Power Hitting Dominoes are Starting To Fall

Stories abound today that the Blue Jays are about to sign Jose Bautista and the Phillies are close with Michael Saunders.  By my calculations that still leaves Mark Trumbo as a homeless slugger in search of shelter as well as Mike Napoli.  The Rangers were rumored to be interested in the now former Cleveland Indians DH and the Orioles would seem to be a natural place for Trumbo since he played for them last year.  With the Rangers and Orioles the other two teams still allegedly interested in Jay Bruce, it may be a bit bleak for Mets fans who wish to chip in for his Uber ride to La Guardia. Perhaps if someone else jumps in on either of these two remaining sluggers then there will be a market for Bruce, but then again if other teams are interested in adding power, why isn't Sandy Alderson in contact with them now?


Mack Ade said...

Reese -

I have a post scheduled for tomorrow about Bruce for a possible trade with Philly... oh well.

Thomas Brennan said...

Bruce has power, but his overall game for $13 million for ONE YEAR seems to have NO teams beating down doors. Telling.

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