Mack’s Morning Report - 2-6-15 – Sandy Alderson, Yoenes Cespedes, Mets Rotation, Brandon Nimmo


 Good morning.

Someone emailed me and asked why I sometimes make reference to articles that were written a few days before my Morning Report posting. Frankly, I do that for two reasons.

One, I try to work two days ahead to get the Morning Report done. Secondly, it’s not the article that’s the main objective here… it’s the comments I make about the article that I hope will generate some comment activity.

 Ken Davidoff wrote about the Mets 2016 salaries and Sandy Alderson’s comments at the press conference for the re-signing of Yoenes Cespedes

“Well, look, we could be somewhat below 140 going into the regular season. There are a couple of marginal situations on our roster where things could change a little bit,” Alderson said at the news conference welcoming back Cespedes to the Mets. “So I don’t think we’re going to be as mindful of the 140 number as most of you in the media. But in a sense, in terms of order of magnitude and assuming we continue to play well, we don’t anticipate going back to those prior levels.”

Mack – I continue to be unaffected about the total amount of money spent on the 2016 Mets. My concern is whether keeping Alejandro de Aza is a better thing than signing a less talented outfielder that would fill the OF-5 role for a lot less of Mets money spent. My stance will always be it’s their money to spend and now there seems to be enough money around to create this kind of talent depth.
I’d stay with the current plan because you never know what can happen injury wise.

Yoenes Cespedes

           "It’s not always about the amount of money being offered. It’s about being in a place that you want to play in, that you’re happy in. That’s just what happened in this case. I’m very happy to be putting on my Mets jersey again. I know that this team has everything it needs to continue on with what we started last year. ... I can say that from my first day when I came last season, that very first day, the fans just showed incredible support. My teammates were so welcoming, as well as the full Mets organization. From there, I just knew that I wanted to come back.”

                    Mack – Have we written enough about this guy?

           Nah, not when he can come up with gems like this one told to Adam Ruben and the guys with the tape recorders.

           I just have this feeling that Yo is going to be complete healed, both physically and mentally, and be leading the National League in both home runs and runs batted in by the All Star break.

           Sit back and watch and see.

 John Harper adds his two cents about extending the contracts of the Mets young pitchers -

           And then there’s that pitching.

As early as next winter the Mets might have to start making hard decisions in order to maximize value before the pitching becomes too costly. By then they surely will have approached Matt Harvey about locking him up long-term, and if agent Scott Boras says no thanks, as is his history, they’ll have to consider trading him while he would still be two years from free agency.

All of that could further impact the way the Mets view Cespedes next winter, presuming that he does opt out, because at some point every decision they make will have ramifications for any plan to pay their young guns.

They won’t be able to keep all of them, but Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz won’t even be arbitration eligible for a two and three more seasons, respectively, with free agency still way off in the distance.

          Mack – This isn’t a new subject.

The 2016 Mets seem to be set, while the only major changes in 2017 look to be a fifth starter a second baseman, and a lefty reliever, all of which will probably come from the system (Zack Wheeler, Dilson Herrera, Josh Edgin/Josh Smoker).

The next big two transactions need to be the creation of an extended contract for three years past the arbitration process of two of the ‘Big 4’ in the rotation (Matt Harvey, Noah Syndergaard,  Jacob de Grom, Steven Matz).

After pulling the Cespedes signing out of the Alderson hat, I frankly wouldn’t even rule out the chances for Harvey here. The team seems a little charmed lately.

 Breanna Susa scouting report on OF Brandon Nimmo

Nimmo is quick on his feet. He shows plus-fielding and great range. His arm according to scouts is average but with experience and strength training I can only imagine it being eventually above average. (Scouts were wrong about Conforto)  He is projected to be an everyday Center Fielder.

The Mets love his approach at the plate. His pitch selection has been outstanding. In 2015, Nimmo almost had more walks than strikeouts, and a league-leading OBP. Nimmo sprays line drives all over the field and covers the entire plate. Portrayed as a number 2 hitter, Nimmo is projected to hit .280 or .290 in the Majors while hitting 15 home runs.
He will be starting the 2016 season in Triple A. I envision Brandon Nimmo as a mid-season call up if someone ends up on the disabled list.  However, if all goes well for the Mets and they stay injury free, he will be a September call-up, along with Mets highly ranked SS prospect Gavin Cecchini. If Nimmo stays healthy in 2016, all Mets fans will get to see him shine under the Citi Field bright lights.

Mack – Those female beat writers do love their Brandon Nimmo.

Seriously, if he can stay healthy… again, IF he can stay healthy… we could have a real decent future platoon outfielder here, but, in my opinion, that’s as far as this draft pick will fly.

And, there’s nothing wrong with another successful platoon outfielder. This the template for Mets outfielders.

