this premise in general; however, there does seem to be building the potential of a power team being built this spring at the A-Ball level.

The Columbia Fireflys could have quite the prospect filled team in 2016.
The field is, well, filled with potential prospects:

C – Patrick Mazeika (22-yrs old) hit .354/.451/.540/991 for K-Port last season, ranking him as the #2 hitter in the league - MILB.COM APP PLAYER OF THE MONTH - POST-SEASON ALL-STAR - 2015: Kingsport (APP) - 8/2015: Kingsport (APP)

1B – Dash Winingham (20-yrs old) hit 12 home runs last season for K-Port, which tied him for the league lead in the Appzlachian League.

2B – Luis Carpio – (18-yrs old) maybe the Mets #2 infield prospect right now… a $300K bonus baby in 2013 that hit .304 for K-Port this past season.

3B – David Thompson – (21-yr. old) potential replacement for David Wright in Queens at 3B. Let the NCAA last season in both 19 home runs and 90 runs batted in for ‘The U’, Miami University of Florida. Oh… add 3 more and 22 ribbys as a Cyclone so his season ended with 22/112 in 459 at-bats.

SS – Milton Ramos (20-yrs old) hit .317 for K-Port in 2015

OF – Kevin Kaczmarski (24-yrs old) did Mazeika one better… he hit .355 and led the Appalachian League in hitting…. Has to move up quickly due to age –

OF - Desmond Lindsay (18-year old) 2nd Rd pick out of The Whole of the Wall Gang, or something like… completely off anyone’s top 200 prospect lists, and he heads to the GCL Mets and hits .304 in 69 at-bats.

Add to this…. Is the pitching, there’s the starting  potential of Nabil Crismatt (6-1, 2.90, 1.06), and the overwhelming amount of relief prospects blowing up all around us. Like –

P J Conlon – The 21-year old that hasn’t given up a single earned run in the 17 professional innings he has thrown so far.

Alex Palsha – The 23-year old threw in 22 Cyclones games, producing staggering stats of 0.36, 0.77

Carlos Valdez – The 24-year old threw in 24 Brooklyn games and produced a 1.59/1.09 stat line

Craig Missigman – Missigman spent the 2015 season with Brooklyn, where he pitched in 21 games and produced an 2.34 ERA and 1.15 WHIP

Corey Taylor – first major league experience for the 22-year old, pitching 18 innings for Brooklyn and producing a stat line of 1.50/1.00

The Mets could really stack the deck here and produce quite the powerful team to play in the Sally League this season.

Teddy Klein brings up a ‘blast from our past’ -

47. RHP Luis Mateo - Ht: 6’3″ Wt: 230 Level: Rookie, Short-Season A, and A B/T: R/R Age: 3/22/1990 (25)  Age Dif: +3.6
Statistics: 17 G, 22.2 IP, 1.59 ERA, 12 H, 6 BB, 24 K .152 BAA
Profile: Signed at 20 out of the Dominican Republic, he was someone who had misrepresented his age by 2 years and had bone chips in his elbow. He was suspended for 1 year, and then signed in April 2011 for 150k. He seemed like a good get, throwing 92-96, touching 98 as a starter with a plus slider. However, in 2013 he suffered a torn UCL and underwent Tommy John Surgery. Now he’s making his comeback and early reports have his fastball in the low-90’s with still a pretty good slider. He is still regaining velocity and if he returns to what he was before, he can become an asset for the Mets in the bullpen. Look for him to return to St. Lucie.

Mack – I happen to think the Mateo train has left the station, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt in 2016.

            Let’s see what he can come up with.


Thomas Brennan said...

Starting in reverse, the Last part of your article was on Mateo. He was the best of the great Brooklyn bunch about 3 years ago and has had a rough road to hoe. If the pen is not too crowded all year, I feel he moves very fast and that we may see him in Queens in late 2016. Another Robles as he regains the rest of his velocity.

The Carolina team hopefully will produce real sluggers in 2016, as you've outlined.

Gotta run.


Hey Mack,
I saw Desmond Lindsay last year, and I have to say he looked overmatched in Brooklyn. Don't know if he can make it in Columbia, he may be better suited to start season in Brooklyn and see how it goes.

Mack Ade said...

Gary -

Thanka for the heads-up.

Gary Seagren said...

Mack if you add the fact that we have 2 top picks this June to the haul for Harvey next off season and possibly 3 top picks in 17' (if Cespedes and Walker leave and get a QO ) that old Timbuk 3 classic "The Futures so Bright You Gotta Wear Shades" echos in my head.

bob gregory said...

I would kind of like to see Harvey stick around for a few more years.

Gary Seagren said...

Bob nice thought but you combine Harvey with Boros and he's gone for sure

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