MY FAVORITE METS PLAYERS - # 4: Jake deGrom - by Tom Brennan


MY FAVORITE METS PLAYERS - # 4: Jake deGrom by Tom Brennan

Today I'm moving on to my number four favorite player on the New York Mets. As a reminder, numbers 1 through 3 were Marvel Superheroes Thor Syndergaard, Superman Cespedes, and Dark Knight Harvey.  Today?  Guns n Roses deGrom.

The deGrominator.

Jake was not highly heralded during his ascent to the big leagues, selected in just the 9th round in 2010, but after his green light for health following Tommy John surgery, he shot through the minor leagues and arrived with a flair in early 2014 in an interleague matchup with the Damn Yankees.  Jake caught everyone's attention in that game, though losing 1-0, then had a few ups and downs in his next 6 starts. Growing pains.

Since those first 7 games, though, deGrom is Koufaxian: 23-10, 291 IP, 315 K, 2.35 ERA, just 224 hits.  Smokin'.

Maybe early Tim Lincecum is a better comp, what with the flowing locks and all.  I love watching Jake when he is in a groove and just burning through line ups.  Searing fastball, great breaking pitches, Lots of movement and superior command.

Jake as a former SS can also field his position like few others, and can put bat on ball, hitting a highly respectable .200 his first two seasons.

Jake is a very smart individual and smart guys tend to find ways to improve. With a pretty potent line up and quality pen (two things in more limited supply in his first two years), no reason to believe 2016 won't be an astounding year for this Cy Young-capable gentleman.  And some World Series wins.

As good as Harvey, Syndergaard and Matz are, deGrom could easily be best of breed in 2016. Hitters, expect to be deGrominated.  Fear the Hair.

My # 4 favorite, but could easily have been my # 1. Next time, I reveal number 5.


Reese Kaplan said...

In tomorrow's column I will answer the question no one asked about de Grom but I would term him Aerosmith de Grom, not G&R.

Bob Sugar said...

Good read Tom. I like that Jake is a fierce go right after you competitor on the mound, yet he is very laid back and chill off the mound. Good balance for him. He's a winner.

Thomas Brennan said...

Reese if Vic Black was still here, he could have been the Blacksmith to deGrom's Aerosmith

Thomas Brennan said...

Bob, I love Jake as a pitcher and person. Maybe I should have had Thor, Cespy, Harvey and Jake as co-equal # 1s. They all make me grin widely.

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