But… he first has to stay healthy and play an entire season in AAA to get his game to Queens someday.


Ernest Dove said...

Random future thought again:

If we wake up in 2018 and Conforto, Nimmo, Lagares, Beccera make up the outfield. Rosario, dom smith and Dilson herrera are in the infield, perhaps its not impossible to think the Mets could afford to keep 3 or even 4 arms extended through a few arb and free agent seasons. ......................

Thomas Brennan said...

I like your thinking, Dove. And I know the pitcher extensions would cost a lot, but if this team pulls in 3.5 million fans or more, why not, revenues could explode and allow much higher expense levels.

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, the only thing I see keeping Cespedes from superstardom is his over willingness to take fat strike 1. If they can convince him that Barry Bonds would never let a strike 1 meatball sail by, and get him to compete on that pitch, look out. Mack, you write better 2 days in advance than everyone else, so keep doing what works. Nimmo will harpoon Moby Dick this year.

Bob Sugar said...

Awesome quote by Cespedes at the top of this article. He wanted to come back to NYM all along. He is such a beast to have in the lineup.
How does everyone feel about the new 2b and SS? I hope that plays out well for us.

Ernest Dove said...

Bob I think (staying positive) that the Mets now have 2 veteran middle infielders who can hit 10+ homers, be switch hitters, and play average defense which is just fine by me.

Michael S. said...

I might be the only one still on the bandwagon, but I still see Nimmo's potential as described in the article- Everyday CF, #1 or #2 hitter, .280-.290, 10-15 HR, solid speed and defense, and high OBP.

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

I agree, but it is hard for me to believe that the Mets would play that many 'rookie' type players at once in starter roles.

Mack Ade said...

Thomas -

Thank you.

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

I like the new, seasoned, guys... but, we'll have to see the results, especially defensively.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little shocked & therefore dubious about that scouting report on Nimmo. The arm is average but it will get better! Quick on his feet? That's the first time I've read it.

Look, it would be a great thing if Nimmo could play a league-average CF. It would increase his value, probably double it. When I saw him, twice, he was in LF. How can anyone be so sure that he's a CF? I wish I had that confidence.

As for the bat, there are reasons to hope & reasons to worry. The power is an issue, the inability to his LHP is a concern, and the recurring injuries an obstacle. There's really no point guessing, since all will be revealed over time. He could really use a solid, healthy year in 2016.

James Preller

Ernest Dove said...


Mets can model the strategy used with the arms and bring them along one or two at a time.
First things first lets see if Nimmo and Herrera can get mlb at bats in 2016.
And lets not forget the mets can always do exactly what they did this coming year with dilson which is to sign a walker for a one year deal as needed for playoff push and hold off on a hitter a little longer as needed.
One year deals still won't break bank and allow for arms to still be extended to long term deals.

Ernest Dove said...

And if 24yr old and STILL under team control Wilmer Flores or tda/plawecki/or even the captain can play games at 1B that can allow a kid like dom smith, and nimmo in the outfield, to face mostly righties and try to bring them along in best hitting scenarios tobhelp their growth and build confidence.
The strategy played out ok for conforto in 2015.

Adam Smith said...

We'll see on Nimmo. This will be an important year for him. The guy I think is going to exceed expectations this year, and make himself a fan favorite is Walker. Enjoy him though, because assuming Herrera continues to develop, we're looking at a one year engagement. Happily, if Walker has a good season and leaves, there should be a draft pick in it for us.

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

It seems to me that Herrera will slot in perfectly after the one year contract to Walker.

Matt Harvey (FA: 2019), Zack Wheeler (2020), and Jacob deGrom (2021) are first up for contract negotiations.

Harvey could be saved. You're over $9mil ahead in 2017 with the Herrera/Walker conversion.

Ernest Dove said...

And Grandy leaves year after that...... thats another $15mil

Hobie said...

(Admittedly cloudy) crystal ball says:

> Wilmer will be the regular SS by mid-summer, Cabrera as UT until traded.

> Herrera raking in LV, gets the call if/when Wright hits the DL (Walker @ 3B). Dilson sticks when DW returns leaving veteran bench (Cabrera, Walker) for the play-offs.

> Nimo raking replaces de Aza mid summer. Granderson traded at deadline for hot-shot prospect. Cespedes to RF, Nimmo/Legares mirror each other at .280-.290/10HR and share lead-off spot.

> Fab 4 do a McNally/Palmer/Cuellar/Dobson imitation (in less innings) while Whheter = Grant + Leonard

> Some bull pen surprise emerges: (Smoker? Jannis? Sewald?)

> Trump exposed as a Hillary mole at the GOP Convention (slap crystal ball--as it clouds over)

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