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I worked hard on this post and had it scheduled for tomorrow morning. Then came reports that the Phillies and Michael Saunders came to terms.

Oh well...

Here's what I wrote...

Good morning.

There are various media reports being, well, reported, that the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies are trying to put together a deal where the Mets would put Jay Bruce on the Amtrac down to the City of Brotherly Love and, in exchange, would receive ‘two prospects’. This may be the best deal the Mets can get for someone no one else seems to want and it would give the Mets an opportunity to seed their organization with some much needed pipeline talent.

I did some research and if the deal came to fruition, and you saw any of the following names in that deal, it could turn out to be a great deal in the long run for the Mets –

RHP Nick Pivetta – He’s 23-years old with a 2017 ETA. Was part of the 2015 Jonathan Papelbon trade with the Nats. Last year, split in AA/AAA, his stat line was 3.27, 149-IP, 138-K, 51-BB. Curve, change-up, fastball up to 95. Could be an instant candidate for the Mets bullpen.

RHP Ben Lively – 24-yrs old, also with a 2017 ETA. He came over to Philly from the Red in a trade for Marlon Byrd. Dominated in 2016: AAA/AA – 18-5, 2.69, 171-IP, 139-K, 42-BB. Slider, curve, go-to change-up, and fastball up to 94. Has been a starter his entire career so any conversion to the pen might initially be difficult. I would add him to the Vegas rotation for 2016. 

C Jorge Alfaro – 23-years old, ETA late 2017. Came to Philly (boy, it seems like everybody came to this team via a trade) from Texas in the Cole Hamels trade. Would I love this guy in my pipeline… 2016 in AA:  .285/.325/.458, 15-HR. Considered a very aggressive hitter that projects to hit more home runs than our current catcher. Has always had the arm, but found the accuracy last season. Needs one more year to polish up both the bat and the glove. This guy could easily be the full time Mets catcher, beginning in 2018, for years to come.

2B Scott Kingery – 22-yrs old, ETA 2018. Yes, a second baseman. Came out of the 2015 draft. Last season, split between A+ and AA: .281/.335/.388, 30-steals, 38-BB, and only 90-Ks in 531-AB. Also had 36 doubles and has flashes of gap power. But here’s the tie breaker… a super defender on second. Kingery could join forces with Amed Rosario for many years of close down middle infield defense.

RHP Sixto Sanchez – ETA 2020 – Great name. Deals for two prospects tend to be one at the top level of an organization and one at one of the rookie levels. Teams don’t like to deal two top level chips, especially for a questionable guy like Bruce. The 18-year old could be an interesting addition. Posted a minuscule 0.50-ERA, 11-starts in Rookie ball last season… curve, change, and a fastball up to 99. I’d send him to Columbia and keep him as a starter (for now), but speed like that could speed up his move up the chain to become a member of the Mets pen in 2019.

OF Mickey Moniak – 18-yr. old, ETA 2020 – Probably a long shot to get your hands on the ex-first round 2016 pick. Had a wonderful 2016 in rookie ball (.284/.340/.409) but did not show home run power. Has great speed and ++ arm. Too early to project out, but, like I said, it would be a steal to get this kid away from Philadelpha.

RHP Franklyn Kilome – 21/yrs, ETA 2019 – Dominican 2013 signee… 6-6/175… stat line last year in Low-A:  3.85, 115-IP, 130-K, 50-BB… .357-ERA over three professional seasons… fastball up to 96, plus a curve and (so far) a poor curve. Kilome has always been a starter, and I probably would keep him starting in St. Lucie next season, but this could be a great long term projected back end reliever.

OF Roman Quinn – 23-yrs old, 2017 ETA – hit .287 last season in AA and also hit .263 in 57 at bats for the Phillies. Also, had 36 steals and 31 walks in 308 at-bats. Minor League Ball grades him out with 80-speed. A perfect candidate for the lead-off slot in Queens. Downside is health… has been hurt throughout his pro career.

You want to build a great organization? Fine, sign an established star like Bruce, then deal him off for two blue chip prospects. You now have two team controlled future stars for the cost of, well, not nothing, but close to it.

You get me C Jorge Alfaro and 2B Scott Kingery and I’m a dancin’ fool. 


Thomas Brennan said...

Bruce may be traded eventually for a bucket of balls. Hopefully much more, getting nervous it might not be.

Frank Anon said...

I live near philly so hear a lot of stuff here and the Phillies don't want to give up any prospects at this point. They are still rebuilding and are strongly counting on their farm like most teams these days Mets included so they don't want to give up anyone just yet. Maybe next year but they are still evaluating everything they have

Mack Ade said...

Look for a very interesting post tomorrow at 11am from our old friend, Christopher Soto, on why the Mets should KEEP Jay Bruce.

Dallas said...

Bruce is not a good player. The Mets will be a worse team if they can't trade him. The AB's and fielding he will take away from more competent players will lose us games. No way, no how should we keep him. The overpaid vet that can hit some homers but barely field can no longer find jobs around MLB or at least for a lot less money. If you buy into the WAR stat even a little bit you can see how terrible he is. Pay most of his salary and hope someone gives you something.

Joe Lefkowski said...

Don't be crazy. Sometimes the best trades are not made. Put him in right for a year and let him play. He'll probably hit 25 home runs and drive in 80. He's in his walk year so he's going to try, he's only 30. You want a top releaver or catcher, package Conforto and a couple of minor leaguers.

Thomas Brennan said...

Looking forward to a Soto post for sure.

Thomas Brennan said...

I still see big things for Conforto, despite his rough 2016. He can't go cheaply, if at all.

bob gregory said...

I still am of the opinion that it is more important to trade Granderson and look to upgrade cf

Reese Kaplan said...

Let's not forget the walk-year man, Lucas Duda. I'd deal him and shift Bruce to 1B if need be.

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